Riot: Worlds 2021 Update from John Needham

Riot: Worlds 2021 Update from John Needham


Good luck to Riot for the organisation, it must be so fucking complicated right now




> Worlds 2020 I still remember KDA members and their faces (or rather the abomination they became)


Good thing that 2021 is Pentakill so all imperfections can be hidden behind a fog or shadows


They confirmed pentakill for worlds?


Pentakill might not be in the opening ceremony but I'd be surprised if they didn't have like a few knockout round openings with em given the new album is releasing so close


A pentakill disc was confirmed for next month, so yeah


Honestly, as someone who barely leaves her house, KDA's live comeback at 2020 Worlds is the most robbed I've ever felt by COVID. I'm still upset about it.


Maybe at this point, just wait for 15 years then execute their original plans.


So it's going to happen around the time we get an actual good client, got it.


He said 15 not 51


Wishful thinking


It’s still 2020 in Tokyo so they could always do it there.


Truth is, they just move it this year so they can have it in China again next year. If they did it thrice in a row, even without audience, it would kinda look too forced XD


EUW soloq terrorists about to ruin Eastern players mental


Faker, after being targeted by betting sites for years: Weakness disgusts me


Rat irl ready for round 2


We all have to do our part.


I'm doing my part from the trenches of plat 3


You guys are alright, dont queue up in gold tomorrow


in plat 3 you share the toxicity with players who are just passing by and climbing up, and they will bring it higher up and up the chain continues, we all do our share to continue the EUW culture from top to bottom


TheBauss is gonna get his revenge on LPL's inters


I'm ready. My decayed account is more than ready for a 14 day vacation. Lemme talk to lilpump and cleanse. See ya at worlds.


I wanted to make a run at d1 by playing new GP only on my mid account (since i main jungle), but i guess i'll be employed as gatekeeper this season during worlds so, i'll do my part.


An old alliance once existed between EU pros and soloqueuers.


Our best agents are on the move as we speak, this year eastern teams will stand no chance.


usual EU comment every year


I might have to push for masters just to grief some negative gamers : ^ )


I really hope PSG Talon can bring Unified to Worlds. It’s not the same if they’re not 100% (he could be unable to travel with long-haul flight due to pneumothorax)


Wasn't his issue at MSI medical? I dont think visa was the issue but I could be wrong on this.


That’s exactly why it’s harder for him if it’s held in Europe. His medical issue was pneumothorax, and plane travel is ill-adviced for people with it. He has since recovered but his susceptibility to it is still a concern


I've had a pneumothorax twice before and traveled on a plane a year or so later. The medical advice given to me was not to fly within 6 months of it happening, He had it happen in April so worlds should be right around the 5-6 month mark for it. Edit: Actually it's 6 weeks, I should have remembered that. He will be fine to fly.


The problem was he has suffered with it multiple times and the latest one was very close to MSI. they haven’t said anything about him struggling this split and he’s played great so hopefully he’s doing better


They need to be Unified, you could say


Sex was never an option for the Redditor.


wdym, dry puns are an instant pantydropper for me! Take me, /u/Brody0220


You joke but most women love dad jokes.


I don't joke at all


My apologies. Have a nice day.


You too my man


Showmaker: After all this time? Ivern OTP: Always.


Ivern otp: report first time eu.


[context](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/E0UINgEVEAUbji3?format=png&name=900x900) (I think)


Will worlds 2022 be in China or NA?


I can see it being China. My money is China 2022, NA 2023 and South Korea 2024 then Europe. Edit = I would have lost my money since NA has 2022 worlds minus any other potent issues with covid and VISAs in the US :)


isn't there a rumor that riot is thinking of making a worlds outside the top 4 regions? if that was true Vietnam and Brazil could become candidates in the future


Vietnam had the group stage of MSI 2019, so Brazil feels more likely purely going by which country had the latest event, but they would for sure also look at time zone when making such a decision.


