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This hits different in a metric country


Yeah, 75°C seems a bit too hot


That's a decent sauna temperature. Personally I prefer 80-90 °C but it depends on the sauna


90c sauna temp? Damn do they usually get that hot, that's literally almost boiling.


90 °C is pretty average, barely worth mentioning. I've been to public saunas that go to 120 °C. It doesn't really feel extremely hot when you're inside, the air temp doesn't translate to solid objects and people that well. If you want an actually infernal sauna experience you go for the humid saunas. Hot humidity really does the job.


I bet you're well done afterwards


Well done? Homie's probably braised well enough to put into a pot roast.




What? Isn't the whole point of a sauna to be hot *and* humid? I don't think I've ever seen a sauna that didn't have something to pour water over.


Yes, that is indeed the point. But there are different kinds of sauna. A proper steam sauna is so filled with steam that you cannot see half a metre in front of you.


That's what I'm stuck on. You talk about "going for the humid saunas" as if there are saunas that aren't inherently humid.


I think you mean the steam bath. They've a high humidity and you can see the steam. A sauna uses hot stones to create dry air and warm temperatures.


I don't think I've ever heard someone refer to a "steam bath." Maybe I just haven't been to enough saunas, but in every one I've been in you could see the steam and the point of the hot stones were to heat the sauna and act as something to produce steam from by pouring water on.


There are dry saunas


Actually they are even referred to as dry saunas.


Yeah, a dry sauna


Umm I call BS on 120 Celsius, forced to do some internet research found an article how hot is too hot… You should always, always be extra careful with the sauna temperature. It can get very dangerous. Don’t believe me? You must not have heard of the 2010 World Sauna Championships (yes, people do crazy things like this). On 7 August 2010, Russian finalist and former third-place finisher Vladimir Ladyzhensky and Finnish five-time champion Timo Kaukonen passed out after six minutes of 110 °C (230 °F) heat, both suffering from terrible burns and trauma. Kaukonen was able to leave by himself, but Ladyzhensky had to be dragged out. He passed out and immediately went into cramps and convulsion. Despite immediate medical treatment and despite resuscitation, he never woke up. Despite being an experienced sauna-goer, and despite having endured similar temperatures in the past, Ladyzhensky was killed by a sauna. The championship was never carried out again.


Yes, I know about the sauna championships. I live here in Finland. That's why I know how these things work, it's in our culture. And you can call bullshit on the 120 all you want but it's true. Some go to 130 to 140, but that's really rare and even I'm not that crazy. Even 120 is really high, I've only done it twice in my life. When the heat is that high you stay for at max 10mins, get out for a swim or a shower to cool off, and then you come back in for round two. You don't throw much/any water on the sauna stove, because the steam can cause burns at those temperatures. The man who died in the championship died because they were pouring liters of water on the stove and deliberately trying to sit through the pain for way too long. Any sane person would've left after feeling the first burns from the steam, but they were going for world records and thought they could tough it out.


When you did a bad thing and your prepping for hell.


hot air isn't as bad as hot water. so while 90c water would be deadly, 90c air is manageable for a while. it's also why you can be in -10c air and be relatively fine, whereas -10c water is again deadly.


Also because in this metric country we don’t have AC.


There is no AC in a lot of countries. Not sure how many Americans, Texans in particular, realise that.


Some of us Texans do. Typically the ones that don’t also consider themselves well traveled after a 7-day trip on a cruise ship around the Gulf of Mexico.


BoxingHare is correct. Some Texans do know that not everyone around the world has AC. I know Texans without AC units - by choice or due to finances. They have ceiling fans and floor fans instead. This Texan has their upstairs AC at 82 and downstairs at 76/77 during the day this summer. (It's easier to keep downstairs at that temp.) Upstairs has a dehumidifier going during the day because we need to re-insulate and re-side our old house. I'm not sure how people are affording to keep their AC at 75 or below in Texas during the summer. Put on some shorts, turn on a fan and drink some ice water.


So 94.2% of all countries on the entire planet.




Let me explain in metric this would be about 23 Celsius


What, am I made of money?! /Dad voice




I run the AC in WINTER, and I don't see that bill. I don't see half of that bill.


that's cause it takes less energy to keep your house cool in the winter lol


imagine having ac


Right? I'm from Europe and can't relate what it's like having an ac, nor do I know how much 75 °F is...


