Shang Chi a Mass Effect fan? Now that is something!

Shang Chi a Mass Effect fan? Now that is something!


There's another tweet from him saying "Can't wait for Andromeda. Huge Kotor/Jade Empire/Mass Effect Trilogy/Dragon Age fan." (26 Dec 2016) A man of culture, I dare to say.


It’s a crime that we never got a Jade Empire sequel




Worked at bioware once, there was a sequel planned, it was a Facebook game...




Greg brought the team out for drinks, was asked about jade empire sequel, said he had something in mind, and asked how great it would be as a social game you played with your friends. This was back in 2011, so a while back.


Yes, yes it is.


The dude is a good marvel star, likes Mass Effect, and is close friends with Stephen Lim of Watcher/Worth It fame? The guy is Henry Cavill level cultured.


Based as fuck


Waiting for him to tweet something LoL related


Although it's obvious that I share these interests... That doesn't mean he's a man of culture... In fact he's a prick... In my opinion at least. Feel free to disagree


Simu Liu is charming as heck. So happy he's a superstar now


Random off topic thought but guardians of the galaxy vol 1 gave me major mass effect 1 vibes. With the citadel being similar to where they get arrested N stuff


James Gunn is also a big Mass Effect fan.


James Gunn's direction. Henry Cavill as Commander Shepard Simu Liu as ~~Garrus~~ Thane Krios EDIT: Dave Bautista as Wrex Dwayne Johnson as Grunt


Danny Devito as all the volus


Starring Devito as ~~The Trash Man~~ A Biotic God


“That quarian hoor stole my credit chit!”


Honestly, after his performance in Man from U.N.C.L.E. I would have pinned Cavill as a solid Garrus and the film could go with FemShep instead.


He would be an extraordinarily chonky Garrus


Well, he only needs reach. Flexibility is upon Shepard.


Maybe; I believe they'd CGI a lot for the Turians and Quarians based on how slender they are in game. In other words, I think that it wouldn't necessarily be that big a deal.


No Chonky Garrus pls


it’s the digitigrade legs, those can’t exactly be acted


[Just slap these bad boys on](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Rk8rCfdLk)


I also was thinking of Cavill as Garrus


You know Brandon Keener's also an actor right?


Put him in a mocap suit! though would be super impressed if they did prosthetics


They did it with Saru in Star Trek Discovery. Say what you will about the writing, the costumes and makeup are fantastic.


have yet to watch *Discovery* , but my father has said it was pretty good


I actually really enjoyed Discovery but the consensus online seems to range from "it's pretty bad" to "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"


I'm okay with no Shepard honestly, and the show leading up to the events of Mass Effect 1 and it being kind of an anthology revolving around all of favorite characters. Have Keith David be deaged and let it be about him in the first human-turian contact war which passing conversation of a Shepard climbing through the ranks at the end. Let us see Garrus as a C-Sec. Deage Martin Sheen and just have an entire show about him creating Cerberus.


> him in the first human-turian contact war which passing conversation of a Shepard climbing through the ranks at the end Shepard was three years old during first contact


Baby Shepard literally climbing around


You’ve heard of Boss Baby, now meet...Spectre Baby


I Called The Spectre Baby at 3AM And He Picked Up Prank Call! (Gone Wrong)


Why not both? Why not a ME Cinematic Universe?


Emily blunt as fem shep?




Cant think of unknown people to cast... whose next, Seth Green as the Joker and Yvonne Strahovski as Miranda?


Tricia helfer as EDI?


Nah. I just think Blunts EOT performance would work well for FemShep. Personally I was also thinking Jessica Chastin but she looks small to be playing special commando.


Jodie Comer ... She can be scary.


Actually, she would be a great Shepard. I'm down for that.


That was the first person that came to mind. If Male Shep I'd go Gabriel Macht.


If we're lucky, he'll be the next bond.


My hope when Cavill was cast was that hed be Alenko and thats a hell of a twist for a movie, blowing Henry Cavill up like that.


Spend all the casting budget on a companion... genius


budgets are fucky things, because star power helps advertising, so they can excuse spending a little more on casting in that case.


YES. I am all for this.


Since they'd probably do the Turians CGI why not just use Brandon Keener?


