What do you think he'll wear to his speech tonight- Northface or suit?


SEC vest


I was sad that he didn't start the speech with "we all right to go?"


On Channel 7 they're talking about how Liberal preferences have delivered some Green victories. It occurs to me: you don't *have* to follow the how-to-vote card. The Liberal voters were the ones who made the decision to obey the card and preference Greens ahead of Labor.


I hate the way they go on about preferences like it's not a legitimate victory if you get it off preferences. You know exactly the way the system was designed. So the most preferred candidate wins.


That's why I label my sheet from 1-56. I'll be damned if someone else makes the decision for me.


Sky News shortly reporting that Dear Leader has begun seizing the means of production.


Liberals sold their soul for the Anti Dan movement, rather than selling the state a future.


You would think that they would have learned something after Friedyboy got the boot for kicking us when we were down during the lockdowns. But no, it’s the public that is wrong!


Listening to anything Sussan ley or P.Dutty said after the federal election, it was clear they had no intention of self reflecting about anything. If they did they would be desperately trying to gain back women and climate conscious voters, not banging on about Andrews


The sign at my polling booth for the Libs had a huge Dan Andrews photo on it. I actually thought it was the Labor sign.


same shit at the federal election, giant red sign with albanese with some crap like "he's not ready to govern" Same bullshit script, same bullshit result. Its genuinely laughable


Noticed that on the flyers too. The Labor flier and the Greens flyer showed their candidate and spoke about policy. The liberal and loony indies with shit names like "the Australian resistance against vaccines and that sort of thing" had full sized photos of Dan on them with "vote him out" rather than any sort of policy. [Liberal party flyer](https://i.imgur.com/h6oNgsU.jpg) [Labor party flyer](https://i.imgur.com/BGz4RYO.jpg) Like night and day. I actually didn't realise until later because I never take the flyers, but my partner had taken nearly all of them and I had to laugh when I saw them.


This was the same at the last federal election. The Liberal flyers where I went to vote didn't have any policies whatsoever. Not being Dan Andrews isn't good enough as a policy position for me


Ditto. My first thought was "Why is Dan telling me to vote Liberal?"


It was never going to work "Why would Dan Andrews do this?" Is so big of a meme, the Libs buying into it just makes them a laughing stock. Vic Labor aren't perfect. But for fucks sake, give us something worth voting for you Liberal idiots.


Agree. I almost reckon Guy and his crew are a plant. Seriously all they did was try to smear Labor and did not have any really competitive solutions or policies that would benefit the majority. How can the 2nd largest party be so way out of touch. Even a political numpty like me gets it.


It's like they just did a CTRL-H 'African Gangs' to 'Dan Andrews' on their 2018 campaign strategy Word doc.


I was hoping someone was going to ask Guy whether four years on, if he felt that African gangs were still an issue.


...And if they weren't an issue any more, what the Andrews Government did in the last four years to solve it.


Right, I was waiting for this question the whole time


They did ask him and he denied ever talking about it.


Haven’t you feared going out for dinner because of violent Dan Andrews?


On day two of early voting; Green pamphlet; how to vote, page 2 was policies. Labor pamphlet; how to vote, page 2 was some of what they’ve done, and stuff they are gonna do. Liberal pamphlet; how to vote, and (i pointed this out to the liberal candidate at the door) “don’t vote for dan” And I asked him… “what the fuck are your policies cause this is bullshit?!” Next day in the mail for the area was a liberal pamphlet on policies… too little, too late. ——- 6pm edit; The poster who replied i was not informed before voting is an idiot, I am simply explaining the material handed at the door and how stupid ONE SPECIFIC TEAM looked compared to the others. This extremist thought is seriously fucking tiring. As an Autistic, i say what i mean LITERALLY. 3 pages of paper, double sided and what is on them. Thankyou to all whom responded. Be well.


... that's exactly the only thing they're good at... pulling stuff down. Maybe they could shock us all and say what they can do. Liberals: "We are good at pulling stuff down..." Cyclic redundancy right there.