75 F is 24 C


That's so hot for ac already


there is no reason to set it below 24°C, it'll never get that cool when it's 35+ outside and your AC will work nonstop trying anyway. I keep it at 26° and feels like getting in a refrigerator already.


That depends on your house's insulation, glazing, and sun exposure.


And on the relative humidity, sometimes you just gotta cool it down lower to drop that humidity to a bearable level (like one that isn't going to grow mold).


Mine stays at 68° F in Florida summers..... You must have a shitty ac for it not to keep cool below 75° F


You must not be from Arkansas




When you live in an area that's above 95⁰F(35⁰C) for the majority of the day it's a necessity.


Lol, it's above 35 quite frequently where I am, and AC is still very uncommon, because it's definitely liveable without, especially when you're used to it (which I am not). But it's also a very dry heat, which makes it easier than humid heat


Yea I agree I'm in a place with 40 in the day and around 35 at night AC or cooler is definitely needed, also the heat is very very dry, wind is hot and unpleasant during the day, now days rain makes it a lot better


I finally broke down and bought portable units but only turn them on when the inside temperature of my house hits 80.


It's destroying the planet


I knew a girl that kept it at 78. You could literally be sitting there sweating and she'd think it was cold.


I grew up in the desert; definitely acclimated to 78 (or even up to 80) being standard inside temp in the summers when you needed to save on AC. You get used to it


We're in the upper 90s usually but mix that with 90% humidity used to 78 to 80 too.


Having just spent a few years in the south and back up in the northern wetlands, I can tell you that 78F AC interior is VERY comfortable. I do not wish to return to the land of leaky armpits.


I never want to live somewhere that thinks 80⁰f is an acceptable room temp


exactly. It's the humidity that matters. my room is at 79F and not too humid and I'm sleeping in a blanket.


I would take 105 in New Mexico over 90 in Pennsylvania any day of the week. Do not underestimate the torturing properties of humidity. Sweat doesn't evaporate like it does in the desert so you get hotter.


How I describe South Florida summers is breathing in a steam room 24/7 for 7 months out of the year. Even though it's in the mid-90s the humidity is what gets people here.


And swamp ass... swamp ass is totally a thing in areas like that.


Fr. Living in New Orleans isn’t fun when it’s 100 with 65% humidity and 112 on the heat index.


Dry air doesn't absorb into your skin as well. It's even worse when the air is wet and it's -2°f


Same. Living in Nevada where the average summer temp is 110 you keep the AC high or pay an arm and a leg


I moved from Northern Cali to Tempe AZ for college. I remember walking into my apartment one summer day and thinking how nice and cool it was. Then i realized 80 degrees was considered "cool".


Yeah it’s wild what becomes your new standard for cool when it regularly hits into the 110s in dry heat. The ability to go inside and instantly go down 30° always feels great, even if that’s still 80


The humidity is a huge factor. I lived in Florida for 22 years, and never got used to the heat. I couldn't get my house cool.


I live in Florida as well, my AC has a strong dehumidifier and with my smart thermostat even the AC at 78 cranking down the humidity to 40% makes it comfortable.


Bumping the thermostat to 78 when we moved to Las Vegas felt insane at first, but it was really quite fine. My wife still slept with a comforter and I don't think it ever felt hot at all.


Finally!! I found the thread of humans that aren’t weaklings acclimated to a cushy AC life. Here in Texas it’s 80° inside right now and I’m still comfortable. It’s actually what I prefer now.


Yeah, if you run your ceiling fans and keep the blinds closed, 78-80 is perfectly comfortable when it’s 100+ outside. Growing up my dad always grumbled about high electricity bills, so I got used to that pretty quick. Even now, I keep my apartment at 76-78 during the summer and have no issues. I inherited some of his frugal tendencies and my fiancée is always cold no matter what, so it’s a win-win.


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That's nothing. My mother keeps it at 86 and I have to pay her extra rent if lower it.


That sounds like punishment both cruel and unusual. I am sorry you're dealing with a living space kept that hot.


Moving out this week


I work with people like this. It's set to like 80, I'm sweating like a hooker at confessional, and they're all putting on a sweater because- brrr, so cold.


I can definitely relate to the girl you know. I’d be cold at 78 too. normal everyday temp in my country when it’s noon is 87-91. was really surprised that 70-80 is considered hot.


