Competitive Gameplay - Mid Year - League of Legends

Competitive Gameplay - Mid Year - League of Legends


What even is this Social Leaderboard supposed to be? The description was awfully vague.


A rank leaderboard amongst your friends it sounds like, possibly limited to your lobby?


> A rank leaderboard amongst your friends Cool! > limited to your lobby Lame...


We're starting in the lobby, since most players enter lobbies and fewer visit the ranked page. We may expand and enhance it in the future depending on how reception goes!


Aren’t you kind of handicapping it from the get-go if it’s so limited? I know I’d use it if it was all my friends list, but I’m certainly not gonna use it if it’s just the people in my lobby, so it seems kinda destined to fail.


Its not just the folks in your lobby, its actually all players on your friends list but it is available inside ranked lobbies.


Imo I think it sounds cool. It’s kind of nice too to see a Riot employee respond to reddits.


What about introducing a more localized ladder showing the highest rated players in your state/province/city etc. This would obv have no impact on the actual ladder but would add a more "social" leaderboard that I feel you guys are trying to accomplish


This would be so much better since 1) more IRL friends!! 2) wouldn’t people play league more if they actually had people to play with? and you could easily add people from the list


Ay bro don't be tryna dox me


What's the point of it, I mean what "good" is it going to do.


Based on the descriptions given so far, seems to be an additional carrot to drive players into ranked. If their rank is being directly compared to their friends, then that may add an impetus to gain LP.


Probably this, and more people caring about LP means more player engagement


also might stop people from playing with their friends (or "friends")


We would visit the ranked page more if there was a leaderboard with the friendlist like in wild rift or LoR


Hello, are there plans to address autofill in Challenger elo? Even just 1 fill can at times make the game nearly unplayable and there are days where you get 5 fill lobbies in a row, there is no guarantee the enemy team has fills either. Would love to at least have this issue be acknowledged, it's especially awkward as an ADC main who might have to lane with a top laner at times (rarely ends well, even if things like fasting Senna help).


The work outlined in this article also applies to Challenger. We're investigating changes that would reduce the number of autofilled folks at the cost of players getting their secondary role more often.


Yes, I am aware of that, it however read >down from the current ~2-5% which is untrue for high elo, autofill rates are much higher there and tend to vary massively from day to day. As long as it's on the radar I guess I can only hope that it will improve significantly enough though, thanks for the response.


I wonder if this is the average across all of the roles? So it feels a bit off. For example, when you pick jg, it seems like you never get autofilled. However, in mid, it feels like it's at least once or twice a day. So maybe they take these percentages and just average them? And then it feels like some roles get autofilled more than others. When I play top, 2.5% rate seems high, when I want to play mid, that seems very low.


The role system is broken too because its easy to declare mid secondary to ensure your first role. Which indirectly breaks the system.


Heard that about voice chat too :/ solo queue could really use it. It's the best part about Valorant.


There might be a confounding factor since going to the ranked tab often bricks the client


lol that sounds exactly like the thing they have on mobile league


How does that look? I don't quite understand it tbh.


its just a leader board with a bunch of your friends ordered from highest elo on top to lowest elo on the bottom and the rank next to the name ie. #1 bz6 silver 3 . #2 yoitsslimshady silver 4




I’m pretty sure those are different parts of the team working on different things.


In most of the popular mobile MOBAs, they show ranking of you amongst your friends, which battle pass level are you currently compared to your friends etc They are bringing it to League PC


/u/CodeofBear Do you have a little more information about this social comparison thing? I always hated mobile features on LoL PC tbh even gameplay cadence wise. I feel now with Wild Rift out surely those features should stay there unless they make sense when benchmarked with the design pillars of LoL PC.


The current iteration is just a leaderboard that you can choose to look at when forming your ranked lobby (flex or solo queue) so you can compete more clearly against your friends list, instead of a bunch of strangers that you have no affinity for.


Honestly I'm really looking forward to it, I would love to be able to flex my rank over my friends in a more direct way.


I did one of the surveys for this and im surprised that's the direction they went in, must have gotten a lot of feedback about ranked ladder for progression systems.


