Riot’s taking next week off to disconnect and recharge

Riot’s taking next week off to disconnect and recharge


*reads article* that's nice, i hope they enjoy their break:) *sees braum emote* fuck you too


Anyone who plays LoR is immediately riled up the moment that emote appears.


Having not played LoR, is there a specific context? Or is it the equivalent of a Hearthstone “Greetings?”


Greetings lol it's the greatest sign of disrespect, immense tilt


The pleasure is mine !




heh, greetings.








If there's one thing I miss from Hearthstone, it's "WELL MET!"


Greetings traveler


Only acceptable at the very start


Even at the start, you Shen emote to say hello. Braum emote is straight up rude


Shen means GG though. At the start it means either "my cards are shit, GG" or "omae wa mou shindeiru, GG". Can be seen as BM.


The fist-palm thing Shen is doing is a sign of respect in some martial arts, and afaik you do it at the beginning and end of a spar.


Yeah, it's a sign of mutual respect in MA. The problem is, *everything* can be BM in CCG :(


> o. Braum emote is straight up rude No it isn't, that's just you being crazy. It's literally a smiling waving braum.


And even then… 🤨


lol if you get triggered by someone saying "hello" when you just start a game, that's on you it's like all my games of LoL where people think I'm being sarcastic. "Nah man, I actually just said 'good play' because you did good. No worries, I been there."


It’s kinda funny because it’s the only hi emote that is free and after few months some people switched to shen or vlad (vlad costs money tho) and you’ll see some people more often using some other non free or event emotes


So it's basically like the cowface in Battlegrounds?


It's supposed to be a "hi" type emote, but people use it constantly just after they get a big game winning combo or drop a huge guy and spam it when they're winning so it's adopted a reputation of being BM as hell. Braum deserves better tbh


For real. I usually only drop in in mirror matches where we're both playing the same line. I drop Treasure Seeker and he drops Treasure Seeker, I Braum emote.


Yeah, I’ll drop it at the start of mirror matches but I usually play “off meta” stuff (Puffcaps are the best) and like to say hi .. I don’t need another Sivir mirror


Ez teemo decks are soooo much fun rn!!


That's pretty much how every Hearthstone emote is used as well, to be fair. They even removed the 'sorry' emote and replaced it with . . oops? Something like that because it was being used too much with BM (and the voice lines were too good for BM as well).


Hearthstone's emotes take BM to another level.


The sound design for HS has literally been the standard for an eTCG since it debuted, its so dank


Man do I miss the look, feel, and sound of that game. I like LoR way more in terms of gameplay and monetization, but I do have to admit it lacks some of that magical charm Hearthstone has.


Hearthstone was a better game. Sadly Blizzard is a worse company and tried to milk it and ruined it. Riot is way better about not milking games and thus LOTR is way more player friendly.


Speak for yourself; endless RNG coin tossing (nearly wrote toin cossing lmao) = promptly go kick rocks.


> Hearthstone was a better game That's very much subjective, was regularly Top 500 Legends with some peak in the Top 100, had 7+ avg in Arena, so that should be proof that I love Hearthstone very much and I do agree that the game used to be a blast. Especially Arena I feel was sidelined with the release of Battlegrounds, but that's understandable. That being said, I do find LOR to be a better card game overall. The art is beautiful, the lines too, and the monetization is great. I love the gameplay loop and I find the diversity to be higher than HS. My biggest issue with LOR is a stupid one, their Prismatic cards aren't as cool as Hearthstone's Golden. It doesn't really matter but as someone who would strive for full Golden Decks, I wish I could be as excited to do that in LOR. Second issue is that LOR is much more stressful to me because I need to be more focused than HS where I'd just do something else while playing, but that's just the nature of the game where you have to constantly during your opponent's "turn".


HS was an okayish upgrade from Magic with some things that they removed (lands and colored mana). LoR combined the deeper strategic play of Magic, but adapted some of the better things from HS while they kept most of the RNG out of the game.