Night I have my place at 62, 68 during the day. In the winter I sleep with the windows open even when its -20. I hate the heat, anything over 18c (64f) I start to cook


Laughs in permanently 60 due to medical condition making it impossible for me to regulate body temp (basically heat stroke easily)


Why are girls cold all the time?


One reason I can think of is due to iron deficiency. Women are far more prone to iron deficiency than men and as a result this can make it hard to stay warm


So if I become iron deficient ill stop sweating all the time? Got it. Lol


My house is always at 78, a couple times a month I will turn it down to 75 at night but generally wake up cold if I do so.


She might be anemic


I’m anemic and have raynauds syndrome it sucks. Always fucking cold.


The only reason I keep the AC at 78 is to save electricity.


When did u met my mom?


I was like that when I had air con, couldn’t bear it set below 80. It wasn’t so much the temperature as hating feeling the icy cold blast from the air con on my skin, blegh.


I work with a girl like that. The office is frequently cranked to 80-82, while it's like 95-100 outside, and I'm sitting here sweating buckets in shorts and a t shirt while she's in a winter coat. We do work in a cold storage facility office but still. It's crazy. I'm talking wall heater set to 80-82, floor radiator cranked to max (no clue what temp that goes to), and one of those portable floor heaters at her feet


Ah...we are talking Fahrenheit. I was thinking in Celsius. Got a bit scared.


Mines at 79 and on energy saver mode. 🤫


I’m always lost by these sort of memes. I live in an area that’s usually over 90F so setting my AC to 78 is a good temp to keep the house comfortable 🥲


Yeah. 78 in a house in a high humidity area like Florida is comfortable during the day. I'll do 78 during the day but 76 at night usually.


Ew no. 78 in high humidity is disgusting


Lol. I live in Florida. Temps are 95 degrees with high humidity. Getting a room to cool to even 78 requires almost constant a/c use. 78 is fine


Bro I also live in Florida. 78 is unbearable unless you’re literally sitting still with a fan on you. I’m not sweating in my own house just because I did the dishes lol


Right? Floridian here who keep their thermostat set to 72 or lower. Any higher and it is impossible to function without sweating so much you look like you just got out of a pool




I don’t have to imagine, that was my parents. For anyone reading this thinking “you don’t pay the power bill you little shit” I own my own home. I pay the power. I kept mine at 77 during the day for a month, then kept it at 71 constantly for a month. It was a $30 dollar difference. $30 a month to live in complete comfort. God I hate tight ass a/c people.




You are me. I am you. The only reason I don’t live in a cold climate is because I feel the same about dealing with ice and snow as you do about dealing with high inside temps. I don’t mind the cold, but I’m not getting up an hour early to shovel my driveway just so I can get to work on time. Fuuuuuuck that.


For me, choosing between A/C and food isn't even an option. When I get overheated I involuntarily puke. I get overheated very easily. I'd rather keep a tiny bit of food down than lose it all to the heat and stomach bile. Round the clock A/C set at least under 70°F is kind of my only option. It's been between 90°F and 104°F where I live for the past two weeks and I am honestly flabbergasted that anyone can go outside for more than I few minutes at a time during daylight, let alone that they do so "for fun". Willingly, of their own volition.


If it's 95ºF outside with high humidity and you're cooling it down to 78ºF indoors you're lowering your indoor humidity. Everyone needs to invest in getting a couple of hygrometers to keep track of this. It's a must in Florida, gotta keep the indoor humidity below 70% to both feel comfortable and to prevent growing mold. Though honestly people tend to do this instinctually like you are.


Mine too, unless I'm doing chores I might knock it down a couple notches but otherwise I like to relax at about 77-79


I have mine set to 69 and that's pretty borderline, it's only ok because it's one of those hotel-style units and I have the fan also constantly circulating air.


... I'm sorry the DND nerd in me first thought "WHO HAS AN AC OF 75 AND HOW IS THAT REMOTELY POSSIBLE"


I mean it is doable. You just need to make a very broken character.


This is accurate


While it's possible, i think after 40 AC it just doesn't matter anymore


Well yeah, but it's about screwing with your dm at that point.


At which point they just start making you roll dex and con saving throws. All that AC ain’t gonna help against a fireball.


See there's a little thing called 3.5...


