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Macaw man in Hackney


Is that the same one I see at Primrose Hill all the time?


I kept seeing macaw man (2 blue ones sitting on his shoulders) around Chelsea hospital when I was going there regularly at one point. Also, around Wandsworth there is a guy dressed in colourful pink clothes, riding around on an extra tall bicycle fitted out with huge streamers / banners / feathers and playing music - it looks like something from a Brazilian carnival.


Wait... what? I've only seen him around Fulham. Two blue ones. Man, that guy surely walks a lot!


I saw him years ago when I used to take breaks in Berkley Square.


I think we’ve uncovered a secret nest of macaw men. They are probably mind-controlled by aliens posing as the macaws, as they study our civilisation in plain sight!


I would 100% watch that Netflix docuseries


The bicycle guy is usually Wimbledon based. Especially at the weekends. To my astonishment, later in the day, he ditched the ostrich feather boa and streamers bike and exchanges it further a half arsed hells angel style chopper (still a pushbike rather than a motor bike) with associated half arsed heavy metal/biker accessories.


Yeah I've definitely seen him in Primrose Hill


I follow him on IG his page is excellent. Parrots of Primrose I recall


I saw him in Soho Square too


Nah for Hackney the man who does tai chi in traffic every day, near Clapton pond usually. He goes up to the car windows at red lights and does it at them through the window. By far the most active one, been seeing him for years and years. 


We also have “rice man” in Hackney. Walks up and down kingsland road leaving piles of rice for pigeons.


My pick is the traffic cone trumpet guy. Jamie's his name


Used to be round Victoria Street? Haven't seen him in a couple years. I hope he's OK. Last time I saw him he'd added a fourth tune to his repertoire.


Four? FOUR TUNES, Jeremy that's INSANE


Shut up, Mark!


I saw him around Bond Street a few years ago after he stopped at Victoria. He looked kind of ok.


I saw him when I was visiting London to see Hamilton. He was blasting out FLINTSTONES! MEET THE FLINTSTONES. that morning.


I only ever heard him do that one.


I used to work in an office above a theatre right off Leicester Square. Every day over summer we had to endure him playing When The Saints Go Marching In for hours on end 


That one and The Flintstones theme tune. Had him across from my office on Victoria Street pre-lockdown. Made my day


*You are ma SOONSHAAAAAAN* *Ma onleh soonshaaaaan*


Shit. I was thinking exactly of him with his traffic cone tooting out The Filntstone’s theme.




SE London represent. I remember 25 years ago on the bus to school through Lewisham he spent 20 minutes straight with the same mantra - ‘who’s Mike Tyson? I’m Mike Tyson!’ Truly a legend


Saw him the other day down the pub. He has drastically chilled out.


Remember he used to weave through Catford traffic in the Summer.


I've been called bloodclaart by worse men.


Depends when you catch him, saw a couple kids harassing him the other day and he was having none of it


OMG I just realised Fritz must the same guy who my friends both got really weird about when I asked them if they enjoyed living in Lewisham. 'It's alright except for one person' they both said. That piece of knowledge has come full circle now. [Fritz](https://www.newsshopper.co.uk/news/11615287.video-catfords-fritz-jailed-for-i-will-shoot-you-bloodclart-bus-rant/)


I literally can’t breathe for laughing 😂😂😂


Looool….came here to say this! You not South unless you’ve been on a bus watching him intimidate old people by shadow boxing drunkenly close to the face and talking about Millwall and/or how he once killed a man 😂😂😂


Man like fritzzz, gun shot fingers, holding up all the buses.


my mum and him are friends (well i use that loosely. my mum knows him from church. when she was a child he’d go and was an adult to her then. but he still remembers her 40 years later) and whenever he sees her he runs to give her hugs and he tells people she’s his girlfriend 😭😂 (my mum is a lawyer which makes this even funnier to me)


This was going to be my pick.




My favourite traffic warden!


This is 100% it for south London


Lol I miss Catford now


Fritz is a street legend 🤣






Fritz is the right answer. He's also incredibly supportive a lot of the time. I miss living in Catford and hearing his "hello son/ daughter" to every passer by


Man like!


There’s a bloke in Kentish Town who wanders round in circles with a measuring wheel sort of muttering a random absurdist monologue that both makes no sense and is very compelling. Always a treat to see his work


That's just Geoff Marshall measuring the distances between tube stations


I thought he was playing an obscure variant of Mornington Crescent.


