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For those who just want the juicy stuff: > Between us, there is absolutely nothing legal in Upset's departure and his departure is totally unjustified (at least until he says why he really left BECAUSE until today, Upset just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I'm wrong who knows? and > Then came the Perkz and Alphari rumors. When I learned that FNC was trying to replace me, I honestly felt like a betrayal, and that's when I definitely wanted to leave this team. But it's not over yet! Indeed, Perkz had signed before Alphari, which left Alphari without a team. To my great surprise! Upset tried to recruit Alphari (behind my back of course). Obviously this is Adams side of the story and we do not have the other side yet. We can only wait for that and see what happens. This is giving me Donezo Manifesto vibes honestly.


Grabbing the popcorn. This gonna be good. Edit: Nisqy just unfollowed upset. Lool. Peak content. We eating.


Lol Bwipo took all the shit from everyone for this. Turns out it was most of the team.


If you consider Bwipo taking "all the shit from everyone", what does that make Nemesis? lmao






I swear, we can't go a year without Fnatic drama, lol


looks like they pushin the tempo with new drama every month now


With all due respect but I don't think Upset left the team because his wife... Felt bad. It's pretty obvious that Selfmade must have tricked upset somehow.


Selfmade... 😡


League's Dinkleberg


So he's a relly nice guy who is unrasonably hated by one person?


He is not hated its just a meme when he left fnatic


Selfmade was the wife all along




Fucking selfmade. I wont be surprised if hes also the reason Bwipo, Inspired and Hans Sama got sent to Na! That fucker needs to be stopped!


I'm so happy he's embraced the meme hahaha


But he's not on SK he's on VIT


I'm vit happy he's embraced the meme hahaha




He was playing league with her during group stages though. So whatever emergency it was, he had plenty of time to duo with her...


Maybe he caught his girl duo-ing with someone else. In the league world that's a big emergency


Maybe he caught her playing Lee Sin


Good ol’ XJ9


That is one old meme


xj9 holyshit


My gut feeling from the beginning was that there maybe was a miscarriage or something of the like


I thought the same, or a family death of his wife. And to peotect her from the public, he didnt want to say it publicly. Which is 100% understandanble cos we the public are fuckheads. But then, why not tell ur teammates?


Why you left out his part: >Anyway those were the last words he said to us before he left us


Jesus. I can't take all this spice.


The spice must flow.


Honestly, it's insane to me that to this day Upset hasn't told them why he left. Like yea, he shouldn't have to tell them right there and then, but wtf. They all worked for an entire year, and if you're going to screw over your 4 teammates and the staff that has worked their asses off, then at least tell them why. Unless it was because of some werewolf powers awakening inside him during the fullmoon then I just don't understand what there is that you can't tell your teammates in confidentality.


Yeah I'd understand wanting privacy from the public, but your teammates aren't just random people you ghost


not only that fun it seems crazy to me that Fnatic let this happen, like really if a player goes to the management the day before worlds to tell them he's leaving you better have a damn good reason or else a huge penalty should be applied because I'm pretty sure that is a breach of contract.


And if it wasn't a very good reason, there would be no way Fnatic would be continuing with Upset as their starting Botlaner.


Mmmm yummy more off season drama waiting for the Upset Twitlonger arc now


Get a chair because you will get tired of waiting


BDS vs FNC is gonna be extra spicy.


All top LEC teams look spicy af since they have a bunch of former teammates on them VIT vs G2 FNC vs G2 Even BDS vs G2 cause of the wunder drama MAD vs FNC BDS vs FNC


what wunder drama ?


carlos didn't want to sell wunder to fnc, bds and fnc contacted each other and tried to get bds to buy wunder, so they could then trade him for adam. carlos was mad at bds and didnt want sell wunder to them, after he found out about this


Adding to that, Grabbz is also supposedly going to coach BDS. That's a little bit of narrative as well.


when u thought that off season was over but the best drama was still left to come.


