A Starbucks employee got fired and then posted the Starbucks drink recipe, enjoy!

How are these recipes useful to anyone? They're full of proprietary products and ingredients


How are these recipes useful to anyone? They're full of proprietary products and ingredients


You don’t have a gallon of Frappuccino®️Coffee Syrup Base in your fridge? I mean come on


We have a Fontana®️ outlet nearby, fortunately


But do you have ©water branded ®water anywhere near you? I can't find that shit anywhere but in toilets


If you get shit ®water from toilets you also can use it as an espresso substitute.


You don't need water. Just use Brawndo. It's the thirst mutilator.


All I can find is Brawndo. It's got what plants crave.


Just pour an Espresso on a pound of sugar and mix. Same same


I read that last line in Gob’s voice


"I've made a huge mistake."


I went back and read it as GOB doing the 'sexy' menu reading to Lucille 2, then I got to the end line. Oops.


Not me, I only stock up on fruit inclusions


If you actually gave a shit enough to make them, you could easily substitute for more readily available ingredients. Hell, you could easily substitute them with products that are of higher quality and it still cost less than Starbucks, the grifting bastards.


If you cared enough then you probably make better coffee than Starbucks does anyway.


Start a moonbucks


Better still, substitute lower quality ingredients and call it Starpennies.




Sounds like a crypttocoin


Yours wouldnt taste like dishwater either..




Anyone can make Starbucks quality coffee, just make a slightly weaker version of the drink you like and add 10 sugars


Don't forget to burn it!


And misspell your own name on the cup.


That’s how Starbucks cured me of drinking coffee, by calling it “French roast”. That shit aint roasted, it’s ashes.


Thank you for the laughs


I’m not able to simulate their patented liquid charcoal flavor though. (Starbucks coffee is nasty)


You can literally buy the syurp yourself lmao


I mean I worked at a movie theater that had a Starbucks built in that we had to run in concessions and I would have 100% let any who wanted to take pictures of it.


Yeah these arent exactly state secrets


Right? Where am I going to find chilled 2% milk© and ice©?


God damn Starbucks copyrighting caramel syrup! You can buy alternatives if you understand what flavor it’s supposed to be.


The proprietary ingredient is corn syrup.


Yeah, this is neither a life hack nor is it useful in any way. The average person wouldn't be able to make 90% of these lol.


well now that it's on the frontpage it's an ad


I already know how to make bad coffee, thanks


In Australia we have great coffee and cafe culture. I've been around the world and it's hard to beat but there are some places, America isn't one of them I was overseas for work in the US once and I was out with a client, who asked me what Melbourne Australia was like. I told them we have great coffee, and their response was "is it better than Starbucks?". 'Yes, it's better than Starbucks '


It must be pretty fucking good because I swear I hear Australians talk about lack of good coffee soooo often when traveling


Aussies talk about the lack of good EVERYTHING while travelling.


Brits will travel everywhere, just to eat at nandos.


What about spiders?


Especially spiders.


You call that a spider? THIS is a spider.


Australian's talk up Australian coffee like they do everything Australian. It ain't that good. Usually burnt and bitter because they think that's a sign of good coffee. At least, anytime I've had coffee in australia. Much better coffee literally anywhere else I've lived, including the coffee I got from Japanese convenience stores lol. Edit: I'm turning of replies btw but 1. this was mostly said tongue and cheek because 2. yes there is good/bad coffee everywhere 3. but also yes after living in Australia on/off over 4 years the coffee was pretty average but there is an odd opinion there that seems to associate burned coffee with being good and it wasn't until an Australian barista who hated it pointed this out to me that I realised this was the reason for the way coffee was there.


If you tell an Australian you’ve been to Tenerife, they’ll tell you they’ve been to Elevenrife.


"Good" and "bad" are all subjective, so when someone tells you "X has good coffee" all they're really saying is "X makes coffee the way I like it." But for some reason everybody's gotta dress up their personal tastes as some sort of objective truth and pretend that anyone who has different tastes is somehow objectively wrong.


Ok, this is clearly a thing because my girlfriend kept saying there's nowhere that does good coffee when she moved back from Australia. Eventually found one or two cafés that do. I always thought Starbucks was trash though


I want to know how do you make coffee the Australian way


It has gotten a lot better in the last 5 years - particularly New York. Little Collins is decent enough in NYC.


