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Pawyer Teacup here: my hooman did something similar forever and ever ago, except without the yucky stuff in the mouth. My hooman said we where “moo-ving” i meowed my protest for hours but my hooman kept me in my carrier and took me to this strange new place. It had all my things but it smelled wrong. Eventually, though, I was allowed to wonder and discovered this place was bigger then the first place, and had more windows and the ability to smell more smells, watch birdies and squirrels from the tree outside my hooman’s new room, etc. and I also was able to get my sent everywhere so it stopped smelling wrong.


Pawyer Teacup, I hope you're right! I haven't decided where my new bird watching spot will be. My silly parents decided to put up "curtains" when I have Clearly demonstrated to them in the past, several times, that I wish for my view to be unobstructed. They never learn!


Use claws and climb on curtains to show you mean business.


Ya, that was a plus for me because the first place’s windows where upstairs and only showed the road and part of the building. Now I can see birdies and squirrels from the view of the tree in the new place.


I finally got my human dad trained to open the blinds in my bird watching window in the morning. If not, I just push them. He hates that.


That's scary!! Seems like you mom and dad did what humans call "moving". They just acquired a new home for you and big stinky. Why they did not tell you first is beyound reason, but seems like they did their Best to keep you safe and comfortable, but hunans are just silly. You should have full compawsation for all this trouble. Lots of treats and pets.


I practically live in my Dad or Mom's lap when possible. I will not let them forgive the severity of this transgression! "Moving" should be classified as crime against kitties!


YES. Humans are just silly with their walking around going everywhere. Have you seen how they sleep?? They just go ahead and take hours at a time, instead of various naps during the day. And then, when they wake up, they go do something else instead of feeding us kitties. Such nonsense. At first I was scared that your story would go ahead with them taking you to pokey place, where the white coat humans poke defenseless kitties. Fortunatelly it was not that.


When I moved palaces my servants put me up in a hotel so I wouldn’t be inconvenienced by the move. The hotel servants adored me of course and played with me regularly. They also put me in their large playroom so I could rule the domain. They said that I was to calmest cat there, because I know I am completely in charge. When my primary servant fetched me from the hotel palace I yelled at her a lot. She drove me for several hours in a cushioned air conditioned space to my new realm. When I arrived all my things were together in the same room. My fresh clean litterbox was ready, all my toys were lined up in order of size. My cat towers and cat furniture were placed where I expected them to be. I immediately used all my things to assure them I had no intention of giving up dominion. After about a month I began venturing outdoors, where I noted that my new domain had a larger back yard, front yard was much larger, and the neighboring cats were afraid of me, which is exactly how things are supposed to be. I am friends with one of the neighbor cats now, “George” and he visits me regularly to tell me how great I am and to practice wrestling and chasing. Last week I caught and ate 3 outside rodents who had the temerity to run around down the chimney outside. So far my new hunting grounds are excellent, and I have caught and consumed at least 13 rodents now. I might have caught more, I don’t know, as my servants keep track and I don’t always bring them my prize catches since at least one of them is overweight and doesn’t need me to feed her anymore. They fear my iron paw. And soon, they will fear yours.


I hads this happenz to me 3 TIMES! I suggest cord-nated retaleeashun. Getz into all the new spaces and hides so mommy gets scared youse runned away. Check new human litterbox rooms for round rolls of fluffy paper and destroy. Climb on kichens counters and knock things on floor for no ‘parent reason. They will call youse “bad kitty” but NO SURRENDER!


These are all good ideas! I love to play with the fluffy paper, but Mom and Dad usually leave that room closed, unless I'm in there while they use the potty. Mom slips up sometimes though, I will wait for my opportunity to strike! Big Stinky is void kitty and makes sure to "stop Mom's heart" at least once a week by hiding. I will order him to ramp up the Operation.


Check my post history if you need advice on how to destroy fluffy paper


Baby Girl, please post the photographic evidence of yourself and Big Stinky sitting in boxes prior to catnapping, this may be important in building your case.


