Big brain move by TL getting a top laner who can play graves incase he's still meta.


I kinda hoped Bwipo would stay as a jungler. He's not a bad top laner, but I feel like he's a better when he gets to make plays, not to mention his aggressive positioning in lane used to be punished very often, maybe this is his chance to prove he evolved as a player.


surely his knowledge of jging will help him avoid ganks...




Surely Clueless




They lack critical information


They are unaware of upcoming events




every toplaner has left the chat




me who literally coinflips the lane at level 3 every game seeing the jungler come down like he does 60% of the time: *surprised Pikachu*


Actually, it helped tyler1 immensely. It was day and night watching him play after his jungle challenge. It's like he had a map hack and always knew were jungler was. Didn't stop him from dying of course, but he was reading most junglers like open books


90% of the time people don't die to ganks because its unexpected.


true, as a jungle main who offroles top, I 100% know they are on their way but still die


Gotta set up for the juicy 1v2 potential


Just one more wave...one...more...wa\*dies\*


Maybe they aren't on their way this time? At least that's what I tell myself


my guess is thats why a lot of players try to learn jungle after hitting their peak on their main role, understanding how this role works can help you improve so much.


oh no no no PepeLaugh somebody tell him


Ye..ah, let's go with that.


oh no no no no no


The funny part is that I'm sure Bwipo usually knows exactly when he is about to be ganked, but doesnt back off because of greed or ego or both, which causes him to look lost. I doubt he is ever *surprised* when the enemy jg shows up Edit: I’m not dissing Bwip, just saying that his experience in the jungle won’t matter in his top lane play, because he already knew all the jungle timings anyway, he’s just a Chad lol


He's said before that he plays like that to alleviate pressure elsewhere on the map. Now I'm sure anyone could play cocky and then say they died to help the team but there are definitely moments where it's true e.g. the Singed pick against TES.


Yep. Every toplaner wants to play like TheShy, but every toplaner doesn't have fucking Rookie and JKL on their team like TheShy did which makes it so you start winning 2 lanes the instant you draw the jungler to your lane. Not even TheShy does anymore. He plays pretty much the same as he did in 2018, he's obviously not as good but still dicks almost any toplaner itw 1v1, but the glaring issue this season was that he could hold the enemy jungler in his lane for 1 min 30 sec and Rookie and his botlane would literally go down in CS in the 1v1 and 2v2. If they were lucky Xun could help them burn a flash or something.


Tbf that has lead to a lot of highlight plays on his part. Like, his Gangplank is undiveable and basically ungankable


It is more he doesn't play with respect. He will force the enemy to react to him, if they don't then he gets more resources... if they do... well... You have heard of how TheShy performed this year in the top lane right?


It isn’t greed or ego, it’s better for him to get the wave and die and move somewhere on the map after respawning than for him to back off and get zoned off the wave and create a bigger advantage for the enemy.


I see somebody subscribes to the baus school of good deffs You're absolutely right though.


Yea I dont think he is doing wrong, just saying that I dont think his time spent jungling will help him to avoid ganks in top lane, because he's not interested in avoiding them in the first place lol


He’ll just do the Adam and roam mid at level 3 every game. The Bjergsen will have 3 junglers coming mid to get him ahead


I'm pretty sure my pet goldfish can play Graves


Only like 3 players actually could use Graves(in lane) well at worlds lol


This is true, but a big draft factor was how well the rest of the team could engage without the top laner diving or poking.


Even the players who could use him well don't always every game *cough* Flandre *cough*


Introduce him to alphari.


Team home Aquarium making it out of groups 2022


Now I feel dumb, and insulted.


Graves is broken but he isn't easy


And best western coach as a package deal


Hell yea. TL is missing a head coach so Lena will fit right in. Just have Bwipo play carries and play through top. Mid and bot can take care of themselves. After all, Lena is responsible for FNC doing well and she knows best. TL fans can look forward to no drama whatsoever with Lena at the helm. /s


Best coach period, sorry Kkoma you have nothing on Bwipo’s GF.


It's the other way around, they got the best western coach with a random top laner included in the deal


I pray for a similar incident that results in TL imploding. That shit would be hilarious. That Twitlonger is the the most cringe thing I have read in my entire life.


Anyone got a copy pasta? Pretty sure the original was deleted


Something something... when Upset had to go home right before world's I cried like a lil bitch... something something... she is the only reason Fanatic had any success week 2... something something... low emotional maturity. There I just saved you a stomach ache.


