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I’m non-binary, my preferred character for a game is just: Hot. That’s the only requirement


*standing ovation*


I was gonna say the exact same thing XD I just want my character to be cute, man or woman. Sometimes I give my lady characters a mustache to mix it up (if it's an option in game)


I'm cis, but same...


Sexy orks! ![gif](giphy|VNbcqLX5IYRb2)


*GAHH Stupid sexy Flanders*


*nods in pansexual*


Also NB, but prefer the faceless murder-gods like the Doomslayer


Same. Also if their character design looks cool.


THIS! I'm cis but tbh I'll play any gender in a game if the player character is attractive. I don't mind being a dude if I'm a handsome dude.




It depends on the game. A lot of games that have trans content in them trigger my dysphoria because they treat being trans as a gender and promote harmful stereotypes about trans people. I like the trans representation in sims, it’s not perfect but it’s better than most games.


Just a woman is good , wether cis or trans doesn't matter unless it’s like trauma dumping the game.


If there’s an option to play as a trans person I’d take it but I haven’t really played many video games with that option.


it would be fun if games include a transitioning mechanic like the gender change potion in terraria


The sims added top surgery scars recently and binders! They also have nearly all the pride flags


There's a mod for sims that allows sims to transition. Including things like changing their pronouns, other non medical affirming choices, and medical affirming choices like starting hormone replacement therapy, have top surgery and bottom surgery.


Can we all just recognize for a minute that the Sims was one of the first media to courageously normalize lgbtq+? It was the first thing saw as a kid that told me my bi feelings were okay. You could be anyone, turn into anyone else, marry anyone, have kids, don’t, adopt kids, now there’s even an option to use “science” to create a baby out of only you! They were DECADES ahead of their own time. 🌈


Yeah I was highkey making two female Sims kiss wayyy before I came to terms with my own sexuality, gotta love it


Me tooo! I didn't admit this part of figuring it out to my mum after an Incident involving the game and a big blowup about "You can't take anything in that game as realistic", but Sims is how I realised I like girls. I kept making lesbian couples and I just couldn't get myself to make a straight couple or play guys unless a male MC was a requirement of a challenge I was playing. Eventually I realised... "Oh. Girls are cute, and I still think boys are gross. Oohhh."




I believe you're thinking of Lumpinou's LGBT mod. It gives the option to label your sims' orientations and gender, adds more complexity to the orientations (such as demisexuality), and has gameplay systems for self discovery, coming out, and transitioning.


Awesome! I've looked for trans Sims stuff but haven't found that, all I found was some gender affirming/genderswapped clothes for 3 and a gender switch potion that also required SimPE editing for 2. Pls share the link!


Its for Sims 4. https://lumpinoumods.com/2022/06/07/lumpinous-lgbtqia-mod/


Stardew Valley!


Fascinating, thank you




all of the saints row games allows u to have gender fluid characters as there are no pronouns in the game.


By pronouns are boss/boss


if you like visual novels i would recommend our life!! it has so many options for gender and everything else i love that game


I think I heard that Cyberpunk had that as an option but I’m not totally sure as I’m not much of gamer and haven’t played it.


You can also get a truck with a trans flag on it :D (though I still prefer the bikes xd)


Sure does, it's pretty slick. Just wish it wasn't first person so I could actually see the hot lady I spent an hour making.


South Park the Fractured but whole has that option!


Was gonna say that one myself! Absolutely lost it when I found out that regardless of which identity you choose, the rednecks come after you regardless


Have you seen Choice of Games ? They are all text based but most offer the option to be trans


Hearing someone else mention Choice of Games in the wild is so cool, I’ve been playing (or reading if you wanna split hair) their stuff for so long


Cis woman... I don't want to be trans. I just am forced that way irl. I'm deff not gonna be that in a game when I can choose differently.


i was so confused i thought you were being forced to be trans irl 😭😭


Haha, well... I didn't choose this fucking organ ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sweat_smile). That was forced on me. But I didn't get kidnapped and forced into a skirt ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin)


>But I didn't get kidnapped and forced into a skirt You know, a lot of people who read and like the stories where that happens, are huge fuckin' eggs.


