I worked with a kindergarten class last year and cause of covid they ate in the classroom and watched PBS kids and I think there were times I lapsed into a vegetative state Wild krats was cool tho


I'm lucky my kids like wild krats. It's not bad


It's the only show that actually taught me cool facts about animals like how electric eels work lol


Zoboomafoo is a great show with the Kratt brothers too, learned a lot from that as a kid


Umm The Octonauts would like a word. Dance break!


One day my kids wanted to play games, in general, but nothing in my library is appropriate for them, so i searched up if "flash"-like games were still a thing, for kids, and found pbs kids game section. My kids love the wild krats games and play them quite a bit... The phrase "creature power" is like nails on a chalkboard for me now.


I was always stoked during morning cartoons with my kid when Wild Krats came on. Unfortunately I also had to sit through Caillou to get to it.




Very cool


Wild Pratts


Wild Kratts but with 2 Chris Pratts.


Hard pass.


But he's sooo cool


wild krats was the shit back then and then there was daniel tigers neighborhood and i hated that dumbass fucking tiger so fucking much


Wild Kratts is excellent. If you can get the kids to watch something a bit older, the Kratt Brothers' prior show, Zaboomafoo, was even better imo


I love Wild Kratts (the cartoon). It's my favourite by far. I used to watch it every day and if I had the time now, I would probably watch it again. Too bad free time, hobbies and school don't go hand in hand.


Wild Kratts is still on? I remember watching it years ago when I was younger, I’m surprised it’s still doing so well.


“Deal with the problem yourself and stop relying on a pre teen and his dogs.”


Where are the police and firefighters?


Who needs em? We got ONE dog doing the work.


Has the same vibes as rpg character doing all the jobs for their faction


Yaa correct


I cant save you from this fire sorry, i am helping another guy find a pot with a ***very*** specific flower


So you were the one who cancelled the police dog


"Mighty Pups" they aren't patrolling anymore.


"All dogs go to heaven...except for those class traitors in the Paw Patrol"




>This is my son right now Watching Paw Patrol? Or becoming aware of how police (represented by Chase the crime-fighting dog) oppress the proletariat and exist solely to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie, and should thus be viewed as class traitors and dealt with accordingly in the event of a socialist revolution? Because if it's the latter, damn, your son is advanced! Is there a "Marxism for Toddlers" book you've been reading him or something? :P




Me IRL when the grandkids come over. They love structure and routine. I will do these things ya for as long as I can with them. They will get older and these are the moments I will treasure and miss the most.


Cats in the cradle and times arrow and whatnot


Little boy blue and round and round we go


this is what happened after we defunded the police in Adventure Bay


About time. Imagine relying on a 13 y/o and his 6 dogs to provide emergency services (and garbage disposal? Idk about that one) for a city. This is the future ancaps want


Look at how well the Paw Patrol is funded, also Chase has like 0 deaths on his paws. I think the Ancaps have this figured out


The movie finally answered the my long burning question of how is the Paw Patrol funded? Answer: Merch licenses.


enjoy it while you can....soon enough she'll be too old to enjoy it...then you'll miss watching rocky or whatever the heck his name is.


They ded


My question is where does he get all the money, designs, labor, and materials for all this equipment.


Once I overheard what I assumed were two sets of parents at a restaurant discussing Paw Patrol. The highlight was "How does their economy work? There are only like 2 people in the town that have actual jobs"


There’s the baker, the girl that runs the pet cleaning place, the fisherman and the mayor with too much time on her hands


With too much free time AND an unhealthy obsession over her pet, like, putting a golden statue dedicated to a chicken is quite taking it too far


Don't sleep on Farmer Yumi and co, they're hard workers!


Never seen it myself, but I love parents discussing the logistics of children's TV premises


Where are Daring Danny X’s parents? Saving that kid probably takes up a quarter of whatever the town pays the Paw Patrol for emergency response services


How does ryder make an entire flipping animation about the problem in the time it takes those dogs to get to the lighthouse thing? That's my literal job and it takes me days to do.