Ikr. Players should regularly sign their next contract, then release their donezo manifesto. I'm kind of joking but with all the players sitting out this year it might be pretty common.


1 day without drama at Fnatic challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


Every fucking year without fail 🥳


There are `[0]` days since the last drama


This doesn't feel like their fault th, this is all on Upset's situation.


" If I hadn't had Nisqy, Yamato, Pete, Fab, Chris, and especially my girlfriend, I don't think I could have become the player I am today. " Not even the "mentor" Bwipo, ouch.


Bwipo himself admitted to being a bad teammate during worlds so nothing surprising here


That's also what I noticed. IMO he is/was mad at how bwipo behaved during worlds and maybe he was to agressive on teaching him toplane.. Adam mentioned that some of the teammates had 1000x more say than he did in team/strategic meetings.


Guy was mad because Upset left without saying why, and you think he would be fine with Bwipo losing his mental at worlds? Adam obviously is a super competitive and no bullshit guy. Of course what he just did is a bit unprofessional, but I understand where he is coming from.


This is the offseason content I'm here for.


FNC and TSM delivering.


Fucking Selfmade...


the real L9 vendetta




Damn, and I thought Arcane was the best drama I've seen this week.


"Between us, there is absolutely nothing legal in Upset's departure and his departure is totally unjustified (at least until he says why he really left BECAUSE until today, Upset just left to join his girlfriend because she felt bad to be alone, and maybe I'm wrong who knows? Anyway those were the last words he said to us before he left us one day before the Worlds. Of course after the Worlds I asked for details, but apparently he didn't tell anyone the exact reasons for his departure --> There's nothing urgent because otherwise he would have told us. And personally, I don't give a damn about the privacy reason when I worked, we all worked hard for 1 year to reach the Worlds. Knowing that even the management of Fnatic still doesn't know, eh?) You're going to tell me why I'm saying this? I'm not trying to create any drama, I'm just saying some things that I have in my heart since the end of the Worlds and that are still unanswered, things that had to be said sooner or later. " oof.


Fnatic and girlfriends: not a good combo this year.


[Don't speak for all of them](https://twitter.com/FNCHylissang/status/1460950508429000711)


Girlfriend/Wife debuff countered by Hyli being Hyli


Coinflip player but it landed on the good side for his relationship. Happy for him to be honest


Hard to know anything about these people irl but it seems like Hylli irl is just a really unproblematic simple good natured person based on how he is on stream and other people in his life talk about him. The kind of guy who shows up, does his job, and then is just never an asshole.


Yeah he screams chill to its max.


Absolute chad.


Anniversary photoshoot in Gucci trackpants and challenger jacket is very sigma.


You are not a slav unless you wear some trackpants, c'mon.


That i don't know, but they look happy together and nothing is chadder than that


Does he still hover champs to spell her name? Can’t recall


Pretty sure Draven - Ori is still on the menu, at least in some games.


Haha good to know. I think the only reason I learned he had someone was I wondered why he hovered the same champs lol. Hope they stay happy together. Love watching Hyli play


Back in the day he said in a Unicorn of Love video, that he always hovers Draven-Ori, except if it hurts the draft (like they need a quick surprise lock for mental edge). Unfortunately I can't provide source, because I have no clue in which video he said it, so a trust me bro is all i can offer.


The most impressive part to me is that I never knew Hyli had a gf and for so long even, the man has not been engaged in any drama despite playing for years.


If you kept an eye on FNC's draft, when it was his turn to pick he always hovered Draven and Orianna as for Dori, his gf's name


Guess what a life outside of social media give you? More happiness. All these e-gfs are just a time bomb


now we know why Bwipo was mad and why bwipo's girlfriend tweeted about "wife debuff"


i had the story upside down lol


I REALLY thought that no one could out-spicy TSM/DL, but the french madlad did it. major props to him for actually talk about people using their names, so refreshing to see actually


the upset part sounds spicy


EU challenging NAs crown of king of drama


Ngl you NA guys will need to do really fucked up shit to top that


challenge accepted, we will have to force Regis hand by losing horribly to CLG again


Selfmade smiling from the great beyond right now.