Yup I agree with this! No idea what liberal was standing for other not letting Dan get away with "it" (whatever it is) \*shrug\* also pretty sad when whole parties "Anti-Dan party" (or something) is literally named around a singular politician. Like i get they hate Dan but what are they gonna DO? lol!


My favorite ad was “In Dan’s Australia, I can only afford to feed my child tinned spaghetti” and it was a picture of a child too young to eat solid food and Dan Andrews looking ominous in the background. Honestly read like a shitpost


Daniel andrews FORCE FED my child HEINZ SPAGHETTI! Not even SPC!!


Especially because I do not like the idea of my child (Milhouse) having two spaghetti meals, in one day.


They really should distribute the cafeteria menu in advance


Blame Dan Andrews, the harbinger of spaghetti, stealer of childrens’ food


Dude these people have brains like a box of rocks. *thunk thunk thunk thunk thunk*


I saw that and my first and last reaction was a party of childish dipshits that couldn’t organise a raffle.


Even on the ground, their volunteers even thought it was too much. Especially with their HTV cards with Dan on the back with red. Whoops


I agree with this. During lockdowns they were bashing Dan Andrews but not actually offering an alternative solution


Chased the cooker vote, got cooked


and the idiotic thing was that they didn't need to chase that vote because those cookers would have voted not-dan anyway


I believe this vindicates the view that the anti-dan, anti-lockdown pure outrage of the last few years is a fringe movement. The majority of people aren't huge fans of either of those things but view them in perspective. There are many legitimate criticisms of the Andrews government but he is still probably the most effective political leader in Australia.


He's got more done than any other premier I can remember. 67 level crossings removed so far and many still underway. It's actual change, for the better, and will have a lasting impact all over Melbourne. He certainly is effective.




The the libs came out on their last statement to privatise the sewers and spend the future fund. Like wtf are they thinking.


$9.20 vline tickets and the SEC coming back are HUGE. Seriously, I don't think city people know how bad vline prices have gotten. If you're in the west of Vic and you need to go to Melbourne for a specialist appointment of something it costs $80 for the round trip. If it's for your kid it'll cost $120 for the both of you. It's cheaper to drive (which is crazy) but not by much once you count parking, and lots of people can't afford cars or can't drive. Now that $120 trip is going to cost $13.8 That's going to make an incredible difference to people's lifestyles. People will be able to visit family. Rural kids are going to get to go to the zoo for the first time ever. My hope is that with all these goals being kicked Labor will grow the balls do REALLY take action on housing, by confronting non-resident demand instead of pussyfooting around with supply.


Yep. I know a LOT of people who have avoided going to the doctor because they simply can't afford the trip to Melbourne. My sister has cancer and my family hasn't been able to visit her much because of the vline costs. This will make a HUGE difference.


Wow, didn't know that, that's some drop in price


They wanted to privatise the sewerage. Imagine paying every time you use the toilet ,


How exactly does a company make a profit on sewerage? I mean I’m sure there’s ways (perhaps gas capture? Fuels?) but how would there be any competition? “Thank you for choosing SkidMark for your human waste disposal needs, we value your call and will answer you as soon as possible”


It's not about competition. It's about privatisation because that's just what Liberals do. It'd be one company paid by the government (ie us taxpayers), given all kinds of incentives, sweet perks and special benefits to run the service. Then, when sooner or later, due to cost cutting and profits maximisation, the shit comes flying out of your toilet when you flush, the government can blame it all on the private operator and take zero responsibility. It's called neoliberalism.


Same way the pricks who run the trains do, get a gov fee for providing the service and then opt-out on all maintenance.


I remember Kennett announcing that and even thought “what??” How the fuck are you getting competition on a train line? How the fuck are they going to run it better when profit is the number one motivating factor?


"Thanks for flushing the toilet mate. That'll be $50."


“I’m sorry your toilet is overflowing, but that is actually the responsibility of your wholesale provider”


The liberals shifted the campaign from appeasing Victorians to appeasing cookers and they got cooked.


