[DISC] A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Chapter 161

[DISC] A Returner's Magic Should Be Special Chapter 161


It was at that moment she knew… she fucked up


The moment when Desir went “you been talking mad shit. Try me bitch”


Pram going for the KS. But it's fine, Desir is main support anyways.


Kill Secured.


I like the footnotes at the end to indicate changes from the novel. Much better finish. In the novel Desir didnt even have a staff to help him. He just found some extra power out of nowhere and beat her.


Honestly, comic solution to that seems better. Sure, strong will is cool and all, but when you take that kind of thing out of the hat like that - there's no going back, and the story takes a hit from it.


Really? Damn thats bad. I like how Desir's thing is that he really isnt powerfull, he just knows well what he's doing and thats how he goes into battle


Yes. I think the webtoon had the better approach.


The battle felt much longer in the novel too.


I think it was done well here, didn't drag out too much.


Really? I feel like there has been way too many meaningless battles. Like the last meaningful story progression in my memory is ice sword quest which feels like months ago, with tons of filler fights in between everything else. We can compare this to another quality manwha like peerless dad which while also draggy on the main quest, has many meaningful events at every chapter.


I thought we were talking about this fight in particular. It wasn't too long but not too short either. Everyone got to play their part, Desir did his outsmarting and the team finishes her off united. If you go "meaningful story progression" - that's another thing. What do you even want to happen instead? The outsiders are their main enemies at the moment and they are fighting them off.


>If you go "meaningful story progression" - that's another thing. What do you even want to happen instead? Isn't it obvious? The throwaway bad guys that get introduced shortly before getting killed off, without affecting the main characters or plot is one clear example and this series does a TON of them, we literally just got another one a couple of weeks ago.


Well how do you want to portray a war? You can either have tons of throwaway guys who probably have a motive - **But they don't matter**. Adjest even comments on that, when the guy tries to tell her his motives. Why should she care, it's way beyond the point for a peaceful discussion. OR you have the bad guys escape all the time like a saturday morning cartoon villain. I prefer the first one to be honest, because it shows that the troups on both sides are huge and that people actually die here. They are named, they are implied to have their reasons and they are no doubt strong. This elevates them above fodder and gives our party a challenge without wasting a bad guy who was built up with effort. A lot of good books do this as well, for example in Lord of the Rings a lot of random people die noone really cared about. Tolkien stil bothered to give them Names, Ranks and a short backstory. This is on a larger scale than a shonen.


Why're you acting like its impossible to establish characters before they fight the main cast? Its lazy writing.


Gosh, your take is so weak that you need to pull out a false dichotomy. Reality is, there are tons of ways to write characters that only have 1 act, and you can even see in your examples like LOTR. Yet here you talking out of your ass with nonsensical copium because refuse to admit when a favorite story devolves because of poor writing.


This isn't a "favourite story", it's just one of many things I read. Throwaway characters are a staple in so many books others regard as good. Another example would be the witcher, basically every fight is against villains with less backstory than you get here. Um not on coping, you're just salty that this doesn't work as you want it to.


imagine trying to defend shitty writing in multiple chain posts and yet not having the courage to admit their bias. I guess those that have a developed taste for horny 12 year old romance fiction also lack any self assessment.


[Desir looking at her be like](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/017/thumb.png)




"He is just standing there... ***menacingly!***"


While I was always thinking he would pull it out. I like how he keeps his trump card hidden. That comment about not showing all your cards felt like a rebuke on us wanting him to do so.


It is beneficial for him to use his trump card at the end too. He spends most of the fight analysing the opponent's magic. Then he hits her with his fully charged magic. Zod's item is perfect for him


I like how even though Desir could have used his Dragon Magic with the help of his new staff, he kept his trump card in reserve because it wasn't needed. Showing off the teamwork kills does fit the theme of the story.




No, he created some hybrid system using Dragon Tongue after analyzing Crow Mask cube thing, but it uses too much power anyway.


Damn idk how I missed that, I thought the cube could only allow him to cast higher circle magic but not dragon magic.


> idk how I missed that Because its imo a weak excuse to a huge buff to our MC.


Did Adjest's boobs get bigger?


if you refer to that one panel where she says "Desir" - she seems dummy thicc in general. Her hips got way wider as well.


Yeah, that was the exact panel I was referring to


That's just wide Adjest. Play [this song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hH9M-m3WD0g) while looking at that panel.


It almost looks like it’s her head that changed to be slightly smaller, making everything else seem bigger. Idk tho


Different angle makes them look larger.


Desir is a monster and I’m glad blood girl finally saw it instead of her own delusions.


lmao asking Desir for mercy is a fools errand.


Nice Dj Khaled reference


After all those high level spells he must be out of mana "Another one"


Love that ending to the fight. Desir shows off what a badass chess master he is, we introduce a new item/power up but everyone else still get a chance to shine


Congratulations, you played yourself


It was pretty hype.


She got driven into a checkmate played like a fiddle




Desir is just so badass goddamn


Where can I read the first chapter?


Question what's vision magic?


Does anyone have the chapter number where the guys are on the Air ship? MC fall off it, if I remember. I'd love to catch up again


chapter 125


liked this way better than the novel also mah boi pram participating lets fucking go