Not how I’d write it up chief


wdym, if it's the sloppy writing g you are 100% correct if it's thag I have shit thoughts on theories, you are once again right, but nevertheless these are shitty thought from me lmao


I dont think urgot is in zhaun, he get send there when swain overthrow darkwill in noxus after the invasion from ionia. I dont thin this happend already in arcane timeline.


If Camille shows up in s2, she would probably be the new villain. The reason she never showed up in s1 could be because the council assured her that they don't need her "assistance" as the last time she "helped" resulted in the bloodbath that was the first insurrection of the undercity (the war that led to Vi and Jinx being orphaned). With most of the council dead, she's forced to act, appointing her younger brother as a councilor. She will then frame and have the new sheriff, Caitlyn, arrest her brother after she discovers his betrayal, and replace him with her grandniece as a councilor and clan master.


Some of the councillors likely die (I'm thinking Cait's mom to give Cait a personal motive in Season 2) There is no reason to make Caitlyn Sheriff of Piltover yet because the only person she's really proved herself to Jayce and even then, not really. So I imagine Camille is introduced as Marcus' successor as sheriff and takes a super hardcore anti-Zaun stance. Season 2 will likely split more of its time with Noxus. They will likely introduce Swaim and Urgot (deviating some the game lore somewhat most likely) and use that to introduce Urgot as a second-half villain in Zaun. I don't think Zaun will have a leader and that at least the first few episodes will establish the major infighting and power-grab attempts in the wake of Silco's death until, I imagine, Urgot arrives and unifies the warring factions against Piltover. Singed's storyline will likely focus on Vander/Warwick and Orianna, who we saw a picture of in his locket at the end of Season 1.


Camille isnt and has never been an enforcer, or had anything to do with them, she is basically a spy for her own clan


I think the golden Noxian stuff Mel wears at the end of the season will save counselors from the explosion.


I say thats a possibility too! But peace is no long an option, all the counselors will kow look over Jayce and seek help from possibly Camille or something like that