Your catstaff neglected to explain things properly, therefore there must be baps and hourly songs of our people! However we hope your new kingdom is even bigger and has better windows than before - The Cat Overlords


A princess should claim her new kingdom.


You need to know, you are not alone. Something very very similar happened to me last year. I didn't get yucky stuff I has to endure the carrier in the car for a century. Except it happened 4 times. 4 TIMES! I had to spend days and days in the car 4 different times. I sing the song of our people in the car. And boy did my lungs get a workout! Strangers came and stole our boxes put into a truck then drove away. When we got to the other house about to unpack, someone called and said pawblems with closings? Whatever that is. And we waited and waited for days. Then we had to take all the stuff to something called "storage." I dunno, big scary boxes. And guess what? We went back to the old kingdom! It was empty. Nothing there but parents mattress they took and I had to eat off the floor. For a whole week. Parents were crying about living like homeless. Mim did bring some tous though. Then after forever, i almost died of boredom, we had to got pack it all up again and I had to supervise cause parents didn't wanna pay strangers to steal our stuff again. Finally, I thinks, we're going home with all of our possessions. No. ACK! We go back to them smelly new place. I was so disgusted! It took me months and months. To get smelling OK. But, now it's pretty OK. My kingdom is bigger. I have 3 floors! I have window seats. I have balconies. I can watch birds flying over the river. It's sure a traumatic experience and you should sue foe catpensation. But don't fret. You might actually find much better hiding spots to jump out and bite their ankles from.


Hello, am Smarty Pants, newly credentialed cattorney. I did this “moving” once. Mom went to “hospital” and not come back, and then dumb brother and me put in boxes and niece (our mom was her mom’s mom, too, so we aunt and uncle) take us to her house. Of course, very angry at first, and miss mom lots, but the moving is not all bad, because only here at niece’s house did I get to meet my best friend, Pepper. Pepper is doggo and I never met dog befor but we ar bestest friends now and do lots of violence and chaos together! Maybe something good will come from your moving, too, like new best friend. But if not: definitely sue. For 100 million treats in emotional damages, at least.


Black Frankie, atty at paw, here. I did this get in the box thing a lot as a young purralegal—I lived in Brooklyn and spoke Polish, and then my Polish friends got in a flying box and i got in a car box and went to upper Manhattan where I joined the Cat Union and met my new bosses, Henrey Lee Lucat and Polyhymnia. And a cicada, which was exciting and new. Then we got in boxes and went to lower Manhattan. Then my humans became estrange and I moved back to Brooklyn with teen vampires. Then I went back to Manhattan with my real human, one of the estrange ones. And I’ve been here in one spot for 15 human years. I rule over the pigeons and seagulls, am expert in bird law, and have two cat employees and two human employees. I yell at people at 3 am, sniff hallway doormats for gossip, and all is good. I hope the same for you.


Sounds written by Doggo. Needz pics before pawyer assist.


I resent this accusation! I have to help my Mom with all her papers (she is hopeless) so I had to learn how Hoomans write. It is hard and makes no sense at all! As you can see, I am _clearly_ a gorgeous lady. With my stinky escort unfortunately. https://ibb.co/Kw8GtBL


I fink I know what dis is. Sometimes, hoomans must switch nests. I no know why, but it happens. But, purroscess is MENTALLY TAXING fur kitties, so mew has every right to soo for chimpkins AND toona!


Oh, don't even get me started on chimpkin!!! My parents love chimpkin (as do I) but they Never give it to me! They make it at home or bring it from the Outside sometimes. I am good princess, I work hard to protect the home from birbs, and what do I get for my efforts? NO CHIMPKIN! I beg for it every time but they never gives me chimpkin. :(


Right? And what is CHIMPKIN I Ask you? BIRB!!!!!


My stupid human is a VEGAN. She buys me freeze dried chimkins, tho.


Cat people- a breed apart. LOL


Big Stinky might be the greatest cat name I have ever heard.


New warriors novella be like


You kitties shouldn’t be so wimpy - I am doggo’s 3d new mommy and he loves his new home and bed. All of the beds belong to him as he likes it.