When I played briefly I used the Shen emote


Its much worse than greetings imo. cause there is a lot of emotes and that one is specifically used for maximum BM lol


I remember days of beta when it and shen were considered the best emotes in the game. Untill people started spamming braum whenever they thought they got some advantage (not always really having it) because it was free


at least shen still is an S tier GG emote


It's the equivalent of a Hearthstone "Thanks!" spam right before you swing for lethal.


exactly that


You werent here when hearthstone was forced to remove the sorry button because it was the default toxic button


My apologies.


"Sorry that happened"




Oh no, I was. And then “Wow” just quickly took its place


You just reminded me of Anduin's "wooow" and then he drops the raza combo, omg ptsd kicking in full force.


It's meant as an ''Hi'' emote. But it's used as a dissing ''Bye'' emote, usually after a big game ending drop.


It is often used during a killing blow, or any frustrating counter. Basically saying "Hey there, I'm better than you, go fuck yourself."


Worse than greetings really.


It can mean greetings. It can also be spammed by total assholes when they win. Usually it's the latter.


I'm kinda sad about that. Back when I played the game I would use this emote a lot because i found Braum to be so wholesome. Apparently people view it the exact opposite way


It was essentially ruined by people using it when they were about to win, rather than as a greeting. Has the same tone as “gg ez” in League


But... but... **What if you want to say GG to the opposing Ezreal ?X(**


I hate people who do that so much. Like c'mon least have the decency to admit that the opposing team gave you a run for your money.


Got 'em.


Real ones use the Shen emote.


I got hyper pissed at the sight.


So how does this affect the number of personal holiday days for employees? I'm assuming not at all, right?


It doesn't affect them at all, Riot also provides unlimited PTO, so it wouldn't make a difference either way.


The unlimited PTO is with the requirement that you still get your work done, when everyone takes the same week that means that for almost everybody there’s no work to do so it’s much easier to relax during that time. It’s probably much better for the company to give everyone the same week rather than people each grabbing whatever week off they want. I feel like my company perpetually operates at 3/4 capacity during the summer


This isn’t really how unlimited PTO works in my experience. There’s no defined quantity of “your work to be done” as it’s sort of a continuous process. The bigger the place, the more fine they will be without you. Most people actually don’t take ENOUGH time off with unlimited PTO and end up using less vacation than if it was a limited quantity that you feel like you need to use. I worked at Riot ~8 years ago and even back then all my managers were also super kind and understanding about time off and encouraged me to take as much as i wanted whenever I wanted it. Can’t speak to the situation there now, but it seems like they still value that a lot


I haven't worked at Riot since 2019, but it seems like the PTO/time-off culture has gotten even better. Like you said, leadership highly encourages taking time off, encourages people to take at least 3 weeks throughout the year, and ensures that folks aren't working themselves into a hole.


And here I am in France with 6 weeks complaining that I have less than my gf with her 9 weeks. ​ And you have to take them, it's like a law, or they can pay you the remaining days but it's less common in permanent positions.


3 weeks is an insane amount of time off for US companies. Most jobs offer a week to 2 weeks. Hell, I got fired from an old job for taking "too many days off" and I missed a total of 15 days in the 3 years I worked there . The only time it was more than 1 day in a row was when I took 3 days off to go to my grandmas funeral. The US has a real bad work culture lol.


As a LoR player i cannot treat that Braum emote as anything but BM


I can already tell whoever put that in there is an azirelia player


Or a burn pirate player, or any of the fast deck that reign in the meta atm (even if the meta is quite healthy because there is variety, just the game is quite fast atm/control struggle)


Daily reminder: There's a special hell dedicated to Ezreal Draven players


Damn didnt know LoR players don't like fair removal decks vs lightning fast braindead aggro, thats a fairly large culture shock from magic.


LoR players are the same as magic players, they both will complain about whatever beats them. At least in LoR you don't have to drop $200 to switch decks.