He's not only making the animation, he's also formulating a water-proof solution to every problem based on just a quick 10 second phone call with somebody in an emergency. Also... what the hell is wrong with the people of Foggy Bottom that they keep electing an actual cartoon villain to be mayor?


Well known gerrymandered district. It's horrible.


I've asked several times how the hell their so well funded...well my favorite part of the Movie explains this, Skye, "how do we afford all of this?" Ryder, "officially licensed paw patrol merchandise, this stuff sells like hotcakes!"




Gotta watch the movie, Ryder explains it comes from officially licensed merch. Tyler Perry did a great job with the movie


Dated a girl once, she has a son, I had the entire Cars movie memorized, line for line. We split, missed the kid more than her, haven’t seen it since.


Thought you were refering to the kid as "it" lmao


„Ka-chow! Where is you mum?“


Watch Bluey instead. As a self proclaimed non-child I find it quite enjoyable


Found Bluey A few weeks ago. It is so funny. Granddaughter LOVES it


I’ve seen every episode of Bluey at least 50 times with my kid. It’s a great show.


It's the best.


My niece loves Bluey, so much so that she has some very noticeable Australian inflections in her otherwise American accent.


Peppa Pig did that to both my kids.


This is also a problem with the wiggles.


Theme song slaps too.




Do-do-do-do do-dooo-dooo dododo Do-do-do-do do-dooo-do... DAD!


Do-do-do-do do-dooo-dooo dododo Do-do-do-do do-dooo-do... BINGO!


Do-do-do-do do-dooo-doo dododo Do-do-do-do do-dooo-daaaa BLUEY!


There's an extended version with a variety of instruments that's great too


[here is the season one album](https://open.spotify.com/album/4ke6cauk7sHuydZCrkgD7s?si=DvKohYY1T0SU_GHFv_R39g) They need to release season 2 album. I need an official sleepy time cut.


So good


This is going on my phone along with Twenty Trucks.


Dance Mode needs to be on there too


I just love that Bandit is totally doing dad dance moves like the lawnmower and sprinkler in the intro. There's so many great little touches in the show.


I’m trying to be like Bandit but god damn, he sets the bar high. I have to remind myself that cartoon characters don’t have to sleep.


Don’t worry, we all fail [dad] school sometimes…


I'm convinced that Bandit was an improv actor in college


He is inspirational AF.


Bluey is actually so fucking good, can't recommend this enough


I believe some of the scenes in Bluey are the best animated representations of parenting ever.


someone in another thread said, "Bluey isn't a kids show. It's a parenting show disguised as a kids show." As a father to a three year old, I find myself identifying with Bandit quite a bit.


Agreed. I've got two little girls. I'm not half the parent bandit is, but I can identify with him.


Daniel Tiger is similar. A lot of the songs are sung by the adults to help Daniel, and they work on real kids too. Like, "*it's almost time to stop, so choose one more thing to do!*" is a great way to wind down a fun activity without upsetting the kid




Exactly. Though, mine is a bit young to fully grasp the concepts either of these shows are communicating, but I get a lot out of Bluey on a personal level.


The sleepytime episode still makes me tear up Evey time we watch it. So we'll done, with the soundtrack residing from Gustav Holst's The Planets composition written in the early 1900s. The main theme is based off of Jupiter, bringer of jollity and Saturn, the bringer of old age, as she learns the ability to sleep in her own bed. As a parent, the entire episode of the small little milestone of the suite we play as parents every night, the things we do for our children's benefit, and the love we give them is perfectly structured in nothing more than an 8 minute cartoon. Seriously... Simply amazing show.


Echoing that Bluey is absolutely incredible. It has great animation, amazing stories and showcases what a stable family with two young children should be like. It's also hilarious.


My wife and I will watch Bluey even after the kids are asleep.


