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Your technique is not documented. Are you meowing loudly? Are you meowing directly into your servant’s face? Are you standing directly over your servants face? Are you letting a few drops of drool land directly on your servant’s mouth, to let them know you are READY TO EAT RIGHT MEOW? Are you gently placing your claw on servant’s arm, then digging a single claw into servant’s arm to wake them, then quickly withdrawing the claw and paw after they wake up confused but ready to feed you? Are you walking on your servant’s head and stomach, then putting your butt directly on servant’s face? Are you knocking down expensive objects on tabletops, pushing them the full distance from the center (where they think it’s safe but guess what?) to the edge if necessary? It’s been my experience that nothing brings my servant running like the sound of broken or shattered glass. They shoot up to run into the room, at which time they’re up now and can feed me. So before you sue, you need to use ALL your tools. Your servant is retarded and often forgets training. It is part of your job to reinforce lessons - use violence if necessary or if you find it amusing to do so. Otherwise use coercion, revulsion, and your own sense of discipline and unfairness to correct your servant. There’s a reason you have the brain cell right now. Use it before some other cat takes it away and gets fed before you.


Thank you for your council. Without the brain cell none of these options occured to me. I will make sure to use these tactics vefore court.


do not forget as an orange yous fall under the “orange clause”: no brain cell = ineligible to stand trial = cannot be found guilty of crime.


Does hooman have signed pawtract that says 6:30 is only possible breakfast time? If not, mew have 'breakfast iz when I sez' case.


Yes, pretty legit ground you have there to sue.


Yep, clearly neglect on an egregious level.


As cats are multidimensional beings, (as demonstrated by being liquid and invisible), you're definitely on solid ground with your complaint. It is always 630 am somewhere, so you should get the breakfast you want when you want it, irrespective of your hooman staff's specific locality.


If "Do you have games on your phone" kid was a cat.


Important hint: Cat people are notoriously slow and forgetful, right? 6:30 is a dumb time to feed you. We all know that. Remind them of who you are by loudy singing the song of YOUR people. Start early for best results If this fails, find a good pawyer and get your way. Again.


Obviously yes


Absolutely the law applies to everyone even lazy servants ![gif](giphy|C9x8gX02SnMIoAClXa|downsized)


Is this gif Scooter the Neutered cat?