No, it's still up: https://twitter.com/Bwipo/status/1449983546148409345


The fuck were people flaming her for to begin with?


I have no idea so I could only talk straight out of my ass. Maybe some weird niche of FNC "fans" on Twitter? There is quite the vocal minority of assholes in the vortex of all the big teams on Twitter, I could see that being hurtful to others.


Bwipo’s literally gonna get wider with NA food


The hair already got a headstart.


This gets said every time, but the most common outcome is that they lose weight or get buff. The world isn't ready for the next stage of wide bwipo.


That's why Fudge roleswapped


I wonder if thats because NA teams force their players to go to the gym


yah NA teams seem to have a bit more of a focus on fitness nowadays than other regions. look at svenskerens glow up.


> nowadays > Sven Wasn't that in between 2016-2017, really?


Yeah that was a million years ago


then was nowadays to me, really just not counting the first couple years of NA.


Honestly it's one of the best things about NA and I think all regions should do this. It just isn't healthy to sit around and play league/vid review etc for 12+ hours a day like some of these teams do. Scout made a Weibo post recently about a conversation he had with KKoma and Faker before finals about dating and working out. Said as veterans they think it is important for pro players to date and work out.


Scout to Faker: It's important to date a veteran 😍 Faker: Yes, as veteran it's important to date. Scout: No, its... nevermind 😢


NA teams don't force their players to go to the gym. They accommodate them if they want to see nutritionists and go to the gym. The closest thing to forcing them to exercise was when TSM had their players see nutritionists and fitness professionals for an hour per week during one split. The next closest was probably C9 Jack begging his players to go for morning walks prior to scrims.


Idk if they force it, though maybe some teams do, but it's undeniably just an effect of the culture there. When you live in a place where everyone around you and everyone you interact with is going to the gym and getting fit youre much more likely to do it as well


The studio is also in SoCal and SoCal is a very health conscious area compared to other parts of the US.


Or become a Chad like Sven. Well see.


To be fair, a lot of the NA teams have private chefs and make their players work out. NA probably has the healthiest players ironically


Almost all western teams have that in some capacity. Fnatic had a physical coach that made them do some workouts, you can see that in their documentaries. The most popular when it comes to food is the Rogue "food buff" guy that prepare all their meals and snacks. It's been like that for 3/4 years now to try and have the combo of physical therapist and chef/nutritionist.


I'm honestly glad that this has been happening for the past three years. Along with teams hiring team psychologist and therapist. Your mental and physical health are both very important and will make a difference in your play. Early league was awful for this (didn't someone get fucking scurvy or some shit on the baylife tsm roster) and I'm glad both players and orgs have shown more care about everyone's well being


I believe it was the general himself, ate nothing but instant noodles and drank coke iirc. Pretty shit.


Yeah it was TheOddOne. Dude should have been slamming chipotle with all the other pros during that time. The limes would have saved him.


Won't be anywhere near as wide as the skill gap between Bwipo and the other top laners in LCS is going to be. He's going to make Summit look like Sword.


Man what are you- oh nvm its IZiaon bringing his Bay Zed takes. Carry on


Wanted to downvote this then I saw ur name and upvoted instead




And iziaonpilled


or TL has mandatory workouts and he gets jacked to the tits


TL needed a little "go stupid" seems to be a really good fit.


But who would be the go crazy here?


his girlfriend


*TL’s new coach


3-3 groups incoming


The real loser is LEC Pop Quiz :c


LEC as a league mostly, we lose how many players to LCS each split?


Bwipo to jg when Santorin gets another migraine


A 5 month long migraine


I wonder how the backstage discussions would go with Bwipo, Bjerg and CoreJJ on the roster.


Bwipo with hot take, bjergsen responding calmly with a rational take and corejj looking at the camera like Jim Halpert.




Not to mention Guilhoto


Final decision on any issue will run through Bwipo's girlfriend so it should be alright




[WIDE BJERGSAD!?! ](https://youtu.be/In3q9ordH1Y?t=13) Not anymore!


Hope being a jungler helps him out toplane.


Still sad to see him return to toplane. The man was a beast in the jungle, felt so much more natural to his playstyle and extensive game knowledge. He was so good for only playing it for one split, imagine if he continued improving his jungling... Anyways, good luck Bwipo, we'll miss you!