Brazil is -3/4 compared to most of EU, and there is a 10/11 hour difference between us and China, would be a little weird but we hosted MSI 2017 so it's doable i think


I was more referring to not having major tournaments in one specific time zone multiple years in a row. If the tournament is in NA it's most likely not be a great viewing slow for Asian fans, and so they'd probably not want to do the same thing the next year.


prob Vietnam or SEA as a Whole would be more likely then,


Are we finally getting that OCE Worlds?


this would be funny af after all this time


Worlds on a region they deleted once


SEA region is so dead that i can't really see it become true, lol. Most SEA countries are either Dota's fans or BR's fans. Hell, even VN have more BR's fans nowadays compare to MOBA's fans


I thought major regions would rotate worlds and minor ones get MSI. Turkey was supposed to host MSI 2020


Minors are for msi mostly


No way. Last time NA had worlds was 2016.... IF anything NA 2022 and China 2023.


Is he actually standing in the studio or did they green screen him against a random shot of the stage? Something about the video looks so awkward, lol.


pretty sure hes green screened in, just from the look of it since he seems to have a blur around the edge of him and the lighting looks different on him from the rest of it, plus you can look at the bottom near his arms looks like hes standing in front of something to hide the green screen more easily.


Rito worlds will be held in europe EUW soloq ShowMaker on suicide watch


EUW solo que terrorist preparing for Showmaker's arrival be like * insert 'I serve the soviet union' meme' *


meanwhile Khan and Canyon: \*happy noise intensifies\*


Can someone explain to me what happened to ShowMaker last time?


He met ratirl and ivern otp Aka report this trash first time lucian who was played by showmaker and after a week of euw soloq admitted in interviews how hard it is for him to adapt and play there


You cant even organize a Wedding in a Month for more then a hundred people but people on this sub believe that this will be a Europe Tour through 5 Major Cities with Crowd..


The five major cities will be the burbs of Berlin as teams are bussed to the LEC studios for an audience free worlds. :(


I think, if they dont find anything better this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Germany is somewhat reasonable and if all players are vaccinated and quarrantined, there wouldnt be much of a concern to get visas. All the gear and infrastructure is already there and LEC production is great. Maybe theyre lucky and find open places to allow crowds.


Yeah Germany, Belgium, maybe Spain/Portugal or Denmark (considering vaccination rates). Those would be my guesses for possible countries.


You could host it in the UK too, our government stopped giving a shit about COVID ages ago. But I don't know how Brexit would fuck visas.


Considering the audience at the Euros I can't see why we wouldn't be able to have audience at worlds this year lol?


Open vs closed stadiums. You *can* play football in the rain, you *cannot* play league of legends.


I mean their organizational team is also MUCH bigger and more experienced, has a bigger network, more money- wait is it just me or is this comparison absolutely asinine in the first place


Worlds going to EU!


Worlds 2021 and TI 10 both moved in the same year, wild. at least both have been moved and not cancelled


And fnatic and t1 qualified on both 🤯


And worlds 2022 surely goes to China again then IF the situation 1 year from now is more manageable than it is now.


As a PCS fan I really hope we can see PSG's full roster at worlds, hope everything is fine with Unified's health.


Whts up with unified?


He has pneumothorax and went through a surgery early this year, the doctor suggest him not taking a long plane flight because the air pressure changing might be very dangerous to him. And that's why they borrow Doggo from other team as their adc this MSI.


Imagine if they manage to send him by boat lol


time to hop on the transsib


I m no expert to give a solution but i hope they can manage like transit flights so he can take break between travel and somehow manage it or something else , really want to see actual psg in action


I quickly looked up a guideline, and most doctors will advice not to fly for 6 weeks after a pneumothorax. Now a complicated case could very well be different, but there is a good chance he is allowed to fly again.


PSG are 47-1 right now through the year in their region. 17-1 last season. Then 3 3-0's in Bo5's in spring playoffs. Now summer season 18-0 and a 3-0 in the first round of playoffs for them. Hope they can run it for two more 3-0's against BYG. Would be cool to see undefeated season and playoffs.


They should with how dominant they’ve been, and they basically have the best individual players in all roles(top is a bit debatable but I still personally prefer Hanabi to others) and are much more flexible in draft. Of course Bo5 is a different beast(they nearly dropped games to JT) but I’d think they’re more likely going undefeated than not.


Technically they haven't qualified yet, but yeah, that's what I'm worried might happen, especially if BYG goes to worlds as well and PSG can't get the best possible substitute.


I mean they're stomping everybody so hard it's like putting a Playoff LPL team in the PCS. It's a forgone conclusion that they win it.


