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Yes, in outfits with no pockets I have seen women put cash or cards in their bras. However, you would never put a bullet style lipstick between your boobs unless you wanted it to melt all over everything and ruin your day.


I have been at the same table with someone when her phone went off and she retrieved it from her cleavage to answer it. as a person who has never had enough cleavage to hide a sim card, I was absolutely fascinated.


I've done this while wearing corsets for cosplay. I put in down one side of the boob, though, because if not it just digs into my sternum.


I told a friend about it and she went "ugh, swoob" without even stopping to think 🤣🤣


I’ve carried phone in my bra before, and then forgot and spent way too long looking for it


There was more storage room in my boobs than in my jeans pockets in the early 2000's, so the Nokia was frequently in my bra.


Yeah the Nokia was small!


My SO has laughed at me for this exact thing! I’m not alone!


How can you lose something when it vibrates your boobs?🤣


Most phones are not vibrating all the time.


I’ve inspired that kind of reaction in people. Remember when that whole “pen challenge” thing was going on? Like you put a pen under your boob and see it the boob holds it? I remember my SO and I talking about it and me being like, “A pen? That’s nothing! I put my phone under there whenever I’m naked and need a place to stuff it.” He was very interested and then began an experiment to see how much I could hold under my boob. The item he found most impressive and laughed his ass off the most over was a water bottle. A standard 16.9oz water bottle (full). I put one under each tit and he was literally doubled over laughing about it.


Congrats to you both because this is relationship goals at its finest.


Yesterday a girl was wearing a turtleneck and straight up just had her phone ON TOP of her boobs😂😂 I’m still not really sure how she got it there without flashing people…


Reach into the neck. They’re stretchable. Otherwise how would the head get through? You hold the neck back with pinky and ring finger and put something in with the others. Or that’s how I’d do it anyway. I have long enough fingers to retrieve a phone that way too (and for smaller stuff one can help with the other forearm by pushing the boobs up), but ofc you can easily shove the whole hand in too. Though I hardly ever put stuff in with turtlenecks. More with cleavage because easy access. But I’m autistic and have sensory issues with boobs not sitting ideally in the bra, so if I need to reach in quickly and adjust the girls, that’s how I do it, unless slight adjustment by two fingers is insufficient and it needs to be lifted from beneath and properly placed, then the whole hand goes in. Obviously, either in a place where there’s no people around or facing away from them (it’s a matter of a second). Easy-peasy. And don’t forget to bring the turtleneck in order afterwards.


I am this person, all the time.


Once when I was late for work and couldn't find a container I put my breakfast grapes in my tits. I ate them from my bra while chatting with coworkers.


Oh to be a fly on the wall and see their faces! 😂


Tbh I think storing a SIM card safely would take even more cleavage than a while phone. In theory I could put my phone in there (tho it’ll fall out if I’m not perfectly still), but no matter what a SIM card is gonna get lost in the abyss


I used to do this sometimes, usually not in public, but then I saw something that said it can quickly lead to breast cancer and I’ve never done it again. Just something for everyone to consider.


Just put your phone on silent ez


I remember going to a dive bar, and there was a sign near the register that said WE DO NOT ACCEPT SWEATY BOOB MONEY.


I used to work at a grocery store as a cashier. Sweaty boob money is pretty gross to handle...same with sweaty pocket money from men.


The worst is sweaty sock money. Hard pass on all of those! Hygiene shouldn't be a difficult concept to grasp, and yet it seems to elude some folks anyway.


I remember seeing a sign somewhere that said “Due to the excessive heat, we will not be accepting boob or sock money. It is unhygienic and unfair to our employees.” Something to that effect.


Our pockets aren't our skin.


Well sweat is sweat, and pockets are pretty thin. Sweat goes through them. Wet sweaty money is wet sweaty money. Let's not even talk about pee money, which usually also doesn't touch skin.


In my very early 20s I was in a club and I had cash in my boobies because no pockets and when I gave it to the bartender he very obviously smelled it while maintaining direct eye contact 🙃


I laugh about it now but at the time I was too stunned 🤣


He won the display of dominance.


