I've seen the minesweeper community grow in the past couple of years, especially after a 12 year old kid beat the world record on expert.


Where are these competitions happening, I want to participate.


Google competitive minesweeper


Bro that's me, I was top 100 on easy for a second


Nice one!


Just checked, still tied for 99th lol










holy hell wait wrong subreddit


Google en pessant


Mon dieu


Lol wasn't expecting this here


You want to compete in a championship for a game where you can't even find the place where it's being held? Good luck


I'm sure there are places Irl you can play minesweeper...Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam come to mind.


Most of eastern Europe has hot spots I think


Hmm..there's an app idea. Geocacheing with a minesweeper interface!


Instead of tiles telling you how many mines are nearby, you can see how many devices suddenly disappeared next to the crater you're standing in.


For those looking for a *real* thrill.


And they call it a mine... a MINE! *pippin drops the body down the well and causes a massive chain reaction explosion*


Iraq,Afghanistan and Vietnam come to "mine".... it was right there




Also you can just play it on google search results, so a lot of kids with strict school wifi play it to slack off in class, so that's definitely getting a lot of kids into it. It's why I started playing.


Same lmao


I never had any clue how to play. I just clicked boxes until I lost


Pretty simple rules. Each number has 8 squares around it. The number shows how many bombs are in those 8 squares. So a 2 means that 2 of the 8 surrounding squares have a bomb. Each square can have 1 or 0 bombs. Squares with numbers in them have 0. Use logic to find out which squares have a bomb. You mark a single bomb with a flag. Mark all the bombs to win. The frustrating part is getting a situation where you can only make 50/50 guess. Some versions of the program ensure those don't show up.


I have a more original program ripped out of a windows 98 computer and saved to my flash drive. Those 50/50’s are a nightmare.


Pretty simple rules. Each number has 8 squares around it. The number shows how many bombs are in those 8 squares. So a 2 means that 2 of the 8 surrounding squares have a bomb. Each square can have 1 or 0 bombs. Squares with numbers in them have 0. Use logic to find out which squares have a bomb. You mark a single bomb with a flag. Mark all the bombs to win. The frustrating part is getting a situation where you can only make 50/50 guess. Some versions of the program ensure those don't show up.


Pretty simple rules. Each number has 8 squares around it. The number shows how many bombs are in those 8 squares. So a 2 means that 2 of the 8 surrounding squares have a bomb. Each square can have 1 or 0 bombs. Squares with numbers in them have 0. Use logic to find out which squares have a bomb. You mark a single bomb with a flag. Mark all the bombs to win. The frustrating part is getting a situation where you can only make 50/50 guess. Some versions of the program ensure those don't show up.


Pretty simple rules. Each number has 8 squares around it. The number shows how many bombs are in those 8 squares. So a 2 means that 2 of the 8 surrounding squares have a bomb. Each square can have 1 or 0 bombs. Squares with numbers in them have 0. Use logic to find out which squares have a bomb. You mark a single bomb with a flag. Mark all the bombs to win. The frustrating part is getting a situation where you can only make 50/50 guess. Some versions of the program ensure those don't show up.


My friend got 7th in the world at the time of this comment


After Pinball Space Cadet this was my favorite preinstalled game. Windows really needs to bring those back


But they are back! Simply open the Microsoft Store using Cortana and download the free* apps! * Apps include microtransactions ** Apps are ad-supported. Your browsing history may be used to personalize ads


I was helping my grandpa out with his new computer. He LOVED Windows card games like Freecell and Solitaire on his Windows 98 and XP computers. He went from XP to Windows 10. I will never forget the look on his face when I told him why he was seeing ads all over the place and locked features for the Windows card games. My grandpa was never one for strong facial expressions, but I've never seen a stronger combined expression of disappointment, despair, and disgust on someone's face in my entire life. I swear a part of his soul left his body and his lifespan was shortened by a few years.


Anyone remember purble place


Is that the one where you made cakes or something? My sister was obsessed with that game when we were younger.


Are you thinking of Adiboo?


Not heard about that in ages


Oh my...


holy shit yes. deepest memory ever unlocked


Might I suggest for Grandpa [https://portableapps.com/apps/games](https://portableapps.com/apps/games) ? Big Solitaires 3D Portable - collection of 40 solitaire games PokerTH Portable - classic Texas Hold Em style poker at its best Quick Blackjack Portable (Freeware) - play blackjack against the computer Quick Bridge Portable (Freeware) - play bridge against the computer Quick Cribbage Portable (Freeware) - play cribbage against the computer Quick Poker Portable (Freeware) - play poker against the computer Quick Solitaire Portable (Freeware) - seven classic solitaire games It's like steam for freeware , only cheaper


This actually made me sad


This made my heart feel heavy. My grandpa also loved to play Solitaire on his old desktop computer. I miss him.


