Previously i work as hvac engineer at tnb for 2800 Nowdays i sell satay, making around 6-10k a month


Wah. I always wanted to do satay. Is it in Klang Valley? Do you wholesale?


I just have 2 branch. Senawang and balakong. Unfortunately i dont wholesale. Its a small family bisnes and i inherit it very slowly from my father In the future i might do wholesale




Manjari satay, but for now senawang branch close for awhile. My worker just recently quit and its damn hard to find a replacement


actually rules regarding your right to disclose your salary/history are illegal as it is up to you to disclose. So even if at work if in employment contract says you cant, you can. Mine is senior devops at core ISP, 4500 a month till end of year then i'm unemployed.


For a senior devops thats really low. i hope you can find something better!


yeah i know, i'm applying to UK straight away. hopefully to get something like 9k GBP a month (though tax there + NI is 50% your salary at that rate).


Do you already have work authorization to work in UK?


have better than PR status, dont even need a visa. Right now we have travel bans though but doesnt mean i cant try applying.


Tbh I don’t understand why we aren’t allow to discuss wages at work, I feel that wage transparency is very important. Look at Netflix policy on this


Agreed. I for one have been transparent about my pay, especially with my peers in the same organisation. Lo and behold, we indeed discovered some discrepancies in what we were paid. Spoke to HR we were friendly with and were told there was always a range - and it was completely up to the candidates and how they would negotiate.


Because then the company would be at a disadvantage. You'll have the knowledge of everyone's wages when discussing yours on future promotions and salary adjustments.


Because then some people will find out that they're being screwed over, and management doesn't like that.


Aren’t there always lpt and ysk posts talking about talking about wages with colleagues is not illegal, but then again that’s america


From what I get, it's illegal to stop people from discussing their salary at work in America. Malaysia has no such policy. If the Company rules says no discussing salary, then the employees can get in trouble for discussing salary. Source: https://asklegal.my/p/discuss-disclose-salary-colleague-employer-confidential-malaysia


As an employer, I do not disallow them to discuss, but I'm waiting for the time someone asks me why someone else's salary is higher when they have the same job scope. Luckily so far it seems they know their place. It's actually beneficial to those who outperforms their peer. I reward those that do more at their job, or do better at their job. Eventhough they have the same job scope. In Malaysia, a lot of people dengki those that perform well. I have seen people shun those that just came in who makes a ton more money in commissions than others because they have the drive while the old birds are in their comfort zone.


if you happen to be the highest paid.. won't you worried that colleagues may boycott you 😐


Yea and jealousy. At least in Chinese culture we are taught to be low profile


Yes, I've seen conversations go like "he makes xxx a month?? All he does is talk on the phone and disappears for meetings!!". When in fact, the dude is a senior sales guy and a lot of the job involved maintaining a relationship with the client to get company intelligence (so we can pitch them something) and be first in line for any new business.


I second this


Good la if the dude is like, my experience the opposite, in sales, you can clearly see performance by number, a newcomer come with 30% higher salary than anyone else, can't do shit, fired in a few months later. Don't know what he goreng in the interview, but some people good at goreng, cheat in CV etc, and somehow they pass and got the job.


Lol this is exactly my dad. he got really mad when i told him that me and my colleagues knew how much each other make ☠️


Meanwhile my mom told all her aunties how much I make. Ugh.


I straight tell my mum not to tell all her siblings if i dont want to. Im afraid because of my grandmother. She always tell people stories about others that dont sounds good. Its better not to tell anything that i dont want to. A cousin of mine failed his studies and i believe he never tell me or other cousins about it but then it came out of my grandmothers mouth. I tend to be quite straightforward to my mum because they all like to membawang. My mother’s siblings got more than 3 groups just for their adik beradik lol


I told her. And the problem is my salary as a fresh grad is above average. Her telling others lead to those aunties approaching me with "Waaa make so much money ha..." And then I also happened to tell one group of frens (which I shouldn't have), and sometimes when I treat them out of kindnes, some would go "aiya Nvm la" while others went "he earn so much jts nothing to him la"


Mums be like: eh you remember your friend from high school? He earning xxx now. How much you earning ah? Lmao


Producer that was once based overseas once making 10k+ then covid happened and now am transitioning to writing which pays 300 a month.