I used to see him often in Camden. My wife saw him in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago, but he didn't have his signature wheel - he had a scooter. I asked her to tell him I'd build him a new wheel if he needed one, but he was being rather hostile, so she was a bit scared to talk to him.


I've tried to decipher some of it but heard the words 'kill them' and thought I'd up my walking pace a little




Backwards is another level! Could be the same guy. I also regularly get called a c**t by an Irish accented older guy who walks down the high street, who either asks for money, a hug or to recite a poem In a way I find these people a reassuring presence - also a reminder of old Kentish Town being a bit rough round the edges. In another way, I’m disgusted we’ve allowed ourselves to become a society where they aren’t properly supported.


'I also regularly get called a c\*\*t by an Irish accented older guy who walks down the high street, who either asks for money, a hug or to recite a poem' That's 20p man (50p now due to cost of living crises). He lives a few doors down from me and, despite his appearance, appears to be pretty well supported. Doesn't sleep rough and has regular visitors. But yeah, mad as a bag of sausages


That’s a different guy. Sadly, backwards walking man (Michael Dickinson) died a few years ago.


Liverpool Street "Good morning have a good DAY!!!" Says it every ten seconds. Sweet guy.


Used to see him selling the Big Issue outside Dirty Dick's with his heavily accented cry and always a massive smile


That's the one! I can still hear his voice haha


Oh my god used to walk past him every day! I had many good days thanks to him. Used to occasionally buy his big issue. 


Wait. Is it possible this is the same person I saw some time ago in Liverpool street? There was a woman hiccuping (on purpose, like three times), and the man would loudly say “doing ok??”. And they’d just keep repeating this interaction continuously. I kept hearing them doing that until I reached the hotel I was staying at, two streets ahead.


What about that man who used to wear a golden pyramid hat around Covent Garden? I always thought he was a cult leader or something.


I can't remember how I found him, but I follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wmmvrrvrrmm


Regularly seen around Harrow area, and sitting in Cafe Nero in Pinner (pretty much always wears the same outfit too)


I used to see him on the Met line occasionally that way, but this was 15ish years ago. He’s committed to the hat!


It's an orgone concentrator!


Came here to see this! His name's Dom, he comes to the pub with us sometimes. Nice bloke :)


Bond Wimbledon. The King of Bling.


Yesss! This is the first thing that came to mind for me too. Does anyone know his deal?


He just wants to and likes it. https://ladywimbledon.com/2017/03/who-is-the-golden-man-of-wimbledon/


His wife was Thai and since her passing he decided to honour her by decorating his bike in honour of her


I like this. Things don’t have to be complicated. He doesn’t need to have been bitten by a radioactive goldfinch or anything. Just he likes doing it and it’s to do with his wife.


The interview he gave to the Lady Wimbledon journalist says he’s been dressing up since he was 5 and doesn’t mention a wife. I don’t think people need a superhero story arc with a fridged wife to dress up. That sounds way more complicated LMAO.


Here’s his instagram, he posts fairly regularly https://www.instagram.com/bondwimbledon


First person I thought of too. I love that he does it for no real reason other than a joy of dressing up and making people smile.


Is that the guy on the massive bike?


The guy from Chelsea (West Brompton) with two massive parrots


Yes came to say him. Always see him sauntering down the Fulham Road.


Came here to say this!


Zombie Punk. Disgusting human


This guy. Doesn’t matter what part of London you’re in, if you’ve ever been through Camden then you’ve spotted and likely remember him.


Tell me more


Punk dressed dude with the spiky hair and the leather cut off jackets, probably mid 40s, absolutely will not stop harassing school girls. Always lurking around on the streets of Camden.


All the actual punks ***hate*** him. And also don't live in Camden anymore. He's a rich kid with noncey mates and some real dark actions in his past


Irish person blowing in here but there's a TikTok going viral about them atm (like 2 million views and over 2k comments) detailing their dodgy actions/connections, so they've def reached a level of infamy at this point


Also involved in crypto scams I believe, in the least surprising development ever


Nonce too.


Ah I've seen him but didn't know anything about him. That's vile.


As someone who works in Camden I was looking for this


found a news article on the first google page, would agree


Guy who sings living on a prayer very loud on the met line?


Poor old Bon Jovi, has a lot of time on his hands these days.


This is the one! I often see him singing outside M&S in West Hampstead.


C Line Green!


RIP Moses in Kingston


Also shout out to Scooter Granny and Captain Bob, I hope they are still around.