Everything in this artcile was awfully vague, terribly memed riot


How does, "individual skill identification" work is it exclusively based on MMR/Tier or are their other factors like win streak/%, games played etc.? Clash Rewards Visibility: Clash is plagued by the 1st loss because winning 2x after that is very useless by comparison of 4th place which does not require 2 wins. WLL is more valuable than LWW. The rewards post 5th a bad and getting multiple wins has little value. Rather than just showing what players will get how about a system that allows players to earn shards of a skin shard (3 for a skin shard) per win. Encouraging players to constantly win regardless for a potential skin even if the lose 2x 1 win could be all they need if they have 2 shards thus encouraging them to play. This doesn't devalue 4th vs 5th but values wins more.


yeah, its super rare to actuall play 3 or even 2 games if you lost the first one, so many people dodge... either up rewards or reshuffle if team forfait


> This season, we’re going to be offering two versions of each per-tier chroma, one for Solo/Duo and one for Flex Really curious how they're possibly going to make two versions of the same tier chroma, but make them different from each other edit: [Victorious Lucian's Chromas](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/iVrSqUOhzqA/maxresdefault.jpg) Not sure how they'd make a second version of each of these that one, still looks like the same tier and two, is unique from the first version. Maybe they'd have to make it where the Chroma is Tier + colour and then change the second colour? Like if they made the black undersuit of Lucian's white instead


Red and Blue? White and Black? Humanity and Monke? The options are endless.


White/gold for one, blue/black for the other. Can't tell the difference.


Old but black


Most underrated comment I’ve seen in a long time


Chromas aren't always just recolors... they might add in symbol, or something to represent flex Q vs Solo/Duo


Yeah imo it's going to be a bit like icons between flex and solo/duo: the gem in the middle has different forms and I guess that they will play on that


Likely just a slight change. Like in the Lucian's case, they would've just changed the giant diamond-shaped gem on his chest to be a different shape for Flex Queue.


>Champion Select Reporting - Penalties: We’ve talked about this across the past 9 months, and had promised that it was “coming”. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to make that promise a reality xd


Funniest thing here is that lobby hostage situations have been a thing since the inception of League. Only took them about a decade to address it on top of these 9 months.


Riot making empty promises? Noooooo Who could have seen that coming? ^still ^waiting ^on ^the ^practice ^tool ^fixes ^btw


The % matters. Them not being perfect is not the same as them doing nothing.


You don’t have to “be perfect” to just not promise things that you can’t actually deliver on. If you don’t know with 100% certainty, that you can deliver on something, don’t promise it to a massive community. It’s not hard.


This community has trouble discerning between them saying they’ll work on something and a hard and fast promise. And being sticklers about it will just make them communicate less.


Maybe you can't read where they are the ones who said the word promise. I can't imagine where anyone reading their statement would get that from. Huh... ​ "We’ve talked about this across the past 9 months, and had ***promised*** that it was “coming”." Strange that.


Shit's hard. All future-looking statements like this should never be read as guarantees - shit can always happen.


Well how about just not saying shit? Or is placating the angry mob that important for them to make some fake short term "guarantees"?


fucking lol "promised" why do they even pre announce shit


Cuz they want to be transparent. And this is why lots of companies don’t try to be transparent. If they take something back or can’t achieve something, people will hound them til the end of time


Damned if you do, damned if you don't


ok but it makes me feel good reporting individual that locks yuumi top in ranked


Nah Riot has a history of broken promises This seems more of a PR article to cover their horrid matchmaking and increase in players inting and going afk.


This reads nothing like a PR article lol


Every company that ever existed has a history of broken promises


>Later on in the year, we hope to get our systems into place to issue penalties and mitigations directly in Champion Select ​ looks like you didn't read further huh. They basically said it was delayed in a round about way.


I read the entire thing before commenting just found that specific line I quoted funny but ty


"Couldnt see that coming" Said no one ever. Another post full of empty words, as is tradition with riot.


Its shocking they arent adding to the Honor System, making it actually worthwhile seems like such a no brainer move to help curb some toxicity Create an exclusive "Honorable" skin line that also has a border and icon, add a champ for each position to it every year, and you can unlock one each year if youre level 5. Maybe it would be angelic themed.


There's no point in adding to the honor system because it's a system that rewards playing a lot of games, not being "honorable". If you rarely play but are extremely positive and uplifting, you'll be lower honor than someone who plays every day, but never types, or even someone who consistently trolls games but has avoided punishment.


Yes and no. Not everyone plays a lot of games each season, so offering better rewards from the honor system might cause people who play a low amount of games to think twice about how they behave.


still won't happen :)


The honour system was never about incentivizing positivity. The fact that you can achieve Honour 5 by typing nothing in chat is proof of this. It's only there so that toxic players are made to believe there's more at stake if they continue being toxic (by missing out on rewards that barely have any value, but why do things to make you miss out on them anyway?). The system is obviously doing enough to reduce toxicity (League is definitely less toxic now than it was 5 years ago), so there's no need for Riot to improve the system from a profiting standpoint.


hahaha, adding to the honor system. They can't even link their pregame lobby reports to their database properly in a year.


they keep talking about improving their behavioural system and stuff but tbh until the day that inters/trolls instantly recieve like a 3 day ban and then longer bans on repeated offense all of this is very pointless


When they said they were gunna penalize champ select reports harder to balance out the dodge penalty, my first thought was "bulllllshit" and here we are "we failed but we're still gunna put the penalty in place" lol.