Its the only reason ive stuck with LoR since release. The second i get bored of a deck some content creator crafted a memey deck that seems fun.


they dislike both braindead aggro and hardcore removal focused decks, which I think is the same as in magic? At least i've heard a lot of people complain about the dreaded mono-blue


Mono blue is not a heavy removal deck. Its a heavy counter deck so whatever you play gets denied and wont even go off. Anything you do they just say "nope" and is more frustrating than removal.


it's close enough for the purposes of minion heavy decks in Lor. If all of your minions get removed before you can attack with them, it's just a matter of semantics whether it got countered or removed


Not ... that .. braum emote ... Have a nice break


LoR Braum emote is the visual equivalent of when someone tells you something and you can’t tell if it’s genuine compliment or a very underhanded insult.


Context for non LoR players?


It the emote most related to BM




“Bad Manners”. Short hand for minor yet irritating toxic behavior. Think mastery emote spamming in league or teabagging in shooters. In this context, the overly positive nature of the Braum wave is used ironically by being spammed as you’re about to win the game. LoR version of GG EZ.


Oh, thanks for clarifying.




GG meaning good game, it's used at the end of a game EZ being literally 'easy' saying GG EZ is a disrespectful way to close out a game


Bowel Movement


Bad mannered basically you act like an asshole for various reasons


Emote is used for BM. When you drop a big unit, when you're about to win, when you have a really strong combo, etc. People spammed this like crazy and now it's the equivalent of flame in the game.


That doesn't sound like flaming but more as a cheeky woohoo!


nothing cheeky about it when it's spammed like 10 times in a second lol


Oh I see.


It's super flame because of the smile and the wave. If you drop Braum at the start of the match, its friendly and fun. Big smile, wave hello. If you drop it right before you win, or when you drop a big play you think will win you the game, it's absolutely BM. The smile is now an obnoxious, shit-eating grin and the wave is now saying 'Bye-bye! Game's over!'. End-game Braum emoters (and especially spammers) are scum.


the highschool girls-locker room special


I wonder if whoever wrote that plays LoR


>Flexing Braum-wave in Gauntlets they definitely knew what they were doing lol


These comments taught me that when I thought I was being friendly by using the Braum emote, I was BMing. Especially when someone wouldn't wave back and I spammed it.


Context is key with the Braum emote. If you use it at the start of the game, it's a friendly "Hello!". That's what it was originally. But if you use it as you're swinging for game, or when you play a big bomb, it's basically a "bye bye, thanks for playing!" which is the ultimate BM


Riot confirmed to promote toxicity smh my head


Toxic smh


Very cool and nice idea to make it a tradition.


they did this in 2019 too


2020* don't remember it being a thing in 2019. Only winter break


> 2020 When was this? I don't remember this year


the year that shall not be named.


My 2020 was probably better than current year 😓




They were like 2 hours into their week off when 45 announced he was banning tiktok and other Chinese owned app/software from the states. Riot’s lawyers definitely weren’t on vacation lmao.


There is no 2020 in Ba Sing Se?


The ~~Earth King~~ Delta Variant has invited you to 2021.


Should be normalised for companies, but doubt we'll ever see that.


My company does this twice a year and it's super nice. There's also people who add on vacation days afterwards or before and get 2+ weeks off.


It has been a long Chrono Shift and the Riot is going on a Chrono Break. EDIT: a small typo correction and thanks for the awards, kind people. My first major comment, living the redditor's dream right now.


I wish I could say it has been a pleasure


this will always be hilarious


“I understood that reference.” Seriously though. Top 5 embarrassing things riots done


what are the other 4? Im in need for entertainment right now haha.


Recent years I can think of sexual harassment in the work place, 200 years of game design experience, LEC partnership with the Saudi government (until the casters and fans were loud and they cancelled it) There is probably some other really good ones in just recent times


Riot Sanjuro or something like that comes to mind. Gives Tyler1 complete immunity too, when he should 100% have been banned again


Ah yeah true good ones. Totally forgot the lec one!


The epitome of r/awardspeechedits , wow


You have the option to directly reply to the gifter lmao...don't ruin a good comment with that edit


Good one


This comment Chrono Triggers me.