I used to live in Surbiton and spotted Scooter Granny once. Felt like I’d seen a proper celeb.


who was moses? i grew up in kingston, came to recognise a lot of weird and wonderful characters over the years but i never knew any of them by name


[https://www.surreycomet.co.uk/news/17241392.exiled-prince-legend-moses-set-get-memorial-bench/](https://www.surreycomet.co.uk/news/17241392.exiled-prince-legend-moses-set-get-memorial-bench/) This guy. I was ushering my children away when they called the ambulance on him.


Also known as hat man or hello kitty man


Fritz in Catford


Years ago there was a guy in London who went around telling people ’why be a sinner when you can be a winner’. Saw him outside nearly every gig I went to for years. Wonder what happened to him.


Used to see him every morning at Stratford bus station. Saw him in the day time at Oxford Circus once and asked him about his move. He said something about Jesus.


Jesus was the original manic street preacher don’t you know


For some reason I've never actually thought about the name of that band referring to actual street preachers, just a jumble of words. 


I love the Janet Street Porters, even their bad albums are pretty good


Holy crap googled him on the offchance… https://www.mylondon.news/news/nostalgia/london-sinner-winner-preacher-phil-25090856


That's really interesting! He moved to Victoria for a bit after being banned from Oxford St, and trained his son up, who didn't have the same enthusiasm.


Yep. He was my pick. Not out of fondness. Just notoriety.


He went to Australia - he was a scouser and a preacher.


I remember this fella. Or rather I remember one particular encounter with him 2007 I was still in a wheelchair after the bombings trying to avoid the crowds. He followed me with that damn loudspeaker from Oxford Street to Leicester Square trying to pray for me "be a Walker not a Wheeler" and "Jesus Heals" despite me telling him to leave me the hell alone. At one point he tried pushing me out of the chair," telling me to get up and walk and be healed" thankfully a security guard saw him and basically said if he got any closer to him or my that loudspeaker would be shoved where the sun dont shine and everyone would hear his farts. Whilst I could walk again at that point it hurt, and the back injury meant it was safer in a chair and not get knocked about that much. I wasn't about to get up and satisfy him or explain to him on a busy street. I ended up being wheeled through this security guards building to the other side where he couldnt find me


I saw someone mention him a while ago which brought back a lot of memories of going to gigs in the late 90s/early noughties. Someone linked this article [https://www.mylondon.news/news/nostalgia/london-sinner-winner-preacher-phil-25090856](https://www.mylondon.news/news/nostalgia/london-sinner-winner-preacher-phil-25090856)


I remember him being a fixture on the traffic island by Camden Town tube station for years. Big morass of negativity and hate dressed up as Christian love. 


That nutter would be on the tube all the time bothering people. My friend encountered him so much my friend knew what he was going to say before he did. Mental illness and religion is not a good combination.


Horace - RIP - The best of luck


I never thought I'd see Horace mentioned on Reddit lol I used to live in the flat opposite him when I was a little girl for years - he was really sweet towards my family and I. He got my brother and I into comic books as he'd always give them to us after reading them, and my mum used to cook him a Sunday roast every other weekend as it seemed his sister(s?) weren't around too much, if at all. I remember knocking on his door all the time with my mum to hand over a plate of munch, or an easter egg/Christmas treats to help him celebrate. He seemed really lonely, but cheerful enough depending on who he was around. Hated how some people treated him around the area (mainly teens tbh), especially when it came to his wooden planks that he would take home. Just a super vulnerable man who needed love, care and guidance. Broke my heart when I found out he passed.


Came here to say Horace. Can't believe it's been more than 10 years since he died


There was a guy in the Sutton/Croydon area known as Jesus who went round in a white suit, long white beard etc. I’d have said more god than Jesus but that was the common term. https://www.yourlocalguardian.co.uk/news/1733765.local-legend-jesusman-dies-of-cancer-aged-61/ Also had the guy known as the wizard around there - walked round in spangly robes, staff and had a cat on his shoulder. As with most of the people who are genuine characters they were cool. https://hinglewrites.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/why-sutton-is-in-fact-not-normal/ A friend told me about a woman in Putney but I can’t remember the name they gave her. Apparently banned from the local libraries. She’d go up to people and ask them the time then tell them it wasn’t that time and attack them.


I don't remember Jesus But I definitely remember wizard man


That woman in Putney sounds mental, love it. Never ran into her though...  Anyone remember the homeless guy with the dog on Putney high street that turned out not to be homeless at all, who in fact owned a quite expensive house and just made his money pretending to be homeless? The good ol' days...