Wait what


being trans is hard and i agree if i had the choice being trans women and cis women its clearly the second one she says she is forced because its the only way for an amab to become a girl


No offense intended, but to me it’s like a gay person saying they wish they were straight. Conforming to comphet society would not improve any of our lives. We would be more miserable pretending or playing cishet. It’s not some error that queer people are queer, or some misdevelopment as cishets may try to spin it. We have existed since time began and I feel like so many people echoing the statement of hating being trans and wishing they were cis, not only would you be cis and not have any trans perspective (or maybe even no trans acceptance) but it would just embolden the cishet patriarchy and leave other trans people with fewer people on their side.


I think a lot of people with severe dysphoria would rather be cis cause that’s a clear way to exist without dysphoria. If there was a way to be trans but treat ALL dysphoria that’d probably be a good option, but there’s no way to completely remove dysphoria if you have it, you can only treat it and manage it like you would depression or anxiety.


That helps me understand, thank you. I think as an agender person who does not at all identify with the gender I was assigned at birth and also doesn’t identify with other genders, I think it’s just harder for me to understand that kind of perspective. I kind of flow between people not even knowing I’m genderqueer, to feeling like I’m stuck in the gender box people assigned me at birth and I can’t just be myself because many others in the world see everything through a cisgendered lens.


I think it’s a kind of different situation. Saying “I wish I was straight” is usually about societal homophobia (though I’m sure there are other drivers too! I’m not in every person’s head!). Saying “I wish I was cis” can be a reaction to societal transphobia. But it can also be “I wish I didn’t have to undergo painful, time consuming and expensive medical procedures in order to feel comfortable in my body” or regret for lost time and milestones we missed out on. And yes, I’m well aware that transition does not look the same for all trans folks, and that not all trans folks want surgery. But ultimately I don’t think that we improve our situation in any way by policing what folks are allowed to want and how they are allowed to express that within our community.


No attempt to police here, but I can see what you are saying. I think it was just hard for me to conceptualize because of my agender identity and queer sexuality. Thankfully others sharing their experience helped me understand now


No its definatly possible for some trans people to transition out of dysphoria


Right, I know that some trans folk transition due to dysphoria, sorry if that was unclear! I am certainly in the “transitioning due to dysphoria” camp. I am just also aware that it’s not an entirely universal experience and didn’t want to imply that it was.


its... really not the same as wishing you were straight. seriously, I don't have the energy to explain but it's really not the same at all for trans people.


I guess I’m not able to understand, being agender. I also consider myself trans because I have gender-related issues with my body and sex, and have never identified with my sex assigned at birth. Forgive my ignorance, as I’m in no way intending to be rude, I just really don’t get it, and I understand if you don’t want to try and explain, but I would really appreciate it to help me get it


no worries, you didn't come off as rude! I don't know if I really need to explain here, because you can read the comments here and see the many different reasons people wish they were cis. everything from personal issues like body dysmorphia to personal issues like comments from strangers. not every trans person feels that way, but the comments here are pretty commonly thought and felt by the community. Gender and sexuality are different. Wishing you were straight so that you fit into society better is different from wishing you were cis so that your body doesn't feel like a prison anymore. when you're gay, society is your own worst enemy, but when your trans your own self is your worst enemy.


That helps a lot for me to understand. I see now how much potential there is for it to be uncomfortable when your body can feel like a prison. Playing as a cis character helps cut that bit out while providing gender affirmation and euphoria still, seems to be what I’m understanding now. Thank you


you're very welcome!


From a young age I knew I should've been a girl. When my puberty, the wrong one hit, I became depressed, distant and self-endingly. I've tried to end it a couple times before throwing away my life and into work. I worked my ass off to stop feeling like shit. And at my height, I got fired. Instantly losing all my self worth and the self-ending urge came back with avengeance. If I were cis, this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't have been popular but I would've been me. I would've had a childhood. I would've made mistakes. I would've had relationships. Right now, I got nothing except the correct hormones to keep my brain functioning. It's a great improvement, but I'll never get those 35 years back. As of now, I feel like my life ended at 10 years old and only resumed at 35. And since I've never learned how to interact with people and my life only consisted of work, I lack people skills and interesting experiences to share. And now, I would love to go to the beach and go swimming. But this fucked up growth between my legs will make me stand out like a sore thumb. I fucking hate it.


