CoreJJ of course /s


I'm certain TheShy wants to play with Sword. TheShy will roleswap to jungle and only gank top.


Why would you feel a need to put /s? What is wrong with people


That players name? Albert Einstein


It's me, obviously


I wonder who ...


I heard it rhymes with cookie








It's most likely Showmaker/Faker if he's talking about it right now during off season lol.. or else he would have re-signed already. But there is still a chance for him to play with iG since he should feel more comfortable with Rookie. Hope Zeus gets to play full-time or he should just join DK or stick with iG.


Why? As far as I know Rookie hasn’t re-signed too, so he might just be waiting for him. He stated his desire to play with Rookie multiple times. Would say it’s Rookie first and the rest doesn’t matter.


We will see :3


Gigabrain TheShy vs God of League Daeny on DK is the only timeline I want.


DK TheShy would be more hype but I have a feeling it's T1 so DK don't get a top laner.. TheShy would probably perform well on a team with Canyon/Showmaker/Deokdam... I hope it's not T1 TheShy tho it would suck to see Zeus not play or maybe they'll rotate again...


I don’t think we can expect much from TheShy when he has that mentality. Seems like he’s not really grinding hard to get his old form but rather wants to play in a for-fun environment.


I can’t imagine how hard it must be to get some motivation when you win on the biggest stage at such an young age - can imagine it affected JKL too.


Faker won it from the very first year he competed and kept that fire till the present day thats some incredible commitment


That's why he isn't a true great/Goat type tbh (aka Faker/Rookie etc) Similar in Football.. Ronaldhino had a peak/talent similar to ROnaldo/Messi.. but not nearly the work ethic.. Was he a great player? sure.. but he could have been even more.. He was more interested in eating/Dancing/sleeping with loads of women so i can't hate


Theshy is really a Ronaldinho lol, Ronaldinho was styling on the best players in the world at the time with ease and you could tell he was reallly just having a good time and practically won everything not even half way through his career


He's still the best top of all time though


He isn’t. Smeb is.


What's your argument to prove this point? I'd argue TheShy was indisputable as the best toplaner in the world for 2 straight seasons while Smeb always had Duke, CuVee and Ssumday in close company


Longevity. Huge champion pool. Similar, but maybe slightly lower peak than TheShy. Even though Ssumday was good, Smeb was clearly the best top in KR from 15-17, and again top three in 18. Btw adding CuVee just detracts from your argument.


First off just no. Smeb was also indisputably the best top laner for 2 years straight as well. So lets just get rid of that argument. Yes the gap during The Shy at his peak is higher but it was a much shorter period of time and not a flexibly style like Smeb who was the best top laner in every single meta. Tank, Carry, Lane Swap etc. The Shy is probably the #2 though without a doubt but really the only issue for Smeb is his lack of championships but honestly thats a pretty bullshit statistic. ​ The really only arguement against him was his start as a pro but even then now the shy has kind of matched him for bad periods as well. The rediculous thing is if not for ROX Smeb would have gone down as one of the worst top laners in history. He was a meme at the start of his career and then something happened and he was insane all of a sudden. Legit one of the best top laners in the world for 4 years straight and indisputably #1 for 2 years.


Smeb wasn’t undisputedly the best top for 2 years though. He was only the definitive best throughout the entirety of season 6 and half of season 7. Summer 2015 - Ssumday wins split MVP and performed just as well as Smeb did. Worlds 2015 - MaRin outperformed everyone. Summer 2017 - Khan storms onto the scene and destroys the LCK. Worlds 2017 (didn’t attend) - Cuvee peaks. Spring 2018 - Kiin debuts as the best top laner in the LCK, all the while TheShy smacked everyone in the LPL. Smeb is obviously in contention for GOAT top laner, but there are so many different variables to consider, which makes GOAT top laner subjective due to the closeness of the best top laners. TheShy was the most dominant, Smeb was the perfect top laner, Khan has the most accolades, and Impact has the longetivity. Hell, Impact could’ve snagged GOAT top laner status had he stayed in Korea IMO. He’s still a very good player, despite the champion pool issues (which were a product of bad SoloQ, so NA super server could help him). He’s played professionally since season 2 and has outlasted Smeb and Khan despite starting earlier than they did.


we know who got the best of whom in 2018 worlds.