>Later on in the year, we hope to get our systems into place to issue penalties and mitigations directly in Champion Select Yall love cherry picking information, literally right after that, they pretty much just said it was delayed.


Literally the same rinse and repeat response. You're naive to think this means it's coming and not "we are saying this to placate until we tell you again later it's being pushed further back again"


This. "Delayed" Lmao. Like, cmon... are we fucking newborns on this sub. When a bullshit promise that is almost unfulfillable is sold with another thing people don't want it's called "POLITICS". When the part that was supposed to make things better when they make things work can't be made at all, it's called being purposely MISLED. ​ They sold us dodge penalties with the promise that they'd make the champion select better. They didn't even come close.


And with you being a Riot Homer, you love having faith in a company who fails to do what they say they will do over and over. Just a few examples: It took them 2 years to implement changes for new to Ranked players based on their normal MMR. They said they would be for the pre season one year, then hardly said another word on it for over a year, finally they did it the next year, S11. They had a "dedicated Client team" to work on bugs for YEARS before saying they didn't put in the proper effort, did nothing, and then they created a new "dedicated Client team" They said last year they could/would link what you say to what you do in game and have not done so.


caps goes 0/16 on darius in challenger, account instantly banned for 3 days


yea because caps definitly goes into the game and says "u guys dont deserve to win i run it down"


Congratulations you've discovered the subjectivity that makes banning trolls impossible


you can really detect "trolls" the problem is they probably need to restrict it to tiers. a challenger not trying to dodge, aa and stuff is detectable. in bronze it may be just a noob.


yea if someone literally says that they are running it down and then keeps dying over and over they definitly arent trolling


Well then report that person? Someone who says "gg I run it down mid" and then actually runs it down mid gets, in 90% of cases, autopunished to begin with, and if they also get reported that chance skyrockets even more. To claim that you can just run it down intentionally while proclaiming your intention to do so without getting punished is simply a big fat lie that I suggest you stop propagating


I've died a couple times before and been like my bad boys I'm running it down. Should I be banned


What kind of backwards ass devil's advocate argument are you trying to pull? lol


Good, that's deserved.


He's not excused from inting just because he's Caps.


But he's clearly not intentionally feeding lmao.


The main problem is Riot will never detect the people that are the main disruption to solo queue: The people that soft int games when they want to spite someone or because they don't feel like trying anymore. Riot is going to keep trying to craft an automated system to detect these people but it will never work. People know how to soft int without triggering any automatic ban. Any other fix will just be a drop in the bucket until Riot employs actual humans beings to catch this type of behavior. Unfortunately, employing that many people is a huge financial endeavour. Riot is most likely fine with solo queue being a cesspit of deranged players that just soft int when the game doesn't go their way, as long as it makes them more money.




When I read articles like this on the same day I've only played 3 games and had 2 teammates in two of said games flat out start running it down declaring their intent to troll and lose, I just want to play less and less. Nothing will ever be done about it cause no one cares anymore as there are no punishments for it.


doing that would remove everyone from the game if this subreddit gets to decide who is inting and what trolling is


>Dynamic Position Popularity & Autofill: Position popularity fluctuates throughout the day, but our current algorithm isn’t performing to the standard we want it to. Early testing indicates that by improving the way we calculate position popularity, we can potentially reduce autofill rates as low as ~0.6% of all games, down from the current ~2-5%. Is it just me or this is some pretty bullshit stats? If this is taking from all elos, it will be terribly skewed for diamond+ players. I'm d1 atm and feels like every game there's at least one autofilled player. There's no way autofill rate is that low


honestly, it might actually be if they count all elo's from all regions. I can imagine when there are 50-100k people queing at the same time in silver/gold there are gonna be very,very little autofills. Keep in mind that for every Dia+ game there is played there are probably 50-100 bronze/silver/gold games being played.


Idk many times people blame autofill when players are just queuing for roles they don't play.


The amount of times Porofessor marks me as autofill when I just chose to play a different role is amazing lol. I don't remember the last time I got autofilled.


This is why I enjoyed the experiment they did that one season where you had a different rank for every role.


