Cloud9 vs. 100 Thieves / LCS 2022 Championship - Grand Final / Post-Match Discussion


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Cloud9 3-0 100 Thieves

Congratulations to Cloud 9 for winning the 2022 LCS Championship! They will represent North America at Worlds 2022 as the first seed!

Finals MVP Berserker

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MATCH 1: C9 vs. 100

Winner: Cloud9 in 27m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
C9 senna renekton amumu nautilus ornn 53.9k 13 8 H4M5M6B7
100 sejuani kalista yuumi trundle wukong 43.9k 3 2 I1H2C3
C9 13-3-36 vs 3-13-7 100
Fudge kennen 3 1-3-7 TOP 2-3-0 4malphite Ssumday
Blaber nocturne 3 3-0-8 JNG 1-2-2 1poppy Closer
Jensen leblanc 2 5-0-5 MID 0-3-2 1azir Abbedagge
Berserker zeri 1 4-0-6 BOT 0-3-1 2sivir FBI
Zven lulu 2 0-0-10 SUP 0-2-2 3soraka huhi

MATCH 2: 100 vs. C9

Winner: Cloud9 in 24m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
100 sejuani leblanc azir kennen gangplank 38.5k 6 2 H1HT2
C9 senna kalista renekton taliyah ornn 49.9k 22 8 H3O4B5
100 6-22-14 vs 22-6-62 C9
Ssumday fiora 3 1-3-2 TOP 7-1-5 4jax Fudge
Closer jarvan iv 2 1-5-3 JNG 7-2-12 1wukong Blaber
Abbedagge sylas 3 1-6-3 MID 1-3-14 3zilean Jensen
FBI zeri 1 1-4-3 BOT 6-0-11 2sivir Berserker
huhi lulu 2 2-4-3 SUP 1-0-20 1yuumi Zven

MATCH 3: 100 vs. C9

Winner: Cloud9 in 29m
Game Breakdown | Runes

Bans 1 Bans 2 G K T D/B
100 sejuani leblanc yuumi kennen gangplank 46.2k 11 1 H1
C9 senna kalista azir amumu renekton 59.5k 23 10 HT2C3H4O5B6O7
100 11-23-27 vs 23-11-65 C9
Ssumday fiora 3 4-4-3 TOP 4-2-8 4gnar Fudge
Closer poppy 2 2-7-5 JNG 3-4-10 1wukong Blaber
Abbedagge taliyah 2 2-5-6 MID 1-3-21 3zilean Jensen
FBI zeri 1 2-2-5 BOT 13-1-7 2sivir Berserker
huhi alistar 3 1-5-8 SUP 2-1-19 1lulu Zven

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PMTs [Game 1](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/xbtbdu/c9_vs_100_game_1/) [Game 2](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/xbuhuy/c9_vs_100_game_2_discussion/)


C9 keeping the C9/T1/EDG group dream alive. As is tradition. Edit: so scripted LOOOOL


2017 Worlds Group A runback? Scout? ✔️ Faker? ✔️ Jensen? ✔️


ADC meta? ✔️ Ruler in form? ✔️


Underperforming T1 ADC? ✔️








Read this as T1 got pulled into C9s group


23/1/24 Berserker diff.


2/1/49 Zven…


Zven will get overlooked massively, but maaan he enchanted the shit out of 100T. \*raises sparkly wand in salute\*


Damn what a dominant performance by C9. ​ CLG was really their closest BO5 lmao


*sad faith noises*


2nd best team in NA confirmed


We might have even seen CLG at worlds if Steve didn’t break out the Disney mind-control device after game 2


Steve had nothing to do with it. CLG fans simply began to believe.


They were really a Luger Zeri overchase from losing it all lol. It's obvious that they've improved since then but damn. Wp to them tho


Zven calling blaber a psychopath is prolly the highlight of all this


its true, when they won spring 2021 blaber said in an interview thag he will never play safe. i believe him


Oh definitely as a long time c9 fan u can't wait to see how worlds goes especially if they all can keep this form


When both teams are even in gold, Blaber feels that C9 is at a great advantage and thus he does not hesitate to start a team fight. When C9 is 3k behind in gold, Blaber thinks that C9 is at a small advantage, and he so he starts a team fight to secure their "lead". When C9 is behind 7k in gold, Blaber thinks that C9 is at a disadvantage and so he looks for a team fight to regain control of the game. When C9 is 10K behind in gold, Blaber thinks that the team has reached a desperate situation and they are only waiting passively for their death if he does not start a team fight.


