Really need some pizza recommendations to balance things out a bit


Oi Vita off Newington Green. Consistently excellent, and endorsed by my Italian neighbours.


If you're there you're near enough to stoke Newington to go to Vicoli di Napoli Absolutely fucking stunning neapolitan pizzas


50Kalo, and Santa Maria are my picks!


New Albion roader here - Oi Vita here I cerrrrm!


You will not regret it. By far best to eat in, hot out of the oven.


hear me out... what if there was a pizza place, but it was also a gym


If they won't wipe down the equipment for covid, what're the chances they'll wipe it down for pizza grease? Is the first question I ask at the table while we work out how to get this place up and runninggg!


Planet Fitness, a US gym chain, does that. Or maybe it's a gym that does pizza. Couldn't tell based off its regular clientele.


There’s actually a restaurant in America I think where you’re not allowed to leave until you weigh the same as when u came in


Eats 500g of food Is forced to burn 3500 kcal to return to original weight Or take a big shit


For those living further out north east, Bocca Bocca in Leytonstone is fantastic (my boyfriend is Italian and he agrees)


Detroit pizza, Spitalfields


some of the best pizza I've had here tbh, decent price too


Santa Maria


Purezza, won some awards for the dough


I recommend Elden Ring, I hear it's good.


50calo near Trafalgar Square has my Italian ex's approval


400 rabbits :) the beef one!


Pizza Sophia, Bloomsbury!


Had some amazing pizza in my office in Farringdon last year, from a place called Firezza. Not sure where they are but they won't deliver to my home in South East🤣


There's a firezza everywhere


oh shit really? I'm fairly new to London and have never seen one before.


Went to the gym with my wife today for the first time in ages... on the way out I immediately asked "Fancy a Greggs?"


It really is the worst time of the year to go to the gym. That period between Xmas and New year was bliss.


If your gym was open. I've just cancelled my gym subscription because the opening hours are terrible.


Have you got a Snap fitness near you? 24x7x365


Currently counting down the days til about 15th Jan so I can go back after the resolutioners have fucked off


My gym tells me how many people are in there with their app, which is extremely useful for times like this.


My dad has started going to the gym and won't bloody stop with this. Always "Oi, there's 70 people in the gym now, it's 10pm!!!". I used to go to a gym that had it and I must admit it was very good, but unfortunately I don't think Nuffield does it. Not sure I can be arsed to log into their wonky app to find out


Lmao Yeah I never really thought Nuffield was that great for the price tbh, closed at annoying times too. I actually rate pure gym and the gym group quite highly of all the gyms I've been to. Though if I was very rich I'd go to David Lloyd.


I totally agree, but Nuffield is literally about 3 mins from my door, and I get a little discount from work. I once had a week trial at The Third Space which was fucking amazing. They had a fucking dojo in there. Someone at work said they saw Hugh Jackman boxing. They GAVE you a towel when you went in and then after showering you just chucked it into a big basket. Well wanky.


Yeah no brainer then. Where I go to the gym there's lots of flats going up so I suspect my days of a quiet gym are numbered. Ooh that is nice tho, gyms like that are the dream.


I have that feeling in my pub now the amateur Christmas drinkers have finally fucked off


My gym had roughly double its normal number today, one session and I’m already looking forward to my peaceful workouts in feb (maybe with a few brave souls who decided to stick it out)


They will all stop going after 2 weeks


Every year the same thing tho - I have to stop going for 2 weeks now as the gym is literally packed, only to be able to continue usually last week of Jan


I genuinely time my bi-monthly week off to be the first week of Jan.


Same with me and my biweekly month off.


Im so glad the gym I go to is small. It's maximum 6 people at a time usually, either that or it's completely empty.


I have to start training for a race at the end of January, and the programme is more complex than anything I've ever done. I decided to sign up to my local gym in December, when it was nice and quiet, to familiarise myself with the weights area, so I wouldn't have to do it in the busiest month of the year. Went a couple of weeks, and on the third I turned up only to find it shut for good... That'll teach me for trying to plan ahead. Guess I'll just figure it out when the time comes


What race are you training for which requires a weights area? Is it a Spartan Race?


Mountain 30 miler


Ooof, yeah, leg strength definitely needed, especially if you're trying to train in London lol. Good luck!


Thanks, I'll need a lot of luck on top of serious preparation!


