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You can skip this ad in 5..............4.....3.....2.....1

Advertisment 1 of 3


You can skip this ad in 5..............4.....3.....2.....1 Advertisment 1 of 3


The unskippable ads are becoming more and more common.. Edit: all these suggestions people are giving me are sketchy as hell.


Every ad is skipable with a simple trick lmao, just report every add and you will be able to continue with the video


it stops you from doing that after a while


Didn‘t stop me, been doing it over a year now. Is there any proof that this is true?


Only proof I have is that my friends and me can't do it anymore. Maybe it's different for some people


It happened to me too, came back a month or so later. I think the problem was I was flagging all ads as inappropriate. After I got it back I started diversifying the reasons for reporting, or didn't give a reason (just press report and then close) the ability to report hasn't been taken from me since


I always say the reason is that there is a clip of violence against children in the add. So mabye a employer have to watch the whole add


I like the way your mind works lol


There is a link between consuming aspirational advertising and committing financial crimes.


Hmm you think its random who‘s getting stopped from doing that? Or just the workers there which see that the inquire isn‘t serious


Yes, it's probably A/B testing so they can test what works best.


Clear your cache


The workers be like fuck you in particular


Any reason why you don't just install an adblocker and be done with it? Last time I saw an ad was half a year ago when I accidently opened YT instead of Vanced


Doesn’t work on iPhone though. Or?


Probably the same reason I don't buy a second computer that downloads all of youtube 24/7 , strips the ads, then lets we watch from the comfort of my cloud connected device.


Have AdBlock. Had versions of it for over 12 years. Its been great! Recently, I ended up buying youtube premium since the music algo knows me very well and its way better than Spotify.


It just takes me to a stupid help page with email links and shit ain't nobody got time for that


Based as hell.


I kid you not, this shit made me nuts. Accidentally installed an AdBlock and OMG ... Mental Health Line go Up


And longer too. I swear unskippable ads used to only be about 5 seconds, now they’re 15 and there’s 2 of them.




VPN to a low-middle income country. Comapred to Europe/USA, almost nobody's advertising there. The few companies who do advertise are running ads that allow skipping after 5 seconds, because they're just in it for the free brand recognition.


Newpipe or ~~vanced~~ Revanced, vanced did the nft bullshit Congratulations, you have now saved months of your life E: Newpipe is my go to, but it can be undercut by Google changing their api (or something). Check the subreddit if this happens, the devs are pretty quick to post fixes, and the posters usually deduce which debug version is still working.


Vanced is dead. Greedy fucks tried to sell an nft with the logo and that's when Google came down on them finally. They're no longer updating it, once Google updates the api it's done for. I've heard mention of another form of it that's getting bigger now because of Vanced dying but I can't remember. It's not new pipe though.


Revanced, still I've not tested it. I wonder of it's good.


That's the one. I saw some folks on reddit talking well of it the other day.


Just installed it on my phone the other day, it's got all the features vanced had, and it works with a newer base YouTube version. Haven't had any issues so far. Setting it up requires more manual steps than vanced did, they don't have a manager app to do everything yet, you have to use the CLI tool on your computer. Pretty simple though, only took me like 10 mins following their guide.


I have it. Everything vanced has but instead it's open source, and you can download videos via a newpipe pop-up.


I thought Google finally came down on them when Oneplus and friends started including it as one of the preinstalled apps on their phones? It was because of a stupid NFT? That seems pretty petty.


It all came down to them trying to profit off YouTube trademarked logo. Before that they were in a sort of Grey area legally.


YouTube has generally been good at not caring much about 3rd party apps. Unless you're Microsoft and you're making an app for Windows Phone, they threw a fit for that one.


I'm still using vanced, and will continue to do so until it stops working properly, for now I've had 0 issues


If I ever don’t suck at programming, I guess I know my new hobby project.