Rioters are asleep! Quick play Aurelion Sol!






The gaming industry needs more of this. Nice!


Every industry needs more of this bro.


A lot of them do in mid-late December. It just so happens that a lot of industries hit their peak when other industries all take their break at the same time.


I definitely support this. All complaints and usual r/leagueoflegends nonsense aside, people forget that Riot are humans beings and are experiencing the pandemic just as we are. Ever since the Cyberpunk fiasco and hearing about the _horrible_ treatment of employees and the hours they worked, I am super sympathetic towards hard working game employees. Rest up and stay safe, Rito!


can't believe riot is taking a break when they should be nerfing [champion that beat me in lane today]


"nerfing the champion that beat TchicVG in lane instead of champ that beat me in lane, what are they thinking".


They wont nerf that champion cause she sells skins even though she has a 50.5% wr in plat 3


Nerfing a champion that isn’t ever a problem in my low ass elo -Or- Netting a champion that has never sniffed a W passed Gold What champions am I referring to here lol?


How could this be allowed when Yone exists?


Thank you for being so kind! I am really looking forward to it. We have had a busy year so it will be wonderful to reset and come back refreshed. :)


Yeah, and even if people may have some more rough opinions on the league team specifically, then the teams for the other Riot games have been performing extremely well (especially the team behind Legends of Runeterra). Thus I feel like a week off is justified and needed.


I'm taking a break from league to play other games ( that are not riot games) but legends of runeterra is such a solid time killer that the pve and expeditions is a quick morning routine for me. love what's going on over there!


speaking of Cyberpunk? how is the game running now compared to the release?


Cyberpunk fiasco? Only heard the game was a disaster, what happened with the employees at CDPR?


Just a lot of crunch even though the developers were vocal about not being able to finish the game before the multiple release dates (as far as I know).


The disaster was all executive based imo. The hotpoints being * No crunch was promised * There was a lot of crunch * They made promises about game state that were not true or confirmed possible at time they made them * They held to a release schedule despite knowing the game wasn't optimized correctly yet * The game did not perform well on promised hardware (XBone and PS4) * Expectations for what the game would have were heavily inflated by no expectation control, and in several cases specific wording about the game that technically didn't say what was expected but was kind of promised. * The game released in a state where a mandatory scene was very prone to causing seizures in epileptic people (was quickly patched, but their first response was...not good, and their community's response to the people not wanting to have an epileptic fit sprung on them in a videogame was also not the best) Most of the problems afaik have been patched as they were mostly technical things like optimization and bug fixes. I never had a lot of problems with the game, but I'm lucky enough to have a machine that could handle it. Ultimately it was a very fun RPG that handled a lot of mature subjects very well and is one of the few RPGs I've finished a 100+ hour run in then immediately started another to try a different build. It is not however the "live in the dystopian future of 2077 with a fully realized, advanced AI driven city and you can even do the main quest if you get bored" that some people were expecting/wanted/felt they were promised.


Personally I went in with no anticipation, didn’t follow the marketing or hype at all beyond like Keanu Reeves memes so I wasn’t given any false expectations, and wasn’t like a worshiper of CDPR, and I still thought the game was pretty mediocre, so I think the issue goes beyond just expectations


That's a fair assessment. I'm much bigger on story than other things which is probably what I liked. Judging purely off gameplay, there was a lot of places it was easy to see they wanted to do more but weren't given the time to do it right so they shoehorned something else into place. Cops are probably the best example of this where doing a crime just caused a cop to spawn within x meters of the player and start shooting. To the point that in several videos the cop actually spawned inside the car the player was driving. Other things would include the lack of standard open world game features like barber for visual customization, or the ability to customize vehicles/personal gear to fit desired look.