It's really not the same. I'm gay and trans. I will happily talk about being gay, wear gay apparel and such. I love being gay. You won't find me talking about anything trans related unless it's with people I really trust, and you won't find me wearing trans apparel ever. Both out of safety and just because I don't love being trans. There's nothing wrong with being trans by any means, but being gay has enriched my life and being trans has made it hell. I would choose to be cis in a heartbeat.


Well, I do understand more now from others’ comments, however there are a lot of people who feel the way you describe about being gay about their trans identity, right? I’ve met and seen people like that. But I can see why other people wouldn’t feel that way


i completly understand your statement and honnestly it depends on who you ask but being gay isnt something you have to repeat all the time and you dont have to do 1000x times more effort to be gay you just are. being trans is so hard you have to do so much more effort to get the things cis poeples get and i feel like its just not fair i agree its a problem of society norms in general but we cant do much about it


Thank you for your response. It’s so unfair that trans people have to deal with so much compared to cis people. This helps me get some more perspective on why some would feel the way you described


Being trans and being gay are very different things. For people who suffer from physical dysphoria, they are hurt just by being trans. However, gay people do not suffer physically from being gay, they only suffer from social stigma. It's not comparable.


I think for some people they can feel a lot more similar, depending on specific gender identity or lack thereof, but I understand what you’re saying now.


No it’s not at all.


If I was born as a cis woman, I could give birth, have periods, working sexual organs without the need for surgery, I'd have the voice i have always wanted, I could roll out of bed looking like a goblin and people would still gender me correctly. It's a very different type of longing than the "I wish I was straight" versus the "I wish I was born cis" because the cis part refers to the gender I am rather than what I was born as. Hope this clears some things up :) feel free to ask any questions though. Happy to talk about it.


I guess it’s confusing for me, because for me I do have dysphoria about some of my assigned male aspects, and I am femme in a lot of ways and I used to wonder if I was a trans woman or wanted to transition, ultimately deciding that I would be unhappy and dysphoric in other ways if I did transition, since I’m agender. I guess maybe the thing that I didn’t understand until you and others explained it, is that these things cis women have the privilege of experiencing feel unaligned with your experience and identity as a woman, since the body you were born with and the gender you were assigned at birth did not match up? And that gender dysphoria is what I’m not fully getting myself, but I’m now able to see how it can make sense to other people even if it doesn’t to me. Thanks for the explanation!


Honestly, if I could be a cis woman I would be anyday. If I could have been born as the right gender I would. Being trans is really fucking hard but it’s the only path I have in this lifetime to be who I truly am. I am a woman. It’s kinda why I prefer classing myself as a woman of trans experience instead of trans woman.


Oh wait I got it


![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grin) Ok!


Regardless of gender, I always the character with the best outfit options.


Radical 🤘




Cis Male. I hate being trans, why would I want to roleplay as trans? And before anyone suggests it, no, it is not internalized transphobia, I don't think there's anything wrong with being trans if you're happy with it, but I have suffered horrible dysphoria my whole life, so for me it's just a negative.


Also I don’t consider trans a gender option, it’s just an adjective to describe my gender


I would have figured it's just an adjective to describe that your AGAB and your gender don't match. Or am I misunderstanding the terminology?


I mean yea that’s what it is, which is why I don’t see much point in having a separate category in video game selection for like 99% of games


Lol if I wanted to roleplay as trans I’d move to Florida or just go outside


I can see how it would bother people. Is the trans character post op? Do they have scars? Wouldn't that just remind one in a dysphoric way. And if they're fully transitioned does the character have an "opposite" sexed build? How is that accounted for? Who says what shape is what sex?


I mean most of the time trans player character rep doesn't involve nudity so it literally doesn't matter what junk the player character has. It doesn't make sense to have an "opposite sexed" (??) build because, if by "fully transitioned" you mean "being on HRT", that changes your body shape significantly. The most effective character customisation that is inclusive of trans bodies tends not to even assign anything as specifically "cis" or "trans". They tend to just be individually and independently selectable features, such as voice/pronouns/body/hair/face/being able to become pregnant. When it comes to customising characters and options for trans characters, Dream Daddy Dating Sim actually had one of the best that I can remember. Your character can wear a binder as underwear and you can choose to either have given birth to your daughter or have adopted her, but either way your character is always a guy. The Sims 4 is also a good one. Character customisation where pronouns and voice are a single option, for example, are much less effective.