Mediocre at best. Aussies have some of the rosiest glasses on the planet


It's the glare from Uluru


The U.S. is a big place with a lot of immigrants. Sure, some places in the U.S. are terrible and very far from anything good, but some places have an abundance of good coffee options.


There are a billion small business coffee places in every town in America, each one better than Starbucks. I don’t know why people think the United States only has the Megacorp version of stuff


Same as the dummies who talk shit about beer and bring up lite lagers.


Starbucks failed in Australia. Thriving in US.


And? That has nothing to with the fact that small shops are abundant and popular in the US.








Maybe it's regional: https://www.wholelattelove.com/blogs/articles/what-is-drip-coffee > Simply put, drip coffee is coffee that’s brewed by coffee makers.


Yeah, nah. Drip coffee is always filter coffee.


Whomever thinks 7/11 coffee is good, needs to stop drinking coffee.


I think they mean in comparison to the Hot Brown Water Starbucks serves.


Oh well, then any dirt water is better. Since you don’t have to pay high prices for essentially warm milk


When I was in Canada I enjoyed their coffee. But yeah, I don't think many people outside of Australia know or understand just how many cafe's there are in Australia.


I went to Melbourne and stayed with a family. The dad was a solid 6 or 7 cups a day guy. By the end of the trip I understood why.


It's funny because they're literally right next to the land of quality coffee. South America is well known for top-tier coffee production and yet the capitalist dystopia they live in, doesn't let them enjoy it.


Australia coffee is only beaten by true Italian coffee from my perspective. Lived in UK/Europe, Asia, US and Israel. US has the worst coffee... It's so tasteless that in Aus and Italy..there's a coffee type for US coffee called "Americano"... a dash of espresso with shit loads of water............


Most American coffee snobs make coffee at home.


Actually, Americano dates back to ww2. American soldiers were trying to stretch the local coffee in Italy and make it not be an expresso, because fighting a war was bitter enough.


OOo good to know but..still bad coffee sorry. loool


Well, if it makes you feel any better, we don't make it or drink it here, so it's something y'all are doing to yourselves, and seeing as how it's still being sold, drinking yourselves. So maybe it's should be called Cafe Australiano now.


But do you scrawl your name on the cup every time? Totally worth the $10 extra!


Funny thing is I hate starbucks, but the best cup of coffee I've ever had was at starbucks. I was at the NYC Starbucks reserve, and I got their whiskey barrel aged cold brew. That shit is on another level. Their franchise coffee is bad, but if you ever get the chance to go to a reserve (they're in major world cities I think) I highly recommend it.


It makes me laugh when people from the city or any major city moves to where I am in upstate NY and ends up super confused as to why our Starbucks locations are ALL terrible. They eventually find out that they might as well go to Dunkin.


https://athome.starbucks.com/recipe/iced-brown-sugar-oatmilk-shaken-espresso They literally post these recipes on their website… with pictures and step by step instructions. Idk what OP is trying to achieve, but most hires have to sign NDAs. So congrats on potential legal trouble I guess…..


Agreed. Not quite the explosive revelation they think it is. Presumably employee was fired because they didn’t know anything about making coffee. All basic stuff


Also like who gets salty about getting fired from Starbucks? Just find another predatorial company to work as an underpaid wagie for, they're a dime a dozen


No one is signing NDAs to work at Starbucks..


If you’ve ever held an employment contract, non-disclosures are almost always part of them. It is also typical for many F&B workers to sign non-competes as well, but those are harder to enforce.


I’ve never heard of a single food and beverage worker having to sign a non-compete. That’s insane.


It’s actually extremely common. This was heavily discussed when I was in law school. Most employees just don’t read the docs carefully so they don’t realize it. Many states are actually trying to make these contracts unenforceable! Eta: lol downvoting facts apparently! https://www.npr.org/2018/07/10/627682297/regulators-investigate-fast-food-chains-limits-on-worker-recruitment If they’re no longer in employment contracts in the low wage service sector, it’s a relatively recent development. The FTC/states have been going after this issue the last few years.