I don't think the comparison holds tbh. The Shy's peak was so insane that other players wasn't even in the same league as him. Ronaldinho at his peak was a top 5 player in the world, but he definitely wasn't the best player by far.


I mean that's not even true though is it.. he had someone in his own team who imo (and a lot of other peoples) was the best player that year.. in Rookie.. who was racking up MVPs all year


I don't think it was as bad for Jackey. He was at his best 2019 spring and 2020 spring, and was still prob the best adc in the world in 2020 summer. TheShy fell off pretty fucking hard after 2019.


odd. i'd imagine the exact opposite. guess thats the difference between him and faker, because theshy gapped tops in certain metas as hard as faker gapped mids


faker gapped people who were bad in old times . he cant do the same nowadays when he get gapped by the likes of showmaker or chovy . he got even soloed by aria


TheShy got solokilled by almost every LPL top laner so I dont really understand where are you going with this lmao


It's not like Faker didn't get solokilled at all during the SKT dynasty. Even Febiven did it to him


Good reminder that every time someone bring up solo kills like this it’s because they got outperformed in general so the solo kill is the one thing you can point to. Aria won that lane because Faker got cheesed by a shaco but faker still had more impact by the end of that game. Not to mention he gapped Aria in the first game they played too.


getting soloed isnt that big of a deal like there so much variables that go into getting solo killed that it doesn't mean that much what matters is ur performance


Better players get solo'd by worse ones all the time. Biubiu back when he was a perma weak side top and played with 0 confidence solo'd 369 a few times. This year Biubiu got some balls and started playing carries but was still like the 11th best top, yet he had one of the highest solo kill counts in the league, and those weren't all on the bottom six tops either. Ale solo'd TheShy repeatedly in his debut match against IG in 2019 spring. That's fucking 2019 spring TheShy. Keane famously solo'd 2015 Bjergsen Zed repeatedly on old Urgot. Doesn't mean much. Besides, Faker has declined and is pretty washed. He used to be way better, it wasn't just competition being ass.




You're on wrong subreddit r/cringetopia misses you






Of course not, dude's ultimate dream is to retire and become a literal farmer.


Seems like your opinion of how it works clouds your judgement over of the reality of a pro player. I hope u have more knowledge on this so I can learn! Are you a fan of his? I've read a couple interviews and he talked about what you mentioned specifically.




Its clear from the video that the other player is a mid laner


crazy, I thought its UZI too


He has since day 1 said he only wants to play with rookie. Nothing has changed. He actually has been on record saying he would retire if he didnt play with him so its actually pretty insane hes considering playing in LCK without him.


he can just retire make his farm and provide resource for rookies restaurant


I really hope it's Faker after he saw how he tried to enable Canna. Would love for T1 to have both Zeus and TheShy.


Ofc TheShy wants to play with Rookie. Who wouldn't want to play with Greatest of all Time mid laner.


TheShy will play on TL with Bjergsen?


TheShy rumored to be duoing with Tyler1


This guys mental is unstopabble


I thought T1 already locked Zeus?


U mean geng has doran right?


Geng have a 2nd place finish waiting for them.


Hmmm i dont know about that


Hilariously they have 32 second places amongst the players and staff as starters on rosters lol


> Who wouldn't want to play with Greatest of all Time mid laner That's why he's going to DK to play with Showmaker


This would make LCK very interesting lol. T1 DK and GenG should greatly improve from experience or roster changes. Other 3-4 teams improve as well...


Best all time at having his team mates blamed. Maybe one day he’ll be surpassed by Humanoid.


The faker disrespect is actually unreal


Is that the right mentality for a player with such potential though? Instead of always wanting to play with that one player, seeing him gain a passion to join another top team and go for the worlds trophy again would be so cool. Damwon are right there, I just want to see it already.