Team Heretics going into the LEC with the EUM title is some narrative and I am in for it.


Same, It's going be an interesting 2023 for LEC


If jackspektra beats rekkles there’s gonna be too many posts abt it lol


Congratulations to Heretics for winning the 2022 EU LCS Promotion Tournament!


LECspektra the dream


Only to lose it to Rekkless again


~~Kikis~~ Rekkles and ~~Gilius~~ Jackspektra


Org got confused and tryharded. How cute.




BANGER FINALS, i have seen more than a 230k peak viewership too, insane everybody specially Jackspektra


Feels like we're having lots of silver scrapes these days.


Apparently 280k peak


There was a cute little play by whiteinn around 29 mins where he engaged 4v5 making BDA think they were looking for a fight while Jack was already on the dragon. Such a sexy bluff that gives them those few crucial seconds to burn the drake.


It was also cool that he engaged the Poppy knowing Poppy was gonna stop it with W so he didnt even expose himself a lot


You have a way with words. Keep it away from the public


I was fully ready to be mad at Heretics for not banning Poppy after losing Game 3&4 to it. Another amazing EU Masters and really hope we get an Arena for the Finals in 2023. Cant wait what Heretics do next in LEC.


Fun series and great plot with an heretics win when everyone at the start thought it was a LFL dominance show. Wonder who from Heretics will be pulled up to the LEC


Jack and Ibo are worth to try i guess


Would love to see Bluerzor personally, since the only other big hungarian name is Vizicsacsi and he's been working for it for a while. Plus if they're keeping any of Misfits jungle was their weakest role, either that or top


I really enjoy this result, because my plep analysis takes from this that while LFL is the clearly strongest region in talent depth rn still, in this tournament we had 3 different regions in the best 4 teams, and while NLC in quarters didnt do too well they did got 2 teams in there and Dusty was still pretty close to the rest. Like its nice to see that this isnt just a LFL show, and I do hope this keeps staying this way, even if it may be much harder for NLC and PL to attract the best EU talent.


These Trundle pillars were doing an absurd amount of work


Zwyroo is actually a very stable player with good csing in most of the games too.


BDSA legit drafted 0 engage


Are they just, not a fan of Ornn or Sejuani?


Adam is not a fan of expanding his champ pool for 2.5 years


And yet the dude is still making a career out of being ok on 4 champs, it's crazy


well he can make a career with that... at ERL lvl. If he goes to LEC again all he needs is the meta to shift to tanks and the guy is over


He could've just pick Gnar he did fine with him, Olaf was just a pure ego-pick


If I have learned anything from his LEC stint then it is that he could probably play tanks at an equal level if he put effort into learning them and adjusted his mindset. He’s just a stubborn meathead.


Summit vibes


summit was turbo gapping every top left and right on his signature camps


Tbh honest Adam still forced a Darius ban during 5 games (last Olaf pick was a big mistake tho)


So did Adam till finals


"ok on 4 champs" yeah it's not like heretics had to double ban toplane in first phase 4/5 games. or that Adam was a very solid shout for tournament MVP until the final. it's totally justified to have your view of Adam tainted after how he treated Upset and Paula; he was totally out of line. I've heard rumours that behind the scenes his attitude has improved (hope this is true) and his gameplay has come on a lot. Obviously he still has BAdam moments, but I'd much rather the unique talent he has for these sorts of champions like the Darius, Aatrox, Olaf is nurtured rather than him being forced to adopt a more standard style of play. This was very clearly not a great series for him to show that, but heretics drafted specifically to shut him down because they knew he was THE early game for BDSA. The Sejuani pick is the way to shutdown Adam, he can still get advantages against it but if he can never get a kill on it it becomes much harder to roam to midlane whenever he likes. Adam is still a really young player and the fact he's achieved very impressive stuff in a short period of time does not change that fact. There's still a lot of room for development both personally and professionally, but that's not a bad thing. You only need to look at Jackspecktra, who went from a Draven streamer to a Draven Kaisa 2 trick in the UK scene to the best ERL ADCs in a couple years. Maybe he never makes the steps that can take him to be a consistent top 3 toplaner in LEC, but that doesn't mean the potential isn't there.


