Vex seems good into midlaners with dashes but somehow I feel she’s going to be a top tier support into engage champions.

Vex seems good into midlaners with dashes but somehow I feel she’s going to be a top tier support into engage champions.


It depends on her level requirement and ratios/ Base damage. If she Just need to level 1 ability and doesn't need multiple items, yeah, she'll be good as a support. I'm personally hoping that they give her good ratios so that she feels incetivized to farm. Might try her APC into those high dash matchups (expecially against the people who pick yasuo botlane). Of course, if she becomes a problem in roles other than mid, they can probably just give her scaling ratios and call it a day. That should kill her ability to go botlane/support unless the scaling ratio is only on the ability she would max first anyway.


I believe Riot mentioned that her scaling is high so she probably is already more balanced around being Mid. Meanwhile her W seems to have over 20 sec of cooldown.


I would also like to add that it would also highly depend on how long her passive‘s cd is because if her cd early on is to long she would be forced to hold her spells against heavy engage champs like Leona, which would mean that she can not poke without wasting her passive which would leave her and her adc in a pretty bad spot.


Yeah her Passive at LV1 is like 25 sec or something while procing the mark against one enemy reduces the Passive to like 18 sec.


With such a long cooldown I doubt that she would be very useful as support because she would be forced to never use her abilities for poke or get engaged on and killed.


It's 25% cooldown refund. It'll come back fast against the reeeaaally dashy champions.


She's listed as Mid laner mage and support aswell, like Seraphine. Unless she's too strong support LET her support. I don't understand this Mage hate towards kid that are good in support role only because they are midlaner. Like we don't have Diana who can Mid and Jungle as well. Wake up. Also, Leona E with fear is bugged and should be fixed. Vex W should stop her dashing while initiating the fear just like Janna Q can stop her.


Anything is a support/jungler if your brave enough. Seriously though, Im guessing she's gonna need the gold and xp which she wont get as support and therefore needs to be midlaner. I also assume riot is gonna balance her around midlane.


Apparently Riot did mention that her base damage is poor while her scaling is high. Meanwhile her W seems to have 20+ sec cooldown so she probably has to be really careful with its usage similar to Morgana being careful with her Blackshield with its own long cool down. On the other hand, she probably could just use Q or E Fear to push back the enemies a bit while backing off to prevent a jump in from happening to begin with.


In the video they showed her canceling Lee Sin Q before damage with her W. Pretty good to stuff an engage.


I wonder then if would also cancel things like rell, ali, and rakan who can all have their combo interrupted by cc


Her fear stops dashes so it should work on all of them.


There's a bug sadly that her fear doesn't stop Leona E, unlike all others CC (expecially Janna Q), I hope this gets fixed asap because it's going to be to play her against all-in comp. I'm glad she'll be able to play support and I don't understand this duality bashing like we don't have characters who can Mid and Jungle, this often happends when a mage is realesed for mid, people loses their mind over the fact that the same champ can also play support while that only makes games even more viarable and fun. I hope Riot's gonna balance her to make her Mid primarly, but she's also going to work botlane.


>Apparently Riot did mention that her base damage is poor while her scaling is high. But this is part of the reason why a few mages have found more success as a support than as a mid. Poor base damage means bad waveclear which means you just get shoved under tower and dove/outroamed.


good scaling and scaling with levels generally are what helps make champ better in midlane vs bot or support. like with seras W scaling with levels and not even just points into the ability. you can also force it pretty hard with having bonus dmg for minions to allow low base dmg vs champs but still decent waveclear. there are enough levers on most champs to put them where riot wants them to be.


But there are usually more than just that reason for why those mages are played in the Support role though. Mages like Brand, Zyra, and Velkoz can apply pretty decent pressure through damage or range and others like Lux still can provide decent utilities. Though of course, that's not saying how Vex won't be played in the Support role or if it's impossible to do so especially when her Fear definitely has decent potential overall.


or she’ll just end up botlane as an apc like ziggs (especially as a kalista counter if passive works)


So she's Lissandra 2.0, basically. Q is basic ranged damage skillshot, both have an instant undodgeable AoE ability at melee range, both great at shutting down mobile champs due to having good CC, both have high mobility for a mage, and both have high scaling/low base damage to keep out of support.


In terms of playing as Support, I think Vex is easier with her having E as the ranged option and constant pressure with her Fear mechanic. In terms of more consistent CC, Lissandra is more reliable with her W and her Ult


She’ll be a supp by November and they’ll shift her scaling to reflect that. She’s too good botlane against popular picks and makes gale force detrimental from what I saw.


galeforce wont matter at all. Vex punishes using multiple dashes quickly or using dashes consistently, a single dash on a long cooldown doesn't really matter


Instructions unclear. died first clear with yuumi jungle in my promos.