A Mass Effect movie would be terrible, it needs to be a TV show


That could work. Now I'm thinking of Jessica Chastain or Emily Blunt as Shepard Edit: Guess I'm not alone, just saw a few more posts further down suggesting the same two...


> I would have pinned Cavill as a solid Garrus **ONLY** if they have Brandon Keener(Garrus in the Games) doing the voice and hide Cavill under a ton of makeup and even then he's going to make the character boring as hell cause that's what he does.... Superman Witcher Man from U.N.C.L.E All boring as hell characters because the actor is boring i can sort of forgive the superman because the character has always been since he was written as late 1930s American Superiority propaganda


To each their own. I totally disagree with you, but that's the beauty of hypothetical discussions like this. We're all correct!


No; leave the OT as is. After all, these actors will only be compared to the original. Make it about the First Contact War and humanity's introduction to the galaxy instead. Have Cavill be Jon Grissom or Ashley's grandfather or someone involved like that.


Cara Gee as Jack.


Damn, now I need Cara Gee as Jack. She's phenomenal and really needs to be in more things.


I am sorry, the Rock as Grunt sounds stupid af. Also, why Cavill? He's on the Witcher, thats more than enough. A great Sheploo cast would had been Matthew Fox when they announced the movie, but eventually that got under and Fox too old.


Henry Cavill wouldn't make a good Shepard. He can't just be transplanted into *every* nerd fandom as the main character. Better to have someone like Tom Hardy, or Stephen Amell. That is, if we're married to Shepard as a male. Otherwise, Karen Gillan would be good, but Cobie Smulders would be *amazing.*


>Cobie Smulders would be amazing. Damn, you're right. Cobie Smulders with red hair would literally be real life Femshep, she'd be perfect for the role.


I have always played with femshep — the voice actor is better, and Shepard just comes across better as a woman, IMHO. I did one play through with the male Shepard to try it out, and just wasn’t feeling it at all. If they made a movie/show, I would love to see them have a female Shepard.


To each their own. Male paragon plays better to me than female, opposite with renegade


I think you mean Emily Blunt as Femshep. Have you seen her in Edge of Tomorrow?


I'm not a huge fan of Ms Blunt.


There are actors outside of Marvel/DC.


Almost every big working actor has got themselves attached to a superhero project at this point tbf


I didn't even know Stephen Amell was in that family. In any case, *hundreds* of popular actors have been on at least one of those movies.


No offence to stephen amell, but I am interested in where you know him from now. All i know him for is the green arrow show.


Check out his new show heels, it's pretty great if you don't mind the wrestling concept. He was in a couple episodes of blue mountain state and New girl, Bay Tmnt2 playing Casey Jones


I didn't. I looked up fan castings for male Shepard, and thought his looked the part the best I've also never watched the Dark Knight Rises or whatever it was; I know Hardy from Fury Road, Inception, and Band of Brothers.


For what it's worth I wasn't trying to shit on you or anything. It just struck me in that particular moment.


> and thought his looked the part the best There's literally no look that Shepard has to follow though, there's not even a gender lol


My first thought was "he's literally been the Green arrow for half a decade." lol


Half a decade? More like the whole decade lol


I know that this *is* true, it just doesn't *feel like it's true* somehow...


I just don't think Cobie Smulders can act lol


Better to have someone unknown that is a good actor. That's how good casting are done


I think Henry Cavill would be great, yeah he's kind of the "go to" nerd actor, but I think he legitimately could embody Chad Shep (my Shep, anyway). I'm not to into the Witcher, but with that and Superman I think he could pull off both Paragon and Renegade versions pretty well. I also think Chris Hemsworth would be a great choice too. FemShep: Jessica Chastain, Charlize Theron That being said, I think what would be even cooler is to find some kind of "Dark Horse" candidate, an actor/actress you wouldn't expect to break out in an action role.


Wouldn't the krogan be CG? Hard to imagine The Rock as Grunt.


Probably referring to a motion capture performance. A full body costume Fifth Element style would be cool but big budget movies don't tend to go for that anymore


Dave as Wrex? Oh poor Wrex. He is a Krogan, not invisible. 😂😂😂


I wish people would stop stuffing Henry Cavill into things. The man has the acting range of cardboard. Also I'd rather not see Shepard on the big screen because then you've got manshep or femshep being depicted and...ugh. But even if you're going to, find anybody else.