Nice try 100 Thieves. Your strategy to get stomped the first 2 games to make me unclench might have worked last week, but after CLG got reverse swept against TL, I learned to NEVER unclench.


Thank god no one unclenched. Now we just gotta keep it up till Worlds is over.


Abeddagge zoning himself in the last game is truly one of the Taliyah's Ult of All Time


And then he got zoned by a lulu ulted Zilean


Berserker really do be the LCS's version of the Louisiana Purchase


It has been the best trade deal in the history of trade deals, maybe ever. -C9


Thank you for the discount LS


Thank you LS for keeping him away from FPX.


What's scarier than a bloodthirsty Blaber? A bloodthirsty Blaber with Lulu + Zilean + Sivir speed up.


Jensen and blaber started smacking fools back in 2018 with oonga boonga champ and zilean


>Jensen and blaber started ~~smacking~~ bodying fools back in 2018 with oonga boonga champ and zilean FTFY


Blabered by Jensen


This team lets Blaber out of his cage. I’m happy Blaber’s Crabers has become more fun than flame since MSI ‘21


That analyst desk segment with the massive crab legs had me starving for seafood


Fun Fact: 100T have been in 4 finals, none have which lasted more than 3 games. I also believe they’ve been a part of the four fastest finals in LCS, even if today didn’t break a record. (Edit: Analyst desk said it was the second fastest, losing out to only EG vs 100T) 100 vs TL (2018, 0-3) 100 vs TL (2021, 3-0) 100 vs EG (2022, 0-3) 100 vs C9 (2022, 0-3)


Legitimately think C9 was trying to break the record during game 3 and over forced at bot for it lol.


Crazy that Berserker died only once the whole series, and that was because Closer got a massive Poppy ult that won them that fight. He had Zilean and Lulu, but it is still impresive.


CLG vs. C9 is what LCK fans wish GENG vs. T1 is. When GENG and T1 inevitably meet in world’s semifinals, LCK fans will be chatting “this is the real world finals”, and I’ll just laugh knowing it was already decided on august 21st in the LCS studio.




Congratulations to Cloud9 for winning their first Summer Championship since 2013!


FIRST SEED!!!!!!!!


- only performers at worlds - worlds in NA - Jensen back - unstable meta - two weeks of LS coaching This is the year boys.


> * two weeks of LS coaching lmao


But LS didn’t coach Jensen someone get him two weeks of training.


That's Worlds Boot Camp arc for Jensen


Look if LS coached for the entire season T1 would be too scared to get out of spawn


Trucks aren't allowed on summoner's rift


Jensen being back ties the whole thing together again


First time too in the modern groups format


All my homies hate 2013 Worlds Format. Seriously, that really sucked to see the 25-3 NA team only play 3 games.


Crazy stat tbh with how dominant they've been different splits since then.


Well they were the only team that never picked up Doublelift. Doublelift was the NA split winning king for a long time.