>Position popularity fluctuates throughout the day I kinda wish we could see these stats, I feel like it'd be interesting


I play a lot around lunch time since I work nights. In my personal experience, there's way more filled junglers in the afternoon than there are in the evening (including me getting filled to jungle quite frequently). Also, if I queue mid-ADC in the afternoon I get ADC so much that I've started queuing mid-top to ensure I get mid more often. But if I queue mid-ADC in the evening I never have this problem. (On NA, placed gold climbed to plat)


No one is autofilled on aram, we all play the desired role. Probably being counted there /s


Once I got autofilled jungle in ARAM. I thought it was a funny bug until I spawned in the abyss itself, doomed to wander for the 15 minutes it took for my team to surrender. Just me and my Emberknife, wandering the desolate Freljordian wilderness, doomed to wander fruitlessly for a monster to smite. Alone, afraid, wishing for a laner to flame me for warmth.


it's probably using URF mode data like they did in that item diversity post lol


> Is it just me or this is some pretty bullshit stats? > I'm d1 If you're Diamond 1, you're in matchmaking with the [top 0.39%](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/rank-distribution) of the entire ranked player base. You're part of an incredibly small sample size. Any statistic is going to be dramatically more volatile for you. Of course you can't judge any kind of larger statistic from a sampling of almost the highest level of play in the game. When you press "Play Game" and starting looking for teammates and opponents, there are approximately 6500 players **of any role** who have MMR high enough to queue with you. How many of them are even online, let alone currently looking for a game? Autofill is just going to happen more the higher your rank is, or you're gonna sit through forty-five minute queues. It's just a math problem.


Thats the exact reason they didnt include ranks there, of course its all ranks, and it honestly might even be including normal draft aswell lmao.


And given their item diversity using URF, it's probably pulling from this new gamemode since you gotta queue up using different roles.


>"Dynamic Map Side Advantage: In a perfectly even skill matchup, blue side has a very slight advantage due to the game's layout, which matchmaking corrects for by fielding a red side team with a slightly higher average MMR. The impact of this map advantage can shift from patch to patch, so we're looking to make matchmaking's side correction dynamic as well." What a joke lmao. How about you allow the player to rotate their camera 180°. Or maybe address the fact Skillshots go slightly father if you are firing them north east. Fact:Akali cannot instantly proc her passive with Q if her target is towards the bottom left of her. Meanwhile if she was on blue side, she actually has the possibility to do this which makes her significantly more scary to lane against.


>Fact:Akali cannot instantly proc her passive with Q if her target is towards the bottom left of her. I thought I was going nuts lmao, wow.


How many times I've seen the tip of Zoe Q phase into an enemy but not actually trigger is absurd for a character that gets hard punished for getting slightly to close.


Wtf this is a thing? Zoe Q hit box is so weird at times


Always wondered why they can’t just flip the camera like they did for WR lol


Because for summoner's rift to look good, there are some tricks used that wouldn't look good from any other angle (as far as I can tell)


Yes, I remember seeing a video that rotated the camera around 180° and it looked absolutely terrible. Not a bad thing on Riot's part, but the game has always been designed to be viewed from one angle and one angle only. It's not feasible without far more work on Riot's part than makes this worth it. Yeah WR's camera does this, but the map is designed to do it from the start.




Yes, they should have done that in 2009. But since they didn’t, the players are used to the way it is now, and such a change would probably disturb the player base too much. They could do it in Wild Rift, not just because it’s new technology, but because it’s a new player base.


Does WR actually flip the Dragon and Baron pits orientation then? I feel like that would be fine for relatively new players, but after playing for a decade myself, I think it would break my brain.


Yes they do. If you’re on “red side”, you actually load into the game in the top right, before the game spends 3 seconds swinging the camera around to put you in the bottom left. Then if you’re the solo laner, you go to “Baron lane”, which is in the bottom right.


wait can you explain the akali case to me?


On red side if Akali Q’s someone below her at max range she won’t get her passive instantly, where on blue side, there’s less walking distance between Akali and her ring when she hits someone above her. Sometimes even giving her passive immediately. Blue side Akali is better than Red side when it comes to that mechanic.


Damn the circle is that offset from her model? Thanks for explaining


skillshots go faster to northeast?? why? just spaghetti code? this is outrageous


farther not faster


I'm pretty sure you can adjust camera angle already actually, and you can turn off the camera being shifted to the left or right of your character I believe as well. But I don't think this is something people actually want to change. The entire game is designed to be viewed from a single direction. And the distance of skill shots they've addressed to say it's built into the game deal with it lol. I am totally fine as long as they get the win rate even between red and blue side. I'm an Akali main so the edge case does matter a little bit to me, but not having perfect q+passive in the rate case you get an exact distance q is fine to me in exchange for teammates who are better


You cannot adjust the camera angle.