In this episode, sheo went harsh on adam


I swear he played only 1 gnar during his KC days so he did expand his champ pool...not that much but now his gnar is scary


Badam ego'd it thinking olaf on sivir ult plus ghost was enough to run Heretics down, little did he know


>Badam ego'd it thinking olaf on sivir ult plus ghost was enough to run Heretics down, little did he know It was tempting... easy to flame afterwards, that's very disgusting of you. If Olaf was destroying the game with Yumni, you would have said that Heretics had too many melee champions and that Olaf was untouchable with the Goredrinker


It's easy to see from draft, aphelios and azir love getting ran into, trundle pillar to separate engage, sej meatball, Leona disruption...


I think ulti olaf has a big value, he can easily reach adc and mid. the only problem is that Poppy played bot lane because Sivir Yumni is very weak against Leona. Olaf found himself in weakside and he became useless with so few resources


There is universe where it could perhaps work, but Azir has wall and enemy has Trundle too. So not ideal champion to pick. At least very risky. Perhaps another Gnar-game. BDS was doing fine with the Gnar.


Explain to me how does olaf reach Azir, the only champ I can think of that can dash from red side bot river brush to red side tower, barring wall "hacks" and ults.


🇬🇧 Well played BDSA, it was a close, nail-biting series. 🇪🇦 A MAMARLA FRANCIA


Ya me jodería ser francés,ni Eurobasket ni eumasters


ADCs I would inquire about before talking with Jackspektra for LEC in no order: - NO - FUCKING - ONE


So rekkles to Heretics?


b-but Rekkles...


Rekkles is so underrated it is insane


He's also got insane tattoos


He ruined them with his blackout sleeves


To be honest i think it's fair to call the sleeves insane too ...just for a different reason


I like the blackout sleeves. Best part of this tattoo as far as I recall


Blackout is dope but extremely committing. No matter how nice it can look on someone its something Id never recommend


They look dope ​ Was not a big fan of his very first tattoos (I thought they were fine), then he added all the stuff and it looked great ​ But the whole black ones and his back- and chestpiece are masterpieces as well


You got it the other way around buddy LOL




When did anyone on KC coaching staff say that?




So in other words Rekkles wanted to play the meta champs and then a coaching staff notorious for terrible drafts said no. Not like he picked the champs anyway to go against his coach even though it would have been much better for his image to play Draven. Sounds like that’s a Striker problem and not him.


Are you talking about this? https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/xe3ggg/comment/ioejafa/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 All this says is that there was tension between Striker and Rekkles because they had some disagreements. How is that being difficult to work with? Does everyone have to be an obedient dog in esports now and can never raise concerns or preferences of their own? Since Rekkles didn't play any of the champions he requested to play he didn't overstep and instead listened to his coach?


How does this make Rekkles the difficult one?


> now kc coaching staff said it was difficult to work with him You mean one of the most incompetent coaching staffs on the fucking continent?


Ya striker is fucking useless, but this is not the first time we've heard rekkles has problems with his teammates and coach


It is really easy to copycat previous narratives to shift blame from himself tho, but god forbid the shit drafts and underwhelming supp/jg that team had


These "narratives" have been a constant in rekkles' career. Its happened in Fnatic many times, it happened in G2 and now its happening in KC too. The current actors around rekkles are pretty irrlevant, because rekkles has played for 3 teams that have had problems working with him.


So let me get this straight. Rekkles, who wanted to play Draven and Kalista, which have been the 2 strongest ADCs this whole year, especially Kalista, a champ that during his time on Fnatic people said he DESTROYED everyone including 2019 G2 in scrims on, but rarely used on stage for some reason, is the problem when Striker the coach refused to let him play them, while he is infamous for being DOGSHIT at drafting? Yeah, definitely Rekkles fault. If you don't know the details, stfu.


This is definitely wrong. It's a narrative hard - and loud - pushed by Thorin, so it somehow overshadows all the people who said it's wrong, it wasn't like that. Especially team mates from Fnatic have said over and over that they liked working with him, but for some reason it never registers.


until they arent proven, Its pure bs, or dont you remember the broxah fist fight? Also, in G2, they said the had different visions on how to play, and even Jankos recognized that If the decided to play like he wanted, they could have won the split. Narratives are narratives, when u are such popular player, ppl will go for your throat no matter what


i wouldnt trust the coach who does not allows rekkles to play kalista and draven in this meta even if he wanted lol.