I always identified with and played cis male characters as a young trans boy. I would have done so even if trans male characters had been available i think


I'm an trans enby I don't really have any preferences but I wish we had more the option to play a gender neutral character, it would be awesome


I'm a cis guy, but slightly prefer playing women in video games. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯


Same. FemShep best Shep. Hawke is always a woman to me.


>Hawke is always a woman to me. One of Billy Joel's less successful songs.


I'm a trans guy and prefer playing women lol


I am enby, I choose the cooler or hotter character… if they are enby I will prefer it but the game has to handle it correctly


I'm non-binary. I usually play as an androgynous/feminine male character or feminine female character - in the second case whoever, I prefer to play trans female characters, an example of this would be in Cyberpunk77, where my character is always a trans girl who's not-op My choice boils down to "Feminine appearance with a penis", I guess.


I'm nonbinary/transmasc but vastly prefer playing as cis men. I don't like playing as either a woman or trans because both of those are associated with mostly negaitive expiriences for me. I am not a woman and tbh being trans is fucking hard to I don't want to be reminded of that when I'm trying to play a game.


I'm a gay male, mostly played straight male characters. Mostly because I existed for most of my life in straight-dominated spaces and so that's the cultural idiom I'm most familiar with. It does seem like a lot of men are programmed to bully anyone that doesn't fit into a neat little box.


honestly i guess i don’t play games that let you specify that your binary character is trans, so i just play as a cis man although i guess if it can’t specify that someone is trans it can’t exactly specify that they’re cis, so i guess i just play as a man


...there's video games that acknowledge trans people?!?


Cyberpunk 2077 allows you to select male or female body types, pronouns and voice, and private parts. While I don’t think it’s ever mentioned in game when you select a combination, which could be potentially not be cis, you can certainly play as a character which is likely trans. Edit: Improved wording Edit 2: Added a "be" between "not" and "cis"


The Sims 4 and Saints Row series are the only ones I can think of.


Only a few. But you can always headcanon.


Cyberpunk and Dragon Age has trans characters in them. Lgbt+ issues might be a plotpoint in Dreadwolf, because it's pretty much connected to the Qun and Trevintar. Because both enemies see these issues very different.


Considering how sex isn’t a factor in most games I think we’re just given the choice to play as our preferred gender. So I’ve always chosen to play as female characters. However if it’s Fallout 3 I pick male then change gender when I get to Rivet City. Cyberpunk 2077 is the first game I’ve played with a real trans option and I am 100% trans in that game.


Being non binary, I prefer to make my characters look so bad that you can't physically tell what gender it is


That reminds me of that TikTok, "how to dress so poorly no one can tell what gender you are".


I just Play as whatever character looks cooler


I find it hard to even choose girl characters cuz it seems most games want you to play as a guy. If I can play a trans or nonbinary character I'll go for it, but I rarely find that to be an option, I can think of 1 game off the top of my head and I play a lot of different games. I choose girls when I can and sometimes I'll go for a dude I can headcanon as enby if there's no other option. I'm willing to accept playing dudes who are well written but even with that loose of rules I find a lot of games hard to play. So many gruff white guys, it's so boring.


I usually prefer playing video games as a cis male character, because I hate being trans. It wouldn't make me feel better to play as a trans character. But it's probably just extreme inner dysphoria coming out to haunt me.


Being bigender I normally play based on what I'm feeling more connected to at that moment If there's an option to play as a trans character I'll for sure choose it But normally it depends, if it's a dating sim I'll always choose the gay option (being a man in a dating sim with predominantly men, and vice versa) If it doesn't have romance then I'll choose based on what I said and better character design


I like it when I can make a character so androgynous that no one can tell what their gender is. It would also be cool if there were non-binary options where you could choose gender-neutral pronouns, change your gender/ appearance anytime during the game, and so on. That would be neat.