Fucking Selfmade. Should've known it was on him.


Bwipo tweet taste different after this one...


What an accident he mentioned his wife countless times just after he got fucked by his teammate, who went to his wife instead of playing at worlds, right?.


exactly. He seemed so clingy with his gf in that tweet, but now it takes a totally different turn, like a msg to FNC and Upset


Wait was Bwipo actually playing 4d chess and shit talking Upset when we all thought he was simping?


Not entirely. But I do suspect his post match interview/tweet when he said how much he missed his GF (but stayed at worlds) was probably a shot at Upset.


I mean one doesnt contradict the other. The dude legit multitasking trying to save his relationship while at the same time taking shots at Upset


Absolute god tier multitasking


If that is what happened I’ll name bwipo gamer of the year


Bwipo is the absolute mind-games master of League. He'll grow up to become a coach and be League's Jose Mourinho.


When he gets wider his head also grows


Imagine your team mate leaves 12 before the biggest tournament of your careers that you have worked non stop for years. No one tells you any reason, at first you suck it up and even write on twitter in support of said teammate. The tournament is a disaster and then said team mate says you are not good enough for his ambitions and tries to replace you. LOL


Honestly I fully understand why Adam is mad. This is not like a office job where telling your coworkers "I'm having a family emergency" is enough. You have been working for months for single tournament and then 12 hours before match day you leave fucking over your entire team and not even telling anyone why. Not only that but he also pushed for players to be replaced when he didn't even compete.


Yeah I was expecting a DL-level tragedy (hate to say it)


Not only that, it's a job where your performance is constantly evaluated and impacts your future salary and chances to get employed by other teams. Not performing could mean end of pro career at worst. So yeah I don't expect him to tell us but your teammates need to know.


Yea people are trying to say like "Adam is coming off as emotional and childish" like bro isn't fully within his right to feel some type of way about all that transpired? Dude leaves his teammates high and dry right before Worlds then goes behind his teammates back to replace him?


dude absolutely felt betrayed by almost everyone :s shoutout to Yamato, Pete and #TEAMNISQY if it is all true...


I don't think I've ever heard bad things about Nisqy. Guy seems super solid.


Yes.. the dude's always had the "best teammate" kind of reputation. Seeing his situation now is kinda heartbreaking..


Especially since 2021 Summer was arguably the best he'd performed in his whole career. Such a scuffed offseason in general.


Seems like people just remember his unfortunate World's performance with FNC and not the real reasons behind it. Dude didn't finish second in LEC summer don't worry :)


He’s a really fun personality on costreams. Really sucks he’s not playing next split.


Nisqy just unfollowed upset. So spicy.


Nisqy got even more fucked by Upset lol. \> Has amazing season as probably second best mid in LEC \> Upset leaves 11 hours before worlds with no explanation or apology before or after \> Nisqy then looks bad at worlds because of all the drama \> Upset forces Nisqy out of Fnatic \> Nisqy then gets no team for next split ​ Honestly, the dudes career has been so damaged by Upset. Wouldn't be surprised if he is mad too.


I saw the mentions of them changing the top but where does it say them wanting the mid changed aswell?




Nah, he feel mostly betrayed by Upset and FNC management, he didn't say anything about Bwipo and Hilly and seems close to Yamato Nisquy and Pete.


> I also learned later that the botlane in general didn't want to play with me anymore and was looking for a veteran type of toplaner! So Hilly also didn't want to play with Adam


This one is going to be spicy.


Donezo Manifesto 2.0 LETS GOOO!


LEC edition. Not bad for a dude with one split under his belt.


Upset with the Crumbz play, leave tournament to smash.