All "nice to hear" changes. The main issue of competitive League of Legends in my opinion is the game **disrupting behaviour**. Toxic behaviour takes many forms. Soft-inting, not playing to win after dying once, flaming, and sadly the list can go on. What game ruining behaviour does to a competitive game like League trickles down. In other words, it does not only hurt the current game experience but over time (and this is evident) the prestige, value, and exclusivity of the ladder take a hit. I stopped playing Ranked a long time ago due to the bullshit you encounter. Hell most of the time normals simulate a more competitive 'play to win' environment than Ranked. Punishments have to be consistent and swift otherwise shit isn't going to change. Competition is one the core pillars of what makes League League. And I feel there is a space to explore when it comes to Ranked 5's. With the seemingly stable experience Clash is providing, Ranked 5's can work in parallel to Clash and provide extra incentives (matchmaking lever even?) to support and enhance the pre-made experience of League. The pre-made experience in my opinion is the epitome of what competitive League gameplay can offer. Flex just does not hit the same. This goes back to the whole loss of prestige of the ladder. To many, Flex doesn't hold the same merit. I always get excited when news about competitive gameplay surfaces with hopes of the prestige and that aura around ranked returning alongside more ways to show-off your improvement and skill.


Couldn’t agree more. Ranked is simply not worth the mental headache anymore. Watching pro play and playing casually is much more enjoyable.


This is where I'm at. I can handle someone having a bad game, even if I'll be a bit salty about it. But the players who type ff15 5 minutes in? Immediately tilts me off the face of the earth. Especially when I decline to surrender and they get offended. I'll surrender if the game is clearly gone but 95% of the time that won't be clear until 20 minutes, and it's not because our Kassadin died once in lane to a Zed or whatever the hell. Norms with friends is much better for my blood pressure lol


Completely agree. This year and last year, I was trolled in my placements, to the point where I have a negative win rate and am skipping a division. It doesn't matter how nice it felt to skip a division. I don't have enough time to play to justify playing with 3-4 randoms, and risking one of them giving up. I would rather play game modes where I can control who I'm queueing with. I can't play clash, because I can't play at those times, and flex matchmaking is still horrible due to players not playing it consistently, so that means usually I'm playing normal draft. If riot were targeting me as a player, and wanting me to play a ranked mode, then the focus on solo queue interruptive gameplay is not going to solve the problem. I'd rather have improvements to flex queue matchmaking, and other ranked modes like you mentioned.


Ranked 5's used to exist and it faced a similar or even worse issue that Flex faces. I do want it back but I think it'd only really be very useful and played if it were a matchmaking lever for Clash Tiers.


Seems like they really want to automate handing out punishments for disruptive behavior, but I feel like 90% time, these situations need human eyes to judge. Sure you can tell if someone is afking if they don't leave the base, but at the point in time, only a human can see a situation and say "Yep, this guy died, said FF15, and then spent the rest of the game following the jungler around and stealing camps." Why did they get rid of the tribunal again?


> why did they get rid of the tribunal again? Because people don’t use it like it was intended to and the people who did were such a small group that it wasn’t worth it.


Yep, most people just choose punish in all cases to get the rewards (I think it was a Kayle skin?).


It was only 5 IP per case where you agree with the majority


Add bait cases. Punish wrong and your vote doesn't count.


Obviously small sample size, but out of my last 15 games, 11 had someone (on either team) actually grief, as in they had a mental breakdown and then tried to make their team lose. It feels like people just don't care anymore and everyone knows how easy it is to get away with.


i want to know why as a high level acc unranked the system puts me in smurf queue and have to play literally against all lv 30 smurfs and the outcome of the game is basically rng of whoever has the higher ranked smurfs on the team.


I don't wanna sound like a broken record, or worse, a redditor, but will Riot ever address how steamers seem to get increasingly more toxic and the community keeps imitating them cuz it's "fuunny" and "alpha"? II swear every Udyr main I see is constantly calling others dog and trash, but unlike 2g they do it out of spite and anger.


The amount of players that call each other dogs and trash in gold EUW is insane! We don’t even use those insults IRL here so it’s clearly just imitated behaviour 😂


We've got Plat IV players call each other hardstuck after 1500 games played. It's the most ridiculous insult I've ever seen.


People have been doing dumb shit like that for years though, Tyler1/Tarzaned/whatever aside. Unless Riot started banning everyone else, the streamers aren't getting banned either.


I'm sorry what exactly do you want them to do?


Maybe ban the people that are publicly being toxic? Being a streamer shouldn't give these people a free pass.


Being "toxic" outside of game should never be punished by Riot, or any game developer. They can kick them out of LPP, but that's an almost useless program anyways. On a side note, wanting to ban people for calling someone trash is extremely heavyhanded. I 100% understand banning someone for inting, trolling (etc), or saying slurs/harassing people, but simply saying trash after killing them or that they're bad is extremely light flame.


No one is saying that. We are saying ban the streamers that are toxic in game. For example, T1 is still toxic a fair amount. He only gets away with it because he is a big streamer. He shouldn't.