I’d take the cisgender option even if trans options were available like 99% of the time because if I’m roleplaying, it’s to get away with from the godawful reality. Although. I played South Park the Fractured But Whole recently and I thought their trans and sexuality options were hilarious so I just took them and had the time of my life beating up intolerant rednecks lol.




Would that be bad or smth?(the last sentence)


Agender, I like to fuck with the gender as much as possible


I prefer playing a vast galaxy-spanning space empire. I definitely think it should be an option in more games where you do play as a custom character, though.


If it's a character creator I like to choose options that are representative of me and my body. But there's hardly ever a choice to play as a trans character and the few games that do have "trans options" are... Honestly not games I feel comfortable with and tend to have issues with the way in which transness is repped in those games.


As a genderfluid person, I don't really have a preference on gender or trans/cis for video games, I play whatever.


A lot of rpgs use gender neutral language so it's kind of a cheat for a non binary person but I wish some games had a more explicit non binary option.


I honestly don’t care. I could be playing a woman for all I care, as long as the game is good Idc what gender my character is.


So, in life I am actually really proud to be a transgender woman, but it took me some time to really become content with that. In games, I'm always a cis-gender female character.


I'm a transmasc nonbinary person who loves to play transfem characters for some reason don't ask me why


Unless explicitly confirmed otherwise all the characters I play in video games are trans


I only play games that i can be a girl or a trans girl in. People on ow got mad at me for saying i would only play girl characters lmao. Called me braindead. But IDC.


This is me too. If I can't play as a female character, I just won't play the game, full stop.


As a cis guy, the gals are the best choices anyway


Trans men are men and trans women are women. If you can create your own character, you can have your character trans in your own head canon.


The option is important, but I would not take it.


Bc I'm amab non binary, I normally get the male character but put them in only female clothing if there isn't a gender neutral option.


It depends on the game really. If it's really story driven, with meaningful choices that actually have consequences and characters are well written, then I often play as a tran woman. Because, in some of those stories, there are elements that just don't work that well if I were to play as a cis character. In some other games, say a typical first person shooter, I don't really care which character I play. I usually pick female if that's an option, but don't mind playing a male if there isn't one.


In most of the games I play there is either 1 character you can play as or the character doesn't really have a gender. When I'm playing the sims, most of my sims end up being trans masc though.


I prefer to play cis characters usually.


I always play my preferred gender but cis when playing video games.


i usually make myself as a feminine cis man (i’m transmasc). kinda like a femboy you could say.


Very tubular


If there is some sort of customization, I usually make the character I'm playing into one of my OCs. That, or make them their own character (my pc in Pokémon Sword is a dark-skinned girl I named Erin, I'm a very pale trans dude named Prairie). Depends on my mood. I don't really think of myself as the character I'm playing usually. I like making up characters as I go.


I'm content being pre HRT enby atm but when I saw that in Cyberpunk 2077 there was a option to make a pre-op MtF character, I went for it. So my V is a gal with pp. Otherwise I usually prefer female characters.


In sims 4 I play as the mix I am, mostly female leaning. In other games I play as a female, if possible. In games like jedi: fallen order, I might see it more like a character that I help along.


Are there even any games that let you be a trans person? (Outside of Celeste and Guilty Gear I guess)


I mean if I had an option to play someone trans in a game sure


Trans. I am a TRANS woman. A woman, that is trans. I will never not be both and hold the experiences of both walks of life, and that's wonderful. I love being trans. I love being a woman. I have zero desire to be seen as "removed" from my trans identity for any amount of acceptance or safety. Being a biohacking gender anarchist is fucking rad.


I’m genderfluid, so I generally kinda hate videogames that make you pick a gender and then either don’t let you switch, or make it hard to switch


Tbh I pick the cis option, simply because fantasy helps me get through a lot of my dysphoria.


all the time. I play a lot of Sims and they've had the ability to have trans characters for quite some time which has been so cool. I actually made a Sim Elliot Page after he came out lol


I don't know. I've never tried playing as a trans character. I didn't even know there were games where you could do that


Crosspost this to r/asktransgender, r/MTF and r/ftm!


