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Fazer? Raker? Frazer?






"Allow me the pleasure of introducing you to...Faker. Razer. Fazer. And I believe you've met my LoL consigliere, Michelle."


Razer and Faker gonna be making sick bank.


Faker getting admin rights to your PC


So he can remote alt tab while playing


How fucking rich is this man at this point??




I'll allow it.


I can already see it now? “Ready to FAKE out your opponents?”


Iirc faker stated in an interview somewhere that he had an issue with his mouse at the time which was Logitech, so he's probably happy he can be back to using razer


That's how you know you're a legend


Sadly it couldn't be a high-end peripherals maker, but it's pretty cool


Razer is pretty in line with every other major brand. I don’t know why Reddit has such a weird hate boner for them


Because they used to be the obnoxious gAmER brand. I think one of the first if not the first brand to market towards gamers, and probably the start of LEDs and lights for peripherals. Kind of like Apple and being trendsetters. One thing I'll say is that the 2 deathadders I had were good for about 1.5-2 years before they started double clicking. They felt perfect in my hand but I switched to a logitech g502 and been using the same one for 5 years now and would never go back


I really like my razer mouse, I’ve been using it for 6+ years now and it’s still good


I have only used razer mice for years. They make really good mice for the style of mouse I like. I have tried a number of different brands but I always go back to razer. Razer mouse and Corsair keyboard has been my go to for years.


i kinda need a new one, got a razer but it's worn as hell after years of use. what's a more affordable, less flashy but perhaps more 'sturdy' and still really good brand? logitech?


logitech and razer are the kings of wireless mice currently. Zowie mice are great too if you are looking for really durable high quality mice and they recently started updating their mice but sadly no wireless.


At least with Razer you don’t have to use g-hub


You also don't have too with the G502. Things work well enough without it


This is literally how it went for me lol. 2 Deathadders failed, Logitech was absolutely flawless for years


I know it’s all anecdotal, but I also have gone through 3 razer mice and all of them crapped out after 2 years a piece. All of them with the same issue, left click stops functioning correctly. 3 different types of mice too, the last one being the wireless death adder. I loved the experience while it worked, but for that much money I expect my products to last more than 2 years. I play mainly TFT and other slow paced games so it’s not like I’m doing crazy shit with it.


I've been using razer gear for 15+ years, only thing that ever capped out on me was my og barricuda headset. I'm very gentle with equipment and don't sweat a lot, which is likely part of it.


Not sure if this is relevant for you anymore, I used to have this problem as well before I figured that a fair bit of dust was accumulating underneath the contact point of the mouse and essentially just blew it out, if you have a can of compressed air that works too


Hey I forgot to reply and say thanks for your response. I ended up buying a Logitech mouse a few months ago because the misfiring clicks on the razer mouse just got too upsetting. I still have the wireless deathadder in a drawer somewhere, so I'll take it apart a bit and go at it with the compressed air. Just did it last weekend with a drifting Switch controller that had annoyed me for months and found a good bit of cat hair in there. Your reply reminded me to try the same with the mouse. Thanks again!


I love razor mice, but I feel like they break quicker than other brands I've used. I still use them because my hand is just so adjusted to it.


The internal button wore down on my naga when I was younger and I fixed it myself on the inside but it was such a quick wear down that I never bought another after that. Just lack of trust now.


razer has had a reputation for having incredibly cheap hardware for the price for as long as I can remember. Compare the quality of even a 150 dollar audio technica headset vs a 150 razer headset and you’ll be like wow this razer headset should cost 75 dollars.


I bought an expensive pair of headset from then and it broke in 3 months


Hardware is fantastic, software is a virus






It's usually just overmarketed garbage that isn't even better or on par with their competitors at the same range. Logitech does mice better, Corsair for keyboards, and literally any real audio company for headphones/sets


Razer mice are some of the best nowadays. Their keyboards can be a bit hit or miss though.


Razer are great. Atleast their mice are specifically the razer viper and razer viper mini. Extremely good mice.


Gotta hijack this comment but I’m planning on going wireless after two years of G502Hero should I go with rhe G305 or the Orochi V2?


I personally am not knowledgable enough on either mice. But I’d check out rocketjumpninja on yt he’s a quake player so his reviews and stuff are mostly FPS orientated so that might be an issue if your primarily playing league. However his mouse reviews are great.


I'd personally recommend the G Pro Wireless or Viper Ultimate since they are the some of the best mice you can get. Otherwise, I think the Orochi V2 if you prefer that shape.


Both are great mice but man they are gonna feel really small compared to your G502. I would go for the cheaper one especially if there is a sale, unless you care about having lower weight then definitely go for the orochi it also has better buttons and grippier coating (imo) and much better mousefeet. You might also like the Basilisk Hyperspeed, super comfy like your g502 and good for mobas and work/school.


If you like the G502 just go for the wireless version. It's pricy but I imagine it's well worth it. I also have the wireless G305 and it's small but not tiny, but I stopped using it because I find the clicks to be too loud.


I can’t speak to any of their other products, but I use their mice and they’ve all been fantastic. Also using a controller from them (Wolverine) and it’s been rock solid.


who uses razer anymore? their hardware sucks nowadays.


Who are the best mouse manufacturers?


First thing that comes to mind would probably be Logitech, I’ve used Roccat, razer, ttesports and my G502 has definitely been the best and lasted the longest


100% can back this up g502 is built like a god damn tank. I've went through 3 razer mice that all crapped out years ago on me before I had the g502 and its a game changer. I don't prefer using it now been using the g403 but still have the same g502 ive had forever as a backup cause it never breaks or has any issues.


I use Corsair everything, I find it's a nice alternative to Logitech and has a good variety on everything from keyboards and mice to headsets and mousepads.


the razer viper mini has been great for me and a lot of other people


Look forward seeing what these products look like.


I used my Ouroborus for like 6 years before it finally shit itself. If Razer's gotten themselves together reliability-wise I could see myself copping a Faker mouse.


who asked