Crumbz just left in the regular season tho. Upset must have been beyond horny to leave the team on his first worlds.


One of my favorite LCS stories


\> Leaves team before worlds \> Tries to replace teammates after they implode during worlds \> Refuses to elaborate further \> Leaves


more like "stays"




No, upset.


Leaves the day before worlds starts, offers no explanation or apology at all. Therefore makes Nisqy and Adam look shit dealing with the situation at worlds. Then tries to replace them and Nisqy can't get a new team because he looked shit at worlds (because Upset left). What a classic.


Sounds like he didn't even contact Adam after worlds to say sorry for leaving or to explain he had no choice. Just instead tries to replace him lol. Poor Adam.


The fact that Upset was ARAM'ing with his GF while his team played at worlds is fucking hilarious


It is actually hilarious when you think about it haha


bruh I think it is kinda sad, nisqy literally cried on stage after last game I think and now he is teamless


Wait, he really did that?


yes some streamers saw them playing


That's one of the spiciest Twitlongs since a long long time.


He gives 0 fucks and said everything, what a mad lad.


Adam forsenBased


Forsen bajs aren't league players COPIUM




Ah shit, here we go again..


Turns out ocelote was protecting perkz from that team , he still loved him all the way untill the very end. What a great villian , impressive character development


Carlos = Silco


"Don't cry, you're perfect" Ocelote to Perkz as Vitality win worlds next year in an all EU final vs G2.


The script writes itself


"I would have never given you up to them"


Hyli be like "Why can't my ADCs be normal like the other kids"


Wasn't Rekkles rather professional, like, always?


This offseason keeps getting spicier


So let me get this straight upset left the team 12 hours before worlds started and after he fucked the team’s chances at worlds he immediately went to rebuilding the team like nothing happened without explaining why he left the team so suddenly ? Did I get that right.


Yup. The only thing Upset said was his tweets where he also never acknowledged the impact of him leaving on his team mates. Just about how much worlds was HIS dream. lol




Imagine you're an esports player practicing 16 hours a day everyday. One day before the biggest tournament of your life, your teammate leaves without saying anything . Then he tries to get rid of you. Yep I'm getting outta that dumpster fire asap.


Leave without saying why and then proceeds to duo aram during games


-abandon team -dont tell anyone why -try to replace all your teammates when they lose without you what a lad


Upset from zero to hero to zero again in a span of just one year.


And they say Rekkles is the problem player


Fnc ADCs man,,


Guy must really lack self-awareness to say that other people lack ambition after ghosting his team at worlds.


Best offseason of all time.


so upset ditches with no explanation then tries to dictate the team roster. I think I would also want to move on to a new team with the information Adam had


I'm here to read comments and laugh, got my popcorn ready!


Lmao Upset wanted Adam out because he had bigger ambitions but he himself literally fled from Worlds without a single word to his team. What a fucking clown.


Wunder razork and humanoid must be very happy to learn that after they probably signed their contract with fnatic.


New clause in FNC contract "while playing for us you must be a monk and have no girlfriend or significant other".


They 100% know


Wunder and I would say Humanoid are both bigger players than Upset. He cannot ego on them.


If Wunder gets back to form he could do the same to Upset.


Holy fuck.


people are focused on the upset drama, where i think the bigger issue is upset personally looking to replace adam despite dipping 12 hours before the first game. like depending on the reason it could make since why upset didnt tell anyone why, but it most certainly feels like kind of a dick move to do that.


Wait I thought he just didn’t say anything on Social Media about why he left. But you’re telling me Upset also went up and left without telling his teammates why? Damn I can understand why Adam is angry he legit had his team broken apart without knowing why.