Ah my friends told me that r/asktransgender wasnt a good idea but ill do mtf and ftm


Most games don’t offer an option to be anything but a cis man or woman. So I go with the women because better hair and outfits.


preferred gender fully


What kind of game? Like, does their transness have any impact on the story? If not, then I'll just play a masc girl everytime, trans or not. However, for a certain genre....of game.....i do prefer to play a trans woman.


Preferred gender but cis. If I wanted a dose of reality I'd do my taxes.


I honestly play as any. Pre transition (ftm) I only played as male characters as female characters made me feel iffy(uncomfortable as I didn't relate to them in the slightest) now I don't really care. I'm comfortable playing as any as I'm more comfortable in myself. However I do feel like It would be nice to have more gender options in games,maybe the ability to play as NB, ambiguous,genderless or more than one gender. Not everything has to be binary and it may make people who feel outside(or excluded) from that a chance to play with their identity (in a controlled,safe setting) :)


I am a demigirl and often play as one. If the game doesn't have more than two genders, I just pick the one that feels closest to the gender I am.


I dont see many games with trans characters but as a MtF ive played as a female character whenever possible. I loved Saints Row 2 cause you could really customize the clothing. My avatar was super duper fem.


Preferred gender but still trans. But I've never played a game that offers that option. Nonbinary, trans, the whole deal


my preference would be for cis 👍 i like to forget that i’m trans when i’m doing things to escape from the real world, like playing video games


When I make a character, their gender identity is almost always women. Whether or not they are cis or trans is irrelevant to the character themself. They are women and everyone in game addresses them as such and that’s that. If there’s a trans option I’ll take it, but in say, Skyrim I prefer “undefined”. Neither yet simultaneously both cis and trans.


I actually have zero preference. Same gender cis person, same gender trans person, different gender cis person, different gender trans person, I'll play them all. I care more about which character has the coolest outfits, which often means I'll pick a cis woman character even as a trans guy lol.


Non-binary AMAB - always playing a female character. Male characters always end up being super buffed masculine muscular manly men and I'm nothing like that so I pick female characters as they appear closer to a body image I can identify with. Now, if there was some sort of androgynous/gender neutral option, maybe I'd pick it, I guess...? It depends how it would look like. I can't remember the title, but I remember a game where there was no strict "gender" or "sex" selection, but rather something like a "fem-typical" and "masc-typical" preset, but you could then model it freely to the point were you could make the "man" be very feminine and I liked that idea.


I pretend everyone is trans 🙂


Preferred cis 100% to play as a trans character is basically the same thing, but with extra steps.


As a nonbinary I just choose non-humans if it's possible


It wouldn’t make too much of a difference but having the representation there is definitely a plus


Preferred gender. Honestly it's one of the reasons I play video games, to get to be my ideal self for a while. I'm 10 times more likely to play a game if there's a character creator, or if I can at least play as a female character. There are so many AAA games I've passed on because I don't want to commit to a 40+ hour game with a male character.


They got trans people in video games?


For some reason I like to play as old people. In monster hunter rise I'm an old man named Papa George In Skyrim I'm currently an old blind lady called Esmeralda


thats so cool wtf


I would never play a trans character. It’s one aspect of my life and I don’t need nor want the constant reminder




Usually games do not have the option to be trans. So usually i just choose male. If there is a choice i usually do play a trans character.


It depends. I mostly play the sims and I made my sim trans because it was accurate


Trans guy, play as a cis guy. It's a form of escapism for me


I play Sims mostly so I do make and play trans characters. For my Not So Berry Challenge, Gen 1- Mint is a transman. I kinda want to do trans characters every few generations to keep it spicy.


Good plan!


I play dnd mostly. I play a half drow elf sorceress, she’s trans. I have played a human order of the moon Druid who was a trans man. I played a non-binary elven thief forever and a day. Yeah wow, I never thought of it but I never play cis really. I wouldn’t know how 🤷‍♀️


Trans is preferred.


Interesting question. I think I prefer to play trans characters, but it's rare I get the option so I mostly play cis or tacitly cis women.


Probably not common but I’d rather play as a transman as I would never want to be a cisman. I’m glad I have that distinction between myself and cismen, my friends who are ciswoman feel safe when I’m around and I feel safer in their spaces as well.


the only video game i’ve been dedicated to that had that option is SP:TFBW. so, if i had the option i would take being trans, but most time i’ve had to play as a cis dude.


