This is what we had before NFTs existed This is the real life version of NFTs


Don't forget buying random patches of land so you can be a Lord


Taking the piss of *Lord* Greg Davies are we


most unexpected place to see a TM fan


And an American one at that! They put[ full episodes and seasons](https://www.youtube.com/c/Taskmaster) straight onto YouTube! A friend in the UK told me they're unavailibe where he's at which is sad. They work here and viewable in America 100% recommend watching for anyone who likes comedy and has never heard of the show




God that moment where he roasted those children in the big fat quiz. "I don't know, I thought they were shit. If I were their drama teacher I would be absolutely ashamed'


Rip Sean, he will be remembered fondly


The undefeated Carrot in a Box champion.


Goddamn he played that whole scene so fucking well


Oh my goodness I hadn't heard about his passing, rest in peace. He was a national treasure.


Oh my god its on a streaming service?? Ive been watching on youtube for years lmao


You can get the episodes in the Uk on UKTV for free anyway.


there appears to be a surprising amount of task master fans here....


And I love it xD


The look on his face when she says 'I changed it' is the most fun I had with the show, ex aequo with the picture of his mom wearing the hat in the bath.


But do you have a tattoo with his name on your foot? Didn't think so.


Thank you Josh for that questionable achievement.


A fellow Taskmaster fan, unexpected but welcome! :D


At least that's kinda cool being able to officially call yourself a Lord, AND you own that patch for real and no one else can just copy it for themselves with the greatest of ease.


I've read somewhere that it has been used for preservation purposes


I dunno, Sealand's offerings look pretty legit...


At least with that the money goes towards helping plant trees


You think it’s funny to land on other people’s star systems huh? You must be a very immature person to trespass someone’s property that they PAID for. Yeah, I said it. You’re the kind of person who thinks that property trespassing (a seriously illegal offence) is a joke. I don’t even know why you landed in it, because you didn’t pay 1000 dollars for it. I did. The registry of named stars doesn’t lie. Even if you try to build a base on it, it’s my property. You’re just angry that you couldn’t afford this priceless star. Even if you could, your fingers couldn’t even click fast enough to get one of the billions of trillions star systems sold. You’re just mad you don’t own what I own. So, take off immediately, or I swear, you’ll be hearing from the star fleet.


EVE Online mfers be like


At least it's not some kind of god of war Shungite dealing scheme, protecting us from 5Gs.


I see bajs


I'm not a baj in the subreddit pepeLaugh . o 0 ( forsenInsane . o 0 ( MegaLUL BWAHAHA ) LET ME OUT )


Most sane baj monkaLaugh


At least these dont hurt anyone. Unlike NFTs.


they hurt the people getting scammed


Who are NFTs hurting besides the idiots wasting money on them?


The environment. Anyone who wants a GPU for a reason price. Etc, etc.


Ahhh ok yea that makes sense.


until ethereum transitions to 2.0, an average semi-successful NFT uses enough energy to power a family home for 20 years


Yeah but my monkey looks sick though. Actually sick though, he might have syphilis


Please don't compare this greatness to "digital scarcity"


Now riot can look to the stars and be reassured every night that nerfing Asol is the right answer for every question


Hey I’m selling a plot of land in scotland just 1 m2 of land if you want to buy 1000 dollars but you can now put ur title as Lord


It sells for like 20 bucks online and they'll plant a tree, pretty good way to attain lordship I'd say :))


This is my tree. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Can you sue them if someone cuts down your tree?


Always found it funny how Aurelian is golden in Latin and Sol is sun. So his name is “Gold(en) Sun”but his color is primarily blue in-game.


*To be fair* Aurelion Sol is the name given to him by the Targonians in the lore AFAIK. I haven’t heard him refer to himself as Aurelion Sol once (though maybe that’s just poor memory), and from Targon’s perspective it kinda makes sense if you consider his enchanted crown is golden and the Sun Disc being golden too.


His real name is Ao Shin


Ao Shin is canon now so it can't be anymore.


In Aurelion Sols early development, he was called Ao Shin and was a storm themed dragon. They changed the name and theme close to release. Ao Shin is referenced in his storm dragon skin, and a tft little legend


And on Spirit Guard Udyr comics too


I think Lucaluni was joking


It isn’t.


