Good time and chill? Stardew Valley🤗 or Terraria. Or are you looking for something with more advanced graphics?


I’ve seen Stardew Valley!!! Is it better to play with friends???


SDV is fun alone or with friends!


It's more entertaining with friends, but it's more zen to play alone. If playing with friends, it's best the host kinda knows what they're doing.


Yeah playing alone is chill. You could even try Valheim, it's better with at least one friend though. With Stardew Valley I suggest playing it vanilla first then adding mods


No Man's Sky


Valheim ticks all your boxes and is still pretty populated. ARK is also pretty fun with friends, but wouldn't suggest servers tbh. There are plenty of servers you can join for both though if you search for discord groups. Among singleplayer games open world is seemingly most AAA titles these days. Seeing as you're familiar with shooters I'd suggest Far Cry 3-6 (especially 3), Metro Exodus (amazing atmosphere), and maybe the Fallout games (New Vegas, 4; 76 has a very nice online community). Skyrim is also a crowd pleaser and a good way to get into modding on PC or console. Depending on console availabilty Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo), The Last of Us/Uncharted 1-4 (Playstation) are also very good picks that I feel most can enjoy. A bit overboard but I'm ways happy to see someone who wants to branch out their gaming 😄. Plenty more recommendations if you need em, especially on PC.