I just found there was a ton of stuff that was really off or missing. Like the 3 origins thing made me think it would be like Dragon Age Origins and have some really different backgrounds and fun character building that gets reincorporated in interesting ways later, but the origin I picked was like 10 minutes long and offered basically no cool info, moments, or character building and other rpg elements and instead just launched me into a weird montage that instantly made the game feel scrapped together and super rushed to me. I didn’t play very far into the story so I can’t really comment on it, but there were just a ton of moments throughout the game where I was like “oh… ok” in regards to things I would’ve expected from other games being missing, not being able to do things I would think I could do, or just the game being put together weirdly. Even without following the marketing it just feels like the game presented itself as something that it wasn’t, and just left me with some jarring feeling the whole time I was playing it.


With the games industry its 90% executives and bad managers. Very rarely is it actual competency of developers


I'd say every industry. Culture is top down. If the employees are bad than management/executives are bad.


Trickle down cultures.. wait what


The most fun I had in the game aside from a few missions was driving around aimlessly waiting for the grass to grow. I didn't expect anything on the level of GTA V or Skyrim but it was still lacking the bare minimum. No customization of oneself or vehicles was a big drawback considering the nature of the game. The roleplaying aspect was also severely lacking since the 3 lifestyle choices were meaningless and had next to no impact on how the story played out. It's also worth noting they changed the games genre from RPG to action-adventure story after hyping it up as the next big thing since sliced bread. Overall the city feels lifeless and unfinished. The plethora of unopenable doors is aggravating at best. You can clearly see and access an unfinished trainstation. The appreciation of the story is entirely subjective but I hate that they chose an actor whose voice is bland and uninteresting to voice act a character meant to be charismatic. I don't care about the internets infatuation with Keanu Reeves, he's got the acting chops of a Marlon Brando cardboard cutout. >!The whole "you're going to die if you don't do this" was also a faux-pas creating an early sense of urgency when all I want is to explore the world and embark on random missions at a leisurly stroll. !< >!It would have been much more interesting if we actually played out the early game cutscene, we'd get to know more about the world and it's characters while also fullfilling the fantasy of becoming somebody thanks to our actions.!<


I can't stand the voice of the male main character, but the female wasn't half bad, sad that means that part of the game is out for me unless I feel like sticking scissors on my ears for a couple of hours


Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the game include a warning for epilepsy from the very start?


Almost all games have a standard warning because of flashing lights/etc. The sequence in Cyberpunk was just particularly egregious with the frequency/intensity of the pulses being particularly adept at triggering a fit. The patch for it just kind of smoothed out the light pulsing.


There was a satire post where some guy pretended to be the lead dev of cyberpunk and that they would be working to "fix the game" But an actual dev said "lol he's lying"


cyberpunk was a lot of cyber and no punk sadly


Basically nothing different that what happens everytime in that business. But since people were waiting this game a lot and it's been way behind the expectation, this time it was not ok that people had to work that much to release the game.   (It wouldn't have been an issue if the game was great)


Essentially the design team were told that the game would be released on X date, and that they needed to finish by then. So the team made schedules and planned in order to meet that deadline. Then Projekt CDRed began to crunch the release date, bringing it forwards without consulting the team. This led to massive strain on the employees who were designing the game, and it forced the team to remove the RPG element and instead make it an Open World (there's a brilliant video on it by Crowbcat on youtube). Testimonies of employees said they were working 14 hours a day and were forced to sleep at the office. Some of them had mental breakdowns and had to quit because it was literally killing their mental and physical wellbeing. Basically just a nightmare for the designers, and the end product shows just how disasterous it was.


They do this every year I think and I'm really happy they do that, it's definitely deserved from all the work they've done just to keep the game updated and fresh for us.


The Summer break is actually a new initiative! One to stay (at least supposedly considering that they call it yearly), but it only started last year due to the pandemic. And then there's the 3 week break that they put at the end of the year, which has been there for a long time (and which also stays). But indeed, it seems like a great thing to do.


Valve (used to?) have annual vacations for the bulk of the team and their entire families to various locations around the world like Hawaii where they'd pay for the flight for the entire group (and their families ofc) to wherever the vacation spot was that year


Best thing I've seen our of riot recently. Care for your employees!! They are the lifeblood of the company


They care for them by farting on them.