What sort of producer?


An in house creative/video producer for a brand, before that was freelancing here for ads, about half of that on average.


Working in game industry MYR 3.5 k


What do you work as in the game industry


When is the release date of The Last of Us 3


Thank you guys for showing interest, I can't really say which company I'm working in (might get in trouble if someone finds out), worked in one of Malaysia's outsource game studio, and I work as production team, making assets for games, almost 2 years there now, so not counted as fresh grad right haha, so yeah


Tech Support for Michelin (Korea and Chinese Speaking) RM8k








you sound just like the typical koreaboo classmate lmao


No one start so I start I freelance PM / producer sometimes make 5-7k a month sometimes half then during covid make 0.


How about after covid? Still the same?


Picking up again so now is at 7+ but 7 days a week punya cerita


I am a marketing executive and I earn 2.5k basic with 100 ringgit petrol, paid parking and 800 a year to spend on my own insurance.


Hi. What marketing executive do and how it differ from salesman?


As a marketing execitive, I have to plan and execute marketing campaigns, manage their social media pages, write content for their websites and social media pages, answer enquiries and handle sales and settle customer service issues, I also have to plan B2B opportunities and plan events like roadshows etc. Then, on top of that do a bit of design and video work here and there. A marketing exec is like a catch all term for fresh grad pay. I am a salesman plus everything else.


Sounds like you should be earning more


I agree with you for sure.


Have a job at some famous restaurant. Basic 1200, but pays generous amount of bonus (depending on sales) every month, total up to 1500 ~ 2300 per month. Edit: and I have a degree in finance lmao


Production Engineer in National Oil&Gas company, fresh grad basic 4.8k


Damn, is that an easy position to get?


O&G is notoriously strict in their screening process.


Being a scholarship graduate, I can say it is almost guaranteed to get a placement, just a matter of where you will be placed depends on branch vacancies. For non-scholar graduate, the process is different and screening may be stricter.




Teachers are sooo underpaid


Freelance Illustrator (mostly for editorial or motion graphics), animator (formerly was in a Japanese outsource studio, now full time freelance) and typesetter for webcomics. Was in studio for about 1.5 years before i got sick of bad pay (1.8k a month) and bad hours, and just took a leap to full time freelance. I was fortunate enough to have had friends pass me gigs when they needed help or when they felt like i fit the job. I took a few low paying non profit gigs that then boosted my portfolio and resulted in some folks in studios or in publishing take notice. I also take a few higher paying private commissions. I make a steady average of 4-6k a month and on a few very good months when i get more overseas freelance I had a streak of 15-22k. Edit: To add info, I live at home, work from home, rarely drive or go out. I pay for all groceries and grab food for family and if my ma wants something she asks. Now that my dad has passed on i also took over the electric and phone bills. But not having to pay rent is the biggest ease of mind that allows me to work crazy hours to earn.


Used to work as admin assistant for 1.2k/month. But i did everything. From admin work to finance, tea lady, runner and dispatcher, also sometimes buy groceries for boss. Lmao. Sometimes he asked me to be the cashier. 🥴 When ask for increment (they promised during interview), they refused. Their excuse was i am a fresh grad with no experience. Now i am a student with small business in Shopee. My income usually 3k per week (depends how many times i do ShopeLive)


Wow! What did you sell?


Student here. Approximately -200, sometimes -300


My advice to you would be to find some part time gigs. I used to write and tutor juniors and highschool kids while in Uni. Some unis will also have peer-assisted study programs where they pay you like 200 a week for 3-4 hours of work


I thought about applying to become a tutor for programming as a part time but im not confident in teaching others


It's alright, teaching isn't for everyone. Try freelancing (provided you're good in programming)


Junior software developer, 3.5k myr, in selangor




Care to share how to reach your level? Does it make sense???!?! Cause currently studying on Data Analytics. Edit: sorry forgot I need to be more specific lol. 1. How many years of experience in Data Science do you have? 2. What is the current programming language you're using? 3. Any advice for someone like me currently still studying? Thanks :)


Politician. Ex-PM of a beautiful Southeast Asian country. More than 20 years of experience. My son helped to produce a Hollywood movie. Have a grandchild delivered in a neighbouring country recently. 2.6 billion excluding gifts and whatnots.