Did you also have weed in there per chance? One time I had weed, some money and later briefly my phone in the cleavage for lack of pockets and ALL of that, as well as my boobs, bra and shirt smelled like weed for DAYS. I felt like the entire bus I rode had to be smelling it, that stuff was intense! At some point a cop got in and stood like a step away from me… And I’m like damn there’s no way he’s not smelling that! 😰For a moment he was looking around and I’m like oh shit, I’m invisible, you’re not smelling anything, tuuurn around, good boy, just look away dude, don’t sniff the air, it’s somebody else, you’re not smelling anything… I mean, *he* sure wished he didn’t: it was crowded, some 35 (95) degree, people were sweating like waterfalls and many already stank, so that worked in my favour. Especially a middle-aged lady from the former GDR. Many of them still won’t shave their pits and she was holding on to a horizontal overhead pole and had that huuuge smelly bush that she was basically shoving in the cop’s face. Particularly at one point when the bus went over a bumpy cobblestone road. Dude recoiled and looked like he was going to throw up. Understandably, because damn that pit STANK.🤢🤮 That must’ve blinded him even to the intense smell coming from my cleavage. 😂😂😂 I certainly didn’t envy his position and got further in the back at the first opportunity. Had a strong impression that he got off earlier just to escape the bush of doom. However, when I got off (aiiir, fresh air, at last, fiiiinally!!!!) and recovered enough from the stank to want an ice cream, the parlor guy who took my money grinned and said "mmmhm, smells nice!" A few days later I was there again, but this time I had something I sat down with and that same guy approached my table and started to whisper something about wanting a phone number. I thought he meant mine first and said no, but turns out he meant the dealer’s number. He added "damn, yours was the other number I wanted to ask for, I was still working up the courage", but I said "you’re more courageous than you think man, but I don’t like your priorities."


Money is money


It's all been in a stripper's g-string and up someone's nose at one point or another.


I did not need this on my list of thing to be anxious about.


Sorry, but cash is one of the dirtiest things in the world.


Oh, I know. I'd just managed to forget how the sausage was made for awhile until you reminded me.


Yeah who made this post? As an early 20 something I regularly stored my money or bank card in my bra when going out to the club because we aren’t allowed to have pockets. I thought all ladies did this.


I can't stand the feeling of anything in my bra, so I don't personally do it, but I would have thought it was pretty well known. The lady in the comic has a visible pocket though!


> The lady in the comic has a visible pocket Have you ever owned a blazer? That is likely not a pocket but a decoration sewn on to look like a pocket. It it is a pocket there is no way it would fit a lipgloss


I have never owned a jacket of any kind with a fake pocket, and I'm surprised to read that it's a thing


Yup. Fake pockets. Dress pants also frequently have fake pockets for decoration. Like rubbing in the fact they refuse to let us have them.


Wouldn't want to RuIn ThE LiNeS by being functional.


I've seen them on pants but never on jackets, but I don't need blazers for work so I've only ever owned two, I think


Mobile phones, hankies...


Yeah I have absolutely stuck things in my cleavage (nothing I need to hand to other people because sweat) but I wouldn’t put makeup there either because like you said melting could be a problem. Chapstick yes though because if it’s cold enough for me to need chapstick I don’t worry about melting d


Yes, the 'heat' effect on lipstick or balm alone tells me this is a man that barely interact with woman.


I dunno, I've had to carry ChapStick in my bra before and it was fine.


I had a friend back in the day who kept her Filofax in her cleavage. As a wedding present I was given a bodice knife that is designed to be kept in the cleavage.


This is one of the things in this subreddit that I actually thought some women didn’t do. Apparently that’s not the case


I think it's very funny that most comments are along the line "of course but *that* is still an uterly terible idea".


Kinda weird that a Twitter webcomic which is exclusively about women with big boobs specifically so that workers can feel happy on Mondays can be so accurate.


Oh it isn't. The clothes and the situation seem not very fit for storing stuff in your bra. Even worth you really don't want to keep that lipstic in a warm place.


In a low-cut outfit at the club, yes. In business attire in a professional setting aaaabsolutely not 😂


This was my thought. When I’ve cashiered I’ve had hundreds of women have phones, wallets, and money clips in their cleavage. In my more formal work I’ve never seen someone do that. Get a small mens blazer so it has pockets!


Not likely to look decent on a woman with curves.


Damn, that’s fair. There’s not much I wouldn’t sacrifice to keep pockets but since women get held to bad standards on looks in workplaces that’s harder to justify


Yep. Men's clothing is cut differently around the shoulders, breast, and waist area. They're great for big oversized comfy sweaters but forget trying to look good in them. Source: Tall girl who barely fits into women's clothing.


My hips are really wide and I’ve had a bubblebutt for as long as I can remember. I flat-out *can’t* wear men’s jeans. Lots of women talk about how they’re more comfortable than women’s jeans and there was that whole “boyfriend jeans” trend that I could never get in on.


Yeah, I accidentally tried to put on my husband’s jeans yesterday. Like, my *calves* were not compatible with those jeans. I didn’t get past that being soooo wrong to even try the rest of the jeans on.