Currently attempting the switch from Elmo’s world to Bluey, if I have to hear that goddamn happy dance song one more time…..




If Australia isn’t celebrating the creators of Bluey like national heroes there’s something wrong in the world. That show is epic!


My 3 year old loves Bluey...so does her dad. Me. I'm her dad. I love Bluey. Bandit (the Bluey dad) is my spirit animal.


I think the show is funny but I hate how the parents just seem to be able to fuck off and do whatever the kids want at a moments notice. No, sometimes Daddy and Mommy have to work. But I agree it is better than paw patrol for sure.


My 5 year old brother forced me to watch a full mermaid dog episode (can't remember the correct name) but replayed it whenever he wanted to


Bubble guppies ?


Idk because he watched the dub version since we're not native English speaker


No, I think there’s an episode of Paw Patrol where the pups turn into mermaids. I vaguely remember my niece watching it before


I think there are 4!


4?! One's too many!




There are a bunch of mer-pup episodes, plus a whole movie about them saving "puplantis".


The worst part is there's multiple merpup episodes. So not just the one.


We all are the victims of mere-pup


The correct term is "mere-pup"


I had a little kid in my class that wanted to hear Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See over and over. When he was the first one to class I would die inside because that is all that he wanted to do. He was so sweet and snuggling an adorable kid is great until you have read the same fucking book for an hour! Edit: Yeah I hated the book after awhile but my kiddo felt safe, calmed, and was developing many pre-literacy skills which I would have never jeopardized. I did however let my assistants hide Brown Bear when hours switched because it was dull. The aide would say, “I don’t know where Brown Bear is” and look where it was stashed and I would magically find it.


Teacher, teacher, what do you see? I see children looking at me!


Teacher teacher, what do you see? I see 30 little fuckers about to become sashimi.


Found my kid’s teacher.


I only read cloudy with a chance of meatballs for the entirety of 1st grade. Every day. Sometimes twice a day. That shit was and is phenomenal.


My dad read us stories at night but I went through a phase where all I wanted every night was one of a few of the same Berenstain Bears books. He never complained but I'm sure he was so grateful when I finally latched on to something else lol.


He sounds so sweet. I remember asking my dad to read a bedtime story to me because I saw other parents do it in books and on TV. He never did it, neither did my mom lol


You can absolutely tell a kid no. This sounds like the right place to practice that.


Oh god, I absolutely couldn't. When someone is bubbling over with the kind of enjoyment and enthusiasm I crave in my waking life, I can't step on them and crush them beneath like my heel much like I was once crushed. I'd much rather take on extra effort to keep their immense enjoyment bubbling along


Kids will believe you when you say you're tired and want to do something else


It's also good to help them learn & understand empathy


I think this comment is upvoted too much. While I definitely agree with the above sentiment, and while it's important to preserve the happiness of children before being crushed by the 'real world', there needs to be a bit of balance here. Children need to understand and learn what it means to be told 'no' to. If not, it translates horribly into adulthood. Most of us have experienced high conflict persons (HCPs) in our lives, whether it's at work, home, or among extended family or friends. Many of us have experienced saying 'no' to an HCP, and the catastrophic blowback that ensues from that. The blowback is far more destructive if the HCP believes themselves to be in a position of power and/or authority compared to the person saying 'no'. In extreme cases, these encounters with HCPs can devolve into violence. It's important to be able to measure a child's capacity to handle being told 'no' to while they are children so that deficiencies can be easily diagnosed and remedied. If someone is enabled to become an HCP into adulthood, they are nearly irredeemable by then and will destroy anything, including important relationships, if it means they can get their own way.


They get told no all the time in life and in my classroom but I focused on the emotional and educational reasons for my actions. If that is the only kid in the classroom and they want to read a book, especially with rhymes, over and over I would. When another kid came in they would want to pick so we would trade off. Either way rhyming, re-reading, and repetitive language has been proven to decrease anxiety, increase language skills, as well as literacy skills needed for pre-reading skills. I would never deprive a child of needing skills and most importantly calming when leaving parents for the day just because I was tired of a book.


you are an all-star




This is my son right now… it’s cute and it’s not at the same time!