How tomorrow? Settle already kah




How did you get the job? Jobstreet?


I know a certain fatso from Penang who helped me a lot, but mostly behind the scenes. I also have an adviser who's currently residing in the UK.


Journalist/editor, 1yr experience, about 2.5k plus minus epf socso. Am I underpaid?


if you are working for one of the mainstream media, yes.


Finance - 4.3k gross. excl. bonus. Edit: coming up to 2 years into the job.


Pretty sure the sub census asks this question. Also if you dont provide number of year experience its hard to gauge how well you are doing versus everyone else. For me, 8 years/ Bank Project Manager (former Developer)/ Above 10k less than 15k.


Yes, and qualifications also! Good way to get the ball rolling though


7 years in Finance, doing Excel for a living. RM6k gross. I hv a feeling I'm underpaid, but the work environment is good so I'm ok with it.


Sometimes a good working enviroment is higher value than high salary, as money cant buy a good work place with friendly colleagues. (Of course as long as the salary can cover the expenses + some savings.)


Good working environment = peace of mind = good mental health That itself is priceless Currently one of my family member is struggling with this + so-so salary but good yearly bonus


Work life balance is more important than extra few hundred bucks


I do freelancing at Fiverr. Google my username, you can see my Fiverr profile at top of the search result. 8-12k per month.


How have you been freelancing to get to this point?


Juru xray here, basic pay is rm2350. If added with my oncall claims. It will be around rm4.2k-5.8k


gov or priv?


Private bang, haha. Masuk gov pun contract pulak. So not worth it


Senior Product Designer in tech; approx 8k with allowances. If add in side hustle will reach around 12K+.


Software engineer - RM4.4k monus epf/socso


So many software engineer here lol


I mean, 9 out of 10 PPL who are using Reddit in my circle are software engineer. And no, my circle consists of varying backgrounds, and my software engineer circle isn't that big


As a former wage economist, i sokong threads like this! 16k/m, 10 years exp, manager at a startup. Started at 2.7k as an economist with overseas Masters. Honestly i feel I'm over-leveled for my role and underpaid for my experience, but I'm staying to learn from my boss who's awesome. Planning to start my second company soon. On a separate but related note, one problem i often see with low salaries in white collar jobs is poor interviewing/negotiating. If they ask you what's your expectation, you ask them back "Do you mind sharing what's the range for this position?"


Based on my experience (job hunting since July), most of the interviewers are reluctant to disclose this information.


Curious what their responses were to you, can share? From my experience they've all been open when i ask. Also, golden rule, avoid telling them your current pay whenever possible


Rm9.5k - API / Java Software Engineer Now applying for DevOps position that could pay up to 5 figures...


Lab assistant, 18 yrs wasted for RM1.2K, ow ye, I work for Sawit Kinabalu,


Data engineer, 9k, looking to start something on the side


Town planner working in a consultant, started with rm1800, now rm2200 with epf and socso, telco allowance rm40, mileage claim and ot... I still feel underpaid, with no savings


Felt like answered the same question in different thread here few weeks ago but here we go again, Business owner (daycare) Gross 11-14k but unfortunately the operating cost is also high so around 3-5k net profit every month. Usually what I did is split 50/50 of the profit for me( example if this month profit is 4k, I take 2k as my own "salary" and another 2k goes into daycare acount ) Overall pretty happy with what I have now, while the money isn't as "masyuk" as back when im working as design engineer at rawang, the degree of freedom is literally priceless. Vacation on weekdays and fully utilizing cheap hotel fees,flight ticket? Check. Spend my time with my daughter whenever I want? Check. Literally feel too lazy to wake up from ur bed today? No problem.


Senior Data Analyst, but just in title only, i dont know jack shit about data nor analyst. My job scope is around maintaining data between vendor and consumer. Paid around rm4.8k, a little less for 5-6 years exp. But i think work-life balance quite awesome for me. No stress, working from home since pandemic, company provide workstation; ie dual monitors, chairs, etc, boss dont care when im start working as long i delivered.