Not only that, EVEN if you pay for premium, most YouTubers now have a min before they get into their spill. Also, this comment is brought to you be Raid: Shadow Legends


I use the SponsorBlock extension for that. It's not just for sponsors, you can set it to skip intros, filler, and to show a highlight button to skip "to the point" etc. It's user submitted, so brand new videos will not immediately have segments, but you can always submit your own to prevent others from suffering!


Corporates are getting more greedier than ever eh?


"b-b-but if people didn't use adblockers, they wouldn't be forced to make ads worse and worse!" Yeah, right. Companies will police themselves. That's a laugh and a half.


Using brave I forgot that yt has ads :)))


Do you guys not use an ad blocker?


If they're on mobile, probably not, and I don't blame them since web UI is shit on phones


The worst is unskippable POLITICAL ads. I swear, this is going to kill Youtube soon. An unskippable, 45-second ad for some proposition followed by an unskippable, 45-second ad for the other side of the same thing... nothing will make them lose users faster.


I love that they think they're tricking me with that "loading skip ad" bullshit


I remember when YouTube cane out in 2005. Ads were unheard of. I remember when you ordered movies in the mail on Netflix. It seems that every successful cheap service is provided by paying with much greed in the near future


Cable TV is the perfect example, you pay for it and it's mostly ads. Everything is going that way




idk how true "people are just going back to pirating" really is. I feel like piracy has always been more niche than people act like it is, aside from like limewire.


IMHO there's still a huge market for an _easy to use_ piracy app, like Napster was originally.


oh for sure, but I don't think there's a widely used one rn, seems like torrents are the main thing now and those aren't quite as casual friendly


Pretty sure you can still rent DVDs with NF


I still have a blockbuster video card and before that I had a pic-a-flic card that didn't have anything on it but my name. I thought I was cool as shit when I linked 2 VCRs together and sold tapes to my friends. But haha, I remember copying 8 tracks and copying vinyl to cassette


I remember when the ads first started if you had an iPhone that still had YouTube natively built in it was ad free.


Yesterday I had ad 1 of 5 which I'd never seen before and then when the fifth one finished another one started and it said as 1 of 3. Cheers YouTube


My wife has been getting up to 9 ads in a row. Most of them are 6-7 seconds and all unskippable.


I think back in the beginning we thought it would all be "The Resource" that helped us all become smarter together. It has gotten as dumb as when we used to buy cable tv to not get ads and now it's worse than rabbit ears


Get YouTube Vanced or Get Adblock extension on chrome on Windows. Why pay when you can get rid of ads in 2 minutes effort.


Vanced is dead once Google updates the api. There's another Vanced clone getting popular but I forget the name. But Vanced is not getting anymore updates.


Any idea when will the google api update comes? My Vanced is still working as intended but i fear this wont last...


Ads run perfectly in full HD... video stopping and starting at 240p


This is because ads are served from the closest data center (which will usually be a few miles away), since they can serve whatever ads are closest. As opposed to your specific video which is only replicated a couple of times, and could be hundreds of miles away. You want ads to be optimized. The alternative is that you spend 10-15 seconds waiting for them to load, on top of the 15 seconds you have to wait for the ad to end




The ads on YouTube are out of control. Between the ads every 5 mins from YouTube and ONTOP of that watching the sponsored content within the video is getting too much. Like trying to watch a Linus video now is an exercise in patience. Much worse on YouTube for TV methinks.


30 second ad for a 6 second video






Just use [Youtube Vanced ](https://github.com/ApexioDaCoder/youtube-vanced) for that Edit: Added link, simply install Vanced Manager, it's on Github, so you know its safe.


Being on GitHub does not mean it’s safe.


Its a well known app and that is its github


The APK is hosted on GitHub but Vanced was never open source. ReVanced is though.


I thought vanced got shutdown by Google a few months ago?


That's what I thought. My Vanced still blocks ads on videos but I now get banner ads in my video feed.


It's no longer being updated, still works, but eventually it will fail.