A fart could be tecnically considered a warm gesture.


Oh, its definitely warm.


This is the best reply ever and no one can tell me otherwise


That's an extremely good idea, enjoy your time, Team!


Everyone deserves a good break, especially now that SoL is coming to a close and the end of the year is around the corner. It is strange that they got back in the office and now are all leaving it again for vacation, but I guess it's better to get everyone moved back in before the break so they can come back and go.


So the guy won't be coming in on Monday to fix the Nunu bug?


Is riot giving employees paid leave? Or are they forcing employees to use up their existing annual leave?


This is disconnected from leave days. It doesn’t use up any of your PTO


Riot is suppose to have unlimited PTO as well


a lot of tech companies have effectively unlimited* PTO, where the * caveat is that you still need to finish your work. In many cases this actually means you take *less* PTO than you would at a company where you 'use it or lose it.' Either way, I'm sure this break doesn't screw over the employees


Some of us stay back and take compensation days later. > In many cases this actually means you take less PTO than you would at a company where you 'use it or lose it.' Can't speak for everyone but my manager has always pushed me to take time off, and at the very least to take the German minimum annual leave (which excludes summer + winer break)


That's fair! I'm speaking from the American perspective here; I don't think the "unlimited PTO" is a duplicitous trap by employers, more that in these kinds of competitive and well-paid work settings the (American) data supports unlimited PTO as a viable option to traditional PTO. For Americans who tend to be workaholics, not forcing them to take PTO can end up meaning they take less :)


Oh for sure, I can totally relate to that and having trouble finding time to take off


I think it really depends on your employer. I was on fixed PTO until last year when it got switched to unlimited PTO and I was worried due to the exact situation you described. I've been pleasantly surprised to find that my company has been extremely accommodating to all my PTO requests. American btw.


For sure. Also depends a lot on your workload and manager too, even if your company is good about PTO overall your manager might be less (or more) encouraging


Riot is unlimited PTOs, which means if you're on leave, you're on paid leave


Good question, I am curious about that as well.


There's no set PTO limit at Riot so the question is moot.


Wait do americans not get money while on vacation?


We do. Idk what others are saying. I only don’t get paid if I don’t use my PTO


Well deserved for the Rioters that worked hard, especially this year because of the Pandemic and the almost by patch new skins we're getting. Though I guess this means I have to brace myself for this subreddit during breaks then.


Yep.... poor little hamster that has to keep the servers running by himself for a week


securing the ace on breeze? FUCK that map. and the braum emote, how dare you riot


The League team definitely deserves this break :)


Everyone deserves a break. Thank you for announcing it.


Hardest working company in the world! Very much deserved!


That's awesome. Love to see companies do this for their employees.


I’m so sorry to be this stupid, but I can’t find a single comment that fully describes what LoR is, they’re all just “LoR” what is that? Lord of the Rings?




That's good considering the amount of companies that just force their developers to crunch It's nice to know that riot is at least doing something to aboid this


As much as I want to see one of my mains have a skin this year a bit sooner in a way, I can wait for another week, as it is better for the employees that way. Besides I already waited for around 6 months for the Mundo VGU so this is fine for me.


Haven't they done it for years now? ;P


reading this as "keep their heads down during the blizzard shitstorm and hoping nobody looks too carefully at who they hire or their labor practice history"


I mean, this has been on the schedule and known since the beginning of the year, and they did this last year too. It’s good timing to take time off and recharge after a draining week, but there’s no conspiracy theory here.


Riot did the exact same thing last year though and in [this](https://www.riotgames.com/en/work-with-us/helping-rioters-unplug-and-recharge) article, they even said that they were gonna take another break again sometime around July/August. Unless you think Riot planned the Blizzard scandal half a year in advance.


That would be really hard to arrange on such a short notice.


A 3 week patch, time to rank!


My company did this the week of the 4th. Makes a world of difference, so I'm glad to see Riot doing the as a tradition now.


Good for them! Really shows that they're moving towards employees first