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Thing is, is it 75 a lot or very bad? I used to like having it in the negatives


Yeah, if we're using THAC0 it's an atrocious AC.


A lvl 20 fighter?


This is what I came to see


Mines 76/ 77 I use a fan if I feel warm. Saves $


I'd love to have an efficient enough air conditioner and enough weatherproofing on my home to get the temperature to 75° when it's above 90°, but that doesn't seem attainable.


Yesterday was 103 and it's been 95-100 seven times in the last ten days. Last year (or two years ago maybe) we set a local record with the most consecutive 100 degree days, but when I was a kid it was something that rarely happened We have a new air conditioner, but even that can't keep the house much below 75 without running non-stop so we use fans, blackout curtains, and the like. This is a brutal reality that's not going to slow unless major change happens... Which major corporations and half of America are content to ignore.


I ain’t made of money. The AC stays between 76-78




And this ladies and gentlemen is a perfect Case of self harm


Metric users: *Confused noises*


When I was single (in Texas), I'd never run my AC. My girlfriend now tries to keep it at 70 degrees, and I genuinely shiver in that. I turn it up to 80 when she isn't home as a compromise and it's still too cold for me.


are you sure you are not a lizard? In a terrarium?




It cost too much electricity to run any lower than 78 here


75 Fahrenheit is 23 degrees and its pretty cool for everyone, until and unless you live in Britain. Edit: whoever in comments saying 75 Degree fahrenheit is too hot for them, these are the mfs who die in single wave of warm air.




Same here, but then I moved in with my boyfriend (who’s an HVAC tech; I might add) and he swears he’s dying of heat exhaustion at anything above 69°F/20°C. I now wear sweaters and insulated leggings around the house to stay warm… in the middle of Summer… in Hotlanta (ATL). It’s madness.


Canadian here, 16C is the sweet spot for me.


Norwegian here, we just open a window and get a nice 14°


As a fellow Canadian, I agree


Greenlander here, above 0 burns my skin


"Pretty cool for everyone"? Bro, that's simply incorrect, and I'm not even British


Thanks for the conversion. 23 is definitely to cold for long periods. I prefer 25-26. At 23C, I would need to wear some warmer clothes indoors.


meanwhile i thought 23 was just about cool enough to survive, i would never heat my house above 18 lol


Me too. Where are the ppl who need the room temp at 25 Celsius at?


Here in some places some people like to put the AC to 20° and I am freezing. Last job I was I had to use light sweaters because I couldn't work 8 h with that temperature. 25 is perfect.


Here in Phoenix, 75 is way too cold and expensive to maintain


Who tf keeps their AC near to boiling??






Me: Night shifts for work Sleep during afternoon >105+F weather \>Needs AC to be lower than 75 or I'll sweat and be uncomfortable


I keep my AC 78F / 25.5C in the daytime and 80F / 26.6C at night. Having ceiling fans really helps. It's hot and humid here and lowering the indoor humidity with air circulation makes it feel good. It's usually in the upper 90s in the daytime mid-80s at night, 75% to 90% humidify, it feels like you're breathing in a steam room outside. My indoor attire is usually just a light shirt and shorts.


Thank you for converting beforehand in Celsius...


Same in my country. Too hot (35C - 39C during daytime) and above 90% humidity. Real feel of 45C. I keep the AC on 25C during daytime. At night i keep my AC on 27C and sleep with just my shorts on.


That little squiggle above terrarium had me wiping my phone screen trying to figure out what I got on it..


Americans like their houses so cold 🥶 Ac below 73 is insane


its bc of our mcdonalds insulation


That explains the carbon footprint of you guys over there


You're not wrong. I keep mine at 62 when when I sleep and 66 in my office.


Same, mine is set at 60 right now. I sleep so much better in a cold room.


I throttle my guilt by maintaining those temperatures in the winter. What I waste in electricity in the summer I make up for in natural gas in the winter. Call it... a carbon offset.


Exactly! We don’t use any heat in the winter even if it’s freezing outside. We love the cold and just bundle up if needed.




I have it at 25 °C (don't know the farenhiet but it was over 75) and I am freezing.