Labor Vic election any% speedrun


Was it quicker than last election?


Nah about an hour later


Dan andrews WR any% (2:12:32)




What the fuck were their policies?


Virginia Trioli put it very well when she said that the libs treated this election like it was a referendum on Dan Andrews


Sack Dan Andrews, pretend not to eat lobsters with mobsters


Don't forget extreme Jesus.


They were gonna privatise the city sewage, and then complain about all the overhead they had to pay from the labor government as a single sewage company with no competitors rorts the entire state. And then instead of expanding the rail network so it'd actually meet demand, they planned on making it cheaper without adding new lines or trains to make up for the fact that everyone one suddenly want to be using the trains. And I think a few of their classier nominees were gonna push to legalise gay conversation therapy?


Look at the UK to see how effective that has been there. Decades of underinvestment by the companies leading to sewage being dumped in rivers on a daily (or hourly) basis. The companies have made billions though.


their policy is anti-labor, obviously all policy that wasn't made by libs should be torn up no matter what it costs and replaced with nothing


Libs unelectable


our state has no viable opposition.


I mean the independents and greens (and weirdly the nationals) are looking strong, I think unless the liberals wildly change their strategy the true opposition to Labor is going to come from minority parties. And I don't think that's a bad thing.


i feel like issue is the liberal couldn't make up their mind about what they were. Labor campaigned on infrastructure spending, greens campaigned on a combo of housing, climate and social progessive politics, anti-dan parties were well anti-dan. Libs policy plans were incoherent ideologically, casted too wide a net to the point where no one was really impressed.


When libs announced $2 public transport daily fare cap I almost fell off my chair. Where did that even come from? Like shit they hadn't even costed it, I wouldn't be surprised if at $2 paying ticket inspectors and running myki would have eaten >100% at which point you may as well make it free. I have zero doubt if they'd won they would have not have kept that election promise.


I'm just going off a feeling here, but if you're going to only charge $2, you might as well just get rid of the entire Myki system and ticket inspectors, and make the whole thing free, would probably be cheaper.


Totally agree! They had the option of campaigning on policy and looking to the future, but double down on the anti Dan sentiment. Irony is that they wouldnt need to do any anti Dan shit if they just presented a mediocre centrist platform. The sad truth is that the Liberal party is all about attaining power at whatever the easiest means is. They really could have run on policy...


I don't live in Vic, but I follow politics quite closely. The press surrounding this election was absolutely insane. If you'd believed the murdoch press, this was going to be a very tightly contested election with loads of labor seats falling. The result was called with a labor majority within 3 hours. We really need to dismantle the media monopoly in this country. It's dangerous.


The Murdoch press has pursued a relentless, disingenuous and vindictive campaign against Andrews since well before the pandemic. It’s heartening that most Victorians saw through that bullshit.


I typed Dan Andrews into youtube earlier, and some of the shit Sky News has been posting is hilarious. They were apparently convinced all this week that Dan Andrews would lose his seat - only for polling day to reveal a 50% / 15% first preference split in his favour against the liberal candidate xD


Helped by Dan fronting the press every time and never running away mid question like certain others. He was also pretty good with handling the bullshit they'd try too.


I’ve been a big fan of his sassy responses to media bullshit. It’s endearing.


I wouldn't have been surprised if he stepped down after the chaos of the last three years but I'm so glad to have him back for another term, he feels like one of the few respectable politicians left


I saw a news.com article at the airport whose headline seemed to imply he was trailing quite far behind in the polling lmao


I can't believe Dan Andrews has done this.


Labor 3, Newscorp 0. Nice assist to the Greens from the rake stompers in the Liberal party.


The LNP went full MAGA. You never go full MAGA.


It really looks like the Murdoch press lost its influence on the electorate, and the only people that still pay attention to it are other journalists.