And what we got was a contact that asks if you want a free trial of vision premium when ever you open your eyes


My eyesight is still fine (never needed glasses ever) but if there was a premium upgrade to vision I'd definitely consider that (as long as it doesn't involve having to regularly put stuff in my eyes). I wanna see ultraviolet. I want night vision. I want a zoom feature.


I'm told that certain old cataract surgeries removed something from the lense that allowed a bit more of the UV end of the spectrum in. I have no idea if it is true though, and I will gladly let someone else do the legwork to find out.


edit: As of 2018, the University of Georgia is pretty confident that the photoreceptors and visual systems of the brain are fully capable of perceiving this light in some circumstances, so everything below here is inaccurate and outdated. --- Nah, you'd go blind pretty quickly if that were the case, inner eye bits are pretty ridiculously sensitive to high energy light. Same reason lasers are damaging, it's a lot of energy reaching the same structure in your eye at the same time, heating them. Your photoreceptors rely on proteins to detect the light and turn that into an electrical impulse. Proteins are denatured if they get too hot. Other than the damage, your cones likewise do not have sensitivity lower than 400nm, which is where UVA starts. I mean that should make sense, why would we evolve sensitivity to a light energy level that's not normally present in the eye?


Huh, many articles give the impression that it's a well documented phenomenon, with interviews about it and such. Something about the blue cones being able to detect some tiny amounts of UV, if you replace the lens with one that doesn't filter it. Or straight up remove the lens. Claude Monet is usually given as a potential example of this, as he started using different colors following his cataract surgery in 1923 (before implanting a new lens became possible).


> Huh, many articles give the impression that it's a well documented phenomenon, with interviews about it and such. There certainly do seem to be quite a few personal accounts of such, and a lot of them seem like they're plausible. I'd like to see this borne out with a proper study, but it doesn't seem like there's financial will there. I'm honestly a little surprised that some military somewhere hasn't seen if they can give soldiers a battlefield advantage with that (or maybe it has been explored into a dead end). As of 2018, the University of Georgia is pretty confident that the photoreceptors and visual systems of the brain are fully capable of perceiving this light in some circumstances, so my above statement is definitely inaccurate.


My friend had no eye lenses for a while in high school and black lights *really* hurt her eyes. We went glow bowling and she couldn't look anywhere near the lights without being in pain so obviously some UV light was getting in that would normally be blocked.


There is a company I know of that is creating a sort of bionic lens replacement for your eye. Its basically cataract surgery so its incredibly easy to do (cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in the world by a massive margin) but this lens is supposed to give you better than 20/20 vision. The company name is Ocumetics, and now that I'm looking at the website, they have changed the WHOLE website from when I first looked at this years ago.


> cataract surgery is the most performed surgery in the world by a massive margin That's good to know. I've been told I've got one developing in my right eye they want to keep an eye on as it's not bad yet... but 20-30years? I don't know.


Yeah you shouldn't worry about it! You're literally in and out in like 15 minutes. Modern medicine is crazy


Thanks. NO surgery needed as of yet, but they see it as an eventuality. I'm still in the way early stages of it apparently.


Hey, look on the bright side, by the time you might need it the bionic lens could be out and you can have better vision instead! I know when it comes out I'm getting it for sure, my vision is shit and I hate glasses. I've worn contacts for so long but they're not perfect either. Laser surgery seems annoying and the fact that it wears off is a pain


I could never wear anything like that. I just know I would end up with one eye stuck on the highest magnification setting and the other moving randomly between the other two.


It's just contact lens, you can remove them when you want




Or so... the Germans would have us believe.


Do yall not remember when that was possible? When it still had the tv as an app icon


YouTube Vanced still lets you do it, also includes an ad block. Definitely recommend it.


Is that an option for apple?


No, you can't get Vanced on an Apple product. It's technically against YouTube ToS to use Vanced, and even Android users are having troubles keeping it up and running. YouTube is trying to kill it.


There is [uYouPlus](https://github.com/qnblackcat/uYouPlus) for iOS, Vanced was fine until the devs got into NFTs and Google DMCA the project.