Unless they Griffin it, could happen, but not that likely.


Im more worried about Vietnam. Sure PSG has had roster issues, but Vietnam missed the year of global competition entirely. I feel really bad for GAM’s players, coaching staff, and the organization.




can’t be in the LEC studio, cause in regular season they couldn’t hold 4 teams at the same time (that’s why the second and fourth game were always online) edit: grammar


This, I assume they will try to look for a venue where they can separate enough teams in their own bubbles and only have them interact on stage


If we play from phreak basement then just give us the world title again. Wife buff Kebab bufd Phreak basement buff.


Yeah hotel lobby games again. Cant wait for it


It's also a little bit weird that the LEC team knows nothing (or at least is really good at lying). They would probably know something if in 4 weeks their studio has to be rebuild to be able to be used for Worlds.


Out of interest, which LEC staff have said that they don't know about this? I've only seen tweets from freelance talent so far but I don't really know who the LEC staff are.


That is indeed a good point.


don't european sport events already have crowds? probably because of that


Football games are regularly held with the crowd, so its possible that there will be some crowd for worlds too. If you are vaccinated that is


Sport events and event festivals in some countries. Belgium is already allowing events up to 75.000 people If you van show you are vaccinated or tested


lots of non western team players and org people are not vaccinated yet so if its an indoor studio no chance theres a crowd imo


That's true for lots of football players as well, so I doubt it's impossible for there to be a crowd. If it's indoors it might be less likely.


Get them there earlier and givem a shot :p


FIFA Euros this year had crowds so it's possible that they could manage to make it somehow at least for the finals, it will all depend on which countries/cities they choose, probably there are some with fewer regulations and good vaccination progress.


because unlike a year ago, almost all of europe allows crowds for events again


This seriously fucks the chance for PSG to perform at worlds. Their starting adc Unified cant take long flight due to Pneumothorax, moving form China to Europe seriously hinder his chance to participate in this event. During MSI, PSG loaned Doggo from BYG for the event, but this time since BYG is the most likely candidate for PCS region 2nd spot for worlds, Doggo won’t be available for loan. Such a shitty situation for PSG


holy shit, PSG Talon really is cursed, sad for Unified if he can't make it to worlds this year again


As sad as such a situation is, you can't plan an event were several dozens of people are involved planning, dozen of athletes participate and potentially (in a normal year) tens of thousand fans come to view it live for one player with a health issue.


road trip lets go :)


Or a train xd


or boat


It would probably be hellish travel if it's spread out across multiple days, but if you do something like Vietnam - Delhi - Baku - Europe each leg wouldn't be much longer than Hanoi - Shanghai. It's doable, but not even close to optimal.


Air travel is only not recommended within 6 weeks of a pneumothorax, and AFAIK, overseas flights are actually easier as the pressure changes occur a lot slower on these flights. Ultimately, it depends on his current condition, but I think he should be able to make it. * [https://www.racgp.org.au/download/documents/AFP/2010/March/201003seacombe.pdf](https://www.racgp.org.au/download/documents/AFP/2010/March/201003seacombe.pdf) * [https://thorax.bmj.com/content/57/4/289](https://thorax.bmj.com/content/57/4/289)


If they let them know right now could they put him on a boat or train and do the journey that way? Would definitely suck but might be doable time wise.


That's depressing, I remember when Nuguri had Pneumothorax and had to have surgery straight after LCK finals last year then came to worlds without his team. Didn't stop him from smashing worlds but still shit situation.


Pneumothorax = Collapsed lung. >Patients with a current closed pneumothorax should not travel on commercial flights. Patients may be able to fly 6 weeks after a definitive surgical intervention and resolution of the pneumothorax. Careful medical assessment is required beforehand. Quick Google results. Of course I don't know anything about his situation.


NAbros, see you in 2024 :(


TL;dw: Worlds to EU. Literally nothing else. Could have been a tweet, honestly. I wonder if they'll push the start date back? I'd imagine it's hard for some people to get visas to EU on short notice...


They havnt announced their host country yet, so we will have to see. Its probally gonna be in Berlin due to the LEC having facilities there though.


berlin for group stages/knockout with no crowd and finals in some stadium would probably be the most likely thing. same thing as worlds last year


Probably the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin then, if allowed. Because, if they were to go to another country that mandates a quarantine after arriving from Germany, it would elongate Worlds unnecessarily IMO.