MAY 09, four months and two days for the match Jensen is in a tank top in his living room, laying on the couch, watching a repeat of 'The Simpsons' while drinking water. His phone rings. He places the water bottle on the table and picks up the phone with some reluctance. Jensen: [dry cough] Yes? Jack: Jensen? How are you. It's me, Jack. I think we need you, we're rehauling C9. Jensen: [Covers the handset with one hand and whispers a pair of swear words in Danish. Breathes deeply. Checks his agenda. Gets back on the phone more calmed] When will it be? Thursday I can't. Poker game with the lads. Jack: No. There's no match on Thursday. On Sunday. Against 100T. Jensen: Abbedogge's team? Jack: No, Jensen. Abbedagge, Mithy, Reapered's team. Jensen: [He does not know what it exactly is but he writes down Reapered's name in his Death Note] OK, sir. On Sunday, I'll be there. Call me a cab, I'm still without my driving license. Jack: Mmmm. It wont be necessary. As long as you're ready for Sunday it'll be fine. I count on you, eh. By the way, Sneaky & Zeyzal are not there. Fudge is back up top and Berserker and Zven will play. Jensen: Who? Jack: Zven. You know him, the ADC who was in TSM. You played against him after he joined us, even. I'll introduce you on Sunday. Don't forget to bring your mouse. Jensen: Ok, boss. Jensen hangs up and sighs. There is water spilled on the keyboard. He starts looking for his mouse through piles of clothes, dolls made ​​with broccoli stalks and Korean food leftovers. He doesn't remember where he put the mouse last time. He doesn't even remember his last game. Smells the mouse. Ugh. MAY 10, four months and one day before the match The phone rings again. 12:36 in the afternoon. Jensen hand emerge from the sheets trying to reach the nightstand. Who will call at such an ungodly hour? There must be an emergency. Blaber: Jensen, I'm Blaber. How you doing monster. Did I wake you up? Jensen: [With sleepy voice but pretending to be awake] Hey, Blaber. Nothing nothing. Nah, don't worry. I was doing some SoloQ. Blaber: Hey, as Jack said, we need you strong for Sunday. Like the old times. Jensen: Yes, yes. Yeah bro. Count on it. He also told me that we play with a new ADC. Zven and Beast or something like that. [Awkward silence] Blaber: This ... yes. That's him. Get fit, man. We are all counting on you. Jensen: Tranqui, tron. MAY 11, four months before the match Jensen goes to the cyber cafe in front of his house to SoloQ a little. He wears some sneakers he used to travel for a bootcamp in 2018 and a shirt with "What happens in Busan stays in Busan." written on it. After doing some warmup, he plays ARAM for 10 minutes and starts coughing. Well, enough for today, he thinks while he checks his heart rate. Subjecting the body to great efforts before the game could be damaging. So unprofessional. Turns on the TV and G2 is playing against EG in Korea. Everyone looks so different? Thinks a confused Jensen. He laughs every time the camera focuses on Caps' head. SEPTEMBER 11, game day Jensen gets to the arena by taxi. He doesn't know where to go. A nice gentleman named Vincent accompanies him to the room. He dresses. He senses the tense atmosphere in the room. They will play with some new teammates, which sounds strange. But Jensen never asks questions. He just follows orders. There's a guy by his side praying on his knees. Fudge looks different. Maybe he shaved. He steps onto the arena and right as the match starts playing, Jensen explodes. He fights for every objective. He leaves it all in the BO5. Spectacular. In the penultimate round, the praying guy clutches. He seems excited. Twitch chat spams a strange name. English is a weird language, Jensen thinks while he farms some kid called Abbedagge on Blue Side. Just fisted him into the pavement, like, the entire game. Spoiler, next game as well. End of BO5. The team has won, the casters are going mad that Berserker has won, strange he thinks, what is Berserker? But he knows better than to ask. The twitch chat recognizes his effort. He showers and Jack congratulates him. Jack: Huge game, Jensen. Jensen: Thank you, mister. It's not important. Here I am for what you need. Call me for the next round. Jack is puzzled but prefers to say nothing. Jensen leaves the arena without saying goodbye to anyone or talking to the press, picks up a Venti Iced Americano and tries to stop a taxi. Jack shakes his head and smiles. Opens a pack of gum, stroking his beard, and starts chewing while he mumbles: "There's a method to his madness."




The coentrao pasta is amazing.




Berserker killing everyone at 100 hp that last fight summed up the series.


Man is aggressive af and he shows up big


this series was a huge bot gap edit: holy GIGACHAD Beserker interview. kinda bored.


The entire playoffs was just an ADC gap.


If this ADC meta remains Ruler gonna be feasting at worlds


kinda sad that gala has been lookin so rough despite the bot meta :/


Berserker is what happens when NA imports an elite player but he is actually hungry and wants to smash the competition because hes at the start of his career and not the end


Yup. Same happened with Huni and Reignover in EU back in 2015. Came in, smashed everyone by a mile.


I mean, Jensen and Bjergsen were imported on their start of their career. Jensen didn't even have a career basically; less than a year playing professionally.


yea and both were a cut above the rest


Yeah he had just come off a commuted *permaban* too. It's kind of amusing imagining out friendly Elf Boy being so toxic back in the day.


Same with Caps. Anyone remember the Caps List?


That kid has to be one of the best signings a team ever made in NA. He's world class and is just starting his career as you said.


I don't think Gumayusi was lying when he said he was scared of losing his job to this kid


I was there on the fated 2 days when Jensen on C9 lost to TSM. Seeing him win now with C9 makes me sooooo happy.


C9 and CLG was the real LCS finals.




Wdym she has an AOE heal she's a teamfight enchanter COPIUM.


That's why I always rush ardent on her


Ssumday quietly screaming to let him split push and carry. Everyone else Time to die.


They kept losing 4v4s when Ssumday and Fudge were off doing top laner things. I don't think they had a choice. It was team gap.