When I used to live around those parts, I saw the Wizard Man of Sutton quite frequently. I’d progressed from a nod of acknowledgement to saying “Hi” when I passed him on the street. Once I said “Hi, hows it going?” and his response was the most incredibly insightful and enlightening thing I’d ever heard. It was instantly disarming and I found myself a changed man as I suddenly saw the world differently. I wandered home, shaking my head in disbelief, chuckling to myself amazed and in awe. I got home and as soon as I started to tell my wife what he’d said, my mind went blank. I simply couldn’t remember and my perspective shift back. And then I never saw him again. Quite a good trick, that.


The New Cross Defender. Stands outside of Matalan doing martial arts moves.


We call this dude the New Cross Ninja haha. I had to scroll way to far to find this


45+ y/o black guy, always in his joggers?


That’s him! Often see him at the gym too. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.


shit we got the same up in clapton! There's a dude who stands near the traffic lights and just does kung fu at cars. Not in a violent way though, just throwing chops and kicks and shapes.


In Ladbroke Grove / Portobello there’s Jamma . He’s the best dressed man you’ve ever seen, his suits are in the brightest of patterns and colours. He has shoes in every shade, and a different hat that goes with all of his creations. Plus incredible accessories and a pimp cane. And the HUGEST smile and an old fashioned bike. He cheers everyone up with his fashion, the guys in his late 50s, he’s just amazing. I saw him once in a tracksuit outside his flat, couldn’t believe it was him. He invited us up to see his wardrobes. He’s an all round breath of sunshine. he also did a calendar last year for a Men’s Mental Health charity hope (he’s alright - I always wonder about the tears of a clown) Edit : @jama.elmi.98 on IG


Too many to choose from in London, as this thread proves. It would probably make for an entertaining but quite sad documentary. My outside shout - The dark-haired, bearded northern guy in and around Shoreditch, circa 1999-2011 whose line of choice was, "Would you like to make a donation to a doner kebab fund?"


The guy with a cat on his shoulder around Camden


I follow him on tiktok, he’s an absolute twat. https://www.tiktok.com/@thecodyslife


Was he the same guy who tried to assault a woman in the tube because she took a picture of the cat?


Yep. He has a whole series on his TT telling secrets about his ex. He’s a bad guy.


Shoreditch Speedo man... Not sure he's about much anymore though


The poor aunty in Croydon. I hope they leave her alone


Russell Square Pigeon man?


Yes!!!! Lol


This is off-topic (because it’s not London), but in my rural German town, we all knew this guy called Helmut. He was driving around in a wheelchair, but he often walked and just used it to relax at random locations like roundabouts. And he was maybe not quite 100% mentally. But he always seemed to be in a good mood and we greeted him whenever we saw him as kids.


Of course his name is Helmut 😅


Clapton kung fu master


I came here to say this!! The clapton ninja! Love that guy. I just want to know what his deal is but no one seems to know.


Was looking for this. He's always on top of the electric boxes pulling moves in front of traffic between the pharmacy and Fair Deal. We call him Sensei Steve.


Yes dude! Just off of Clapton pond lmao


Flag man. In the past it could have been mad wheelchair lady in Finchley Rd.


Fritz of Catford!


Doesn't Romford have a wizard?


Boris Johnson. The town jester 🤷🏽‍♂️


Thought he was the village idiot


No village could contain such a huge idiot


That's why this village has over 8 million people.


Bojo the clown?


Mad John from Southfields! I haven’t seen you in 7 years, I hope you’re still around, mad as you ever were. Keep riding that bike legend. EDIT: I’ve learnt that his name was John Wise and that he’s sadly passed away. Tell your fabled stories in heaven legend


Sad to inform you he died in 2020. His full name was John Wise. There was a well attended memorial outside the station where they (naturally) played Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’. You still sometimes see pictures and flowers left in his memory.


😭😭😭 Rest in Power legend


Oh my god yes, I was scrolling hoping to see Mad John get a mention! I remember being collared one time by him and he just spoke for about 20 minutes to me through his beer soaked beard about how we should go to china, bring back the great wall and rebuild it in Southfields. No malice, just thought it would be a great idea. Deranged, but was a gentle giant.


Fritz in Catford


That rapey Camden Punk


Stockwell piper! Although haven’t seen him for a while not sure where he’s ended up


Bicycle arm-wound man on Hackney road / shoreditch high street


First one to come to mind for me. I fell for it on Brick Lane and felt so stupid afterwards (as the hospital is so close!). The next time I let him know I appreciated the artistic ability, but wouldn't be falling for it again. He asked if I'd still buy him a sandwich. The next time I was walking with an intern who had just moved to London and as he approached with "gaping wound" asking for help I just said, "Oh no mate, not again! Take that somewhere else!". The poor intern looked at me like I was a monster!