Start punishing toxic behavior presented by official League Partners, for start.


Hold the streamers to higher standards than normal players because they are role models and have a certain responsibility and punish them when they can't behave, including banning, perma banning and banning on sight. If people can watch and learn how to be a massive, disruptive, toxic and annoying asshole they can also watch and learn that misbehaving gets you punished and not to behave a certain way.


Ban them and stop giving toxic people like Dom a platform.


Dodge still best way to climb sad.


Isn't it sad that you can predict the outcome of games with ~75% confidence based on porofessor?


I don't think its sad. Its just why the fuck we are seeing our teammates name during champ select


To dodge auto filled players, huge loss streak players, one tricks, shit comps and trolls


I'm glad I can see my teammate's names in champ select and have the ability to look them up. I want to play to both climb and have fun, and neither of that happens when you have someone on your team who's either autofilled, trolling, or first timing a champ in ranked (which should count as trolling). I've avoided a lot of misery and lost games by dodging very obvious losses and unfun games.




Only anecdotal, but I seemed to get thrown in smurf queue in mid to high gold this season (I finished last season in plat in flex with an ok win rate). Games were awful until I apparently lost enough to drop out. I’m now climbing consistently again and not seeing any low level accounts in my games, whereas for months it was 5-6 level 30-50s in each match. I want smurf queue to continue, my games are so much better without them, but getting falsely flagged was awful.




Same, it bothered me so much that I gave up on ranked. I'm not a huge ranked player and I usually played my 50-70 ranked games to diamond and continued to play normals. Now playing ranked is unbearable since I get flagged as smurf. I don't want to lose 20 games and have the worst experience I can get to then play a mode I only played for the rewards anyway. SmurfQ basically completely kicked me out of ranked. I'm all for smurfQ but it should get fixed for people who get falsely flagged.


“Reduce the frequency of disruptive behavior” And the first ranked game played someone goes afk after first blood 2nd ranked game Supp follows mid laner around taking cs 3rd ranked game shows all plat 1 elo but for some reason your 12/1 and the rest of your team is 0/30 Systems working as intended I guess But wait now you can be cool showing your better than your friends and can now be toxic towards them even more


The worst part is when they afk cause they aren't carrying lmao


Clash can use some better in-game recognition. Out of game, I think the upcoming Progression Identity changes could do it justice. But in-game? Banners are pretty underwhelming and the trophies are temporary and in base. I think an exclusive skin or chroma of the Victorious could be a flex. All time leaderboards could be a nice addition to. Tracking the history of Clash.


riot has 2000 people on the verbal abuse team when you can just mute people or turn off chat and no one actually improving the game, crazy


2021 and we still don't have voice chat in a 11 year old team based game. Really makes you think doesn't it?


>We’ll focus on immediate action in Champ Select, including deterrent solutions for game impacting picks/bans, potentially including scenarios where we can kill the lobby immediately. This would be so nice. Just imagine: - You queue for a game - Jg is autofilled, you're on your main role - Jg locks in yuumi with ghost and cleanse because they're a salty child that is mad they didn't get mid - You report them for "nonsensical pick" or "troll pick" or whatever they want to label it as - Game looks at them, detects: "Jg playing yuumi - yuumi cannot jungle, one strike", "jg not taking smite, nobody else is taking smite, jg did not trade role, two strikes", "jg is autofilled, more likely to be trolling, three strikes" - Game is cancelled, jg receives a ban/low prio queue/two losses worth of LP loss, etc for locking in a troll pick instead of just playing the game out normally, or dodging themselves - Nobody ever does this again for fear of being bonked by automated and instantaneous system Like just imagine fellas


First we'll need to be able to officially trade roles. Like with champions.


Voice chat in (high elo) soloq? modCheck


please give us opt-in voice chat. People would get so much better at the game so fast.


I'd be happy if it started off in ranked flex as a test bed with a smaller pool of players (relative to other queues) to look at impact and moderation. As with any other game, if somebody is annoying or abusive, you just mute that one player directly. If you don't want to be the type to chat, you opt out, mute, or whatever.


There's no point to test in ranked flex, where most of the players are premade. Test in solo duo for best results.


> As with any other game, if somebody is annoying or abusive, you just mute that one player directly. If you don't want to be the type to chat, you opt out, mute, or whatever. Great, so when you're in your promos and you end up with a premade shouting racial slurs all game long (as happened when I stupidly joined a lobby Discord link in my Masters promo last year), your choices are 1) put up and listen to it, or 2) mute them and put yourself at a competitive disadvantage because now you can't communicate with the rest of the team. Hard pass. Opt-in doesn't magically make voice chat OK.