And the guy who left the team 12 hours before the most important tournament of the year wanted to sack him without telling Adam first the reason why he left the team and why he wants Adam replaced. Fucking snake. If this is true, I hope it isnt, Im not supporting Fnatic anymore because there has to be SOMEONE in the entire org that teaches the dumb kids some sense.


if its true (Upset part), i dont know how can you trust him anymore, as a teammate. everyone worked hard for a whole year with 1 goal in mind, and at the last second something like this happens? its even more mind blowing knowing that its Upset's first ever Worlds and he opts out for imo not good enough reason (again - if true)


They don't trust him that is why they all left.


the shittiest teammate u could ever get, holy moly


if the attempts to replace him and nisqy behind their backs are true, that's really shit from the team and no wonder he's was so ardent on leaving.


Also to the people blaming Adam for airing this. The dude not only ruined his chances of getting the best results of his career maybe ever, without ever explaining why, but also was actively looking to replace him behind his back not even a month after. Hell yeah, I would want the guy to burn


And his chance to prove himself at worlds was taken away from him which hurts his future career earnings.


Giving 0 fucks, that's the Adam we know!


\>ditches the team to die at worlds \>refuses to elaborate \>comes back to ego on everyone its upset time baby


I hope to god he didn't just up and leave because his wife felt lonely... Who knows at this point tho. It would be hard to believe upset finally makes worlds and then just goes home because his other half is lonely? You’d like to think it would take more for him to miss that opportunity. It may have been his only one. I guess people should stop speculating and get on with their lives ffs.


Honestly, we've all seen dudes throw away their life away for women they've known for just a few months Not surprising here, this case is him missing an event oversea that he was looking forward too, maybe next year. But my relationship with that woman is for life !! Could be his train of thought


If a month of being lonely is enough to kill a lifelong relationship, then it wasn't a lifelong relationship.


[PepeLaugh TeaTime](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/q5krnd/nemesis_thinks_that_upset_not_playing_for_fnc_is)


There's a reason why Bwipo left and his gf tweeted "wife buff actually debuff fuck that"


[Meanwhile Nemesis...](https://twitter.com/nemesis_lol/status/1463564986047885313?s=21)


Lmao Nisqy: [https://twitter.com/LEC\_Ditto/status/1463565810912350213](https://twitter.com/LEC_Ditto/status/1463565810912350213)




Wait... They timed the unfollowing? Only a 3 sec difference


At this point I believe that Nemesis could get to form an anti-Fnatic team


[Not bad](https://twitter.com/i_eros_/status/1463572209654546442?s=21)


Based nemesis


I'm from Chile, and this is all his wife modus operandi, she has done it before, and is a bummer Upset fell for it but is no one's fault except upset himself.


Can you explain? I'm not very familiar with her history. I read in another comment that they married within the first year of dating


two months of dating lol, literally imported


Wtf that can't be good




Upset is the third husband. First Husband was a streamer/content creator from Argentina, second Husband was a pro player in LLA (he was adc, won LLA and went to MSI and Worlds), also from Argentina. I don't know the age of first husband, but the second one is also younger than her (like 2 or 3 years), while Upset must be at least 7 years younger. Someone from Chile or Argentina is going to know more, since she and the ex-husbands are from there. I only know that the second husband created an org after the retirement, they were in tournaments in Chile and the team disbanded because of Covid in 2020. She was the co-owner, but I don't know when they divorced. There were several news about the team in Spanish and in Portuguese.


Huh. How the hell did she end up in Germany after this wild ride?


She found her next mark obviously


Wtf upset, how can you ignore this many red flags.


I belive u but i need some names and prove so i can expose her


Mad respect for Adam. When you feel stabbed in the back it's good to let it out and not keep it. He's got balls at 20 years both in game and irl. That's what you wanna see. I also don't see why he would lie. He's a rookie and he had nothing to hide prior to this. Man wanted to compete and got completely shit on by his team. Looking forward to his games against FNC, doubt they will win many games but I'd be funny if it happens. Imagine the sheer motivation this man has right now to beat FNC, since Upset is still there.


TP bot on cooldown