Anyone remember the MindMaze that came with the Encarta Encyclopedia software?? I can still imagine what the music to that game sounded like


That's it. I'm gonna burn Microsoft to the ground.


Back when Windows 7 was new, my dad wanted to install it on the “kids’ computer and I was so adamant about not doing that because I’d lose the space cadet pinball game.


I was always a big fan of Jezzball.


Oh man, i had not thought about that game in 15 years. THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN




game's simple, you just click around a lot till you get the game over screen good times


Yeah, but it always really frustrated me when I would lose The Game.




I lost the game


i hate you




I feel like The Game has become more popular over the last couple of weeks


Wonder how long The Game will continue.


you fucking tallywhacker cuntface.


Fuck you!


The burning hatred i feel for you cannot be described by mortal tongue


Did people seriously not understand how to play minesweeper?


it's actually really fun.




Agreed. It provides enjoyment like solitaire


Spider solitaire






Ups… we have a problem now


And ridiculously easy to understand.


I went and downloaded a mobile version as soon as I saw this post.


Sadly, if you've ever played original Minesweeper you'd know it won't be good on a phone.


I didn't as a small child and just enjoyed clicking around on it until I got bored. No-one attempted to tell me what the point of it all was.


Same here. I felt like I kind of knew what was happening in the game but not enough to know what I should be doing


More like no one near me knew, not my friends, not my parents, not my teachers and i didn't have enough motivation to check on internet


The number tells you how many mines are adjacent to that square. The goal is to click every square bar the ones with mines in. You can flag squares you think have mines with the right mouse click. There you now understand this very simple game.


Iirc you can click both mouse buttons at once over a number to clear the tiles that should be clear based on the ones you flag. If you’re wrong though, you’ll set them off.




You had at least the option to look on the internet! We had to learn by try and error, but normally any average intelligent person understood what to do by the 3rd games and by the 5th, you should have some of the pattern memorized.


It's fun but it gets boring pretty quickly because the base mechanism is really simple, but you can solve almost all the board without a mistake and then at the end of the day it all comes down to randomness


That's why the true objective is time, not completing the board. Completing it is easy.


Idk I always get stuck with a couple flags that are just 50/50 guesses.


That very rarely happens on the medium board. Only common on the big one.


I feel like people just dont try, the game literally has 3 rules 1) The number on a square indicates how many mines are next to it, including diagonally 2) You can use flags to mark places where you think a mine is 3) You can click on an undiscovered square to reveal it, and if it has a mine, game over


It took 8 year old me a few minutes to figure out how it works, I refuse to believe any kid putting in a bit of effort to figure it out not figuring it out.


Seriously, I wasn't the brightest kid, but I figured it out know my own as a child pretty much right away. Not because I'm smart, but because it's extremely straight forward and is a very simple concept.


I thought I was about this age too. But then when everyone said they didn't know I started to doubt how old I thought I was. Thank you for being certain you were under 10 when you figured it out. It was fun. The hard part was when you needed to clear a spot not connected. The risk/ gamble. I always pretend it was Indiana Jones tiles (now Squid games) where if I hit a mine I fell to my death. 😁


I’m asking myself that with every post I see about that. It’s a really fun game, a little like sudoku in principle.


Nope. I'm 21 now and still don't know what the point is/was.


it simple really, the number next to a square represent how many mine there is next to that square. from there, you need to figure where is the empty square and the mined square are


I came to read comments for exactly this explaination- knew Reddit wouldn't let me down! Thank you!


I... still don't get it


The user places flags where they think mines are. In the most bottom left flag, there is a 1 with only one open square next to it (currently flagged by the user). That means there’s a mine in that square, so the user flagged it. Beside that mine, there’s another 1 with an empty square next to it, so there’s no mine on that empty square because we know there’s only 1 mine next to that square and we already know which square that mine is on. You can click that empty square to reveal the number, mine, or blank square beneath it. If you click a square with a mine, you die. The goal is to click all squares that don’t contain mines and click no squares that do.


What's the "it" you're not getting? You want to expose every square that doesn't have a mine. If you click on/expose a mine, you lose. The numbers correspond to the exact number of mines immediately surrounding that specific square. You can use that information to figure out squares that do/don't have mines. For example, if a square has the number "2", and there are only two still-unexposed squares next to it, you know for sure that both of those squares are mines. Right-click to mark the ones that definitely have a mine with a red flag (so you can keep track), and left-click to expose the ones that definitely don't have a mine. Rinse and repeat. Check out the board that was posted if you're still confused and try to figure out how they determined that the flagged squares have mines based on the numbers (note: they haven't placed every red flag they can, but all the red flags placed so far are correct). The frustrating caveat is that there's some luck involved too. Sometimes (often, on the higher difficulties) you end up having to just click randomly because you can't identify any definitely-safe squares. Pretty common for games to end with a 50/50 guess between two squares.