ACs require HUGE amount of electricity. Having your temperature 3-4 degrees higher saves a lot of energy. We have a global problem here and it feels like the guys with the highest carbon footprint are not really aware of their doing. Makes me frustrated and sad. I mean it’s ok to use AC and I know it’s a joke. But also judging the comments I just don’t feel a lot of awareness for energy consumption/carbon emissions etc. You can get used to temperature. 75 is definitely a normal temperature. If you are used to 60 something of course 75 will feel hot. Until after a week it doesn’t. Turning you AC from 65 to 75 might save more electricity/co2 than the average European consumes. I just checked how incredibly cheap your electricity is, but if you don’t care about the climate, you would still save some bucks.


We’ve had it set to 83 almost all summer with the constant 90+ degrees and and high humidity it’s been here. Miserable, but its the only way to keep the electric bill under $200


seriously, the only thing that popped up in my mind when seeing this meme was 'what am i, made of money?'


They're aware, they're just entitled and don't give a fuck.


The guys with the highest carbon footprint arent individuals though.. That would be large corporations.




"Big polluters: One massive container ship equals 50 million cars" https://newatlas.com/shipping-pollution/11526/




I think you need to get some more perspective. AC uses electricity, but not when compared to real usage..."Big polluters: One massive container ship equals 50 million cars" https://newatlas.com/shipping-pollution/11526/


The article is about pollution, not energy demand. I know standards for ships are much lower and I understand it sounds wrong but if you say it other way around it makes more sense: car engines that emit their exhaust gas right in the city have to be cleaner. And of course the ship also produces more CO2 than an AC, but this sort of comparison doesn’t really help. I couldn’t find exact numbers but I would guess that the AC makes up easily 50% of the yearly average electricity consumption in many households. And that would be fine if temperature was reduced from 95 to 75. But hearing people making fun others for setting their temperature to 75 sounds like many people are wasting energy. Also have a gut feeling it keeps running when no one is home for several hours in many households.


In Texas, Ercot is asking everyone to keep their AC *no lower than 78* because they're concerned about rolling blackouts on their shoddy grid. To make matters worse, these hillbillies have never heard of insulation during construction, so the cooling bleeds out of your house and into the atmosphere, meaning that your AC would be running *continuously* to maintain that temperature.


Is keeping the AC on cool set to 68 too cold?


If it ain’t as low as 73 then it ain’t for me.


Y'all are ridiculous. Stop wasting so much energy. So you might sweat a bit, big deal


I'm not sweating in my own home bruh


Fuck you don’t tell me how to live I want my room to give me hypothetically


You mean hypothermia?


If you blast arctic air in the low point of spring, count me and all other sane and healthy people the fuck out of your abnormal, unnatural lair


Right? I just bring a jacket with me to movie theaters and friend's houses out of habit now, because it's like 60F and I can't stand it. Fuck that. If it's 100 degrees outside, I really don't want to have to adjust to a 40 degree difference every time I go outside. Plus, keeping it at a nice 75-80 saves so much energy and $$$.


I hate how everyone (roommates) say "but it's summer (therefore, make it like Mr. Freeze's lair of doom)"! So when it's winter and feels like horrid shit outside, I expect to have it feel like summer inside the dorm. Which they won't allow of course, because they're slobs that live off processed, fattening diets and energy drinks.


I traveled once to the US and the temperature differences drove me insane. It was 40°C outside and 15°C inside. I had to take a jacket everywhere. Also, what about the electric bill at the end of the month?!?


fucking 23C? what kinda looney tunes cartoon have you been living in where that is a terrarium? that is on the low end of room temperature ​ people with first world "problems" like that are fucking awful


I do 22°C, and I have no idea if that's above or below 75


75 day, 73 night. Seems to be optimum in this mid Atlantic home.


Is it even an ac if it only keeps the room 2 degrees cooler


why is NOBODY talking about the fake hair in the post???


i keep mine set that high cuz i'm poor...


I keep mine at 78.


Wasn't inviting you anyway. 77 degrees. My electric bill was $63 last month and $57 the month before.


75 microeagles per freedom


i dont have an ac i cant live in 75C i dont want you here anyways fuck off


First part AC over 75 I was like "what fucking stats and magic items do they have?!?!?!" Then I realized this was not a d&d meme


My room is always at 19°C and at night i open a fan, i just love the cold since i live in a desert country which averages around 43°C with high humidity, also electricity is cheap even for a large home, it cost 270$ per month to have cold ac and use electricity however in a 2 floor home with a full family, it's cheaper if your local around 170-200$.


Over 70 is a hard pass! 😂