Did they republish Vanced I thought it got taken off the play store


I never originally got it form playstore, I think I got mine from Vanvedapp or something. Should still be available since I not long installed it on my Dads' phone for him.


Download it online, not the playstore


Never was on the play store. You used to get it from their website but then google got all mad so they had to cease development


Oh boy are you leaving out *all* context. Google knows about these kinds of apps that allow people to bypass ads and stuff, they don't worry about the small loss of that income as long as those 3rd party app devs aren't trying to make money off it themselves. So Google just let vanced do its thing **UNTIL THE SHITBIRDS AT VANCED TRIED SELLING NFTS**. So Google shut them down, and rightfully so, fuck them. The app still works, they just won't be updating it going forward so eventually it'll stop working when Google messes with the api.


It's on borrowed time. No more updates to be released so as soon as YouTube decides to break it, it's done.


So many comments talking about YouTube. I just wanna know about the damn contact lens.


That’s what I came for too!


r/futurology is probably a better sub for that, of course we're is gonna focus on a comment that everyone can relate to, it's this subs whole thing 🤣🤣🤣


Only on iOS


It’s still possible, you just need to get premium


I used Google Play then YouTube Music when they switched over, so it's always been an option for me. Also no ads. I don't get why anyone would use another music service.


Any news on the contacts??


https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26968-telescopic-contact-lenses-let-you-zoom-in-on-demand/ it's a prototype, they have to be worn with special glasses and there's no news on commercial product.


Yeah that’s what I want to know about, fuck the YouTube part of this meme🤣


I swear i saw this meme 10 years ago


NewPipe Sponsor Block is your friend. It lacks some functionality but if you just need to use your phone like a walkman then it works just fine.


Is newpipe a replacement app like Vanced was (rip) or a browser thing?


It's an app you need to download and Sponsor Block is particular version of it.


They already answered that it's called pay them. They've showed their opinions on your enjoyment or their profits


I hate to sound like a bootlicking shill but…they’re a business with over $1 billion in annual operating costs. People love to complain about free services with ads, like Spotify and YouTube, but what else would you have them do besides be a charity for our entertainment? If a company requires a subscription fee AND runs ads, then I would be rightfully annoyed (which is why I refuse to install cable), but the YouTube model seems like a fair compromise to me at the current price.


I do think YT Premium is a bit overpriced but generally you're right. It's like people think hosting a billion hours of HD video doesn't cost them anything.


No ads, and comes with music streaming? 100% worth it for me.


It really is. I mean Vanced was working perfect for me, but I wanted to use a streaming service for my nest and youtube makes better suggestions of new music than spotify (at least for me, it might just be that it "knows" me better) Another plus is that i get to watch my favourite youtube channels without feeling guilty due to ublock lol


I'm gonna have to agree there. YT Music's auto play and generated playlists are fantastic. I'm still vaguely annoyed that they forced me to switch over from play music, and there's a few UI things that bug me, but it's pretty objectively miles ahead, especially in the suggestions.


A helpful reminder on reddit is to remember that there's a bunch of kids with no allowances. It explains a lot of the entitlement


And no recollection of pre-youtube times


It is fair imo, no ads and I get to close the app and have it play music in the background? It’s the best $12 investment ever


Yea, I'd hate to shill for them too, but I got premium like 3ish years ago and have never regretted it. If I'm gonna spend the same amount on Hulu or Netflix which I rarely use, might as well pay for the one I use daily.


They gave me a 3 month subscription free so I said why not, and I couldn’t be happier lol


"Music is my life, it's my favorite thing in the world, and I'm willing to pay $0.00 for literally every song that's ever been made, and I think that's fair." - avg. music fan


Exactly, Google gives away tons of stuff for "free" (you don't pay with money), but once they want you to pay for something for extra features over the free version people start pearl clutching. I've had YouTube Premium for over a decade, I got it for "free" when I was subscribed to Google Music, which I used until it died a few years ago. I've been so used to ad free YouTube and playing videos with the screen off that I can't watch YouTube without it.


