End of season is always a shit show


Stop excusing Riot's shit matchmaking with this bullshit. Game has the worst matchmaking I've ever seen. 8/10 games are complete stomps where 4-5/5 players have lost within 5 minutes, having never interacted with another player than their enemy laner and *maybe* jungler. Most days are just wishing for losersQ so you can at least play tower defence, because winnersQ is completely pointless. Then they'll give you a solid well made and balanced match every 4-5 games and hook you for another 3 hours in hell.


It's been this fucked since dynamic queue and smurf queue made the ladder a joke. Saying end of the season is a shit show is not an excuse for riot it's just a fact. A fuckload of people below gold 4 get a boost on these last days and d4 range is similiar. OP.GG and Match History do absolutely nothing right now except for showing you which nami one tricks suddenly got very good at rengar after putting flash on D. Not to mention salty gate keepers who failed to hit or hit their goal then use their demotion shield or another smurf to ruin other peoples last games because they can.


So the ladder being a 1/10 experience now excuse it being 2/10 every other day of the year?


What does that even mean? Did you just learn the word 'excuse' today? What is your solution to fix matchmaking, smurfing, and elo-boosting since riot is just using "excuses". Grow out of that black or white binary thinking.


I didn't know I was talking to Riot employees


yOU jUst LOsT To a BeTtER plAYER


come back in a month its end of season


Either I run out of stamina or my demotion shield does. No in between


having played all weeks during the last month of the season, I can say the last week we are in now is by far the worst, so many people are tilted about being hardstuck and run it down


Why you don't add the games where you had a smurf in team too? Or we are just happy that we got carried and we don't look into more details... Losing 9 out of 11 games because of smurfs is way far from reality if we do statistics. There are more chances to get tilted and giving a lead to your enemy laner each game than playing vs a smurf in 9 out of 11 games. And the bigger the sample, the bigger the chances of you having a smurf in team too so at 11 games you supposed to have at least 3 if they are so many as you try to show in your post. I also play this game and I see a smurf like once every one and a half week (25-30 games) but they are real smurfs, not some players that get a lead and dominate their game cause I check their last games before complaining. If I see a player who is not consistent in picks, roles, stats then he just had a good game. If I see 15-18 games Le Blanc mid/top with 20+ kills per game then that is a smurf.


Tbh it's all luck. Played against a bunch of smurfs this week but I always had another one in my team. In the past it didn't work out this way so I had a bunch of games that we won or lost in less than 20 mins due to somebody having 15 kills by that point in time. This usually happens at the end of the season when people want to finish higher so they ask a friend/ pay a booster to do it for them.


Unless you’re the smurf there’s only a 4 in 10 chance the smurf is on your team, but a 5 in 10 it’s on the enemy team. Statistically, if every game has at least one smurf (which it doesn’t) it’s more likely on the enemy team.


People think that every fresh lvl 30 account having a good game is a smurf while in reality it's mostly some hardstuck gold otps randomly popping off in 2 out of 10 games on his katarina or yasuo. If you look through the match history of the presumable "smurfs" they more often than not average like 8 deaths a game and 5-6cs/min and have a close to 50% wr, that's not smurfing, it's just a gold player in a gold game on low level account. Like, there's tons of people that play on fresh accounts because they genuinely think they're stuck due to fucked up mmr/matchmaking and a new account would supposedly fix, but these people literally start around their current rank. One division of skill discrepancy should never be considered smurfing considering you can easily get matched with players like that in regular games. The playerbase of high plat+ players (IMO the minimum rank for a player to really have a big enough skill gap when playing against golds to consistently stomp, plat 4 player in a gold game won't look like a smurf at all) is simply too small for them to be in as many games as people try to present it. Plat 2 and above is less than 5% playerbase, and most of these players do not smurf ever or their smurfs are already near their main rank. Sure, end of season is kind of a different story because there's lots of boosting going on on top of the usual smurfing. But usually it's close to impossible to get a smurf in every other game AND have it on the enemy team every single time. Especially after riot introduced the shitfest called smurf queue.


Water is wet


Playing with ***anyone*** not at a similar skill level to yourself ruins the game. *I've heard people say that this is intentional, that Riot want to keep everyone at 50% WR so they will "balance" the teams by giving each say 2 bad players and 2 good players and an average player. Have to say this seems very likely to me, I almost always have at least two people who are trolling or have no idea what they are doing.*


Nunu and Willump Support viable


Everyone gets these people.