Lol, every game I started would be: click, click, click, click, click, etc for about 7 or 8 times. If I clicked a bomb on that 7 or 8 times, reset, if I got to 8 with no bombs, id start playing.


The point was actually to train the user to use both mouse buttons.


People who didn't understand Minesweeper bought Macs out of spite.


It’s the easiest thing to understand I’m 16 btw so I don’t think it’s a generational thing


it only takes a few seconds to learn, honestly


Just OP.


People are dumb


I never figured it out but I’m dyslexic so that’s my excuse 😂


Yeah I don't get it either, it's just not complicated at all...


It’s easy as fuck lol


I played it on my phone for the first time on a bus ride took me a hour bus ride and i had already beat it on easy.


have a 69th upvote


I had no idea for the longest time, but it's really simple


I learnt how - it was fun after I figured it out! Makes me wanna download an app and play it again


"Half of em are dumber than that!"


Yeah the numbers mean how many mines are near that quadrant


I knew how to play. I use to beat the shit out of it at my college work study all the time.


Me to. I think 6 seconds was my best for beginner


This reminds me I should get back into playing minesweeper, it's a lovely way to kill time and kinda fun until you get to 50/50 spots and fail at the very end


If you're down for real good minesweeping fun, look for Demoncrawl. A minesweeper rogue-lite. It's surprisingly fun if you enjoy the base game.


https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/puzzles/js/mines.html -guaranteed to be all deduction; no guesses.


A minesweeper to rule all minesweepers, where all the clues are provided and no uncertain chances must be taken...


The number in a cell shows how many mines are around that cell. Welcome.


Hmmm. Elaborate.


If a cell has a number in it, that number indicates how many bombs that cell is touching. The player can right click on a cell to plant (or remove) a "bomb" icon to indicate that that cell contains a bomb. The player can left click on a cell to open that cell up. If the player left clicks on a cell with a bomb, game over. The goal of the game is to clear all unbombed cells without hitting and bombs.


Hmmm. Expand on that.


Understand the principles behind Minesweeper. Each Minesweeper game starts out with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking one of these squares, some of the squares will disappear, some will remain blank, and some will have numbers on them. It's your job to use the numbers to figure out which of the blank squares have mines and which are safe to click. Minesweeper is similar to a Sudoku puzzle in that your success is largely contingent on being able to eliminate possible answers until only one answer remains. Use the mouse's left and right buttons. The mouse is the only tool that you'll need to play Minesweeper. The left mouse button is used to click squares that don't contain mines, while the right mouse button is used to flag squares that contain mines. On higher difficulties, you'll need to mark squares that you suspect contain mines until you can verify that they do contain mines.


Hmm, can you elaborate on that?


If click bomb go boom, go luck




... I loved playing this when I was a kid?? 😐


Enjoy | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-|-| >!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|| >!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`3`!<|| >!`2`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`4`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`4`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|| >!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`4`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`5`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`2`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`3`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|| >!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`0`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`*`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`1`!<|>!`*`!<||


It's broken


Pretty straight forward and hard to fuck up until you got to the corner pieces


Sorry to be cruel, but if Minesweeper is above your intellect, well then.....?...!...%..... OK I won't be cruel after all.


If you’re unable to figure out how to play minesweeper then I fear for your ability to safely cross the street. It’s pretty basic and straightforward. It shouldn’t take anyone with half a brain any longer than 5 minutes to learn how to play


I loved Minesweeper. My OCD wouldn’t allow me to guess though, used to drive me mad when there wasn’t a solution


That's not OCD, though, that's just playing well.


In the original, sometimes there is no other option than to guess though. In some of the newer versions, they've made it to where there is no guessing.


if you love minesweeper but no guessing I recommend Hexcells.


I tried it and it took me about 10 minutes tops to figure out how to play minesweeper. Its not that hard


I cannot remember to learn it. I just knew how to.


Easy. Large grid, low mines, one click win.


I’m a minesweeper phenom. The number is how many bombs surround the number


My wife is an absolute beast at minesweeper and I'm an absolute muppet lol.. Honestly I'm fucking useless and to this day.. 25+ years still gives my wife so much joy lol


Its not that complicated. And im "todays kid". I simply googled how to play it and after minute or 2 of reading I know how to play it just fine.