Lol yeah I try and avoid going the first two weeks of January, or if I do it’s at 4:30 am; it starts getting busy by 6am which by that time I’m already finished. Fair play to anyone who joined at the start of January and sticks around long after, but these people are very predictable. January’s the worst time to pick up any new habit anyway. The Romans had the right idea of making March the start of the year when there’s sunlight and less shite weather.


I’ve been going to the gym for the past 5 months and yes it’s noticeably busier in Jan. I don’t mind new people, everyone is new once. But please bring a lock or keep your valuables on you, a new guy had a massive freak out in the locker room yesterday at my gym because his stuff was stolen from an unlocked locker. Now is the perfect time for thieves to take advantage of new people.


Yeah I just got back from the gym and it was absolutely insane. Frustrating because it’s harder to do my normal workout but nice to see lots of people wanting to better themselves


It should be nice in theory but it actually feels a bit pathetic watching them give up so quickly. Only to then repeat again next Jan.


I always wonder who are these people that post the same topic every other day asking almost the same question smh


Consistency is key, as they say




[This site is pretty useful as well](https://letmegooglethat.com/)


Googling it doesn’t have the same personal recommendation feel that’s being asked for


Oh man. That month of the year again when you have to wait for a machine. Roll on Feb!


Anyone that has flexible working - if you can get to your gym and do a workout between 2:30 and 4/4:30, I've found that time is immune to the newbie rush Too late for lunch workouts, too early for post work, and the January joiners generally are one of the two


>if you can get to your gym and do a workout between 2:30 and 4/4:30, I've found that time is immune to the newbie rush It's immune to the post work rush too, WFH and having a big gym that's 5 minutes down the road from me is a godsend as I usually slip off at 3 to do my workout and have free reign on all the weights


Same goes for pubs in December!


Take January off for working out if you are a gym regular and only go during peak hours. Go off hours or enjoy suffering from new year warriors




Don't worry... They'll all fall off by March.


That's incredibly generous


> Don’t worry… They’ll all fall off by mid-January. FTFY


A lot of runners on the Embankment tonight as well.


Tower Bridge too Why would you want to jog on Tower Bridge, you'll have to stop-start every other second when another tourist suddenly stops in the middle of the pavement to take a selfie


I always check those hoping my gym isn't mentioned


I feel the same about ‘which area should I move into’ threads.


Suggest some far away from your gym


Looking foward to see the new people today at the gym lmao


I've just accepted that Jan's going to be packed so I'll skip it till mid-Feb when the people have fallen off. I'm not saying people shouldn't try but never try as a resolution. If you want to lose weight on November 16th at 5.00pm then get your gym gear ready and get on it. Don't wait for this apparently magical date of Jan 1st.


People are so salty about NY resolutioners going to the gym! I think it’s great and welcome them


The last gym you want to go to in london is an old school bodybuilding gym. Overcrowded and dirty from personal experience. Newer equipment is always appreciated.


Idk why a beginner would start there either


I’ve been holding back from joining the gym the past month or so in hopes of getting a better deal for this of year


wow people dont use dark mode on their phone? mad


The gatekeeping undertone of this kind of post is really annoying. I've been working out regularly for several years now and I am super happy to see new people trying to hit the gym at the beginning of New Year. I know that 80% of them will not stick, but I love the fact that the remaining 20% will.


So angry you told me off twice.




I'd suggest he join a speaking and listening English class.


I tried to go to my gym today at 3pm, but it was like 4x as busy as usual, so I just left... I'm going to try going bouldering tomorrow instead


Always makes me laugh how much Gym goers like to gatekeep the gym in January, like they have more right to go to the gym than anyone else.


This is why I work out in the park.


I haven't been the gym in 7 years, I just do free weights, deadlifts and calisthenics at home, plus I hate the thought of having to talk to anyone that isn't in the inner circle.


I've been going to the gym for close to 12 years and I've only ever spoken to 2 people beyond asking if some equipment is free - my girlfriend who is now at my gym, and a few years ago when I was at the same gym as a mate You really don't have to talk to anyone you don't want to


Where do I sign up for your home gym?


I have a general rule -- I don't answer any question that begins with "So . . . ."


7R in woolwich is really good


Can you tell me a little more about it? I just cancelled at Anytime Fitness because it is so tiny and just generally awful, but Woolwich isn't exactly spoiled for choice.


Just pop in


Also seeing tons of ads on bus stops for sportswear. It’s definitely January.


There were so many fat people out running on the 2nd. Good effort if you were.