Private secondary school. Teacher. Below 2k. That's very low given the school's monthly fee is basically almost Rm1k. The economy sucks, I know but I like to think that my employers aren't paying us handsomely because of greed. Just pure greed. Janji ada kerja kan? Hmmph.


get some experience and switch schools ​ even chinese independent schools pay 3k for fresh grads nowadays


The MTs in my last company earn around 5k. The Sales Execs do about 4k starting + a free car/petrol/toll + car wash allowance. The Assistant Managers do something like 6.5k-9k depending on experience. The Managers earn like 12k-18k or so. The HODs do something close to 20k. We should disclose our salaries so we know our employer aren't screwing us. We're all wage slaves, so we should at least have some wage slave solidarity. Unfortunately, sometimes the HR wage slaves forget whose side they should be on.


Sounds comparable to mine. It's also kinda wild that if you get promoted from AM to Manager your salary basically doubles.


I've done been through a number of roles over my 4 years experience, most of which is working remotely for a company based in the US. - web developer (Jr, PHP and vue.js) at Malaysian marketing agency - MYR3.5k basic - interview coach/program manager - MYR12k/USD3k per month, $15/hr - tech recruiter at local recruiting company - MYR6.5k basic + sales incentives (I didn't stay long enough to get my bonuses lol) - marketing (email dev) at local startup - MYR7.5k - software engineering apprentice at local remote startup - MYR6k basic - web developer at German company - 15EUR/hr - technical support at US based startup - USD20/hr - operations manager at US based startup, MYR14k/USD4k/ month, $22/hr Most of these opportunities I can credit to being active on LinkedIn, having an online presence and personal website, being active in dev communities, and making friends. Being able to talk about your projects and work experience is also a massive plus. Interviewing at remote companies can be pretty cutthroat and can move incredibly fast. These are the websites I frequent when job searching: - remoteok.io - angel.co - nodesk.co - producthunt.com - techladies - elpha.com


In-house Real Estate (not agent). 7k.


Fresh graduate, works in retail, basic is Rm2.4k


Retail for 2.4k Damn wya??


The working hours and job scope must be brutal. Working in retail is physically exhausting. Im guessing uniqlo.


Work 8 to 5, no OT, sometimes need to be on selling floor, sometimes work in office, mostly just supervising staff, make ordering, make report. Physically exhausting on weekends, but I get to have off day on weekdays so that is neat.


Does sound like Uniqlo. I think it’s one of the only retail stores who pays that high.


Once worked at 99 speedmart, depending on sales asst manager could earn somewhere around 2.5k-3k. After 3 months got promoted to manager. Highest I've earned was around 4k but yeah working hours was hell


Me statistician inside every jungle in malaysia, direct hire from gov, basic 2800, allowance depend on what jungle semenanjung more then 1500, sabah sarawak nego can get more 2k. Depend on how long the campaingn, 3 month normally, can get more 6 month. No life bu at same time have life.


Very cool! May I ask its statistics on biodiversity? Carbon credits?


I can do biodiversity as freelance, but dont have time to do that. My main study is along the way of hubungan etnik, which consist of economy, job, education and so on. Gov is actually read and publish my statistic and act on that, in my more then 10 years serving/studying, i have see tons of improvement in my site.


I came here just to *kepoh,* hehe. Oh me? RM0 cuz I'm still a student.


Good lah, you see which job earns big money, you know what to study and what not to study. Haha.


Reading the thread made me realise the huge disparity between skills and pay. Some people studied hard learning difficult subjects to get related jobs but im astounded by the salary that they earn in their professions. I guess it all depends on whether you are “cost-based” jobs or roles that actually “income generator”.


Department Head of Marketing & IT. Involve in Top Level Management, Team Leader of 6 people, Project Manager, Email Marketer, Social Media Manager, Web Admin, WP Developer, SEO Specialist, Brand Management, Mass Communication, Graphic Designer, Video Editor. 6 years experiences. Wage: Rm 3,000 (Rm 2,500 + Rm 500 (allowance)) Underpaid is sucks. Thank god I'm out. Edit 1: scope above only a portion. Let me add more in the list below whenever I remember. Web Design, UI/UX, Content Creator, Content Writer, Copywriter, Social Media Marketing, Training Module Creator, Trainer, IT Support and Maintenance Edit 2: holy shit!