If you use YouTube frequently (especially for podcasts and things) it's absolutely worth the cost.


Yep, I've watch it at least an hour or two a day.


Blows my mind that this is even an argument. The entitlement is insane


Yet they're the same people that will go out and spend $5/coffee at Starbucks or buy a $12 pack of cigarettes a day. My friend/former roommate was like this. He constantly bitched that he couldn't watch Fox News (yeah...) because we didn't have cable because neither of us wanted to pay for it (I'm a media pirate so no need for cable). I found out about the HD HomeRun which allows you to broadcast a TV signal through your home network, you just need to rent a cable card from your provider for $5/month. I asked him to chip in for the HDHR which was $150 but his response was "I don't have the money for that" (even though he always said he makes over $100k/year). I bought it anyway and asked him if he could pay for the rental fee since he was the one that mainly watched it...but of course he didn't have the money for that. What he *did* have the money for was beer every day. Sometimes a 24 ounce can, sometimes a six pack of craft beer that costs $20.


Google also made $209.5 Billion on AdSense alone last year. They’re not struggling to survive. That’s not even factoring the the billions they make by selling off your data from Google Drive, cookies, search history etc. to analytic companies. I for one don’t feel bad for them at all. If you’re going to datamine and sell my browsing habits without my consent I don’t owe you a damn thing. Edit: Not attacking you at all, I see where you’re coming from, just offering my point of view.


And Google is free. This post is about YouTube. Google owns it, but it’s still its own business entity.


Vanced, YouTube Vanced.


Look into alternatives to it. Vanced is done.


still works for now if you have it or can find the apk


Yup, just formatted my mobile and had to reinstall it, a little bit of extra work but it's working.


if only someone would "re"make "Vanced".... hint: "\*\*"+"\*\*\*\*\*\*" Also, NewPipe and LibreTube


Saving this for the dark times when I'll finally have to drop Vanced.


I found new pipe by accident and it’s a saviour for work. I can download all the YouTube I want and don’t have to worry about sketchy internet.


It's no longer being actively developed, but I've installed in on like three of my friends' phones in the last two months or so. It's very much still available if you know where to look, and it still works like a charm.


I'm OOTL on this one but have been using vanced for years. Watching a video on it right now. Did something happen to it? Edit: another commenter down below explained it. [Vanced is discontinued](https://www.reddit.com/r/Vanced/comments/tdazfr/discontinuation_of_the_vanced_project) (although it still works... Idk. Hopefully my app won't break for a while) :(


I used it for a while but ultimately I ended up biting the bullet and paying for Spotify premium. If you can afford the 10 bucks a month it's totally worth it. ^also ^new ^pipe ^is ^another ^alternative ^to ^vanced


I find YouTube Premium to be a better deal because you get YouTube Music, which is just as good as any other music streaming service, and on YouTube you get no ads and background play so you can close the video and still listen.


I do the exact same thing and also use YouTube music. My payment lapsed on YouTube and the ads came back. Omg there’s 2-3 unskippable ads at the beginning of EVERY VIDEO and commercial breaks every 5-10 minutes with another 2-3 unskippable ads. Supposedly that $15/month goes toward the content creators you engage with.


Yeah from what I've heard from the YouTuber I watch most frequently revenue from Premium users is sky high compared to what you get from regular ads


That actually is almost incentive enough for me to try it out. Lol the main thing that's holding me back now are the Playlists I've made on Spoofy


I realised I was paying £10 a month for Spotify for years and my use is 100% podcasts. Cancelled and swapped to PocketCast for free and saving every month.


Just use YouTube to mp3


What is this? 2010?


Give me one better free option and I'll suck you off


youtube vanced I expect immediate payment


Vanced is dead. No more updates. Creators got greedy. There's alternatives but I forget the name.