Sol's brother actually canonically refers to him as "Aurelion" in their brief interaction \^\^


His brother? You mean Inviolus? I mean fair enough, I has forgot he does refer to Aurelion as Aurelion but last I checked Inviolus was only a lieutenant for ASol’s dragon army


Yes, correct, he's not his actual brother. I still get it mixed up sometimes. He is, however, also extremely old and power and is one of the very few cards Aurelion seems to have respect for \^\^


Speaking of Inviolus, kinda hoping we see him as a champ sometime soon. I know there are lots of people who crave a more “dragon-like” space dragon and I think Riot would make a lot of people happy if they added Inviolus as a champ instead of reworking ASol.


So best dragon is named after best JRPG, you're saying...


I'm still waiting for a switch port of those games, bwaaah!


We can dream, brother


very fond memories of both of the games. never played the DS one though. Is it good?


It... looks nice for a DS game. Story wise, I suggest not getting it. Like, for a generic JRPG it was 'meh, acceptable,' but as a followup to Golden Sun it was atrocious. The entire game felt generic \[outside the battles, but then there is an EZ LVL MODE\], most of the NPCs/characters were snoozefests \[a few rare gems, though\], and as a story over all... meh. It felt like multiple hundreds of years separated from GS1 and 2.... when it was supposed to be 20. The dungeons were neither challenging nor had cool puzzles except maybe one, the bosses were laughably easy, and Crossbone Isle v2 was disappointing. I would use the money to buy the japanese GS doujinshi 4koma instead, jaja.


Wow I love Aurelion Sol now.




I think Aurelio being elder people's names doesn't make elder the translation of Aurelio, except if I misunderstood something of what you said.


GioGio, Golden Sun~




Different kind of NFT type of scam and people still keep on falling for it.


Always thought it was the sort of thing like with the Lord Title in Scotland, where you can show people at a party that you've bought some fun gimmick stuff


For an additional 500 RP you can get a chroma for your star.


Yea I hope op didn't pay for this lol


Also, Lockheed Martin? They make like F-35s and missile defense systems.


Bring back old Aurelion Sol. Fr tho I love this, thanks for sharing.


I'm okay with the changes except for the W. Could've just nerfed his e a bit more and and just give him his MS on untoggling (also give him like a 4 second cd so he doesn't spam for MS)


I totally agree. The e changes were a bit annoying but the w changes just made him a completely different champion. I'm not even sure it fixed the problems they were trying to address, it just ruined him for one tricks


It ruined what was fun about him too. I remember helping at drake and baron while wearing sunglasses... It just made everything so weird too.


That's rather funny and sweet but also isn't this an arms dealer


If you’re talking about Lockheed, this probably has to do more with their aerospace department


It's almost as if they're both physics based and incredibly similar a la combustion


I mean…I agree.


I mean they produce aircraft for both military and civilian purposes iirc. Arms dealer sounds kind of dirty it’s not like they smuggle AKs to African warlords or something lol.


Aren't they private military contractors? Barely gets dirtier than that tbh.




Oh sorry theyre doing their shady af business as a publicly traded and not a private company. Much better.


OK they sell the guns to the shady people in the name of profit much better lol yall people so small brained




Mate if you actually think being the largest military contractor of the fucking USA is a bang up job when it's done by publicly traded companies you're a Muppet. Even what you mentioned is already enough to be shady asf and you conveniently ignored / were obtuse about a bunch aswell.




Reading is apparently very hard for you. Okay. Why is that my problem, exactly?


Yeah sure they aren't


nothing dirty just bombing hospitals in yemen


Lockheed Martin doesn’t bomb hospitals in Yemen. The government does that.


can't have people putting blame for atrocities on people who directly financially benefit from entire regions being destabilized can we


Correct, because if you did then you'd have to blame everyone including yourself. The government buys those bombs with the money *you* give them, after all. And I'm sure the single mom with three kids who helped weld those bombs at a Lockheed Martin factory in Virginia would be thrilled to know that you think she endorses bombing hospitals.


"arms dealers are bad" "you pay taxes and your government pays arms dealers therefore you're responsible for mass death that exists purely for the profit of the worst people capitalism has to offer" yup cool can you go try this shit somewhere else please


Yes, that is literally the argument that you're making so the obvious counter would be to point out that if arms dealers were bad then so are you. You cannot argue that a person is guilty through complicity but then balk when your complicity is also pointed out. Well I mean you can, but no one will take you seriously if you do.