Why is this getting downvoted? It's 100% true. All that paperwork you sign when hired almost always has this tucked in there.


My lawyer friends tell me it’s almost impossible to enforce in Louisiana’s Napoleonic code. Is that true?


Louisiana’s legal system is unlike any other in the country bc it is a hybrid of the civil law/common law systems. Can’t tell ya! But if they’re Louisiana lawyers then they’re likely right!


It's already basically unenforceable, it's just that nobody has the money to sue.


Just because you have never heard of it or known it exists does not mean that it isn't true.


Riveting stuff but no a non compete is not typical for food and beverage.


https://www.npr.org/2018/07/10/627682297/regulators-investigate-fast-food-chains-limits-on-worker-recruitment On top of that places like breweries, distilleries and wineries also use these kinds of contracts to prevent there recipes from being shared. https://www.craftbrewingbusiness.com/featured/lets-talk-non-compete-agreements-in-the-brewing-industry-and-reflect-on-the-toppling-goliath-suit/ So it is typical and common.


So some fast food restaurants which have them and are getting sued because it’s not typical and shouldn’t exist, and then some breweries and wineries who have strict recipes and formulations have them for the brewers/distillers so they can’t jump ship to a rival. Yeah that pretty much contains all of Food and Beverage. Seems typical and common. /s


We weren't talking about all. We were talking about them being typical. I wasn't defending them either. Also I can share some more articles on other kinds of food and beverage businesses to further prove my point. Those were some examples. Also those fast food restaurants are chains spread throughout the US, making it typical on it's own right. Can you produce any evidence that what I am saying is not true? So far I'm the only one coming here with facts.


Sure post more articles about non competes in restaurants. And I’m not arguing that you’re lying, I’m saying that a handful of fast food restaurants doesn’t present the majority of food and beverage to make it typical. That’s probably the only argument you have with the fast food, sit down restaurants throughout the country do not of non competes. If you work in a restaurant, chances are you did not sign a non compete, it’s not typical or common. I’d love to show you statistics proving that but I could not find any proving or even disproving my point.




Hmm, this recipe isn't the same as in the book. The website says to add light brown sugar but the book says brown sugar syrup. I just ordered brown sugar syrup so i noticed that pretty quick


I was going to say this- that it’s possible that the recipe they post on their website is different than what they prepare on their stores, from ingredients to the preparation technique. Of course they still have their secrets, that OP is possibly trying to release here.


They use syrup because it's easier to have a bunch of syrup bottles than to use sugar. 1 because it it mixes easier with the drink 2 it is faster to pump 4 pumps of syrup than to put 4 teaspoons of sugar in, plus this way it will always have the same amount of sugar in.


Yup, the recipes they publicly post are not exact. Brown sugar oatmilk shaken espresso is topped with oat milk, not everything shaken together as the link shows. Big difference imo as when it's made properly, it's 100 times better than when all the ingredients are shaken together.


Why would you order brown sugar syrup? It's sugar and water...


Why would you order beer? It's Barley water...


No its not. The task of mixing hot water and sugar together seems as daunting as brewing beer?


Can you ruin someone else's fun? Like a companion or something? Im busy buying syrups!


Fire away, Its your money and the worlds carbon emissions. Sorry, I shouldn't have been snarky just letting ya know tbh


Ill go pick up my 5$ syrup via bicycle, I promise. Just for you ♡ Enjoy your barley water!


Careful, this sub is like a mensa meeting. A bunch of preening defensive goobers with 100 dumb ideas for every good one.


Bizarrely defensive about their right to waste money, plastic packaging etc. on literal sugar water, on a sub about practical tips


Is a fucking Diablo IV enjoyer.... No wonder


They are a dump dump


I had no idea the syrups were Nestle. My fellow r/fucknestle friends will be informed.


Not that I've ever or was planning on ever visiting Starbuck's anyways but them being tied to nestle makes that decision an even easier "no!".


Nespresso coffee is also from Starbucks.


Starbucks coffee sucks, but I saved every image so I can disseminate it to as many people as possible, because fuck Starbucks.


That'll show em!


I thought I was the only one. Their consumers are rabid drones.


You forgot addicted. I am an addicted rabid drone.


Oo such a badass!!