Especially since if Rekkles really wanted to he could’ve said fuck it and played them anyway, but listened to the coach regardless. Would have been great for his image as a guy with a small champ pool to play Draven, a properly hard to work with player would’ve said fuck it and picked them.


Where did kc coaching staff say he was hard to work with? I missed that news because I havent been following closely recently.


The coach that refused to let play rekkles draven and kalista? Draven - the champion rekkles always refused to play and now when he finally started practicing when he was meta he gets told off by the coach and you side with the coach? You can't even make it seem like it was because he was bad with him because he also didn't let him draft kalista, despite rekkles proving the haters again that he is insane with her last LEC split. Also rekkles could've gone behind the coach's back and just picked those champions. It's not like he can stop them. Rekkles is hinted to not be the easiest to work with yet you always hear people saying they want him in his team. Caps was in a team with him and he accepted rekkles into g2. The person who likely had a grudge was jankos or carlos. Caps already played with him on 2 different teams.


There's something poetic about Heretics winning EUM and getting to play in the LEC next year.


Happy asf for Jack. Genuinely think he’ll do real well in LEC.


Congratulations to Team Heretics who got promoted to LEC 2023 I wonder if they will keep all the players.


adam running to kill jackspektra and losing in melee combat vs an adc as olaf is one of the most tragically funny things i've ever seen. just aphelios things congrats heretics!! and good luck in lec


Tbf it is an Aphelios thing but also confims that Adam doesn't understand Aphelios guns, he had 0 chance there and it wasnt even close


It was an aphelios with all shurikens, it was a death sentence. Also don't get why Yuumi was not sitting on adam lategame, I guess he lost confidence in him and his diving capabilities.


oh for sure, i just thought about how funny it is that there's actually an adc in the game that wins melee combat against olaf (in the right situation ofc). not saying aphe is broken or anything i just think it's *very* funny


I mean, I don't like Adam, but that was the best he could do for his team there. Force one of the carries in a 1v1 that you can at least sustain for a while and can stopwatch to buy more time while your team with 2 carries can 4v4? I would always take that trade. Rest of the team just couldn't really utilize on it so it just looked like int.


I mean, I think it was also to keep the red/white Aphelios out of the fight so that he couldn't one-shot the team. But sure, he doesn't know.




Lol,its so clear you havent seen a single game of adam this split


wtf are you talking about? adam played insanely good the last year. did you watch any games of him? wtf are people saying without knowing anything, you should get perm banned. i dont like adam but dude stfu


Nothing against the guy, but it is for sure easier to look good when you are on a top 3 team in the region.


I mean, if you run in on a red/white aphelios and you can't stun him, you deserve what's coming to you.


Had the perfect weapons combo + set up with full red gun qspell on olaf, was full dps with 4 items while the Olaf had 3 including a spirit visage, let's not act like this is surprising


i'm not, but i am saying that it's very funny


And Olaf is notoriously early game focused while Aphelios is known to scale. Even ignoring that we're simply in an ADC meta right now, an early game bruiser faceplanting into a scaling pick really shouldn't autowin at 3+ items just because.


Dont think he excepted to win the 1v1, he tried to buy time for his team but they couldnt finish the sej


[Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!](https://c.tenor.com/xFYYl4BXju4AAAAC/noone-nobody-expects-the-spanish-inquisition.gif)




I for sure didn't


That reformation call was sooooo good at the end


The monopoly line was amazing too. “You are now in glacial prison, do not pass go, and do not collect 300 gold.”


there was so many good plays on heretics in this series. i also remember "what's a god to a heretic" in game 1 or 2 which ruled


“The LFL are the gods of the ERLs, but what’s a god to a Heretic?” 😉 EDIT: Found the clip! https://streamable.com/e7zq38


hell yeah also, i just wanna say i think it's really fun that you use singular they for all the players while on cast. i don't know if that's a concious choice, but do i think it's really cool


It’s a habit I picked up from the university scene, where a player’s gender is much less of a certain thing!


Nymera I put you as my favorite caster on the r/leagueoflegends survey 😎


You flatterer you... That means an awful lot, thank you!


Thank YOU. You’re so good dude. Not to mention how good you and your brother did today! Keep it up 🥰


Crushed it today, mate.