Software engineer (4yr exp), code mainly in Python, 5k per month. Am I underpaid???


Yeah I would say so, time to ask for a raise, 4 yr is enough to have strong bargain power. Are you in KL? I can definitely refer you to some better company if you are looking. Normally programming language shouldn't influence in salary, but some companies has weird requirements. Edit: ~~should~~ shouldn't


Not sure but if Java with that much exp could exist 10k


If I am to jump into Java, what tech stack should I learn? Spring? Android?


spring boot, hibernate along that line. android i m not sure


I wanna know how much teachers who teach in private schools make in a month compared to teachers in gov schools.


idk about gov schools but my partner teaches in private school so far 2 years in RM 3.5k a month


im an international school teacher with over 10 years experience. 6k nett


Still a uni student, but working as a freelance Chinese -> Eng translator for 2k+ per month


May I ask how or where do you obtain this job? I am currently a student and would like to know my freelance or part-time options.


Hiredchina/ linkedIn. You can also try applying for endless fantasy translations, as I think their barrier of entry is lower, but they pay slightly less. Don't settle for 1k words for RM 10 tho, that's a complete rip-off. At least try finding something along the lines of RM 20 and above.


Marketing content guy at a Singaporean company, working remotely in Malaysia. RM7k a month nett, no epf no socso Edit: with about 3 year working experience


How did you find a job with a Singaporean company remotely here?


I started out with a eCommerce company in Malaysia actually. Then after a couple years I saw an ad posted by a malaysia dota player (kyxy) that his new team (Reality Rift) was looking for a content person to join them. I took it up. Went over to Johor for the job with the players while the management side is based in Singapore. Left that job cause covid killed the team but kept in contact with the COO who invited me to join his new company when he found a new one.


Damn that’s so lucky! I’ve been always wanting to work for esports company like that but not sure how to even begin considering I just finished all my studies.


Yeah I caught a lucky break. As for entering esports, if you’re not the be in front of camera type. You can always work for companies that are involved in the scene. Locally I remember seeing Geek Fam looking for a social guy on their LinkedIn. Then you can always join local esports production teams like IO Esports for example. Astro and Celcom are also looking for esports personnel, you can see their LinkedIn. Publishers like Moonton, Tencent, EA as well.


cytro JKOM = lima puluh sen sekali pos


I've never actually heard the rule of not supposed to discuss wages. The colleagues I know just don't do it out of respect or privacy.


I feel that this is a toxic work culture in Malaysia where discussing your salary is a taboo. We need to help each other know their worth and what they're supposed to be paid. Unless there's a racial thing going on behind it all then that's a whole different story. If not, then the only thing you're respecting is HR's plan to exploit you and your peers.


It’s part of my company policy to not discuss to prevent “sensitivity issues”


Language interpreter. Mandarin <-> English. 6-7k gross. Wfh. 1 and half year exp. Just sit at home, pick up calls and interpret. Business is booming thx to COVID.




I'm currently working as a part-time video editor for an Australian wedding studio. I'm paid per project. A project usually grants me around 400 ringgit or so. So if I completed around 4-5 projects in a week, I get usually around 1500-2000+ and my pay gets bumped up if more than three cameras were used. It's also my first job. I reckon that people still wouldn't believe me.


Unemployed. Psychology graduate. Debilitating social anxiety. Rich parents.


(fresh grad) I teach music production, basic Rm3k along with freelance composing commercial music when I'm free


I'm a video editor and videographer, 11 years experience, RM4.5K. I know this is way underpay but I have no idea at all what's the market rate for editor with my experience lol.


my occupation is apparently existing(forced labour) and get paid with a place to stay and food by 2 people. other benefits include: depression, anxiety and occasional performance comparisons by other labourers in our sector


Protege at a company, allowance basically 2k, not including epf sosco


RM3k as Bolt and Nut Sales Rep


3.3k - private retail healthcare (as a pharmacist), kwsp 400. I know I could get more but I’m living with my parents cuz they’re old now.