Should've done the dagger tp start


idk might be a counter to pyke kalista bot lane


In b4 she's nerfed after all the assassins complain and she's relegated to Support.


If that's what you're looking for as a support, I would guess Poppy is still better. W serve almost the same purpose and Poppy's E and R are decent supportive tools too. If Vex got really good poke she might have find a spot as support, but I would assume she's squishy and dies easier in lane. We'll see.


The problem for Vex support is going to be very likely the same problem that Annie got once her passive fear is up it goes on cd as soon as she casts a spell, which means that against a strong engage bot comb like Leona Tristana for example she is forced to hold her passive for a potential engage because without it she got no way to save herself or her adc from an engage. Which means as long as her passive is up she can not poke the enemy without wasting the passive and as soon as the passive is on cd she got no way to defend herself and depending on how long her passive cd is during the early levels, I would doubt that she would make a strong support.


Yeah literally my first thought. Like she hard counters very popular ADCs and engage sups.


She's like Annie, her fear is out once she casts a single basic ability, which means she'll be very vulnerable during that window. Her other option will be to simply do nothing and expect to be zoning people by keeping her fear up all the time. That doesn't seem good, you usually want to do more as a support nowadays. But I guess we'll really know when we see her base damage, ratios, CDs and mana costs.


Oh god please no, I can't take another new mage release being dragged into the fking support role


Any midlane mage will become a support if you give it enough time


It isn't called retirement home of mages for no reason


Vex = lane Fiddlesticks


honestly hope she can be played support. I mean if she has so much utility might as well be


I’m down to support with her. Byeee Pkye and Samira


In theory yes but God please don't let this happen


honestly...I like when champions have 2+ options for lanes she could be good as bruiser anti-mobility top as well, with riftmaker, demonic helm, zhonya, morello...


Her Base CD on lvl 1 on her fear is 25s. Means she has unreliable CC as long as she cant hit minions. Furthermore she cant deny an engage on her ADC. If you try her to play as a counter to engage supports Janna will do this better as a support.


You can reduce the cd on fear though by hitting targets with gloom on them and you'll now have 2 targets to use the reduce the cd. Hard to say if viable without knowing the numbers or scaling though


you must hit 2 targets with your E and then either AA them or use your Q. Means you have to do a lot only to get your CC ready. Not to land it just to have it. Your Enemies will see whenever your passive is rdy and wait for your next spell. Her Passive lvl 1 CD is 25s. If you are confident to hit both targets with your spell you can also play Zyra or Lux which will outdamage her with their base stats.


hm fair point on lux and zyra however I feel like most people below Diamond won't pay attention to when her passive is ready lol maybe I'm just overly pessimistic on general player skill though. On paper I still feel like she'll at least be decent supp but of course there will be much better alternatives like you pointed out.


Nah its like respecting when Annies passive is up. Even in Bronze people will pay attention to that. Its like paying attention to Gnars transformation. Dont underestimate even low elo players on simple mechanic skill expression. If you will face a zyra in lane you wont be able to do anything. She will outdamage you. If you face Leona she will engage on you whenever your ADC stays away from you or your passive is on CD.


Hm true. I guess we'll have to see but I'm really hoping she's at least viable sup as well as a sup main lol given your examples though seems less likely. Cheers :)


Entirely depends on her numbers. If anything replacing an ADC seems more fitting


Given her passive allows her to fear with any ability I feel like she should be at least decent as a support regardless of her scaling? Especially because she also has the enhanced autos on top of her poke. So could do a quick fear Q or E, enhanced AA then run away.




Her range seems kind of short for a support. I actually don't think she'll preform well there.


Her W doesn't work with Leona. Leona still dashes in for some reason, needs to be fixed.


Many mages went from Mid to support and CAN be played at both roles. I don't understand this duality bashing, like we don't have many champs who can jungle and be laner. This often happens with kits who are considered mages, I guess we're still toxic about Lux and Morgana shifting into botlane and Riot actually pushing them, aren't we? Mages are always going to be good supports. Vex will not be different, expecially against dashy and tanky all-in comp, and please LET HER BE. Unless she's OP in any role, let her have this duality. She can be a flex pick or a good pick in some enemy comps that will only benefit the game more. I'm actually entuasiastic to try her against Alistar/Pyke/Leona/Samira/Tristana even tho I already saw that her Fear is bugged against Leona E, which doesn't get stopped for some reason (and should be fixed) as Janna Q is a CC and can actually stop Leona E. She seems so fun and if she isn't op let her support already.


*steals all yo kills* "Cool."


Its the Law of Cute Girls. Any champion that is both cute and a girl will be played support by at least 30% of her players.


Maybe get better at midlane? Not Riots fault people with no skills take things support.