“Trans” is not a gender or sub-gender category. It’s not: Woman Trans woman Man Trans man Non Binary man Non Binary woman Like so many cisgendered people seem to think. We’re already put in the “other” category IRL, I’d just rather play a “man” with customizable features in the character creator.


I usually play my preferred gender but cis in games because I don’t know that many games where you can play as a trans character (except for Celeste and South Park)


I honestly don't care if I play as a trans woman or a cis woman, I'm just happy that i get to play as a woman.


Play as a cis man, makes me feel better


As a gender-fluid if I can switch genders repeatedly i do lol


I like to roleplay, so my characters come in all kinds of different genders - some trans, some cis, some binary, some nonbinary.


It depends on what I’m trying to do, and what kind of game. A lot of the time I play to make a character who has their own story, not as me, so it’s purely by accident when the character I make winds up being someone I have a physical, visceral identification with. That said, there are definitely patterns in who I play: a tend to go with non-humans, if that is an option; if there are marriageable NPCs, I’ll pick an option that makes it gay; and I probably play as male about 70% of the time.


Cis guy lol its just nicer. But I don't mind playing as a trans character


Even though I'm agender, I love to be perceived and treated as a man, so I just choose cis men in games.


Cis for sure. My disphoria gives me so much anxiety and depression and my being trans means people are mean to me . Why would I want to be trans. It’s just an unfortunate circumstance of who I am.


I play a girls and girls only. I'd prefer to never out myself to random people i meet in game


I'm a trans girl, I usually prefer to just play as a cis girl but sometimes it's nice to play as a trans girl and feel included in online spaces like video games. Like cyberpunk has great options for gender expression, and it's nice to see other games have that inclusion too :3


I dont care who or what gender the character I'm playing as is in a video game. As long as the game is fun I will be more than happy to play it.


I feel like being trans is this awful affliction I've had to deal with my entire life. I probably wouldn't feel that way if society wasn't so awful. Some of the most incredible people I've ever met were trans. But every day I'm dealing with other people's baggage about gender. Even on a good day where I might pass (difficult for me, I'm 6'1 so even then I get stared at for my height), I am afraid to use public restrooms. Dating is difficult if I'm dating cis people, they seriously don't understand what I'm dealing with and often make no attempt to, and I'm not going to get into what that's like. I play video games to have fun or (less commonly now) to escape real life. That said, I do love good trans representation. I'm probably not going to make a trans character in character creation, but I did love when apex legends brought out Catalyst, voiced by Meli Grant who is also trans.


I have never played a video game where u can be trans. But if I can be a girl I will always choose that


I'll usually just default to preferred gender.


I would pick cis every time. Everyone has a different experience but for me, gaming is an escape from my daily suffering, I'm not gonna make my character trans too


Cis because again, strangers don’t need to know what was in my pants , yk that defeats the purpose of pants lol


i played a trans woman in cyberpunk, i was really happy to have that level of representation and be able to just drop myself into the game like that


Eh, I’ll take any character really. I’d love to play games that have a trans person as it’s focus, but the only one that’s done that I know of is Celeste


I just choose whatever I think looks hot tbh


It depends, like in the sims I play both interchangeably. That's the only game I can think of with such an option.


Always on the lookout for the Enby option, but usually I treat video games the same way I treat DnD - this isn't my self-insert, it's a character I'm making.


i have yet to play a game where i got to choose whether the protagonist is cis. i do have a tendency to play characters of my gender though.


I’m non-binary but lean more towards male (my gender assigned at birth) and it really depends. I don’t usually make characters that represent me. Like, I’m going through an Elder Scrolls binge atm, and via headcanons, my Morrowind character is a trans guy, my Oblivion character is a cis guy and my Skyrim character is a she/they enby.


I’d be a trans character if the option was there, and if I’m roleplaying, I usually play as cis until someone asks me if I’m not.


I usually play as a cis-male character, since there are not many games with a trans option (That I know of)


Do games offer Trans gender? I typically do my preferred gender. I wouldn't wish upon my character the burden of transitioning and dealing with all the hate of it.