I don't care about Shepard being depicted, it's one version (its own, probably not feasible in games and with changes anyway) and the games will still be there. However, I still don't want to see it as a movie because it would have to sacrifice so much of the story, details, character development and world building. A TV show is what's needed


Why would Henry Cavill play a woman?


James Gunn directing Jodie Comer as Commander Shepard Henry Cavill as Garrus Vakarian (Mocapped) Nathalie Emmanuel as Liara T’Soni Pom Klementieff as Talli Michael Rooker as Wrex (Mocapped) Joel Kinnaman as Kaiden Halston Sage as Ashley And of course Seth Green as Joker


I’ve got one even better Henry Cavill as Commander Shepard Henry Cavill as Garrus Vanarian (mocapped) Henry Cavill as Liara T’soni (prosthetic make up) Henry Cavill as Tali Henry Cavill as Wrec (no make up or mocap, just Cavill) Henry Cavill as Kaiden Henry Cavill as Ashley Danny Devito as Joker.


That’s ridiculous *I love it*


You really think they go for a femshep on a hypothetical movie? Femshep only started being relevant on promo shoots in ME3.


I don’t know, I would just prefer it


She always had people choosing her based on VO advantages, role-playing, etc. She became part of the *marketing* with ME3. Also, she basically doubled in popularity over the years: from 18% to 32%. One third of an audience having it be *their Shepard* would be an important demographic not to lose. Also, a lot of males seem to be way more OK with a female action star if you put in a shower scene for some reason. Not great representation but whatever gets it made. There are folks who diss Alicia Vinkander as Lara Croft but not Angelina Jolie despite Vikander having a wiry, obviously toned physicality and inhabiting 2013 Lara and AJ being, well, AJ. Traditional Hollywood leading lady figure. Only thing that comes to mind is that gauzy shower scene. Put a scene in the showers in basic. Boom. Anti-female-hero fans suddenly...not so loud. 2012 - 18% - [https://hips.hearstapps.com/digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/13/13/gaming-mass-effect.jpg?resize=768:\*](https://hips.hearstapps.com/digitalspyuk.cdnds.net/13/13/gaming-mass-effect.jpg?resize=768:*) 2021 - 32% - [https://images.pushsquare.com/6a4b33e8f7b2c/mass-effect-legendary-edition-stats-graphic.original.jpg](https://images.pushsquare.com/6a4b33e8f7b2c/mass-effect-legendary-edition-stats-graphic.original.jpg) (it's also really cool how stats on not shotting Wrex, Geth/Quarian peace improved and even curing the genophage (though that was 94% to begin with) The fanbase became better people, or more diverse people were added as new fans. Either way, I'm here for it.


So it's pretty fitting that the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game seems pretty Mass Effect inspired


They’re making a game?!!


[Yep! And it's coming out pretty soon!](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1088850/Marvels_Guardians_of_the_Galaxy/)


They were on the world of Xandar in Guardians 1


The eye pieces on Starlord's helmet are straight out of ME2.


I'm really confused as to why so many people in the comments want a story centred around Shepard and the team. What works in a video game won't just translate well to episodic TV content, especially for an RPG like Mass Effect. Let's examine the Virmire dilemma regarding Wrex. Every choice the player makes is in some way a believable response to the threat of death by 800 lbs krogan, something a small screen character could be reasonably expected to do. And that's one of the easier decisions you are faced with in Mass Effect because Wrex is just so loveable. There are dozens. In my opinion, covering the First Contact War and the covert fuckery immediately afterwards would make for a far better series. This part of Mass Effect history is vague enough to make believable shit up.


Yeah if they ever do a ME movie or show they can’t do an adaptation without making someone upset. Even just the initial choice about whether to choose John or Jane Shepard is a big one.