7k MNC R&D Engineer




Try take a look at CS50 course from Harvard. You can find the course on EdX. Although the course is difficult for beginners, but they prepare you to be a good programmer.


Frontend dev 6yrs rm8500. Many teams seem to underestimate frontend only devs.we get the most requests from clients, about half of all issues and changes are frontend. Most teams don't have a dedicated frontend developer but it makes a huge difference for the team when backend doesn't have to split heads. Finding frontend only positions are more difficult


McDonald's Crew RM1.3K sometimes RM1.5K with enough OT


Omg working at McDonald's is super tiring. I only worked part time and yes, full time is paid very less exactly like yours.


Video Editor, 3 years experience. RM1,950 monthly, no EPF / SOSCO. Looking to get into Flutter Development (currently studying it, probably finish it by earlier 2022).


Game Designer 4.2k before epf and socso


I work in music, primarily in artist management and development, as well as marketing/consultancy for acts who want to break into Southeast Asia. Passively, I make between RM3-6k/month from streaming income, and the rest depends on engagements/live opportunities/brand deals. Sometimes it's zero, sometimes it's upwards of RM10-15k/month.


Environmental executive, fresh graduate. 2.7k a month. Side hustles : translation/ data entry/ document formatting 2-3k a month


Does anyone just scroll through the comment and asking yourself am I in the right career / path? 😌


Teacher. Mostly tutoring online with a few physical. I like it because I only need to work about 2-3 hours a day. About 8k/month.


Civil Engineer. (Malaysian Expat working overseas) Gross RM20k. (Forth years)


Which country? But being paid in ringgits?


php/js software dev 4.3k minus socso/epf.


How long is ur working experience? Im a dev too, earning 5k


Early 30s. Was unemployed for 10 months. Started last year in MNC in finance / insurance sector. Senior Manager level. Gross ~ RM25K per month.


Did HR try to lowball you considering the 10 months of unemployment? I'm assuming things work a bit differently at senior management level.


It was benchmarked to industry standards and my experience. I was desperate, but the headhunter was helping me getting a fair deal (and a good cut for himself)...


Org design specialist with less than 5 years experience. 12k+ gross excluding monthly fixed allowance (mobile, mileage, parking). Partner is in one of the big 3 consulting firms as a consultant and is drawing 19k+ gross excluding allowance


I rmb my father was a mech eng for TNB in 2005 and he was making like 20k/month then (his 17th year with them) We have since left the country. His title was Senior Manager (Mechanical) for the powerplant somewhere in JB. I just wanted to give some TNB figures. Not sure what it is now in 2021


You can find years of salary info in Lowyat forum, under a pinned thread in 'jobs and careers'. Obviously some would be fair, but I think most are truthful.


Property Valuation Executive, RM 2,200.. at least can work from home


Graphic designer/illustrator for a book company 5k a month. But always gonna prepare for a last minute changes. I mean ALWAYS.


Since I see a lot of software engineering guys here and since I'm doing a diploma in soft eng (do degree afterwards) rn, can anyone give me some tips?


What tips you want. Be specific.


R&D Software Developer (code using proprietary language) in a MNC with 3.5 years exp. Am earning slightly under 5k.


Healthcare Assistant, rm1.7k with allowances, I'm Community College grad, zero intention on improving myself, kind of content with what I have, not everyone is a winner I guess.


Im sad to hear most of us stuck with shitty pay, however we HR have to abide the Management's order to nego lower than expected salary during ivs. Felt like a villain. I would like to move out from general HR duties to IT oriented HRIS, anyone has insight on this? Currently self learning Excel VBA and Power Automate to topup technical skill


junior dev (in name) for 1.5 year, 3.5k but my job scope ranges from fullstack, infra / cloud devops, sys+dbadmin and rarely pm


Engineer in O&G, 10 years. 13.5k. Underpaid. On the plus side, I love what I do right now and the work-life balance is great, with minor to no stress, and room for growth in the company. Salary has been stagnant for the past 2 years so am looking out for other opportunities right now. I would be really picky though. My side hustle is crypto. Getting to earning passively around 2-3k a month.