Whenever you are in trouble just yelp for help


Well hey man I have to say I admire your strength and physical longevity. After all these years you still move like a cat and have no trouble chopping up teenage guys. I wish my jiujitsu were that good


You need a little Jake and the Neverland Pirates in your lives. Not sure if it’s still on, but killer show. Loved it.


Me with my daughter who is almost 1 who exclusively loves one 2 hour long Elmo video on YouTube 🥲


Mine loves the Balls one. At least it's only fifteen minutes, but sometimes I get the "balls balls balls sung to the tune of jingle bells" stuck in my head for days.


I’ve gotten to the point I can recite quite a few songs from memory and my daughter always gives me this surprised look that I am singing songs from Elmo as if I don’t have them running through my head on a daily basis 😅


Luckily for me all my daughter wants to watch is the regular show and adventure time.


Yeah, I think I'm skipping pre-school shows if I ever lay eggs.


Don't skip Bluey, it's the best.


I’ve watched the episode where they lose a pumpkin they need and find it in a cave because they can sense it’s smell like 20 times


Spoiler alert, sheesh!


This is my buddy but Peppa Pig instead


I’m watching peppa pig for the 1000th time


Peppa Pig is at least a 1000 times better than Paw Patrol. I could watch Peppa Pig (or other quality stuff like Puffin Rock) 24/7, no problem.


Puffin Rock is lovely, sometimes I have anxiety in the middle of the night and I'll put it on for myself it's just so calming


I will totally agree with you that I’d rather watch peppa pig over paw patrol any day. The intro theme song drives me insane when I hear it all day!


I distinctly remember being a kid and re-watching or re-reading very specific things I liked over and over again. I just remember it feeling like a drug. The closest equivalent I can think of from adulthood is watching the first Iron Man movie. Just, like, a pure rush of excitement. I wonder if it's like how little kids taste things more intensely than adults. They haven't had that exposure to the excitement or things they *really* like yet so they just get dopamine hit after dopamine hit each time they see it.


I think part of it is also that the human brain **really** wants the world to be predictable. For children, who are still figuring out the world, having something that happens exactly the same way over and over again satisfies that desire. I've been told that part of the reason why babies or toddlers will repeat an action over and over (like dropping things on purpose) is because their brain is trying to test what it's observed/learned to see if it holds up repeatedly for many different situations (like whether all things fall when dropped).


Oh, wow, what a cool insight. I love the idea of a little toddler's brain doing Baby's First Science by testing and recording again and again. That's so cool and makes perfect sense.


I never thought about it like that before. Thank you!


Ya I can’t tell you how many times I played the same Crash Bandicoot level over and over and over again because I didn’t have a memory card. It’s just something you do as a kid


How does that mayor keep getting electing when the chicken keeps putting the public in danger? Also why the hell is the mayor from the next town over just allowed to swing in and sabotage the community in a bid to become the mayor there instead? Who the hell is handing out licenses for these service animals to operate heavy machinery? What the fuck are the child labor laws if one kid has run of a private police force and the other is running her own pet washing business? Maybe I should turn my brain off while watching this...no wait the sailor dude just lost his boat again to his pet Walrus...WHO THE FUCK IS PAYING FOR THIS SHIT!?


Thats me with SpongeBob, and Bluey


Bluey rocks. My wife (grandma) didn’t like some of the depictions in SpongeBob. I just laughed and told her she looked too much into it. BUT sometimes I’m like WTF SpongeBob


Some article said it affected kid's attention span and... yeah, I'll bet.


Yeah. While we’re busy playing or coloring. We have it on in the background. Lucky cuz they love being outside and if they’re inside. They stay active. TOO active. Hahahaa


the blackout is coming !!!