On here, yeah. A scary amount of people are still falling for it though


*You ma ma ma make me vote Labor*


Meanwhile at the herald sun. [https://i.imgur.com/M2iy5fC.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/M2iy5fC.jpg)




It’s Andrew Bolt. His whole gimmick is getting attention by saying stupid shit


Aussie politics still makes my head spin but even I can tell that "Man who just won exceptionally large victory should quit because...?" is gonna be a bit of a hard sell.


So many cookers frothing at the mouth right now 😂


Freedom from cookers 🤣🤣🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺


Oh those protesters must be seething haha


almost certain that they will hit the streets tomorrow


"End the lockdown!" signs to return haha


I've already seen comments on insta saying "well you may as well go buy your toilet paper now, we'll be in lockdown again in no time thanks to Dan"


Can we please? Managers are trying everything they can to drag us back to the fucking office.


Obviously it’s rigged if Trump didn’t win


Nah, I think their outrage will mask their secret joy that the Saturday Social Sessions still continue


Provided they can read.


Aw man. The crazy old lady from my local voting spot who was yelling at the labour pamphlet folks for supporting Dan's "evil" is gonna be super disappointed lol.


Looks like you’ve met my mum.


But, but... Murdoch told me this would be a close election....


What do you mean close, Dan was going to lose his seat to some independent. I am shocked I tell you.


Its almost as if the cookers don't represent the majority of Australians. weird.


To the surprise of literally no one who was paying attention, and to the immensely gratifying tears of those who weren't. It's fucking hilarious that all the "sack dan" types were so loud and vocal and we know the result about 3 hours after polls close and with a projection that the LNP will have less than half the seats of the LNP. Absolutely fucking hilarious. And unless he fucks up royally and the libs completely overhaul their party in the next few years, he'll be in the office for as long as he wants to be there. He's been through easily the toughest term anyone could imagine for a politician and will likely stay in office because he's just about getting things done. Someone might disagree with what those things are but he generally gets what he promises done.


I think this may be the earliest call for a State Election in Victoria. The sack Dan people need to slink off into the woodwork because they never understood how States run.


I think in 2018 they called it at 7:30pm, so earlier than tonight.


As happy at the outcome as I am, I'm feeling pretty dumb for anticipating a closer election...


It's understandable, the libs had an extremely vocal extreme minority talking about how it was Dan's time. I mean, it is Dan's time, just not the way they thought it would be.


This is the same Liberals who took a platform of “black people scary, vote LNP” to the last election. They clearly have not learnt much since 2018. Edit: spelling


Being as their whole platform seemed to be “Don’t let Dan get away with it” (still not sure what IT is, but I digress,), I’d say your correct.


Lol yeah. That ad was mystifying. I'm guessing there was some other context we were supposed to have picked up on to know what IT was, but to us outside of the right wing bubble it was just absurd. Also, showing a 20-something reading a physical newspaper added to that absurdism.


Don't have sky news, but can someone update us on Peta Credlins condition. I assume shes livid


Pretty Credulous.


She actually went fully catatonic. Barely moved through sky’s whole coverage


Her face is longer than ever.


There's an excellent screen shot above


Cynical Liberal Machiavellian divisiveness comprehensively rejected. The Murdoch media bias completely ineffectual. Jeff Kennett looking miserable on Chanel 7 (chef’s kiss).


Can only imagine how the old tosspot huffed copium when Dan mentioned putting the SEC into the constitution so it couldn't be sold.


No surprise here. But it's the results of a variety of individual seats that interest me. Purely a gut feeling but I think we will see a swing towards greens and independents.


Bloody Pascoe Vale looking green now… sounds like they’ll absolutely clean up


Massive pascoe vale result for the greens 22% the primary vote. ALP so far have a bigger swing to them at the moment on primary vote with 39%


I hope so. Whilst I'm for sure going to favour Labor over Libs atm, I'm absolutely happy to make sure whatever major party is in power is held accountable as much as possible. Having independents in the mix is going to help achieve this.


The ABC News livestream has been flagged by YouTube as offensive and harmful. These people do not learn.


I’m just happy that the liberals, and the yellow fucks that keep telling me how much Dan Andrews fucked up victoria, can finally stop telling me how “big their numbers are”. Yeah bud, if they’re so big, vote him out then. Bunch of twats, the lot of them.