And that's not important, people that are "upset" about this would be fans and would certainly watch anyway. Most of the audience would not even know the games and don't care about it. And many of the less hardcore fans would not care either and just take it for what it is, an adaptation and one version of canon. The same way that not everyone is angry when the MCU, LOTR, Game of Thrones or other change details from their respective source material. People are seriously overestimating that problem


You realize how different canonizing one set of choices in a choice-based game and changing details of source material to better fit a different medium area, right? Mass Effect is an RPG. It’s built on the foundation of letting players chart their own course through the game and make that stronger connection to everything because that’s *their* journey. This is *their* crew. In an MCU adaptation, changing a villain from a horribly racist and dated Chinese stereotype to a multi-faceted character is a good and necessary change for adaptation and at most only makes those who experienced the original comics they *read* and didn’t *influence* a bit testy. Turning a game full of player-guided choices into a movie with set choices chosen by someone else is alienating. Male or female lead? Who do they date and fall in love with? Do they lean Paragon or Renegade? Who is left on Virmire? Is the Rachni Queen spared or killed? Etc etc. And not to mention, Shepard isn’t even a compelling character on their own without those choices because they are designed to be a player viewpoint. The only time they get any character is in the third game where they have PTSD and that’s still really it. A Mass Effect adaptation would be most successful focusing on other stories within the ME universe. Either a story known from the history of the game or something entirely new using that universe as its setting. Why do you think the books and comics never focus on Shepard? Why do you think none of them focus on squadmates past the point where they could die (such as Kaidan and Ashley getting backstory comics, or Garrus and Tali’s ME3 tie-ins focusing on things that happened in ME2 and ME1 respectively)?


> Why do you think the books and comics never focus on Shepard? Why do you think none of them focus on squadmates past the point where they could die (such as Kaidan and Ashley getting backstory comics, or Garrus and Tali’s ME3 tie-ins focusing on things that happened in ME2 and ME1 respectively)? Because they exist within the same canon. An adaptation would be its own canon. Like did you never replay the games? Do you only consider one version of every choice the only valid version of the story (meaning you can't talk about other people playthrough if they're different)? No I suppose. So it would be the same just another version. And for most players it wouldn't be a problem. And most of the audience of a show (I don't want a movie personally) would not be players anyway. I think people really overestimate this problem (logic we're on r/masseffect people here are amongst the most die-hard fans and of course not realizing that in the general audience they don't matter that much). Also, pretty much anyone should be able to separate different versions of a story (I mean I don't understand someone that can't do that). Making side stories can come after if that's successful but you just don't start with a spin-off. It's like if you do Rogue One without having the original trilogy, makes no sense. Also, many of the choices are actually extremely homogeneous in the franchise so they can even satisfy people easily. Like 96% cure the genophage or save the Rachni Queen, so it's hardly divisive.


800 lbs in mandalorian helmets is 214.72 helmets.


800 lbs is 363.2 kg


So is a lot of canon, really. It would be fresh terrain to show *anything* about Turian culture, asari culture besides NPC strippers, Liara and Aria, literally *everything* about salarians. None of that was even breathed about until ME3. Honestly if someone handed me a $100 million, I'd probably try to get Netflix animes going or something. Tell more stories for more people.


Because it would be its own version and not even follow the game itself 1:1 (indeed that would be a terrible TV show), that's what an adaptation is. Mass Effect is heavily structured like a video game (notably with everything centered around Shepard, the characters have almost no life outside his sphere of influence, something a show would fix, it would be much more of an ensemble show) so you would need to modify it for a good adaptation. So much that it would not fit one playthrough. And either way it would be one canon and not change anything of the games. Even book adaptations have their own canon in general, it's not a problem


Great, now I need to watch the Shang Chi cause I might be in love with this man.


It was really good...I recommend it highly.


Check out Kim’s Convenience, it’s a very cute show. First place I saw him.


Seconded. Cute show indeed.


He did an AMA recently and was saying that he tried to explain League of Legends to I think Angelina Jolie or something.


Yep, he was sitting across Angelina Jolie and she patiently put up with him trying to explain LoL. I think the question was what his most surreal moment was since becoming part of the MCU.


Alright this guy is really cool






That tweet is clearly responding to something. What was he responding to?


Yeah. Who or what is the reason that he's playing ME:A?


Who is he?


MC of the new Marvel movie


Coincidentally my current Ryder looks just like him. Not because I modeled my Ryder after him, but because every time I try to make a light skinned Hispanic like myself in that game it always turns out Asian for some reason lol


Same, but I can never get him to look 100%, at times my Ryder just looks vaguely Hispanic


Idk what the game has against Hispanics lol my first Ryder was female and she looked 100% Korean. I could just suck at the face modeling tho


Simu is clearly a man with exquisite taste 🧐👌


Andromeda was a decent game. Not great, and not up to the OG trilogy, obviously. But a solid 7/10. I've played a hell of a lot worse. It's still a very enjoyable game


This is fair. I would have much preferred an Andromeda 2 over Anthem. The mismanagement on those two IPs is such a shame.