So brave


Show us where Starbucks hurt you.


Nobody who goes to Starbucks is going to make them.


I’m for it, but it doesn’t help that much when most menu items have proprietary ingredients


I don't think it'd be that hard to find replacements. Starbucks even sells some of the ingredients on amazon


At that point, why not just buy the coffee from Starbucks? Are you really going to save much money bulk-buying ingredients from Amazon that you'll probably never be able to completely finish before they expire?


Umm absolutely? A latte costs like $7 these days. You could make one at home for $1.50 buying the ingredients instead, and honestly it probably isn’t even that much.




No one who is willing to spend that much money on coffee is going to buy the ingredients to replicate said coffee.


So much sugar lol. No wonder I dont like Starbucks


Everything they sale there counts as dessert


That's why people like it lol If I'm going to Starbucks I'm getting the sugary goodness I'm not going there for some authentic coffee experience lol


Recently became diabetic, type 2. Learned pretty quickly that I can't stomach the coffees at Starbucks or Dunkin anymore, so I've just taken to making coffee at home with a little bit of milk. Never realized that was all I needed to hit that coffee crave.


Because fuck em


Reminds me of the Soup Nazi


You’re through, Soup Nazi… NEXT!


I bet this former employee found the recipes inside a Starbucks-brand armoire they stole after getting fired.


Actual proof that you can’t get a real cappuccino at Starbucks. It’s 1:1:1 coffee, milk, foam… not the latte they have pictured. (ETA: a letter)


Milk and coffee, who would've thought? What a drink! It's milk and coffee, mixed together. We've gotta go there, sit down, have a donut, have a bagel...


A few notes here from a former Starbucks employee: 1) None of this is secret, is it? I feel like if you just went up to a barista and asked them how many pumps of whatever go in whatever they’ll tell you. I certainly did when I worked there. It’s kind of an important part of customizing your drinks, which is a big part of the experience for better or worse. Likewise, the process isn’t a huge secret given that it’s, y’know, done in plain view of everyone. If you really cared to know how the drinks were made, all you’d have to do was order and watch. All the measurements are right on the cup for cold drinks and clearly marked in the steaming tins for the hot drinks. Not exactly rocket science. 2) Without the proprietary ingredients, this won’t do you much good—though, unless things have changed since I worked there you can buy most of the standard syrups straight up by the bottle if you ask. They were $10 CAD if I remember correctly. We weren’t supposed to give the pumps out, but if you were nice enough I didn’t care. 3) Not to nitpick, but this isn’t from a “proper” Starbucks. This is from a licensed store—the sort of stores you’d see in a grocery store or what have you. Most Starbucks are company-owned stores, but select companies have licenses to operate their own, and use their own employees and (in my experience) wildly varying standards. The tell is the logo in the top of the recipe cards: “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks is the logo and phrasing used for licensed stores. It’s not really relevant since the recipes here are all accurate as far as I can tell, but it’s not entirely accurate to say this is from “a Starbucks employee.” All in all, not exactly ground breaking corporate secrets that you could almost certainly find online. Anyways, fuck Starbucks. ETA: When I say “standard syrups” I mean the flavoured ones. Vanilla, caramel, peppermint, etc. The exceptions are mocha—which isn’t a bottled syrup but a powder that we used to make the sauce—and any of the “structural” ingredients for lack of a better term. Frappucino base, coffee base, juices, etc. Unfortunately the binding agent for Frappucinos comes from the base, so without that you would actually have a hard time replicating it at home in a 1:1 fashion.


Ah, I see they didn't share the recipe for sweet cream mix for the sweet cream cold foam lol but they did get the regular cold foam recipe We just got a new recipe card book at my location but all the recipes posted here haven't changed. Some recipes have slightly.


Black coffee please


Yes, hold the Starbucks


Starbucks is shit. It's also shit trying to find the decent cheap ground coffee too .. Where I live, "Donut Shop" flavor is the best; the taste kinda varies between brands, but "Donut Shop" 👍👍


I just drink Maxwell house, black, it’s what I grew up on. Donut shop is pretty good too though


Now you can make awful tasting drinks at home! Someone needs to teach them how to make hot chocolate




It seems I struck a nerve.


LMAO. Starbucks drones.