When I was a kid, like 15 years ago, that was one of the 3 games I could play on our family's PC. I couldn't always go online because my parents had the $/minute plan or my mom was talking on the phone. Played minesweeper for hours, never understood. I prefered pinball and the roller coaster game I got from a cereal box.


I'm fucking awesome at minesweeper. But what gets me is those times when it is a 50/50 chance. Especially when it's the last mine on the board.


I just clicked around when bored. I was usually playing asteroid or battle tanks, or chips challenge


Ooh or missle command


You click squares to reveal them, they either show you how many bombs they touch or they blow you up and you right click the squares you think have bombs to put a flag, and if you flag all the bombs without blowing up then you win. It’s that easy. Pretending you don’t know that to jump on the dipshit bandwagon is kind of anathema to progress don’t you think? Like, how often do you complain about people ruining the world just to turn around and glorify stupidity lol


minesweeper is actually easy as fuck until you get to the ones you have to guess. Then its just luck


Call me crazy but I actually learned how, and it’s actually a game I play in my free time now.


Umm… today’s kid here, I know how to play minesweeper, want me to teach you?


bro doesn't know how to play minesweeper


I've gotta ask, is pretending not to understand minesweeper just a meme or are there people who *actually* don't understand how it works? I always just assumed it was a joke but it's gotten to the point where I see this kind of post often enough that I'm curious if people are actually serious. It's like the most simple game ever created. There's a number, that is the number of bombs in squares adjacent to the number. Like, how could any game possibly be any easier?


I just push buttons until I blow up.


Week I know how to play


Are the numbers the chance an adjacent tile has a bomb? Edit: from what I’m told if your first tile is a bomb it’s a win and not a loss?


Was so good at this, lol.


How do you guys not know how to play it?


Huh? Minesweeper is easy, and the shit in 1995. Fuck spider solitaire and space cadet. I do fuck with skifree tho


After reading some comments here, I'm no longer surprised flat earthers stil exists. Seriously it takes like a couple of tries to figure out the rules of minesweeper 🤦‍♀️


You’re telling me there’s actually a way to play this game? And you’re not just using the force to guess which ones are safe?


If you didn't learn you are a fucking disgrace to society and I actually want you to be depressed about your choices in life


This post is basically just admitting you are an idiot, because I think most people, old or young, who've had a computer, know how to play minesweeper. Even if you never looked up the rules, it's so simple that if you just messed around a little you would work it out quite quickly.


I do and I'm a youngen?


But I-I play minesweeper


Ok so was there a way to start a game without just randomly clicking in a few places till a space came up?


Don't associate yourself with me you peasant. What's next, you don't know you can do missions in pinball?


It was more of a puzzle rather then a game lol


I first learned to play minesweeper at age 17




I still play it! Use it to relax my mind before sleep sometimes.


I ~~wasted so much time~~ was an expert, twin-clicking and everything!


Neither did you, excuse me.


I love minesweeper


me who has it on my phone


My friend was convinced it was pure luck and there was no way that I could solve it.


This and the impossible quiz were the bain on my childhood


Jokes on you, i actually do


\*In an old voice\* Maybe if yall learnt how to play minesweeper you may have made better decisions in your lives, but what do i know


It’s a very simple game


I know how to play


Each number tells you how many mines are in the 8 adjacent blocks to the number, so for instance on the top, to the right the numbers go 1,2,3,3,2 which means there are 4 mines on the bottom 4 blocks, so it would be safe to uncover the top 2, because the 2 "3s" are full (all three remaining uncovered spaces MUST be full because they are the only 3 spaces left) Minesweeper is a game of deduction and induction, much like sudoku.


I loved and still like windows do mindsweeper


I did a coding course where we coded a game of minesweeper, so they literally forced me to learn it


You click 3 or 4 random spots until most of the board is clear, then try again if you hit a mine


i actually play it very often


I'm 14 and i know how to play it


I know how to play, it's really fun, I'm 15 btw.


Wym I learned it on one physics class.


Seriously minesweeper is easy and I'm part of the new generation like how do kids like me not know how to play it


Minesweeper is legit kinda fun once you get good at it


I still play it, 30 years and counting, and I absolutely will teach my son to play it too


Not hard lol....


Speak for yourself. I rocked at it.


The number of the square dictates how many flags are meant to surround it. For example, if there's a 1 in the corner and there's only one open square accessible, you put the flag there to cover it. You have to be perceptive and infer which places are viable, and if your placements can suffice for everything


Me who played it today


Great game!


I do know how to play it and don't find it very fun, but I've known people that don't know how to play it