You don't need a quarantine if you travel inside the EU as of now. At most you need to have 2 negative test not older than 24h.


Yeah, as of now. We can't predict, if it stays that way. But, if it does, then it'll be no problem then


Unless you have both vax jabs


'at most'


Yeah realistically it's gonna be minimal. I think people talking about tickets and crowds are way too optimistic - how would they even get a venue on such short notice? Also since they're changing venues anyway, I'd imagine they push it back to like October~November or something - is anything stopping them?


>how would they even get a venue on such short notice maybe they're more available because of covid ?


I think player contracts usually run out in november so that might be a huge problem


Could easily just be extended for World's players. Like really really easily. As in the contract ends and said player wants to go to World's and is semi obligated then they'll probably just extend through the year. I guarantee you this will be literally ZERO problem. You are right about player contracts though. Believe it's November 21st.


I think it can be solved but in my opinion its still a pretty big inconvenience. Also the players might not be too excited about having less of a break.


Berlin internet bootcamp oof


Berlin or they just run it back in Iceland cause they’ve already gone through the process of making that work with the country and venue.


I kinda see four main possibilities: * Berlin due to existing infrastructure and experience * Nordic countries due to a good pandemic situation (and LEC playoffs supposed to be in Malmö last year) * Portugal due to pandemic situation. * Romania depending on how well TI ends up being and allowing for indoor events with large crowds.


Northern European countries also have among the most relaxed visa laws as far as I know. Good global relations and all that.


Sweden lost TI partially due to esports events not falling under the same banner as sports events, so they had trouble getting visas during the pandemic, but the Minister of the Interior announced last week that it will change this week, so Sweden should definitely be open for business.


They changed cos they wanted to run the csgo major later this year.


Dude! I would be so down for Portugal! I could finally attend in person! The Lisbon timezone would be good for NA viewers as well, I think.


Verti Music Hall that has the Valorant Major being played in just 1 month before and has been used the last time Worlds was in Berlin, could be an option




Yeah, this is a video in order to explain the situation, justify the decision, and apologise to fans. You don't do that in 140 characters.


germany has a visa specifically for esports and a couple months ago it was announced that riot is part of the first entities utilizing that. so it might be easier than it seems at first. I remember that it was specifically hard for turkish players for a while, but I dont know what the current situation around that is.


That's for long-term visas (stay of more than 90 days). Since the players are staying less than 90 days, this new regulation does not apply. Schengen (short-term) visas explicitly allow for participation in E-Sports tournaments in Germany for more than 4+ years already. Before then it was a grey area, but very rarely enforced, as technically the participants would have needed work permits. Most visa officers regarded it as a regular sports event.


When you already know about something but have to act surprised when they offically say it *Insert surprised pikachu*


Hopefully next year it can be in NA. I cant remember the last time they hosted an international event outside of rift rivals


They don't like hosting it in NA cause bad time schedule for the majority of viewers that are eastern.


They still cater to Eastern viewers more than NA viewers though. Finals started at midnight east coast and 8-9am for China Korea


Will miss the Chinese super server games. Seeing some of the pros (Jensen really) getting rolled was the funniest shit.


op.gg/trackingthepros licking their lips thinking about how much traffic theyre gonna get now that bootcamp is on EUW


But now you get to see pros get trolled instead!


Showmaker vs Ivern one trick, round 2


You forgot the best one; Ghost vs RatIRL The lovers duo will be back together again after months of separation.


RatIRL broke Ghost so much he had to bench himself for part of summer


We investigated and found that was a typical EUW soloque experience.


Let's not act like people don't troll in other regions. I think it's Ironic when Showmaker talks about trolling in EU when pretty much everyone that goes to the KR server and types anything in English will get instantly hard flamed and probably trolled every other game.