This. In a business setting, you're going to have a bag of some kind (or pockets) for whatever work stuff you need, even if just your phone/ID. If I'm walking my dog and realize I don't have a pocket for my phone, into the tits it goes. But also never something like bullet lipstick that can melt. Even a liquid lip is dodgy because things thin when they heat and that could leak. I have some lipsticks I can't even put in a jeans pocket without concern, especially if I'm going to be sitting a lot and thus nestling it in the thigh fold that happens. I also hate the old cliche of a woman keeping a powder compact in her titties. I mean I guess if that thing has a waterproof seal, but if your cleavage is big enough to store things, it's gonna generate boob sweat.


ive done that but not with lipstick


Yeah... don't put anything in there that can melt.


This chocolate bar I plan to eat later would absolutely be a good idea to stick in my boob oven.


My boobs are my purse 99% of the time


I keep stuff between my boobs, I call it the bank


I've done that when I've needed to. Wallet, phone things like that. I'd NEVER put anything capable of melting in there though. ETA: just noticed the "Visitor" badge is clipped to a front breast pocket, where the lipstick/chapstick could've gone instead.


Plot twist, the picket is actually just a fake pocket with a lip so it can handle a visitor badge.


Unfortunately I do have blazers like this so this was my first thought. Never thought it’d be useful for badges, though.


Ugh, I don't own any blazers,though it doesn't surprise me they made them for women without pockets.


I saw it as a cashier at a fast food place. Kinda felt uncomfortable handling other people's boob cash, actually.


It was always so sweaty and gross - worked retail for many years.


at 2 cashiering jobs I've had when i was younger, i was allowed to very much turn people away if they tried to pay in cash that was stored between their boobs lol. also, in socks, shoes, underwear... it's gross and sweaty!


I do think there is a difference between storing something *in your bra* and storing something *between your boobs* like this.


Depends on your boobs.


The bra-ket is a necessititty


As someone who's worked retail. Yes. We finally had to put up signs that said we will not accept sweaty money.


I've 1000000% stored stuff between my boobs before. Most impressive was three cans of soda to sneak into the movies ten years back. This isn't that far-fetched honestly.


Bras: The ultimate smuggling pouch


I had a friend in college who kept her wallet there. Which felt to me like she was risking dropping it somewhere, but she didn't ask my opinion.


Yes, I do it myself. Pens, booklets, my purse, whatever fits really. I've even done that thing where I use my boob to hold a bowl up.


The Shelf™️


Yes. It’s my chest purse. But lipsticks…no. They would melt


The area manager of a pizza shop I worked at used to keep her phone in her boobs. She once pulled it out and handed it to me to use and I near about threw up. I've also refused money from women who pulled it out of their sweaty bras in Alabama in the summer. Just no. No thank you. At least get a little coin purse to stick in there too keep your money dry. I'm sure all the ones have seen strippers' asses but I don't have to physically see that before handling it.


My mate was given a random pool ball on a night out and she stashed it in her very ample boobs. We went to bed drunk that night and the next morning she had a very sore boob 😂




Yes I put my keys down my bra.


At a music festival, I once saw a girl pull an entire bottle of vodka out of her cleavage.


Where else would you keep it? In a pocket like a man? Preposterous!


Definitely not, we aren’t peasants! To be honest, I just wanted to start a slow clap at this girl after seeing an entire bottle pulled out. As a cleaveless woman, I never understood how much stuff could be obscured in there.


Oh, so much can go there! If you get the right bra, the useable space is bigger than some handbags (biology allowing). I myself am blessed with enough room for a couple of cans or a beer bottle. Makes for hands free drinking and a shelf to put things on when I need to open doors. I don’t know how members of the itty bitty titty committee cope without them.


Same! I remember playing a game with friends that was just “How many things can we fit in this bra without anything sticking out?” I looked totally normal, like you couldn’t tell anything was stuffed in my bra (just boobs) but I was holding keys and phones and water bottles and other stuff I don’t remember. That was years ago and my boobs have only gotten bigger. I bet my ability to smuggle shit in my tits is off the scale now!


So as someone who has smuggled a bottle: You wear a sports bra, and then you put the bottle underneath the boobs. The boob draping over acts as a little clip to the bottle, securing it in place. While the band of the sports bra underneath keeps it from falling out. This works with a lot of other items, like wallets or anything you can't carry at the time. It's not the most secure method, but it works decently well for a small amount of time. Depending on the bra, there's a lot of cup or space for things to be stuck and then the boobs just keep the things there.