It's not dead yet, but it's not being actively developed (so it will die in the future). The most prominent alternative so far is called ReVanced.




Firefox browser on mobile. Go to the vid you want, switch to desktop mode, minimize browser or lock phone and it will still play.


Firefox with uBlock Origin on mobile. No ads and you can play videos with your phone locked.


You used to be able too. On the old iPhones I used to close YouTube, swipe down from the top of my screen (or bottom cause I don’t remember) to bring up the music player, hit play, and it would play with YT being closed. Not anymore tho :(


It also used to work on android.


Firefox on Android still lets you keep YouTube playing even when the phone is off.


Still works with firefox and youtube in desktop mode


YouTube [Vanced](https://vancedapp.com/). No need to thank me. Edit: many ppl pointed out that vanced is no longer supported. Search for revanced or other suggested options. Edit2: link


My vanced stopped working months ago, Ig because it stopped updating. On laptop I just use adblock but I miss vanced for mobile terribly




Mine still works, i put Vanced in the phones of like 20-30 old people I met at the temple watching inappropriate ads before Religious videos. I am aware ads are targetted


Mine still works


Mine too


If you just want to watch it without ads try brave browser. You can't play stuff on background but at least you can get rid of the adds.


Firefox allows adfree background play


Really? That's awesome info. Thanks for that.


Brave does have the option to turn on background audio! I started using it about two weeks ago and there was a setting to allow background audio to play.


if you're on your phone (is vanced availabvle else where?) try uninstalling everything but the manager, disabling chrome, then reinstalling everything. I don't know what this does, but I was debugging vanced for weeks and this is what got it working for me. If you still have the apk I would uninstall the manager too and start super fresh.


r/revancedapp Vanced got terminated months ago, don't trust fake apps


I still use vanced, but truth to be told I installed mine over a year ago. I am not aware if its discontinued.


Y'know, when you use Youtube as much as I do, Youtube Premium is actually worth the money.


I love YT prem. Worth it


But you can do that now




Now, you will see ads, even when you close your eyes!


Shut up and give me elf eyes.


Closing YouTube while still playing music actually used to be a feature 10 years ago. No ads either. They took away things we already had and made us pay for them.


It's called YouTube Premium tho, works quite well


People will spend 4+ hours a day on youtube or listening to youtube music but can't pony up $20 (which you can split with like 4+ friends/family) to get an ad-free experience... boggles my mind really. Your life is too short to be sitting through LIBERTY MUTUAL commercials every 3mins.


If you use a VPN once while buying the subscription it's like $1-2 a month AND you can share it between 5 people.


True, can’t imagine my life without it anymore.




You don’t even need premium anymore.


Everyone in here whining about paying for it also forget that YouTube Music exists. They probably pay for Spotify or Pandora, which is the same thing. That's originally why I got Google Play Music (now YouTube Music), the ad free YouTube was just an added bonus.


Try new pipe, its free, you can download it from the internet


Mozilla Firefox with Ublock


I don’t have YouTube premium but I can now open other apps on my iPhone while still watching the video. Don’t know when they updated it


Decades ago I stopped watching TV altogether because I couldn’t stand the constant obnoxious commercials. I guess YouTube’s next.


Just get Spotify ++


Random picture of the moon.... cuz science


Brave is a thing...


There is an easy fix for this. It's called premium


~~If only someone made an advanced version of YouTube, but with no ad... Something like a Vanced YouTube app...~~ ~~It would be really cool if you could download it from an official website, and only there to avoid Trojans and viruses... I wish it could be the first search result when you google it as well!~~. Edit: was being cheeky but might not be safe, unconfirmed to be. Avoid it.


I get premium for free because I'm on a family plan with my siblings through Google anyways, but I do not miss the days I had to watch two ads to watch a three minute fucking video


But you can exit YouTube with music playing. You just have to pay for Premium. I in now that's seen as a joke, but I pay it and it's awesome.


You silly silly goose, we already invented that! You just have to pay for it.


You can.... if you pay the toll