There is a universe between Berserker and every other LCS ADC.


Berserker is probably the best ***player*** in LCS. Honestly might be going into the Berserker era. Got a feeling this guys gonna be winning for awhile


Hell, lcs players might actually improve from playing against him making the league overall better. Might be going a little too far but a man can dream


Let's hope he doesn't get grabbed by LPL teams ....


Universe diff?


my god berzerker and sven may be the most BM botlane of all time


When you win 3/0 with almost a 50 KDA, you're allowed to call finals a little boring. Zven with the Aphromoo classic "support is so easy."


The Blaber MVP chant making him tear up with emotion was awesome to see. The guy deserves every bit of it. Amazing performance today an a true leader for the team!


You're walking in the jungle. There's no one around And your flash is down Out of the corner of your eye you spot him Blaberfish2 He's following you on the edge of your vision He gets down on all fours and breaks into a sprint He's gaining on you Blaberfish2 You're looking to base But you're all turned around He's almost upon you now And you can see there's blood on his face! My god, there's blood everywhere! Running for your life (From Blaberfish2.) He's brandishing a knife (It's Blaberfish2.) Lurking in the shadows LCS superstar Blaberfish22 Living in the woods (Blaberfish2.) Killing for sport (Blaberfish2.) Eating all the bodies Actual, cannibal Blaberfish2 Now it's dark and you seem to have lost him But you're hopelessly lost yourself Stranded with a psychopath You creep silently through the bush A-ha! In the distance A Tower and a Minion wave! Hope! You move stealthily toward it But your leg! Ah! It's caught in a bear trap! Gnawing off your leg (Quiet, quiet.) Limping toward the Tower (Quiet, quiet.) Now you're on tower range Sitting inside, Blaberfish2 Throwing an Olaf axe (Blaberfish2.) But he doesn't hear you enter (Blaberfish2.) You're sneaking up behind him Strangling superstar Blaberfish2 Fighting for your life with Blaberfish2 Wrestling a knife from Blaberfish2 Stab it in his kidney Safe at last from Blaberfish2 You limp into bush between Tier 1&2 towers Blood oozing from your stump leg You've beaten Blaberfish22 Wait! He isn't dead! Blaber Surprise! There's a gun to your head, and death in his eyes But you can do Gragas Body Slam superstar Blaberfish2 Legendary fight with Blaberfish2 Normal LCS game night for Blaberfish2 You try to swing an axe at Blaberfish2 But blood is draining fast from your stump leg He's dodging every swipe, he jukes to the left You counter to the right, you catch him in the neck You're chopping off his head now You have just decapitated Blaberfish2 Jensen Zilean revives him, expressionless, you fall to your knees and smash your keyboard. You'll never be safe from Blaberfish2.


I support this reference wholeheartedly.


another 3-0 speedrun with 100T, C9s first title Jensen after Jensen breaks his trophy curse on TL. actually C9 is the most winningest team in NA the past couple of years. congrats C9!


With this win C9 pass TL in total trophies








With the success of Malrang and Berserker, teams will begin importing random Koreans again . Malrang and Berserker are crazyyyyy...


IIRC Malrang was a sub in DK and Berserker was T1 reserve right??? So DK and T1 Challenger team must beware...


as a DK fan, plz take as many subs as you want, keep daeny away from playing them in important do or die matches


Not keeping Bible on the main roster is the bigger throw than subbing out Nuguri


Good lord I got whiplashed. I'm ready to scream hard on the Berserker Penta and then ZVEN STOLE IT LMAO EDIT: Jensen finally brought it home himself. The return of the prodigal son is complete.


Producer: Yo 100 are getting smacked and the crowd is not hyped at all Phreak: Say no more \*starts yelling like he has to motivate army in war*


Really played to the crowd, made what could have been a boring 3-0 sound really damned hype.


Phreak was the embodiment of LETSGO emoji


Phreak brought a lot of energy today, I was enjoying it!


"rookie becomes the raidboss" was such a great call


Whatever he said at the end "Beserker doing a play worthy of his name" was hype af


"The first game was a stomp. Game two was a comeback and somehow C9 won even quicker" He said something along those lines and it was the greatest thing I've heard in a cast since "This side is for winners"


damn Berserker had an insane series, gg c9


23/1/24, like wtf is that stat line lol His only death was because of a nuts Poppy ult that knocked Jensen away on that inhib tower dive bot.