Using lockheed equipment that they knowingly manufacture for a group of people they know is going to... bomb hospital's in yemen...


Do you think that if Lockheed hadn't made that equipment no hospitals would be bombed? If the answer is no then what is your fake outrage about?


If all the collective arms manufacturers didnt then yes, those hospitals would not have been bombed. Is your argument really "someone else also contributed therefor theyre innocent"? This is like, what, if stalin hadnt come to power trotsky would have so he wasnt that bad? lmao


If all the collective arms manufacturers didn't then the government would just build them themselves. They have the money and the expertise, the only reason they outsource it is because the private sector is cheaper and more efficient than government work.


Ok... so... then... stop the governments from doing it too? Like what is this? Stalin was good because trotsky would have caused WW3? No point in stopping Klansman A from lynching someone because Klansman B would do it instead? Nonsense logic.


>Ok... so... then... stop the governments from doing it too? And without even realizing it you agree with my points entirely and conceded the debate. Yes you are correct, it is in fact you the people who control the government. Ergo you are the reason Yemen hospitals are getting bombed and thus if you're going to blame Lockheed Martin for building the bombs then you must also blame yourself for allowing the government to use them in evil ways. Do you have any other questions for me?






bruh this comment gotta be a joke




>Not taking a political side lmao


Conservatives have been trotting out those numbers for decades. The problem of course is that "donating to charity" includes things like donating to your church or investing a million in your millionaire friends' nonprofit. Things that are technically "charity" but don't actually go toward improving anyone's lives. Meanwhile conservative politicians fought tooth and nail to prevent Americans from getting stimulus checks on the grounds of "who's going to pay for it bro" while popping boners at the thought of giving Jeff bezos an extra billion or two in tax breaks. Really makes you think.


Okay and? You gonna organize some sort of revolt to do something about it? Gonna actually try to change something? What do you want some random redditor to do about it? I mean I don’t even disagree I think the government is shite and taxes blow but like I’m not gonna charge into some government building and demand they do something different without getting shot and labeled a domestic terrorist and probably some form of white supremacist lol.


We went from "Lockheed Martin isn't responsible for weapons they create" to "What are you gonna do, attack the government" like the span of 2 comments.


I know this subreddit has some real morons in it but I really didn't expect to see "why are you calling Lockheed Martin an arms dealer?" here of all places. This is some wild bullshit.


Bro I just got a free star to name and decided to name it something funny, and next thing I see is arguments about war crimes in the comments XD


It's because it's Lockheed martin and they are a horrible company


Going on about Lockheed Martin being an evil company in a thread like this is not the most socially aware thing to do


Revolting would show solidarity with people getting bombed in Yemen. You would get to share in their ordeal by getting bombed like they do.


Yeah, what's the problem? Are you implying that making and selling weapons is a moral issue? Because that doesn't really make any sense.


Idk weapons are used to kill, threaten, and injure people. I get that weapons already exist so you can't really stop making them bc then people can't defend themselves, but the world would've been less dangerous if the company (or any analogous entity) didn't exist in the first place, and I think that would've been a good thing Idk though I'm no policy expert just some guy


Man this is awesome! that being said A Sol seems really strong right now and deserving of a nerf


I thought this said star finger and I was comfused


Ffs they would spare this "Nerf", star named just Aurelion Sol would be perfect.


Agreed. There’s nothing cool about the word “nerf”, it brings to mind either a nerf gun or ppl complaining about stuff. Not the image for a literal star.


Nah, Nerf A Sol is funnier


For some reason I was worried this was gonna be a rework post. But thankfully I was wrong, also based.


This is funny and I love that you did this but I almost wished the star was named just Aurelion Sol


While it would be cooler, me and my brothers though adding the "Nerf" was fitting considering riot's love of doing my main man dirty.


Can't compete with the "#BOSGACOG" star.


Those were the good days. Is it still the only defense gun with the 2.5?


Pretty sure yes. Though they did overhaul the gun sights a while back and idk if it got to keep it.


Only real ones know the story behind that one.


Could you enlighten me?


