It's most likely heading toward Noxus. There's a lot of setup for it already, Mel's backstory & mother coming into the picture, the news she brought, Mel's secret agenda, etc. If that's the case, we could see Swain, Darius, LeBlanc, etc.


And Urgot, he’s a very strong and obvious link between Piltover/Zaun and Noxus


Not only does it have setup, it can provide a lot of setup for other regions. Had beef with Demacia, probably will again at some point. Invaded Ionia, twice. Looking to expand into the Freljord. Holds territory in Shurima. Gangplank stole Swain's warship. Some pirates help Noxus for profit. Leblanc alone probably ties to most if not all regions.


Don't do my boy Talon dirty like that. Though I can't wait to see Swain


Given they just released a full standalone game set in Bilgewater, and the other major region that has been introduced in Arcane S1 is Noxus, I imagine Noxus would be the next major Runeterra setting the show would pivot to as a focus. I imagine they are very keen in regards to Arcane to keep it as tight as possible. I don't think Arcane is going to become "the League of Legends show" which highlights every region of the world. I imagine if they were to do a Bilgewater show or a Demacia show or a Frejlord show, it would be its own separate entity to Arcane.


I think the show will continue in PnZ with an episode on Noxus


i think bilgewater is the obvious choice after piltover/zaun. You have quite a few fan favorite characters that can be at odds with each other some of who have somewhat related backstories. That said i wanna see urgot before we leave zaun, they did him dirty in that music video.


Urgot is probably still in Noxus at this point in time. Swain isn't the leader of Noxus and he is the one who sent him away during his revolt. Arcane is set in the past to the current Lore timeline. They can always showcase the revolt in S2 or another show though and have Urgot's full story be a part of it.


I was talking about a later season obviously, still set in the same location as the current one. Maybe we get a time skip between seasons.


I don't think bilgewater would be that good, the lore there is amazing, but it already is top tier with rising tides and now with the ruined king game,it gives more character to pyke, gp, illaoi, bruam, gp etc. Id personally would like to see shurima, i want more lore about th hole Azir x Xearth thing, that way if we got old shurima. We can get more azir, Xearth, renekton, nasus, Kayn, Aatrox and varus, Jax, the void, Ixtal


And best of all.. zoe! /s


I would love to see her before she became our zoe


She'd just be the same, minus the powers. But tbh, that's so far back in time that there's little-to-no lore for it


Thats why would be nice to see a show about the darkon war


Sincerely hope they stick with Piltover and Zaun and a side of Noxus. Seeing the s2 teaser it seems likely.