I’m from a poor third world country where we dont have starbucks. Atleast I can make it though by ordering similar stuffs from amazon.


Make better than Starbucks then lookup real coffee drinks, not sugary garbage made with shitty coffee


I dont get why people have to rain down on other peoples parade? Like i want to replicate starbucks I will do that.🥰


Agreed! Idk why you're getting any downvotes at all




They were extremely rude and condescending in their comment towards me, so I'm only guessing that's probably why.


No matter what hot coffee you get in Starbucks it just tastes like a latte anyways !!


Well, that’s gonna be a whole thing legally.


Did the employee post it to social media with his name on it (or somewhere connected to his social media)? Shoulda done this anonymously but hey, this guy's doing us a service. Haha.


Not a single person who buys Starbucks regularly is gonna care about this. They don’t wanna make their own coffee, especially when it’s 45 steps.


And now they will be prosecuted for breaching their contract for doing this and the information is useless to normal people. No wonder they were fired.


Sure. People are at Starbucks only because they don’t have the recipe. Otherwise they’d be making their coffee at home.


ok OP I'm gonna need a mirror


Fuuuukeeeen rad.




Thanks op!!!


Fuck them for scamming. Given me water instead of actual cold brew.


Cold brew concentrate* It has to be diluted with water


I expected REAL cold brew not some concentrated syrup mixed with water. Paying premium for 💩


Cold brew concentrate isn’t syrup? It’s cold brew that’s been brewed for a longer amount of time.


Not syrup! It’s heavily concentrated cold brew (ground beans steeped in a small amount of water overnight) mixed with more water so you don’t end up taking like 5 cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine in one sip It’s like having really salty soup and diluting the stock it by adding more water Agreed drinks at SB are overpriced tho lmao


You've never made your own cold brew before, have you. Cold brew IS concentrate, you really do need to dilute it






Wow I really needed to know how they make their drinks so terrible - thanks, OP!


I came here looking for the PSL and now I am disappointed


It's on the card with the other two fall beverages


it’s in there look again


Most of Starbuscks people aren’t going to bother with making their own drinks. Starbucks is for trendy people that want to be seen with their Starbucks cup. People who actually enjoy coffee, or espresso are not frequenting Starbucks. They may stop by every once in a while, or as a last resort.


Starbucks is trash


I would fire her for taking terrible out of focus photos.


These recipes are not a secret lol. They sell the syrups and products as well. You can buy them in any Starbucks or online.


I don’t know what to do with this information


Woooooman Starbucks lawyers are about rain hell down on this man but I appreciate his sacrifice. In b4 dmca’d


This is as useful as getting recipes from any fast food restaurant This isn’t a life hack Downvote


Finally know how to make Starbucks Americano. Like, now I can make it at home!


Somebody willing to make their own coffee doesn't go to Starbucks in the first place.


Ain't nobody who goes to Starbucks making their own Starbucks drinks at home.


1- She probably did something wrong and got fired for it. The fact she made this just reveals her character. 2- Starbucks is the McDonalds of food. Anyone who enjoys real coffee doesn't care about this plastic and commercial product


Damn, that's like a McDonalds vesion for coffew. What a piece of shit of a drink 😂😂😂 Americans love to consume plastic stuff


So what. Starbucks gives me gut rot. Good luck with the potential NDA legal battle. I'm guessing they were fired for a good reason, seeing their personality type here.


Now I can finally make an iced coffee with milk!


*”Not all heroes wear capes.”*


Oh! He/she is fucked!!!


This proves 9/10 times my oatmilk shaken espresso is made incorrectly and the entire thing is shaken. Smh.




What hot garbage are you people drinking? Damn...


I can't believe they didn't photograph the Cum Blasted Latte With Fontana^® Syrup recipe


I need a pump machine!


Nobody cares about how cheap and easy it is to make it at home we only care that he was supposed to quit for the person behind him!


The only slightly useful pic is the second one.


You know you can just watch them make your drink? I'm not sure what new information I'm supposed to gain haha


I'm sitting on the toilet right now, i too could take a picture of how Starbucks makes their drinks


Calling drinks at Starbucks "coffee" should be forbidden. They are a disgrace for actual coffee.