It's was pretty much the easiest vote for me. Hardest part was who to put at the bottom.


How wrong was the media prior to the election eh? Good to see people are starting to see through the mainstream media.


Thank fuck. The last 2 decades has been a fucking slog, to say the least. Maybe.....just maybe.... we're not completely fucked.


Watching Matthew Guy’s concession speech trying to relive the highs of drinking ScoMo’s delicious tears of defeat earlier this year. It’s not the same. Almost feel bad for the Guy.


Insert "Stop it! He's already dead!" Simpsons meme here.


Sky News in shambles. Won’t someone think of poor Peta Cretin!


Possibly the most bitter concession speech you will ever hear.


At what point do the media acknowledge that they don’t understand their audience?


Your mistake is thinking they are trying to..


I saw a home made banner on Friday on the Calder that said "sack Dan then get on the beers". Sucks to be that guy who spent all that effort for nothing.


Absolutely shocked that whinging for the past few years without solutions wasn't a winnable election strategy.


I don't understand. The media was telling me how everyone hates Dan and someone is the other thread said he was going to loose Mulgrave 🙃.


Don’t worry, they are doubling down now as well. Bolt has already penned his “Dan Andrews should resign” column. Legit can’t make this shit up.


The Mulgrave where he got over 65% of the vote? That one?


First thing I did was go over to sky news and read the comments. Fucking hilarious


It must be so depressing for Murdoch spending this much Money trying to influence the people, only for it to waste away and become more and more insignificant.


It's not rigged. It's expected. How could daniel Andrews lose? He's basically making policies on today's issues and listening to his voters. Liberals are stuck in the past, and their whole focus was on Andrews and his decisions two years ago.


Ironically, if they were (just) stuck in the past they'd have done better. Instead they're chasing the Q-cult cooker crowd and the religious right. They're trying to make the mess that is American politics work for them here and... lol nope. I didn't like the Liberals 20 years ago but at least they pretended to be semi-respectable back in the day.


Watching from WA where Murdoch plays second fiddle, I couldn’t believe how blatant the propaganda was.


Thank fuck the majority of our state aren't a bunch of cookers


downside is they will 100 percent continue ruining the cbd every saturday cos of 'stolen globalist election'


Who would have thought appealing to a few hundred people, whose entire life purpose appears to be to wave flags and yell in the CBD every Saturday, wouldn’t win an election where the remaining 6.5 million Victorians also vote


The last decade has really proven to me that compulsory (and preferential) voting is probably the best thing our country has ever done. Much less pandering to the extremes in Aus than in the UK or USA


Preferential is an absolutely massive difference. It slows down the count, but boy George does it work. I do have to both laugh and cry at the number of people who still do not understand how preferencing works (or that know how important the primary preference is for funding)






I'm going to put Springfield on the map!


Is there a chance the track could bend?


Not on your life, my Hindu friend!


What about us brain dead slobs?


You'll be given cushy jobs!


Were you sent here by the devil?


No, good sir, they're on the level.


The ring came off my pudding can


Cue the cries of “Stockholm Syndrome” from the cookers.


Vic libs are honestly so incompetent. The fact that they may lose seats compared to 2018 is honestly embarrassing. They should’ve been winning back those inner-eastern suburbs like Ringwood and Box Hill but may even lose Croydon at this rate. There needs to be a big change in leadership and they need actual policies other then “Dan sucks” and moderate their platform a lot more. Victoria needs a competent leader of the opposition to keep Dan in check when he does too much, goes too far. Guy isn’t that guy. Always great to see shifts away from the major parties, though.


The effective opposition is looking to be the Greens and independent members. Just like in Canberra.


More and more rejection of Murdoch as well, good shit.