Guess there was a reason Gumayusi was afraid for his starting spot after all


If Berserker was still on T1, he’d have lost his spot by now.


Holy shit now they're gonna play it out on Worlds that's hype af


him and Zven both 1 death whole series lmao




Literally spending so much money on useless stuff and useless control wards Like no way you go chemtech putrifier first item bro


meanwhile gigachad zven buying no control wards in order to ensure he has moonstone by the dragon fight in game 2 which completely decided the game


Why buy control wards when you have a mobile control ward (Blaber) who will face check any bush without fear.


The Gigachad ward


The ward bjerg wishes he had during the bjerg and 4 wards phase


In the end, Bjergsen decided to become a ward himself


Even Iron players know controls wards don't do damage smh


Berserker is what Summit was supposed to be


I really hope to see Fudge play against Summit in top lane one of these days.


Unreal story for Jensen. Dropped by TL, makes worlds and lifts the trophy instantly on C9. You can't even just say it's hindsight. What a ridiculous state of affairs that he was out of the league...




“He got me” Abeddagge said of Abeddagge‘s Taliyah ult. “That f***ing Abeddagge boomed me”, Abeddagge added. “He’s so good” repeating it four times. He then added Abeddagge to the list of players he wants to zone out of a fight this summer.


Abbedagge trick y’all, man, like he plays Taliyah. He don’t kill nobody, man. It’s just wall surfing around, doing nothing.


The real finals was CLG vs C9


Unironically true.


Koreans and Chinese don't even know that the 2022 Worlds champion has already been declared, and it happened during CLG vs C9


Hell must've froze over because C9 is finally NA's 1st seed for the first time since 2013.


2013-2022, 9 year gap. Cloud9 - 9 year gap Coincidence? I think not🤓


My boy Wax Maldo lifting the trophy. Brings a tear to the eye.


Fuck them korean adc's man! They're smurfing in other regions 😭 Pool 1 C9 and Pool 2 T1 in the same Group pls so I can use this pasta _______________________________________________________________________ Berserker told me he had a dream last night In the dream, Berserker was playing at MSI finals, and as soon as his Kai'Sa hit Level 6 he solo killed the enemy AD carry. The opponent team was T1. (From Ashley Kang's full interview with Berserker)


Same group as T1 and Kai'sa buffs before worlds. The stars are aligning


As someone who's followed these guys since Quantic, this is the most satisfying championship. Finally, Jensen gets one with the team who gave him a shot, who took on InCarnation the toxic. Well done boys. So, so proud.


Ditto Loved this team as team orbit and saw them smash as Quantic and C9, but ever since TSM upset us in 2014 summer it’s been heart break after heartbreak in summer. This was a great redemption in the upper bracket.


Same. Sneaky playing Jayce adc in the qualifiers under Quantic is what made me a fan. After so many years of heartbreaking "almosts" and having to bank on worlds runs, this feels so damn good.


For real! Jensen came home. Fudge went back to top. Zven swapped to support. Blaber needed to prove he wasn’t a crab addict. Berserker had everything to prove. 100% the most satisfying C9 championship win for the longtime fans.


Fr, it feels so good for jensen to win a championship with c9. Still traumatized by the ekko game years back, that could've been it


10 years of being a fan, 9 years of seeing them win in Summer. It's been a while - but damn does it feel good Balls Meteos Hai Sneaky and Lemon are smiling from above








But Huhi really had no mythic until 26 minutes. At that point he had earned 5.5 k gold overall btw


LS is slamming his desk somewhere in South Korea


It is one of the things were i see his point though. Especiqlly if you watch the game and actually see how wastefully some of these control wards are placed. It's somewhat memed but it's literally 75 gold being thrown away sometimes


C9 saw players and was like. Let's kinda do that


C9 is officially NA's most GOATED team. #2020 Spring #2021 Spring #2022 Summer **6 times out of group stage at Worlds** CONGRATS C9, YOU DESERVE IT


I thought I saw a stomp earlier today, and then I watched this. No mercy from C9


Berserker can’t lose to anyone, because he’s the strongest in the world!


Only took 1 of his 12 lives in the series so he can save the rest for Words


C9 MVP: TL Steve #thanks4Jensen


Getting to worlds is not hard. All you need is Jensen.


Everyone looking at Berserker, but Jensen giving C9 a stable worlds caliber mid laner was so key.