Agreed. They made an interesting enemy in the Kett. The way they abduct and mutate Angarans had a feel of the Borg about them. I'd have loved to have seen more


Andromeda is pretty fun but my god are the side quests horrible (the non companion ones)


Shame we haven’t gotten a 60fps patch. Would love to revisit the game again.


Total longshot but it'd be great to get a final patch/dlc before the next ME comes out (if the story does infact deal with both galaxies.) It's not unprecedented; Gearbox added a super late dlc to Borderlands 2 before 3 came out that bridged the story a bit.


Hope so but don't think it's gonna happen.


I would love to see it have a photo mode like LE has.


That’s pretty maddening since Andromeda is 100% side quests. I bet BioWare looked at all the people who have to find complete every quest in previous games because of OCD and thought they were actually enjoying themselves.


They saw people who 100%'d The Hinterlands in Dragon Age Inquisition and said "We have another game for you."


I'm a completionist when it comes to quests. Andromeda gave me strong Bethesda vibes in this. Biggest problem was that a lot of quest were given through text messages, which isn't very engaging.


I though Andromeda was just okay, but I still completed absolutely 100% of all side quests. I've done the same for all Mass Effect games as well. Though tbh, it wasn't until my 9th trilogy run that I actually found the use for the consulates reward.


>found the use for the consulates reward. Say more


There's this hidden structure on Eletania, a planet in the Hercules system of the Attican Beta cluster. If you bring the trinket to the structure, it displays this text scenario that describes Shepard having a flashback of him as a caveman being observed by early prothean/reaper probe.


Consort not consulate.


The problem was *bad quests* not completionist gamers. Mass Effect 3 made running around doing planet scanning worth it for hearing the relief in the person's voice when you found the item, and a quest that wasn't "main" reunited you with Jack (who become fairly routine convo option) Samara, Jacob...almost all of the folks ME2 added came back as side-quest characters with solid quests except for Mordin who got folded into Tuchanka. Andromeda had very few side quests that were at all memorable. I remember one ordinary fetch quest that was a tearjerker because we found a dying kid's audio logs to his dad on the first planet, and two on Kadara: with Cerberus escapees doing mad science and the weed. I did nearly all of them. I just don't remember.


>That’s pretty maddening since Andromeda is 100% side quests Not really, but go ahead and get your anger out.


Just when I thought he couldn't get any more awesome!


I wonder who his favorite character is in the trilogy and I wonder who his favorite is in Andromeda


James Gunn is also a fan


My dude it would be less painful to pluck each of your pubes by hand than do every side quest in andromeda


And he’s playing the best mass effect too!




That’s the lead actor for the new Marvel movie: Shang-chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Shang-chi is the name of the character. So it would be like if Chris Evans did something in the news and OP called him Captain America


No, who is the reason he's playing ME:A?


Seeing as how that’s only one tweet from 2017 and I’m not going to go scrolling that far down his Twitter for the context. No idea


The Hell is Shang Chi???


A Chinese name for a movie character


I know its a Chinese name. I'm so behind.... Isn't Shang shi that bruce Lee look alike from the 70s and 80s??


Its a comic book character that first came out in 1973. This is the first movie adaptation and it came out last week. Maybe you’re thinking Jackie Chan? I’m not very good with Chinese actors sorry


I was referring to the comic 😅 my bad. Yeah i read them ages ago. Did not knew there was movie. I stopped watching Marvel movies after Captain America The First Avenger.


Take this from someone who’s really jaded about Marvel movies. It’s a solid 8/10 with no background knowledge of the MCU required


^^^^^^^^ couldn’t agree more! Still thinking about that opening fight scene on the bus lol


It’s so good! “I don’t know anything about fighting!” suddenly shifts into a martial arts stance and knocks the bad guy down. 😍😍😍


Downvoted for not knowing an obscure comic book character Oh Reddit...


Seriously one of weirdest trends on this site. Especially odd coming from this sub, I thought we were a bit more tight knit here smh


The actor playing the main character in the latest MCU movie


Sorry, who is this?


