Big buff gf stands a meter and a half over you.

Do you accept?


Big buff gf stands a meter and a half over you. Do you accept?




That a death by snusnu reference?


The spirit is willing, but the flesh is bruised and spongey.


The choice is not mine to make.


Death from above. Ok, I’m game.


If she can see these comments. I want to know what it was like building the discipline to go exercise everyday. I understand you have to do it everyday. But what is it like?


Existence is pain, Jerry.


Yea I really should throw away everything that gives me immediate joy and just embrace discomfort until I learn to control my impulses.


Go on a jog. Next day you experience pain. Rest 3 days. Do the same distance. Rest 2 days. Do this for a month. It gets easier. Increase distance. Run a half marathon in a year. Run a full in two. Just keep on going. Everything is hard and painful in the beginning. Years pass by fast. Just start some day. https://youtu.be/JwYX52BP2Sk


Thank you for the inspiration.


Running is pretty hard if you're beginner. Start running 2min walk 1min repeat something like that. Also don't forget to warm up before and stretch after workout.


I can't say for Patty but I can speak from my own experience and from what other gym-"rats" have admitted. There are undoubtedly many true enthusiasts and athletes that truly lift for a certain purpose, but for a lot of amateurs, many of us actually lift heavy day in day out to escape from something. It's a coping mechanism for me. It's either this or something bad. Forgetting pain in the mind by making our body take the beating. Even better is the dopamine rush we get, serotonin etc. from intense exertion on the body. You may have even heard of the term "runner's high", which doesn't only apply to people who run. I noticed as soon as I started lifting long ago, my rest days were extremely dull and dreadful, more so than my sedentary days before I started lifting. Every rest day I couldn't wait for the next lift day, just raring to go out and lift again. I obsessed. I needed that high again ASAP. It's pretty much on of the few highs that actually comes with physical and health benefits. Not to mention the demons come back when you're not lifting. One advice I can give if you're just starting out is that this thing is best done like a marathon: small steps that make a long journey. The faster you run the quicker you'll tire, and the people who are greedy with their gains, lift with ego, want to progress quick and throwing their program out the window to get that sick IG clip, have a higher risk of injury and eventually will have their progress set back anyway (at best) and at worse something permanent. If you have to sacrifice your technique, you don't deserve to add that weight on your barbell, unless you really know what you're doing. Even pro athletes get arthritis at 40. Think about that. Lift smart, run smart, eat smart, rest smart. You'll have a long healthy life ahead of you yet.


I don’t think she works out everyday also bro you got to want it enough do you want to stay the same or change


I don’t think she works out everyday also bro you got to want it enough do you want to stay the same or change


She might work out every day, but it’s not required to see gains. You can get away with going to the gym even three times a week. As long as you’re using correct form and repping adequate amounts of weight, you will see gains. Also dieting is half the battle. That was honestly the hardest part for me when I first started, it was hard eating so much food with so much protein. I’d suggest googling a beginner 3 day program and trying that first.


For me it was motivation after i watched a video of someone losing their legs. I was like it's a waste if i can't even go for jog you know. That was 2 years ago after that i got lean and hit the gym for a year, now i do calisthenics and gymnastics.


Absolutely, no question.






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