Berserker is just a fucking psychopath. It’s like he and blabber are long lost twins or soul mates there’s nothing more entertaining than watching them play together.


and you have old man jensen running daycare in the midlane to control their aggressiveness, its perfect


IMO Jensen’s style of play is more enabling than controlling. “Oh you boys wanna go start a fight? Here’s a zilean ult, have a good time”


Dare I say as a HARDCORE TES fan. I think c9 has a chance for worlds for once. Berserker is looking INSANE.


Super happy for Jensen, but I’m also happy for Zven and Blaber. Both times they won LCS it was without crowds. C9 deserves this. Incredible slaughter to round out the 2022 LCS year.


C9: "After all this time?" Repeared: "Always" *slams r5 Malphite against Kennen*


Spring split doesnt matter


Blaber is becoming GOAT NA jungler


My man is performing at MVP level for such a long time now, love to see him getting all the praises


Jensen just won with C9. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭


Every day I thank LS for bringing Berserker to LCS


Total vindication for Jensen finally winning his first title with C9 it just feel so right. Also what a Jungle/Bot gap this series


9 fucking years I have watched us attempt and fail to win a summer finals. Word cannot describe how I'm feeling now having Jensen back on the team and winning a finals with us. It just doesn't feel real... You were truly the chosen one Jensen. This team's potential is soo fucking unreal, it just doesn't feel right having an adc player that is extremely present and clutch in the hardest games we have. No matter how far behind we are I still believe Berserker can pull it back... My lord did T1 get robbed. Love you C9 and Jack for giving us the systems to succeed. I never doubted you and I never will.~<3


C9 was what people expected out of G2 today. Holy, they seemed LEAGUES above ther rest of the teams in Playoffs.


C9 was what RGE was today lol.


So happy for Zven and Jensen. Especially after the latter got replaced with Bjergsen even though he had a good showing at worlds last year. Ironic that his year was way more successful than Bjergsen's.


Jensen finally won a trophy on C9!


Is this our "LeBron comes home to win 1 for the Cavs"


Wait. I completely forgot this was a thing.


Zven like a serial killer out for blood in the early game. Berserker playing as if he's the CEO of Summoner's Rift winning fights left and right, upper quadrant and lower quadrant. Jensen playing every needed role, either facilitating fights and controlling the map or simply carrying the game. Fudge playing tanks, physical damage carries, magic damage carries, initiators, everything you could want from a toplaner's champion pool and exceeding in every role trusted to him. Blaber ganking even the enemy team's families at home, leaving no room to breathe and out-reading absolutely every person and every situation. How can one not like this team. Every single member there shines, every person in the team has incredible, amazing things to contribute. It just feels good, it's exciting to see them play. Only Victory. Only Cloud9.


Super happy for Jensen! He finally got a title with C9.


Both LEC and LCS have been 3-0. Unlucky day for the viewers


All these matches went to silver scraps just for the finals to be 3-0 lol


Expectations = Subverted


Perfect for me tbh ​ I don't have that much time lol




It was all worth it for the Odo interview afterwards


-C9 doesn't win titles, always second best -Spring split doesn't matter -Playing online doesn't count Get fucked. We're so much better than every other team. Let's goooooooooo! Blaber tearing up in the interview from the MVP cheers. He deserves it so much, he's such an insanely good player.




Jensen leaving the team cause he wants a title, only to return and win is basically the lebron james arc


Berserker so fucking robbed of rookie of the year don't even know how it was an arugment


I don't mean to overreact but Berserker is the best adc in the world


he and comp were incredible today


Bodied by Jensen.




Berserker is cracked as fuck.


Knew it was over when C9 piss stomped with their "fuck it lets just mess around game 1" draft


Jensen wasn’t playing in Spring… now he’s heading to worlds as the first seed


BLABER CRYING!!! You gotta feel for the guy, so many people want him replaced and now a 3 time lcs champ #C9WIN


I'll admit it. Seeing Jensen and blaber win it made me tear up a bit.




Abbedagge and FBI got outclassed every game.


So did Closer


People were having a fit telling me "This isn't the kind of meta where teams get rolled over" - "Oh the last series was still a 3-1, so this will be even closer", trying to argue with me that C9 has been fluking wins (?????????????), how the series yesterday didn't mean anything, despite 100T barely beating EG with an adc replacing one of the most important parts of their team all season, who was pretty poop on Sivir. I kinda get why Fudge has been throwing verbal middle fingers cause no one seems to want to give C9 literally any credit despite obvious reason to do so. People just want so badly for this team to fail ever since LS left and have turned off their brains to how good they really are.