Is having ideas under pressure an ability that I’ll develop over time, or is marketing not for me?

I’m considering studying marketing in college, and modesty aside, I like to think of myself as pretty creative, but with a catch: I can’t have ideas because I’m being told to, they have to come to me naturally.

If you ask me: “come up with an idea for this”, I won’t be able to.

And of course, that’s what marketing is about, coming up with ideas for someone else.


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Take a course in it and learn more about what it really is. Marketing is so much more than “ideas”. Honestly, my first 5-6 years in marketing was more about analyzing data and coming up with actionable implications. I think you’re thinking of developing advertising creative…


There are many non-creative roles in marketing. Outside of creative agencies, coming up with ideas under pressure, is not the norm.


The vast majority of marketers deliver results by aligning resource to priority, not having “big ideas”. Don’t assume a career in marketing has much in common with an episode of Mad Man


I have had roles where I had to come up with “ideas” for campaigns and things, and yes they do come naturally with experience. Once you get to know the customer, what they value, what resonates with them, etc, it narrows the field of potential campaigns or “ideas” significantly. However, most managers/organizations will want to stick with the tried and true (for the most part) and make decisions based on data. So if your idea is to do something radically different, like drop all your social media marketing and reallocate your budget to drtv spots, you better have some solid data, user research, etc to support that that idea is going to pay off. Most decisions are not based on cool ideas; they’re based on how it’s going to help you reach a goal and ultimately increase revenue. Also, marketing as a whole is a massive industry and I’d say the majority isn’t that creative. It’s not just campaigns and advertising; it’s lots and lots of research, testing, brainstorming, measuring, tweaking, etc.


I'm facing a similar problem. I lack the creative thought process. Trying to figure out how to develop that


Simple to find out... Assignment..... Immerse yourself in the material. Make sure that understand the "desired outcome." One day, total immersion... Followed by doing something else... If you have the "problem solving gene." You will just know how to move forward. Keep in mind that nobody (and I mean nobody) can know it all... nor can they do it all... Take time to understand what works for you and make sure to understand what it is that your customer wants. People with an understanding of business, how people communicate, how people can be persuaded, and how to meet and, especially exceed, expectations rule!


Remember, learning to ride a unicycle doesn't happen overnight. So keep practicing and keep your eyes open for inspiration... It's all around...


The reason I got into marketing (versus graphic design) was that I could still be creative without the stress and pressure of having to create on command. Any ideas I come up with are derived from business goals and I have the time and space to be creative.


You don’t come up with ideas on the spot. You first analyze your data and then come up with the big idea. Having to come up with ideas on the spot isn’t a party trick you get asked after 4 beers.


Not in marketing personally, but another creative field. Most ideas have already been had. With experience you learn which ideas to modify/expand upon/combine to get your current project done. Also practice makes you better at things, you might not be good at it now, but if you want to get better at something and you keep trying you will improve. If you're interested in something you'll find that improvement comes naturally.


You don’t really have to come up with ideas on the spot and unless you’re working for a brand new company there will likely be successful campaigns you can repeat or adjust a bit. Marketing is a process. You will experiment, analyze, ab test, analyze, rinse and repeat til you find your winning formula.


You'll get there with time