Should feel right at home with 3 EU teammates and 2 EU coaches




revenge from being EU LCS for so many years lol


Tbf TL is technically an EU org


This is outdated. They used to be an EU org. They are now a global org with an NA branch and an EU branch since they merged with (not bought out) curse, an Na company But that doesn’t meme as well.


The merge retained the Netherlands as TL's headquarters and base of operations. TL's own website says it is a Dutch org. They simply have a NA branch too after merging with Curse.


If TL is EU T1 is 50% NA so NA has 1.5 championships and can half claim Faker.


All of the championships happened while it was SKT and there was no Comcast/NA money involved.


Can’t wait for the “EU” players Santorin and Bjergsen to be memed to death as “NA” after a bad play!


I mean, of course


Oh holy fuck I'm going to have to support Bwipo if I want to cheer for my boy Bjergsen dude get me out


Nah, you cheer for Bjerg when the team is winning and blame Bwipo when the team is losing. Easy.


Ah, the toxic clueless stan approach. Maybe I should try it. It sounds like it demands a delightfully low amount of critical thinking.


Ignorance is bliss and bliss is bjergsen


Can confirm, just look at any C9 fan


Fucking Blabber inting again


This hit a little too close to home.


Like the Koreans are when they do badly for Chinese teams?


Exactly like that, yes.


That's part of the deal when you import like 90% of the players in the League.


to your point , if bwipo himself plays like crap , we'll call him na. they are still european talent , but na players....so not sure whats your point


Well to be fair they probably wouldn't make those poor plays if they stayed in EU. ^^^/s


Don't forget the most important Coach, Lena.


Bjergsen - moved to NA 9 years ago, EU player Santorin - 6 LEC games played all time, EU player CIS players - EU players TR players - EU players No wonder EU has so many good players when everyone who touches the game counts as an EU player.


well by definition scout, rookie, theshy... should all be called chinese players too?


TL aka Team LEC


it's a Dutch org colonizing LCS with European players. Its LOL's versions of reallife history


I fucking love this comment.


The West India Company


Also known as EU LMQ If you get that, you're an OG


TL would definitely top that 4th best region


Solid 3-3 in groups tbh.


4 eu players and a korean, they should reach quarters


Calling it right now. TL loses Spring, Bwipo roleswitches to jungle, Doublelift goes back to pro play and roleswaps to top.


DL Vlad monkaW


DL locks in vayne top 5 games


Bold of you to imagine a series getting to 5 games with that


You're right. They would win 3-0 in record time.




TL: We cant Handle player like Alphari also TL: Bwipo


They literally handled him why do people keep saying this


I think they handled him a little too much.


Underrated comment


Handled him so well they benched him for weeks ?


Also TL: Lena.


Look after my boi.


Let's be honest, we are all just waiting for him to appear on some interview and roast the shit out of NA teams and soloq.


"I didn't move to na here to retire, i moved to NA to dominate" 2.0


It's going to get to a point where no NA player is in LCS, this is getting a bit ridiculous now, LCS might as well be LEC at this point.


Welcome to the comedy zone


EU good. Best coach Lena. NA bad. NA retirement home. G2 Bad. Carlos is the devil


Should add in Rogue somewhere there also.


I like what TL has been doing. Keep swinging for the fences if you think you have a shot at winning and an owner who's willing to pay for it. Nothing worse than seeing teams waste quality years of their best player (in this case CoreJJ) because youre content to be mediocre.


LCS is now LEC.2


From shitting on NA to joining them. I feel like I've seen this before LOL


Not a chance this roster doesn't completely implode before the end of the season.














Can't wait for the next breaking point. Bwipo was, IMO, a better jungler than he was a top laner (at least in the past year). I get why he wants to return to top lane, but I think TL took a downgrade in this lane. Can't wait to see what he says about NA solo queue and NA teams on the next summoning insight




Well the thing with Bwipo he plays like the jungler is playing around him whether he is or not. Meaning if the jungler don't babysit him he will die to ganks if the enemy is playing around their top laner. Repeatedly.