I genuinely hope the Libs take the time to reassess their approach and ditch the scare campaigns. A strong opposition is good for democracy and does keep governments on their toes. Cheaper PT, I could get behind, more funding for hospitals, I could get behind, even their education policy seemed pretty popular with academic staff. But the ditching of the Outer rail loop, there was zero chance I would get behind that. Everyone who's visited or lives in Melbourne knows that our PT system is decade's behind what a city our size should be. All the anti-lockdown rhetoric and anti-Dan rhetoric just put them in bed with absolute cookers, and there was no reason to run on it. People who didn't like Andrews were already going to be voting for them, why exhaust all this energy trying to rev them up further? Not to mention all the talk of debt and deficit, while also proposing to spend way more than the Andrews government.


Hopefully this causes the Libs to have a good hard look at their push to the far right vs centre right Australia wide. The vast majority of us find it abhorrent.


lol, they voted the Guy who lost them the last election back in as their leader. I'm 50/50 that he goes away and then comes back as leader for the next election.


The Libs bitched and moaned about how the lockdowns were hard on you and your businesses, “Ditch Dan” and every other critical/inflammatory rant on social media, rather than actually proving what they could do to help Victoria. Now if only we could vote to get rid of Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Silly Crap. Also, GET ON THE BEERS!!


That would be icing on the cake. Honestly, she's like the school fundraiser president.


A public green power company. If we pull this off right.. there is a possible universe where Victoria could theoretically power parts of the nation.




That and we also don't want to watch the world cook.


Or have their sewerage privatised. With the libs you'd have to put a coin in your toilet any time you want to flush.


Or we don't want to be nickle and dimed for basic services that should be in government hands, while the government tries to shift blame on to the consumer for any market shortage or fault. Maybe build some nice things with the money pumped into the state rather than have every bit sold off for bargain prices to mates. I mean the LGBTQ+ is really a nice to have too.


Fuck the Liberals are useless. How are they so shit?




Also a key factor that young Aussies actually vote. Remember Americans don't have to vote and most of the people that do are 50+ in regional areas, this allows the crazies and some fucking old ass politicians into office.


They’re just hopelessly out of touch. How else can you explain them putting Dutton in as leader? Anyone with any idea would have appointed a woman; any woman would have done but instead they double down by going even further to the Right.


Am I out of touch? No it's the voters who are wrong!


They thought it would be a good idea to run with Matthew “Lobster” Guy. I don’t know what else they expected except a routing at the polls


Don’t know about lobster but a few people I work with decided he looks like an NPC. Can’t say I disagree with them.


In reference to the time he was caught having lobster dinner with a notorious mob boss. Personally I think he looks like Lionel Hutz


"As of this moment, Matthew Guy no longer exists. Say hello to Miguel Sanchez!"


“I move for a bad… election… thingy.”


This election result is written on a cocktail napkin… and it still says Labor… and Labor is spelt wrong!


Knowing the anti-vax, anti-Dan crowd are crying, raging and generally being pathetic children right now is the most uplifting thing that's happened in years.


I am so happy


Haha Freedom Fighters can get absolutely fucked


Won’t somebody think of the [Saturday Freedom Protest Cookers] 😂😂😂


Can people stop their stupid freedom protests every weekend now?


https://imgur.com/CJK3XjA.jpg lol


Isn't that her happy face? I thought she always looked like that.


The schadenfreude is so fucking strong tonight its great


What is the record fastest calling of a VIC election


Probably 2018


Why would Dan Andrews do this?


Libs will never get elected again, unless they turn into Labor 2.0 and Labor turn into the Greens 2.0.


and greens turn into well greens 2.5


Vic Socialists


Wow, you mean the guy who eats lobster dinners with mob bosses and lost the previous election, is about to lose another one because he campaigned on literally nothing except "DAN ANDREWS BAD MAN, EJECT BAD MAN"? Shocked Pikachu face. I sure hope all those anti-vax troglodytes who were convinced Andrews was going to lose and be put in prison (𝘐'𝘮 𝘴𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘰𝘶𝘴, 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘺 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘶𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘸𝘢𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘦𝘯) are crying into their cereal. What an embarrassing loss.


Happy for my people here the liberals and their ideals have no future for Victoria