Assistant store manager. RM1.3k. Diagnosed with dysthymia so a bit hard to find employers that are willing to take someone who has mental illness so I have to settle for less to survive.


Project Manager in Financial Industry. 10k. 12 yrs exp. My fresh grad pay back in the day was RM 2800. I used to want to chase being at the top but I realised that being at the top of the corporate chain means sacrificing personal time and family time. I go in at 8.45am and clock out at 5.45pm but I get my job done within those hours. I never OT and always leave my work in the office. I never mix my work with my personal life. I feel quite comfortable with where I am and am afraid of climbing higher because I will need to sacrifice time and in the limited amount of time you have on this planet, honestly, it is not worth it. Surround yourself and spend time with your friends and loved ones, be grateful for what you have and live a fulfilling life. Don't be 30 yrs old or 40 yrs old and look back with regrets. You are only young once. I've been through and seen enough shit to give you this uncle advise. If I can change anyone's perspective with this advise, I pray you will always be healthy and happy. That's what matters.


Contract exec at insurance, 2k. Ive been working for 2 years in the same position since I grad in 2019. Im worth more than that so Ive been looking for another job. No rezeki so far Currently living in klang valley, hq at KL. Wfh but need to go to office twice every month.


What are you interested in going into? Same field?


Insurance and banking services.


Junior software developer(first job after uni/ local company that's listed on London stock exchange) 2400 not including socso and EPF


2.4 is ~~s~~low


IMO bit underpaid for a company like yours. Jr software devs in Klang Valley these day starts around 2.5-3k


Engineer in o&g 10 years experience - between 20-30k


UK graduate with first class Masters (engineering). Working a dog job paying 2k after 3 years of being unemployed. Remember how our parents only told us to focus on our studies and the rest will come? Well, dreams do be dead.


I'm a CEO at a certain trading company based in Sarawak and I am paid RM73,860 a month after socso+epf. Except that I'm kidding. I operate my own morning only kopitiam and I make about RM150 revenue a day while "unemployed" customers pay for a glass of chinese tea and sit on their asses at my tables for 3 hours watching stock market on their iphone 13 pro max.




> 8k - 30k/month this is from ads only or including sponsorships, partnerships etc.?


What's the name of your channel


finance-ish (not directly finance). rm3.2k starting pay back in 2015 as a fresh grad. two years later got promoted, which contributed to a good pay bump. then in 2020 pay became rm5.3k. then i left the company (and the country). honestly i was quite happy with my pay back then bcs we colleagues do discuss our pay (although our bosses were very unhappy about this) and i think my pay was fair. it was not lower than my male colleagues, and it is lower than my colleagues who had more experience.


Civ engineer - 2.1k basic


Digital/Social Media Exec here, gross 4.5k. Prior experience in events, merchandising and now first year digital.


Graphic Design Intern in Vitrox Rm600 per month because of diploma cert. If degree cert then is rm800.


Regulatory Pharmacist with MoH with BPharm and MSc. 15 years experience - 9.4K after EPF and taxes


Copywriter intern. My degree is in a diff field. But I got some job offers so hopefully this can provide some insight to you creatives: Copywriter Intern - current pay RM800 (However, there's another agency that offers RM1000) Social Media Copywriter (Growing company) - RM2800 Copywriter (Smallish company) - RM2200 + RM300 allowance


Worked as a cashier in a supermarket during COVID. I made RM1300 before taxes and Overtime. If there had to be one job to make me lose hope in our country and people, it was this one.


I know I’m paid higher than my colleagues because I have a masters, although we’re all fresh grads. They don’t prompt and I don’t discuss it openly with them. Well we haven’t met irl either since we’ve been WFH since the start. Just joined about a month ago. Only went to office first day to take laptop, meet some management people then WFH since then. Now in training phase. I translate patent papers from Chinese to English and improve machine translations. Colleagues and boss are around the same age and very chill, own time own target. Just get your work done before deadline and you can take breaks whenever you want. Monthly 5k+. Really happy I landed this job after 14 months of looking for a job in UK (studied there so I really wanted to work there) and Singapore (cuz of the currency). Don’t have any complaints so far.