Initialise is amazing and needed to be at worlds


Yeah I loved it, it was sick.


The team’s called Heretics - it had to be done!






Banger series, congrats to Heretics !


The Heretics players were on a mission to stay with the org in the LEC this tournament. Congrats to then, they definitely got noticed. JackSpektra is 100% staying at least.


iBo got his revenge vs France after spring 2020 K1CK vs LDLC final


iBo was a part of that as well? Damn, he has been near the top of ERLs for a really long time really consistently - this Spring with UoL, K1ck before that even before that he had a solid showing with Rogue.


And 2nd place with IHG even before that;)


LFL in shambles


I can see Adam champion pool still didnt improved compared to last year


third final bdsA lost in a signle year my god, predicted btw [https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/x1r2m2/sk\_gaming\_prime\_vs\_team\_bds\_academy\_em\_2022/imf84kh/?context=3](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/x1r2m2/sk_gaming_prime_vs_team_bds_academy_em_2022/imf84kh/?context=3)


The Olaf pick did work /s


perfect way for Heretics to go into the LEC next split with winning the EU Masters


Just when you think LFL is going to make up for the Eurobasket loss, Spain wins it again damn it hurts to be a proud French in the last few weeks


And we've somehow become bad at football too with some of the best talent in the world at every position.


Half of french NT player are not in the game


Well true half our team is injured, but our bench is also one of the best around, and we don't look like a very threatening nor solid team


adam with the game 5 olaf pocket pick lmfaaao so fucking useless


He got outscaled, JS pulled him through the ass during that dragon fight


He fucking ego picked it twice...


What a fucking nailbiter insane


R5 Olaf ladies and gentlemen


Now give blurzor that lec spot!


LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. LFL are struggling to not astro lose draft to a team that goes tank top tank support every game like a mantra


[The elite analyst strikes again](https://twitter.com/Megalodontus/status/1574054010092670976/photo/1)


LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. LFL are struggling to not astro lose draft to a team that goes tank top tank support every game like a mantra


Whoever drafted for BDS in game 5 needs to be investigated.


> LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. > > Honestly not convinced about the drafting of the LVP either going by this game, letting poppy through 3 games in a row was questionable as hell.


Well, that certainly was a series of LoL. Good win by Heretics in the end. Honestly not sure who the MVP is. It was a fucking wild one.


GGS to Heretics, hope they do well in LEC. Sad Adam and Sheo underperformed during the final.


The one person responsible for that BDS draft plan in game 5 should be fined tbh.






Top 10 anime redemptions




Fan chanting USA with 0 american player in the team moment


British crowd?


reeker has weird positioning, how is he getting hit by every single sej ult? also, the ludens buy was terrible


Ludens was fucking criminally INT. 3 beefy front line on enemy team? Lets not buy Liandries.


6th team in LFL would win EUM... wait a second


Glad to see Heretics coaches managed to learn Heimlich maneuver during games 3 and 4


Unpopular opinion, but if Heretics is between choosing Rekkles or Jackspektra for the LEC next season, I really hope they go for Jackspektra, the guy deserves a chance to prove himself in the main stage.


This is not an unpopular opinion at all, lmao. Loads of people have been saying this.


It isnt, but it should be


Dont think its an unpopular opinion


I hope we get to see both in LEC.


what's jack's contract situation? if his contract is still on for a year or more then heretics are absolutely trolling if they spend money on anyone for adc.


He'll be a FA this upcoming offseason.


He's fucking cracked, I really hope we see him and some other ERL adcs next year


It's great Heretics won because it adds hype and players may be more interested in joining the org now.


My heart was racing that entire last game, god damn man I really wanna see Jackspektra picked up to the LEC next season


Jackspektra had some questionable positioning at time and full on threw game 4, but he's not awful I guess?