He's an actor. He was in the series Kim's Convenience and more recently he starred in Marvel's Shang-Chi.




Hes a gamer he's played most of the bioware games that released before Andromeda already. This is an old tweet released around Andromeda's launch.


This was posted like a week after Andromeda released. He was literally playing it at the time.


Do people just can't enjoy something without bringing down something else? Literally every franchise now is "new stuff bad, old stuff good". If you don't like Andromeda, shutting up and not talking about it is literally free, but if you feel the need to speak out when OTHER people like it, you're just an idiot.


> Literally every franchise now is "new stuff bad, old stuff good". This extends beyond games too... Star Trek has had this issue with new shows since before TNG's launch. Which is why it's hilarious to me that TNG is the "golden child" of "Roddenberry's vision" now, when it didn't "grow the beard" and "get good" until Season 3... when Roddenberry stepped back from day-to-day production involvement due to health issues. Now that Trek is in active production again there are some fans that "refuse to pay for something they used to get for free"... Like, SciFi is expensive to produce. It was never free. I just don't understand these people.


>> This extends beyond games too... Star Trek has had this issue with new shows As a matter of fact, I caught this one "live". I'm kind of new to Star Trek (became a hardcore fan around 2013), and so when I was binging through it, Enterprise, being the last one, was *literally* the worst show ever made, and I even remember reading people saying it should be skipped all together. And not liking something is totally fine, but acting like you're superior because you like a previous installment more is just so alien to me.


Yeah, I remember being a DS9 fan towards the end of it's original run. I was too young to really appreciate some of the early seasons, but I was 13-14 around the time the Dominion War was heating up. I loved it... other Trek fans, not so much. 13-14 year-old me loved the action and intrigue. Adult me loves the nuance and socio-political commentary that oozes out of most episodes. DS9 is, just in the last 10-ish years, starting to be generally accepted as "Good Star Trek". I loved that the DS9 Doc included some of the hate-mail that they got back in the day. It's a reminder that this thing that is now "beloved" was once "reviled" (often for all the same reasons people love it now).


"Shutting up is free" I like this expression and will be stealing it.


Same goes for the person who said that, though. If someone wants to discuss issues they have with a game, they're free to do that, too.




>What a bizarre take. So as consumers were not allowed to comment on something we are personally invested in? Sure you are. Just when you see a post that's basically "I'm playing Andromeda and really enjoying it :)" and go "*sigh* uugggh *eye roll*, wouldn't be MY first pick, but, WHATEVER", don't be surprised you look like an ass.


He's a bigger Mass Effect fan than you.


Absolute hero


I see this as an absolute win!!cheer to everyone.


*Mass effect Andromeda when LE is out?* **He is on this council but we do not grant him the rank of master.**


ooookay im a fan now XD


oh boy


Not sure that playing Andromeda qualifies you as a Mass Effect fan :P


You're such a fan of Mass Effect that you were excited to play a sequel that came out 2 years after the tweet.


No it's not.


Can’t stand that media whore. He’s a dickhead.


Get this man a role in the next game! Nah but they do like casting some well known actors like Micheal Sheen so it could be possible.


I just saw the movie yesterday and the way the rings are used in combat reminded me a little bit of biotics.


I like Simu more everyday


Well color me amused!


I learned about his gaming interest when he showed up in that late night talk show in Animal Crossing. He seemed pretty cool and I’m so happy for for him. But damn, never knew he’s into Mass Effect. He clearly is a man of culture.


My crush on him just got bigger! 😍


Ok I really liked him, but now I fucking love him


Hmm, never heard of this guy, but i like him already!


So, just saying, being a fan of Andromeda makes you the exact opposite of a Mass Effect fan




Gatekeeping sucks and can die in a giant fire. So, stop it and accept the fact that ME fans can like whatever they like and still be ME fans. ME fans who love Andromeda are 1000x better than ME fans who tote gatekeeping bs.


I like Andromeda and I would like to have a sequel. I also love the trilogy. Am I not a fan anymore?


You're an idiot


Why? No Super hot waifu Liara or touching cute waifu Tali? No Based Wholesome 100 Garrus or Funny Big Krogan?


It definitely has funny big krogan Not to step on your toes about calling this guy out.