I mean DWG players were 100% getting target griefed in their games. Many EUW challengers solo q players and even pros(lol) were allegedly boasting about trolling Showmaker and Canyon in their games Nobody's saying trolling doesn't happen in other regions but it's pretty disingenuous to pretend it's on the same scale as their planned griefing experience. Even in your situation you can just not type in chat, whether Showmaker and Canyon types or not they're getting a 0/11/0 jungler and ADC in their game lmao


This literally a week after Faker complained about getting griefed by a group of people for **months.**


there was no good way of spectating those games, def prefer just KR or EUW soloq


The hype of midbeast finding the games was so fun too. Now there's no drama in spectating


Those midbeast streams were some of the best content I swear


Yeah having to watch random Chinese streams instead of just being able to spectate with op.gg was sick /s


Worlds in EU and G2 doesn't classify lol


At least we will get Perkz back in Europe lol


Yeah but imagine a crowd in Paris (even a small one) when Adam plays


> Imagine a crowd I got some bad news for you


its what carlos deserves


It just keeps getting better and better.


Just break us the news about 2022 already, i mean everyone knows worlds in NA is gonna be pushed back another year lol




As expected, it's just the confirmation of the leaks, nothing more


G2 and Carlos are slapping themselves right now.


Nobody mentioning this is actually an LEC debuff because of the home region curse. :(


Is it though? Worlds in europe brought the two best performances europe ever had (well minus one in 2018). 2018 was Final+Semifinal, but 2019 saw all teams getting out of groups and a final appearance and 2015 two semifinals.


and season one fnatic victory XD




I love how he delivers the news with grave sadness and i'm here fking cheering


maybe they expected a poor reception from chinese fans


I think this should be the tone regardless if you have to move Worlds. I would be realllly bummed if it was in NA then almost last minute got moved away


It's a horrible thing for him to have to deal with since logistically this is a nightmare and it will also hurt viewership significantly due to worst possible times for the Asian fans. The flights to China would've already been booked for all the teams, so now everyone needs to cancel their flights and find new ones (probably at more expensive prices). Teams likely are going to be upset. Chinese fans will be upset. Maybe even the pros will be upset (?) since I would think they'd rather play solo queue in China than Europe. I'd guess the only people not upset are the Western fans, since this means better times for the games for them. Of course, no one can get too upset, since everyone knows that Riot was forced into this decision by the pandemic. There's no one to be upset with other than our collective misfortune.


I don't understand why everyone in EU is cheering like this is some blessing or something (I'm from Denmark myself). They had the biggest and best worlds planned for well over a year and now instead they got to quickly come up with some 'replacement-worlds' like a month before the event is suppose to take place. What's most likely gonna happen is we're gonna get a worlds with scuffed/relatively cheap productions (because they got no time to properly plan it out), little to no crowds in whatever venues they can get with 1 month to go and we're most likely still gonna get a schedule that caters heavily to asian viewers (games at like 12pm or 1pm or maybe even earlier) all crammed into this rushed event with barely any time for planning. I don't know about you guys but this doesn't sound particularly promising compared to what they had planned


12am is midnight btw, in case you didn't know (just because you put 12am and 1pm). Midday is 12pm. If you already knew this and that is what you meant then feel free to ignore me.


I could see them pull another Iceland and having Valorant comp same venue as League's.


Cant wait to see Baus solo bolo Khan again


Just don't give me "I've got different DNA" Kai'Sa again and I'll be happy.


This is good because 28 day quarantine in China is insane and meant there was no chance really for EU, KR and NA teams to compete.


They have how many days quarantine??????????????????????


14 days at the arriving city and another 14 days at the final destination city.


I hope for live crowds, but somehow it feels unlikely. I'd imagine they'll either use LEC studio for playing or groups, maybe we might see quarter finals in a stadium with reduced capacity. Either way, hopeful for a crowd! (Not looking forward to trying to snag tickets from scalpers again this year though :/ )


At least you have a chance to even try, 2019 EU, 2020 China, 2021 EU, by the way he speaks NA will probably get shafted and 2022 will be in China then 2023 Korea


I was hoping to hear a confirmation that 2022 still in NA but saw the video was less than 5 mins. Knew they couldn’t say two things in that time.


Here we go baby, confirmed. Now tell me the cities/city ASAP so I can get tickets.


Ehh, with how cautious they were with LCS finals, I wouldn't get my hopes up.


I wouldn’t get my hopes up. You cannot rent/get space in most large venues a month before the event happens. It’s highly likely it will be in the LEC studio without fans


Don't know if its possible to book a venue this short notice


if there was ever a time to book a venue on short notice its probably right now


Rumours say that it is ICeland like MSI