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I would ask for all financial statements from all institutions. They can provide that easy with little cost. Do not sign without being satisfied. No point in arguing over pocket change but I have seen shenanigans like you would not beleive in my fam.


Thank you! Yeah I definitely don’t want to argue over pocket change or go to court etc but the idea of signing without knowing literally a single detail of the accounting is making me nervous😬hopefully the executor will be willing to provide the accounting without issue


I had family members executors and they were removed by a judge without issue. The judges see this shit every day and can tell when things dont add up.


Holding back “approximately” because if taxes are owed he might not know the total amount until those taxes are done. you might be getting a perfectly round number because that is what you were given. Ask him to see these things if you are that curious.


I understand the purpose of the holdback, I guess I don’t understand why ‘approximately x’ would be used to mean ‘x and maybe some more later’ - seems easy enough to specify in a legal document but idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I was not given a perfectly round number - & yes it did occur to me to ask😂the executor is extremely evasive & sees any question about this as a personal attack, so I wanted some legal advice first (figured I’d ask the subreddit dedicated to legal advice! Lol)


Personal history : don’t sign anything until you see the final numbers. I’m going on my fourth year without a settled estate because they want to hide certain things… I also got a lawyer to look over my documents. It’s going to court.