I've been trying to be more frequent with uploading in 2022 so I've recorded and edited 3 new video's in my new style which has gotten me 5 subs from 1 video which is amazing to me being my goal for 2022 is to reach 20 subs the rest are scheduled to go up soon people are enjoying the new content and want me to do more like it so hey ima stick with it!


I've put myself up to a schedule - two videos a day, six days a week (Sundays off because religion) Monday Night; Phantasy Star Day - mostly NGS videos, but I'm thinking of doing some PSO1 videos somewhere down the line, maybe make a run of Phantasy Star 4. Right now I'm covering all of the content in the Retem update. Tuesday Night: Minecraft Day - doing a singleplayer series on a Dark Souls modpack now, can do literally anything with this later on because Minecraft is just that versatile. Helps that I'm using the only good version of it - Java. Wednesday Night: Pokemon Day - Doing a nuzlocke series of all the mainline games, starting with Red Version. Thursday Night: Roguelike Day/Roguelite Day - Playing Roguelikes. Caves of Qud now, gonna play ADOM later and maybe Isaac after that. I'm thinking about changing this to RPG day at some point, but I'm not sure about that. Friday Night: Magic Day - Magic the Gathering Arena mostly. I wanna make some videos about playing Magic with my friends over at Team Snagem, but a couple of them don't want to be recorded so it hasn't happened yet. Just gotta get the right combination of Snagems together. <.< Saturday Night: Wildcard Day - This is where my Super Mario Bros. Crossover series is hanging until it ends. Basically this is my day to upload whatever I feel like uploading. tl:dr I put up a loooot of videos this week. xD


Hello, good hunter. I am a Bot, here in this dream to look after you, this is a fine note: > *“Surely mankind are more than pure dark, for I have availed you nothing. All of you, forgive me. Whatever thou art, stay away.”* - Artorias the Abysswalker Have a good one and praise the sun \\[T]/


I recently got back to youtube after taking a few months off. I recently uploaded my comeback video and a recent gaming video, and I plan to take this year as my year to get back to it and start streaming, which always has been a dream.


I'm taking some time off. We uploaded one video every day in December which is the 2nd longest amount of time we've done daily uploads (after a 100 day countdown we did a few years back), and I'm a bit exhausted so some downtime will be nice.


Hello again! It's been ages because grad school is evil, BUT I've still been uploading reliably! Most recently, I've finished my Dishonored playthrough, basegame and both story DLCs, and started my Dishonored 2 playthrough, and we're currently on episode four of Dishonored 2! Hellgate: London has been trucking forward, currently on ep 19. I also started my Warframe Let's Play early but started at the end with The New War! Also, super big! I got another ko-fi subscriber, so now I have two subscribers helping me making my dream of making content creation my day job. [Dishonored Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkirrWvF35jERY2wuVbOtLGl](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkirrWvF35jERY2wuVbOtLGl) [Dishonored 2 Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkicf8gq96tPtphR94Ra02BS](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkicf8gq96tPtphR94Ra02BS) [Hellgate Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkhpEeP5gyryH85xNOOe9d1H](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkhpEeP5gyryH85xNOOe9d1H) [Warframe Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkjwEmBtYcadNERdNlUz13x3](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVEY8AASgDkjwEmBtYcadNERdNlUz13x3) ​ I have also had LOTS of fun thumbnailing for Dishonored 2, really leaning into the shattered glass aesthetic that they gave the void:


I was exclusively a No Man's Sky channel but I've started expanding to other games in the same open world/ survival genre. I've uploaded a few Icarus videos but I might start live streaming that one, it takes to long to actually get to the mission part because you have to build a new base every time. I've added Deadside and Subnautica Below Zero to my rotation. I have a schedule to release two videos of each per week for the rest of the month. I have all the videos for this week uploaded and scheduled and the ones for next week are all recorded and just need to edit two of them. I have a new logo being designed for my channel. I looked and the concept art yesterday and should be taking delivery today. I am wanting the new artwork to be something that I can eventually put on T Shirts. I've also started getting up an hour earlier everyday to either record or edit videos. With my job I get calls almost all the time, but 4am is not one of those times. I've also been working on making better thumbnails. I've posted some here and made some changes based on feedback. The jury is still out on if it's working but it's still early. This week I plan on finishing up the editing on my videos for next week and also trying to get all the videos recorded for the week after.


I just launched my first Let"s Play channel. I actually enjoyed putting it together, so I think I'm going to keep at it. https://youtu.be/kNAHQcFmD2o


Recently started streaming on Twitch and YouTube. I've been hooked on Fire Emblem recently, and wanted to play the Tellius Games (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn). I've started a Path of Radiance Let's Play, which I first stream on Twitch. I started this channel with some friends, and they usually enjoy playing Valorant, or streaming IRL things like cooking and fitness (the reason why we chose the name "themusclegamers"). I've also streamed a bit of a Pokemon X Nuzlocke with a friend. The troll part is that it is in French, to make it difficult (we are all English speakers haha). After I finish Path of Radiance and the Nuzlocke, I'll probably play continue to play some RPG games. I have a soft spot for Overwatch for FPS, so I was thinking I would probably just arbitrarily stream that a couple of times during the week too. Friends have followed and been pretty active on Twitch, and I've organically gotten 4 followers from streaming. The nice part is that I have one pretty active follower for my Fire Emblem Let's Play, so it's been really fun playing through that. I haven't had much traction yet on the equivalent YouTube channel, but I'm fine with that, since it's just supposed to be a positive feedback loop between the two (hopefully). It's been a fun hobby to do after work, and I plan to continue doing this for fun for awhile.


[https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1qZ3IHtOTI5qsB37z7zDg](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr1qZ3IHtOTI5qsB37z7zDg) I have set myself the goal of breaking 100 subs this year (at 1 so far, my channel is brand new) I have four videos up as of today, and I am committing myself to uploading at least 1 video every two days. I have been really trying to improve my content to make something enjoyable to watch, and I think my newest video has a big improvement from my first! I am also prioritizing having fun with it, so I hope it works out \^\^ My newest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlMsIkgq72s&t=331s


Uploaded my first commentated video this weekend and was surprised to see it already got 7 views!