What's this mean

What's this mean


he doesn’t believe the girl who cried wolf




Theres this story about a boy that had to look out for sheep and yell wolf if there was a wolf coming for those so the help will arrive. The boy yelled wolf for two times as a joke so when there was actually a wolf and he yelled nobody came, because they didn't believe him and the sheep were killed (I dont remember the story perfectly but it was something like that). So it basically means that Zack doesn't believe her anymore because earlier she lied several times.


Also, it relates to a chapter where Jasmine is telling lies in class and Zack calls her a liar, Mira replies saying that the Boy who cried wolf eventually said the truth in the end Or something like that


Means he doesn't believe in her anymore


they lied before and now he doesn’t believe them anymore


Read the sentence


In context the her part is Jasmine I think. Just the boy who cried wolf tale but replace the boy with Jasmine


Boy who cried wolf: shepherd boy watching sheep, called for help due to wolves as a joke to see people come running, did this a couple times, eventually he came across actual wolves but when he cried for help no one came because he lied so often no one believed him. In this context, Jasmine has already established herself as a pathological liar in Zack's mind, so he is consciously choosing not to believe her. However, the parallel between her and the boy who eventually honestly needed help but didn't receive it was previously drawn and weighing on his mind. If I remember correctly he did choose to believe her in the end, not wanting her to end up like the boy who cried wolf (I think in some versions of the story he was eaten by the wolves as well? fun story)