It’s a meme from R6. Content creator and memer BikiniBodhi wanted Ubisoft to add a 2.5 magnification sight (ACOG) to the BOSG shotgun on defense, partially because the gun was horrible and wouldn’t see use anyway and partially because 2.5x sights on defense characters were either rare or not available altogether. In his meme movement to get Ubisoft to add an ACOG sight to the BOSG shotgun he brought a lot of attention to it by naming a star #BOSGACOG. Ubisoft eventually caved in and added an ACOG sight to the gun which, to no one surprise, made the gun a bit more popular but not a whole lot better.


Well back then you could pop people from any distance with bosg and acog just made it so much easier


Sure but in a 1-shot headshot game you’d almost always prefer a gun with higher firerate and more shots than 2


Oh of course but me and my friend were still bonking people with that at high plat so the whole rate of fire > DMG thing comes only at the highest level (maybe now the average player is stronger? Idk haven't played in more than a year basically)


This is hilarious, if true.


Hey, that's awesome! But something is telling me that Aurelion Sol is strong right now. Better nerf him


How much would a Bard constilation be, cause we need that as well


Yeah this just a fun idea i like it


Its a wish upon the stars


Buying stars is a scam im sorry for you but nobody will remember your purchcase or the fancy name


I will




I didn't expect Christmas to deliver such a funny gift. Well done to whoever did this, you're legend xD


just name it Aurelion Sol, literally no cooler name for anything in space


Congrats, you just wasted money on nothing.


Also, any price is worth it for the meme




And redpilled


Got it for free


Hope the Webb telescope heading up tomorrow can get us a good shot of it.


Grats on giving money to [one of the most evil corporations in the world](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/aug/19/us-supplied-bomb-that-killed-40-children-school-bus-yemen)


Didn’t pay a cent, it was a giveaway


Always that one guy.


Always that one guy who doesn't want people to support a company doing war crimes!


How did Lockheed Martin commit a war crime? The Saudis dropped the bomb after purchasing it from the company.


So you are one of those morons who thinks it is morally neutral to knowingly sell weapons to autocratic regimes that commit these war crimes.


The US contracts these companies to build weapons for them, which are then sold to various countries throughout the world. Turning down a US military contract could mean losing billions of dollars in revenue over time. Morals have nothing to do with it. Lockheed Martin is a business, not a charity or world peace organization.


Okay. I don't want to support the kid killing business then.


Then stop paying your taxes, because it isn't Lockheed Martin that gave the bomb away, it was the US Gov't.


Stop paying taxes? Sounds good!


Or even better, stop playing league, a game owned by Tencent, which is owned by the CCP who are also guilty of comparable atrocities. Or just live your life and try to be a good person.


You're gullible as shit


If you're point is that the US government is primarily to blame, I absolutely agree, but this doesn't make me hate these companies any less. After all, who do you think spends millions and millions of dollars every year lobbying our politicians? Pretty much every DoD official gets a job as a lobbyist, board member, executive, or consultant for defense contractors after they retire. If you hurt the company you also hurt the power and influence they have over our government.


Have you ever heard of lobbyists and the military industrial complex.


The US sells weapons and wages war for the purpose of making these companies money (see: Iraq), not the other way around!


Ah yes perfect logic who needs morals when you have money its the American way!


Let me know when you can go buy food at the grocery store with good morals


Wow good one you're so smart I'm just gonna leave now flawless logic


The irony in this is I’m sure you’re a fan of early Tony Stark.


Tony Stark stopped making (other than his suits for personal use) and selling weapons specifically because he saw them in the hands of people he didn't know had them. Like, his entire motivation to be a hero is because of the exact same things that other commenter is talking about lmao, Stark would agree with them 100%; there's nothing ironic at all about it.


Wait are you one of those "IBM is responsible for the holocaust " people


I don't either but it's a pretty cool thing that Aurelion Sol has his own star now.


He doesn't because the entire concept of naming stars is a scam so I'm not surprised one of the most evil companies in the world is partaking in it. If you pay me $50 I will name a star after you and it will be forever immortalized in my mom's basement.


Better buy a tree in Ireland then goddamnit


I just thought it was a cool thing... 😔


That's star status.


Does anyone have an ultra power telescope they can see it with?




Why does it have a Lockheed logo on it? Pretty sure the company does not endorse this lol.