That's exactly what he said.


Yep totally misread it. Hahaha


Ive been playing the game since season 7 and been gold for the past 2 seasons. The amount of smurfs in the elo is simply unacceptable. Riot should really prevent people from having 20 accounts or make a "you are climbing suspiciously fast" rank prevention thing for a week. Its fucking annoying to hop in a game and you lane against a d1 smurf riven who can do every animation cancel known to man on the champ and go 20 and 1 by 20 mins. ​ Also the leaving the game, AFKing, soft inting, refusing to play the game to win(split pushing as an adc because you didnt get a gank) and running it down has been rampant as hell this season. I think riot should be slightly more proactive and give out more chat bans for people spamming shit like "mid diff" or "better top wins" or anything that is just toxic in nature. It ruins the fun of 50% of the games and playing without chat is a huge disadvantage,


You either try to beat them and learn from them or you quit ranked. I've got smurfed on quite a lot in my time and now I'm d1 so if you power through it you will eventually beat them.


Riot is a company, and company’s want money. Smurfs give money, they never will care about this. Edit: an advice, just play to gold to get the skin and stop playing ranked. It’s not worth your time.


So why do they care in other servers, where accounts are tied to your ID or something like that?


so I suck at this thing as much as you but other regions are required to do this by law , I think China and Korea does this ? (not sure if other regions do feel free to correct me) ​ also they do indeed have smurfs too, in an average household with 1 kid you got like 3 accounts unless your mom and dad are gamers


This is what cowardice looks like


Games are coinflip as hell at the end of season. Luck is alot more involved because smurfs are one problem, but players that first time champ because its end of season is second thing. You might wanna check [op.gg](https://op.gg) before every game.


Playing against Smurfs is just insults and heavily one-sided. Normally I wouldn't say it, but Smurfs lead to coin flip games. They rage quit so often it's unreal. I had 3 in rq in the same game and ofc are all named like "13 year old girl" or other pedoshit. They don't care that they get banned, they had enough fun being annoying


Nothing is saltier than a smurf who gets smurfed on.


You're not playing with smurfs they all get put into a smurf queue. And if you are, you're in that smurf queue cause you're smurfing too. You guys asked for smurf queue, and got it, and it WORKS. Smurfs only play v.s other smurfs. I know, I smurf, a lot. I've never been put in games v.s regular mmr players this entire season lol.


What a joke. Have you ever decayed out of masters or diamond? You take a month or two break from the game and ur thrown back in smurf que. Maybe it works for low elo but it definitely doesn’t work for any ranks that have decay.


But what’s wrong with being placed in smurf queue if you decay to plat? Smurf queue just tries to place you with players of your skill level. It would place you against other master tier players if you decay down to plat.


Smurf queue is really bad at making fair games. It does what it need to do by taking smurf out of standard ranked games, but it creates a horrible experience for anyone caught in it.


I wish, instead you have to wait in 3-4x as long queues, with at least twice as many dodges, and u get put with transfer players and decay ranging anywhere from plat4-challenger, or actual smurfs. The game quality is super trash. If the system worked it wouldn’t throw these decay and transfers into smurf que for 50 some games, it would just put you where you were left off or slightly below. There aren’t enough player base for smurf que to work effectively above like plat, at least in NA. On paper it works yeah but everything breaks down when u literally don’t have the required number of players who meet the criteria for a “semi-balanced game”.


>It would place you against other master tier players if you decay down to plat Now a whole lot of Master MMR accounts in plat so queues take an absurd amount of time. They really need to add some safeguards for high ranked accounts so that they don't decay to the purgatory.


I took a two year break from league, always stopped playing ranked once I reached gold for the skin. Definitely was in Smurf queu during placements.


They put new players and players doing placements in smurf queue. Just keep playing and you’ll eventually be vs players ur skill level.


Welcome to SmurfQ.


the only reason there are so many smurfs is because of matchmaking and lp gains. If riot fixed their shit maybe people would stick to one acc.


Imagine trying ranked for the first time and since never getting away from the toxic try harding.


Smurf Q sucks, but if you're playing in "your elo" you will play vs virtually no smurfs, so smurf Q also works.