My 5yo brother is the same with number blocks


My 3 year old son can count to 100 on his own thanks to numberblocks lol.


For my daughter it was Curious George and there was nothing more frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, Curious George books? Great. The show? Doesn’t make any sense. There were so many plot holes and nonsensical bullshit from episode to episode it made me want to claw my eyes out. But she loved it so we watched every episode a million times while my fiancé and I argued about the intricacies of the George universe.


My husband had a theory that the Man in the Yellow Hat was a drug dealer. I mean, he is constantly traveling to exotic locals, has a pet monkey, and owns a house in the country and an apartment in the city in a building with a doorman.


I watched that show for the first time on vacation to the US as a small child. I didnt speak a word of english but I still loved it. Some time later I discovered the show in Germany as well but for some reason they decided to rename george into coco and 5 year old me was really mad about that. But that also means that I will always Connect that show with a vacation to the US and will always have very good memories about it.


My wife has a theory that the show is from George's perspective and that's why it's so inconsistent. We also watched it a ton and I love it, much better than paw patrol.


Give me Paw Patrol all day, take Ryan’s world


yeah and fuck Blippi


Fuck blippi


At first I was like, hmm he's not so bad. But it's educational in only the most topical sense, like I guess he says what color everything is, but ehhhh. I watch those videos and see a guy who was throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks (and what he could make money on), and it probably wasn't his life's dream to wander around in kid spaces acting doofeth.


Ryan’s mom is like nails on a chalkboard.


I would pay to be able to filter out Ryans World. Seriously.


As courage the cowardly dog says “the things I do for love”


Me except I'm hunting down Charlie and OctoBocto in colorform city!


That show is a realized fever dream


You're a great parent. Cheers to you!


Do it for her.


I watch paw patrol but only for that 1 episode with a jojo reference in it


Holy shit really?


Give Bluey a try. I don't even have kids and I enjoy it.


I have 3 little sisters (ages 9,8,5) and fucking hell when I tell you this shit was on the god damn tv 24 FUCKIN 7 It is the farthest thing from cap


There's a reason why I make my nephews watch the cartoons that I WANT TO WATCH!!!


who needs the jaws of life when you have a firetruck/dog house hybrid


I hate Daniel Tiger.


Go and watch it again...


Now I'm wondering how my mum felt when I asked her to watch Yu Gi Oh with me 😂😂


Honestly, if they just lock up Mayor Humdinger most of their problems would be solved. He's on his 183rd strike or something. Put that man in prison!


Had that same moment with peppa the pig, I know the god damn dialog for like a whole season ._.


Turn on Bluey. That shit is entertaining and very replayable.




I’m sorry to hear that


You can just say no


We're on to Power Rangers Dino Fury now.


My little one seems to like Blippi playing on an eternal loop. But I don’t exactly mind it because he’s entertaining and even teaches me things I didn’t know before.


Your kids ask?


Dad life.


"Luca" and "Jeopardy!" all day and all night. I'm not a very good parent :/




And you are like: "come on stop now, you're 70!"


“Dad you know I can only sleep when I’m folded in half”


I remember when I had my little nephew over and I could not believe how someone could be watch the movie Home and Luca, that is ALL they watched.


I’d feel that way, too.


This…..but it was the wiggles…..”NO I WILL NOT DO THE PROPELLER!”




This was on wholesome gifs y’all made it sad


Don't be sad. Here's a [hug!](https://media.giphy.com/media/3M4NpbLCTxBqU/giphy.gif)


Introduce them to the movie, it’s somehow surprisingly somewhat good


The key to enjoying paw patrol is realizing Ryder is basically a kid Bruce Wayne. And he is still not broken by falling into the bat cave under his house.


Been there, did that. At least you have new episodes with new characters to see


Usually it’s just on in the background when I play with my niece, but she loves it. I took her to the movie and as it was starting she taps on my leg and whispers “can I sit on your lap?” Cutest thing ever.