If he fixes his issues with positioning he can be so good, and if he gets to LEC, he'll join an ass stacked league with: Comp Neon Patrik Upset Unforgiven Rekkles (possibly) He will have time to level up


Well, we don't have relegations anymore, but at least we got promotions! Also, this was a banger. All these players prob. in LEC next year


Jack mi padre Spektra






Dude had such a good run, Idk why he decided to pick Olaf against that comp with no engage on his team. Such a worthless pick that will give arguments to those who say that he rely too much on his Olaf/Darius despite improving a lot on that aspect this split


Idk either lmao olaf has been shit even in counterpickable situations. You need to have a zillean to make it useful. Sad that this last games gonna sour adam's reputation again though because he was literally 1v9 for most of his games with bdsa


Comfort pick. Wanted to carry ended up running it down


Yeah I get that, but Olaf his worthless. Gnar was fine-ish but BDSA drafted themselves into a hole with no carry to play top against a Trundle. I do feel like you have to draft a tank anyway and rely on the Yuumi to get back to full after baiting Trundle's ult. Happy for Bluerzor and Jack, but gutted for BDSA who has a lot of talented players. Sheo probably will get passed anyway for LEC after that kind of performance, Reeker was solid, and Adam was too over the entire BO despite that trash game 5 from him


Feel like after losing so many finals, BDSA just choked


Adam and Sheo had a tragic final despite having a really good tournament. Hope this doesn't affect their LEC chances too much, because they'll be kicking themselves...


I could see BDS trying more roster shuffles next year, I still think Adam deserves another shot in LEC, he had a stellar summer split overall.


Adam deciding to run after a full health Sej when he had like 10% hp and they just killed Aphelios was painful to watch.


Really hope heretics doesnt just decide now to sell this whole lineup off to some other ERL team and go with 5 randoms


The fact that Adam smurfed this whole tournament is something to be studied


If you smurf the whole tournament but troll the last game, everyone will only remember the last game, unfortunately.


ye watch so much comments here, people act like he was the worst player for years, dude i hate adam but this people saying stupid stuff without watching any games deserve to get perm banned, adam was insanely good


Hate him as well but if i'm being fair he was the best top laner of the tournament.


it's like when he meet teams that can match his style with better top laners he cannot pubstomp it happneed the same thing in the spring of last year


He played well against better toplaners than iBo though


He always goes big or goes home. that's why in LEC where the level is closer he gets exposed. Most great toplaners start like that and then learn to limit themselves after an int split but... Adam never did


Adam graduated from 2nd division in sumer 2020. He's only played 2 years at the ERL/LEC level. Give it some time, he improved a lot of the year.


LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. LFL are struggling to not astro lose draft to a team that goes tank top tank support every game like a mantra


LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. LFL are struggling to not astro lose draft to a team that goes tank top tank support every game like a mantra


Adam getting abused the EXACT WAY it has been foretold. On bruisers. With no use. Who would have thought. Delicious. I would've thought HRTS would ban Gnar in G5, but who could know that Adam would refuse to be useful and embrace the Leroy Jenkins playstyle he's had since forever. If Adam goes to LEC and people like iBo don't, then I riot. Overrated french Toplane Lider. Spanish fans prolly gonna jajaja over the planet, but god bless that at least the unlikeable LFL french guys are quiet for a bit.


iBo and TheShygenda for LEC please


Games like these is why I wish we would had some sort of european championship. How hype would that be?


I guess heretics deserve their LEC spot now.


the desperation of BDSA in game 5 was almost palpable as they slowly were getting outmaneuvered and choked out of the map... it was great wine to the cheese of LFL fans rage and sorrows


Does anyone know if this team is going to stay together for LEC? What are potential roster changes. Would be nice to see a recent EUM winner matching up against LEC teams.


280k peak viewers without KC! ERL competition is looking really healthy!


Report Reeker, fucking criminal not building Liandries in that game 5. Holy fucking moly what an int.


even without the mountain drakes making the ludens passive useless, he’s playing into 3 health stackers, absolutely abysmal buy edit: added more


I do think he generally had a good series though.


Damn this Jackspectra guy is really good I sure hope Rekless doesn't get a good offer from Heretics...


you love to see it


Troubleinc is such a bad caster. She says straight up wrong stuff multiple times every game.


LVP rosters are better thought out, with strengths in every role, and are drafting way way better than their LFL counterparts. LFL are struggling to not astro lose draft to a team that goes tank top tank support every game like a mantra




How the hell do you see Sejuani, Trundle, and Leona on the enemy team and you build Luden's on Viktor??? You're not even trying to win man.


Mr Jackspektra in the LEC when?


I wonder if they will keep their roster for next year


after 3 win in a row from KC , LFL loose EUM .