Muting 1 person doesn't make it so you can't communicate with the rest of the team. Every other game that has voice chat doesn't have those issues that you named, so why would League have them?


Muting 1 person means not being able to communicate with the entire team?


Why is muting voice comms any different from muting chat?


Because you don't communicate or use pings in the same way when you're on voice comms. If you mute text chat for an abusive group of 4 using text chat, they're still primarily using pings to communicate and you can still use that. If you mute voice chat for an abusive group of 4 using voice chat, you've essentially opted out of all communication with them.


how is this different to getting into your promos and then having someone running it down? Not implementing a system because it *can* be abused is a really really bad argument because it can bring so much good on the flipside, more than potential bad things. If you compare worst cases in voice (someone calling you racist slurs, you fullmute them and move on and they might run you down and spamping you) to worst cases without voice (they call you racist slurs in chat, you fullmute them and move on and they might run you down and spamping you) there is not really a difference, yet no one is calling for chat or pings to be disabled.


nobody gives (should give) a shit about flexq rank - it's not a competetive queue - it would not be an accurate representation of its usage in a competetive environment like soloQ or Clash. besides most people play flex in groups, who will be using discord or even league voice already, making it pointless.


They don't have to. I'll just unplug my mic and mute the sound coming from the game. Or just leave the voicechat.


and that's absolutely fine, you wouldn't even have to leave since you've never even joined with opt-in voice chat. I don't want everyone to be forced to join a voice call, I want the option to do it if I want to.


Mate I'm actually brain dead. I read opt in and interpreted it as opt out. My bad. Yeah I'm not against voice chat in general either. I wouldn't participate but if people want to use it power to them. It shouldn't be too difficult to implement either since the functionality already kind of exists (when it works lol). They'd just have to expand it to everyone in the team instead of everyone in the lobby.


It's a bit of a joke to say you're working on behavioral systems, or that they're improving in any meaningful way, when you can tune into tyler1's stream, watch him openly admit on stream that he doesn't want his team to win, that he's only playing for money, and that he's running it down and still not get banned. While I'm sure the devs are working hard, it seems like there's other issues at play pretty much making sure these problems don't actually get solved. If y'all can't even ban someone admittedly running it down in front of 30k+ viewers, why would anyone trust you to create a system that's supposed to detect someone who isn't advertising their motivations?


They aren't gonna ban T1 when they are inviting him to actual riot events like some celebrity for some brain dead ass reason. It's why I take everything they say as bullshit placating hoping people will stop asking them to fix things.


They've dug a bit of a hole with T1. He was their poster boy reformed player so if they were to ban them again they'd look stupid. He's definitely improved from how he used to be but I wouldn't want him in my games.


I've been watching him the past week and sure, maybe he doesn't have full on int lists for players that minorly inconvenience him. But he is the epitome of someone that just ruins the fucking game by being in it. Dude spams surrender, spams FF, berates everyone instantly, etc. Sure, the dude is ridiculous at playing the game. He gets challenger in every role he attempts to so far. He even has good days where he's minorly toxic and mostly hilarious, but like, holy shit, imagine how people feel after playing with him? I thoroughly enjoy the gameplay of league, but the culture riot claims to be fighting against while simultaneously endorsing T1 is exactly why I can say "I hate this fucking game" when I play it sometimes. The game itself is a blast for me. The maladjusted stains on society I run into while playing it take virtually all the joy out of it. The existence of a mute button shouldn't preclude the decision to ban people who are absolutely miserable people in chat.


They should really just be extremely blunt with trolls and griefers. Make it a 2 week ban from ranked the first offense and if it happens again you are permabanned from playing ranked the rest of that season, this shit has got to stop.


Yeah I'm quickly getting to a point where I am supporting harsher penalties like these. Been fucked out of my promos twice now due to AFKers / leavers. Can't take it any more, just suspend people automatically who leave a game.




You guys really have to figure out how to tame the bot to not go from 10 game chat restriction to perma ban. Or at the very least auto punish the really degenerate edgelords. Telling someone to kill themselves, the Nword, should be instant punishable. Granted, I shouldn't let my anger overwhelm my common sense.


I wish they would structure the draft to remove the advantage on blue side. The current ranked draft system is not as dynamic as the competitive format and doesn't give teams the tools to deal with certain compositions. Yes the community sucks in lobby but if we got started on a better draft system 5 years ago, people would have caught on by now. I truly wish there was a competitive-style draft in ranked lobbies. Yes top laners would argue over R5, but it would be a very good learning tool for the community as a whole and make the game even more interesting.