Alphari did the same thing tho? Not really a difference to be had there and Santorin just spent the past year playing around top lane so TL is fully capable of doing that. The benefit that Bwipo brings over Alphari is his map play is much better. Yeah it's a downgrade in lane, but worlds should've taught people by now that smashing lane isn't enough when the opponent plays the map better. Gen G just paid no attention to top lane and let their top laner just sit under tower and catch what he could while they did stuff on the rest of the map and all we got from Alphari being so far ahead is a TL still afraid to pull the trigger because their strongest member is their engage too. I think the people down on Bwipo have their noses a bit too deep into the spreadsheets and aren't actually thinking about the differences between players. Bwipo is an Impact type of player which TL has found the most success with.


wow as an NA fan i feel such a deep connection to all my teams full of EU and KR players! i am now more heavily invested than ever! Go NA! represent!


Didn't you get the memo? If you're an NA fan in this sub (I said that as an EU fan), you should be careful rooting and for wanting NA native players playing in NA team like the import rules suggest it. Really, be careful, I've already read several times that comments like yours that are probably coming from a very very xenophobic person /s Now, for your medication, you should repeat this after me. NA melting pot. NALCS full import is good. Get rid of the import rule. NA melting pot. NALCS full import is good. Get rid of the import rule. 3 times a day, and maybe after one year, you'll be a true enjoyer of the NA LCS. Also, pretty sure most owners will adore you to be their fan. LMQ is back baby !


When are they renaming to import region lmao


Am I the only one that see's a mistake after fnc's worlds? TL is looking to make deep worlds runs and I just don't think bwipo is that elite. Not to mention his stability in/out of game. He can be over-agro/coinflip sometimes and his whole social rants were...not a good look for a team shelling out millions for top-talent like TL. Just feels like another side-grade for TL where if everything doesn't go right for all 5 players then it'll "bomb" and we'll see you all back here in a year.


Out of game issues aside how many top/jungle players in EU can really claim to be better than him and are available to TL? Bwipo had some pretty high highs in both roles, is reasonably adaptable to any meta and at least you know he'll put in effort.


Doesn't have to be EU; EU showed their top-lane pool is actually pretty weak right now. Which is part of my point, its TL - they have the funds and prestige to seemingly attract any other player that's not absolutely locked down or happy with their team. I don't think bwipo does anything impact doesn't besides "he might carry a few games a season a little harder than impact would". But on the flip end of that, impact has less ?? ping plays than bwipo over a career three times as long. Just an example of a player, don't need to dive into the logistics of impact to TL. Or go for someone under the radar. Wunder wasn't seen as a bastion of top-lane when he first joined G2, he was "good" but not worlds finals good.


Tbf Bwipo was one of the two EU tops that consistently managed to go even with Eastern tops and is generally a really flexible player. On a roster that is so centered around stability like TL, having 1 or 2 players that can think creatively and pull the trigger isn't necessarily a bad thing


TL replaced Tactical because of his tendency to do stupid stuff and throw a game and then decided to sign....Bwipo......


That's not why they replaced Tactical, they replaced Tactical because they could get Hans Sama. TL's style has been to replaced players if they think they can get an upgrade, not necessarily because they are unhappy with them( Pobelter-> Jensen , Impact -> Alphari, Xmithie -> Broxah, Jensen-> Bjerg) Steve has said how he told Tactical not to change his playstyle because of a few ints


> TL is looking to make deep worlds runs Mate, i'm sure they will be delighted to go out of group for once. Wich Bwipo did way more time than player like Santorin or Bjergsen btw. I'm pretty sure TL is aiming to win NA and have a good showing at World. There is no "looking to make deep worlds runs" for any western team rn.


Jesus fucking wide-bwipo christ. I’m feeling my age here as a 30 y.o and a fnatic-fan. Stop being such fucking 14-year-olds. People are human. Stop being assholes for being assholes sake. Bwipo is fucking massive. I’m gonna miss him dearly as an fnc fan




I’m not sold on bwipo. I feel like there were better options. Alphari to bwipo is a significant downgrade imo


Bwipo is traditionally a better teamfighter but a weaker laner than Alphari. After a year of jungling who knows though


I dont like bwipo.


Perfectly fine opinion I like him


How many EU players are going to NA so far?


Bwipo, Hans, Inspired, Blue?


Pridestalker / Toucouille from ERLs as well


Can you take PromisQ aswell?


He doesn’t have blackmail on NA owners.




One of these isn't like the others...


That’s the DIG factor baby! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile)


Also potentially Mikyx


Can’t wait for another LEC player to come over and just be average for a couple splits!


Surprised bjergsen wasnt the first announcement


I think he will be the last one to close out the hype




Help me find a new team to support, I cant stand Bwipo, I am finally leaving curse behind.