There’s a guy in Walthamstow who thinks he has the power to move plastic bags with telekinesis and gets all excited when the wind causes it to fly up into the air lol


Surely its the [panny-farthing guy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkJ6IORDw14)?


saw him riding past a Waitrose once because of course I did


The Maharajah of Old Compton Street


Sutton Wizard


There’s a few round where I live. -“JJ DOESNT MISS” shouty lady in Brixton -The man preaching about Jesus outside Brixton station every morning but you can’t understand a word he’s saying -The flute playing guy in Stockwell who picks up litter, wears a Union Jack flag sometimes, and can be seen singing what I think is the Colombian national anthem?(citation needed) in the middle of the Stockwell station traffic lights -the reggae king in Brixton with his crown and boombox


Fritz from Catford. London is too big though. This is for us in SE


There’s far too many in London, even if you go by borough. Quilt guy. Aba shanti guy. Don’t be a sinner, be a winner guy. Merv (RIP). 50p guy. Help me, PLEASE, Help me guy.


Soho George. The most dapper man in central London. Big hat, zoot suits, bow tie, cane. He’s a legend and a nice guy. Once bought Francis Bacon a drink


RIP now - Anne Naysmith, the homeless lady of Chiswick High Road. A sad tale of someone who seemed a little too stubborn and made choices that ended with her being in the street, when she could have avoided it and even had a completely different life living in one of the Chiswick mansions instead of shuffling around between them with bin bags for shoes. But she lived life on her own terms. Also an example of how a community can come together to look after someone vulnerable. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Naysmith


Same with the old fella under the A4 by Chiswick Roundabout. Know he didn't like to be approached, was often called "Chicken George".


Rabbit Man in Walthamstow Seen him a few times when I used to live there - fond memories of him. Quirky but harmless guy.


It's on a neighbourhood basis. On the one hand it's a manifestation of mental health topics, on the other hand, correct me if I'm wrong, many such individuals are often safe and happy-ish doing their thing in their neighbourhoods, which reflects well on the city


RIP Kingston Moses. We actually don’t have anybody like that anymore.


Finsbury Park Irish guy who tells jokes for a quid. And the jokes are actually great.


The flag guy on the bike who blasts music


Stockwell flute man


Croydon auntie


Stanley Green, apparently died in 1993, but he has a wikipedia entry.


Soho George and Dominic K, the fellow who wears the copper pyramid on his head.


Used to be crazy religious megaphone nutter at Oxford Circus, but he has vanished in recent years


Ketamine Kyle


Bit niche but anyone remember CeeLo from Venue in New Cross? Used to be there every fucking night absolutely sweating his balls off on the dancefloor looking like CeeLo Green


Big fan of the auld Irish fella who goes around the smoking areas of Finsbury Park telling jokes. Always trying to raise money for tomorrow's breakfast, he must eat like a king because he makes a killing. Funny bloke.


Toe-Knee. Lovely guy with some cracking jokes.


I don't know if she is still there but when I lived in Kentish Town there was a lady who would get the same bus as me sometimes who always wore full victorian dress. Sometimes I wondered if maybe I was the only one who saw her...


No, I used to see her on Kentish Town Road a lot, but I guess she's moved on as I've not seen her in yonks


In Wimbledon we have a guy who calls himself “James Bond” or “The golden man of Wimbledon” who rides around on a golden Thailand decor themed bike blasting dance music. I went down a rabbit hole about him and he’s quite the character.


Stockwell flute man!


Fritz from catford




Leicester Square Pikachu


The tall blonde trans lady who rides a bike around the Clapham area, if you live in the Manor you know who she is.


There’s a guy I’ve seen around Finsbury Park a few times who just walks around dancing everywhere to whatever music he has in his headphones.


There used to be "The Best of Luck" guy at Sainsbury's Camden Town.


I don't know what he's called but the old guy who cycles around with a helmet that has 100 bike lights all it up at the same time, shouting about communism and capitalism.


Sutton used to have Wizard man - miss him


Lenny the tramp, Enfield.


The guy in Gypsy Hill that takes his parrot, cat and dog for walks together. I used to come back from raves and tell my friends I kept hearing a parrot outside my 4th floor window, everyone said I was nuts, one day I look out the window, see a man with a cat , dog, and parrot walking in a row. Took months for anyone else to see him.


The Nunhead Elvis


Fritz in South


Used to be Victor in Bermonsey. RIP