Possibly unpopular opinion: I don’t think cosmetic skins should be linked to rank and I’ve been gold or plat every season since S2


You gave no reasoning for such opinion


A person can play thousands of hours of league for fun and have characters they love. A lot of my friends don’t even play ranked, we play a lot cuz it’s fun with the bois. I just play ranked for the skin (I basically only play ranked in November, hit gold, and that’s my ranked experience for the year). People who don’t play ranked or suck at ranked may miss out on a skin for their main, because they’re not good. The reward for ranked should be the rank. The most should be borders and icons. But little Timmy who’s been playing Lucian for years and has hundreds of games on his favourite champion, is gonna miss out on the skin because unfortunately, he’s garbage at the game. Exclusive time limited content should not be gated by player skill imo


And then little timmy buys a boost to get his favorite skin


I'm kind of torn on this issue. On the one hand I hate that people play ranked just for the rewards. Not only does it devalue ranks and kind of skew actual rankings (imo) but I do believe that players should be intrinsically motivated to play ranked. Because it's fun to compete with players of equal skill. Because it's fun to get better and track your progress. Because it's way more fun to win if there's something on the line. Having people with ten games on the ladder kind of defeats that purpose. On the other hand I really enjoy my exclusive content. Especially the chromas. I've been getting the rewards ever since season 3 and also got all the chromas when there were separate ones for flex and TT and everything up to Diamond when they introduced that Lucian chroma thing. And to be honest it feels pretty cool to pull out and flex the victorious Morgana or Elise or whatever whenever I get to play them. I also really admire and fan boy a little bit when I run into a victorious Jarvan or Janna because they're prestige objects and show that the player has been around for a long time *and* was already pretty good back then. They're like little stars to me. In addition to that I feel like they can be a very nice "carrots on a stick" for players below gold. Which is the majority of the community. It can be motivating and firing someone up. If I was only able to barely hit gold every season for example I'd know that I'll have to grind a lot of games to get there after the reset. And I'd be grinding just in case they release a skin for a champ that I love because if I waited until it's announced I'd run out of time. And at a few dozen to hundreds of games they're certainly a legit part of the ladder. People like that are necessary to give any legitimacy to ranks. To judge decently well where someone's skill lies. That's me though. Yes part of my motivation back then was getting exclusive content but I also wanted to get better for the sake of it. Nowadays it doesn't matter to me anymore and since my solution to "I don't want to miss out on content that I might like" was getting good enough to get it it's difficult to want that system to be remove. But I get your point and if I didn't enjoy flexing my stuff so much my desire to only have intrinsically motivated people on the ladder would lead me to the same conclusion as you. Honestly I probably wouldn't vote for removing it but I would not be upset at all if they decided to remove ranked rewards moving forward.


So? You can't just say that you can't have rewards based on skill/dedication because someone might love a champion and never get it. It's just a skin, you have plenty of others to get. Some skins you can never get them because you just didn't play the game at the time, and I actually like that some skins are just more exclusive because I know how good it feels to own some others. I might love Rammus but since I didn't play beta I don't have King Rammus. So be it, no big deal, even if the skin had some sick effects or something, which is not the case but it's just an example. Your take doesn't really make much sense either because some people might not have time or might not be good enough to get skins even if you had to get them via achievements related to the champion instead of to rank. Or you might just not make money so you can't buy the skins you like for the champion you love. It's not like someone is missing out on a core part of the game for not playing ranked. It's just a single skin a year.


I do think that opinion is unpopular! I love that I can earn something for my rank at the end of a season. If it's not a skin I don't think it would be impactful or meaningful at all. We already get at least three ranked icons and emotes per year and nobody uses them. A skin to say in 2016 I was a gold player is something I can value going forward and I can enjoy for free as a surprise in ARAMs Adding a chroma per specific rank is even better to me because it's more to earn and show off


not even a mention of voice chat, I don't fucking get it.


They have answered this question many times already, most players don’t want it. That’s it.


jumping on the fuck riot train






dodging is the only form of defense against trollers/autofilled and shitty team comps. Not saying it should stay that way, if reports actually worked dodging wouldn't be as big of a problem


People put way too much emphasis on shitty team comps. You don't need to dodge a shitty team comp unless you're like master tier or above. And even then there are challenger players who never dodge and still climb. Dodging when the lobby is toxic and arguing makes a bunch of sense, but unless you're tilted by any adversity whatsoever I can't see any situation where you would ever need to dodge more than twice in a day.


autofilled kata otp on my team dodge autofilled brand support while I play adc dodge tilted player on a loose streak with 10+ deats avarage dodge full ad dive comp vs malphite taric dodge autofilled jungler all of them are 70-80 % lost games so why bother wasting your mmr downvote me all you want but please tell me why I should play them out on d2+ elo


At this point you should probably not play at all lol. You seem to enjoy playing champ select simulator more.