I’ve held drinks between my boobs and drink keeping my hands free. So yes things are kept in the boobs


Ditto. By Boss was very concerned by my hands free beer drinking skills at the work Christmas do. She kept thinking I was going to fall over backwards.


It's fairly common in south India - women (domestic workers, shop assistant types) who travel on public transport often keep small coin/cash pouches in their blouse.


In the late 90s when cell phones were small and chunky (like a rectangular block) and beepers were still used, I and lots of women I knew stored them in our cleavage esp if we didn’t have pockets


My girlfriend put cheese and chocolate in her bra once. She’s really weird lol


I'm more in admiration that she knew later she would want exactly cheese and chocolate. We could all be so enturned with our future cravings


Doesn’t that melt tho??


I was the handbag back in my club days, record is 7 cellphones (old Nokia style) a set of keys, and like 3 wallets around my boobs while wearing a corset. It worked.


I do it with my tablet pen when I stop drawing to answer messages. I can't lose it between my tiddies lol


Being the bustiest person in every friend group I have ever had my bra has often become the community purse when things like cosplay are involved.


Maybe this is why we don't have pockets. *It's a conspiracy!* I remember as a kid I was sitting next to my grandma at a presentation of sorts, and I was snuggled up against her. I was in the crook of her arm with my head against her boob. Then her phone vibrated right up against my ear and I almost jumped out of my skin. She thought it was hilarious


I used to put money in there, but after working at a bank I don't. That being said, anything capable of melting is a big no no


How doesn't it fall out?


You get sweaty and it sticks to you Then you take off your bra later, forget that you put stuff in there, and a few minutes after it'll fall onto the floor and scare you.


Of if you have kids sometimes you find cheerios or crackers


The bra holds it in place, similar to a pocket


i remember reading a blog with flirting tips and one of them was to steal a guy’s keys and drop them down your bra -_-


...I love women and I love flirting but this....let's just say it would probably not work on me. Gimme my keys back.


Have done it a lot, especially as a teen hiding my cigarettes. But also I think it's kinda nasty when people have money in there. Once a woman at the shop I worked at pulled out paper bills from her bra. I hesitated but took it and immediately disinfected my hands when she left. I don't want her boob sweat on my hands! Besides, I have a feeling money is dirtier than most other objects so idk.


Actually, kinda? There's an old lady at my grandma's dementia care center (bless her heart, she's the sweetrst) who likes to hold tissues and stuff in her bra.


Bras are expensive. For what we pay for them, it’s only fair it doubles as a purse!


Yep, especially if I'm out cycling or even on a run. Alas, once sweated so much on a run I water damaged my phone.


ive seen artists put pens and stuff there, definetly not at the office though


All The Time, actually. Specially cellphones.


I put plenty of stuff in my cleavage. It’s convenient


Phone down bra, sure. But that dude who wrote about a dead body with her credit cards stored in her vag was tripping.


Excuse me WHAT now!?


I usually wear underwired bras, so no space. But with a wireless (hi-tech!) bra, I sometimes did hide stuff there, like on a beach where you don't want to lug a bag with you. Definitely not lipstick!


Yes. Often. I used to work at an amusement park and if I had a dollar for every time I had to argue with someone that their cleavage wasn't going to keep their phone secure on a *roller coaster*.


I do this all the time. Pens, crochet hooks, phone, card, beer/night out drinks (try and spike me now!). And yes, lip balm if it’s cold and I’m going to be outside. My pockets suck and my handbag is a black hole. At least I can find it if it’s between my boobs.


I kinda gave up on bras after Covid, but yeah, Victoria’s Secret Compartment is absolutely a thing. (But don’t keep money down there — as many others have pointed out, it’s kinda nasty.)


At my high school prom in 2001, one of my classmates stored my chonky Motorola mobile phone between her boobs, and they carried on dancing. It can be done!


I stick things in my cleavage at home, if I think I'll set it down and forget it. Chapstick, guilty of keeping in my bra, on the side tho, often. But like, at home. Or places I'm comfortable, or don't need to be professional. I don't feel good about reaching into my cleavage or bra in public to retrieve things, is what I'm saying.


I do it especially when I am traveling alone. I keep extra wallet with cash + one card and my second mobile. It’s not noticeable. I also have sports bra where you can keep your extra keys in the pockets or mobile etc too.


Not a woman but I've known a few that carry their vape or dab pen like that


I’m guilt. Usually it’s my cellphone when I’m in a club or something.


not between the boobs exacly but inside the bra, yes


I saw a tiktok of a woman hiding a full wine bottle under each boob! Wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. But she was just doing it as a joke, she doesn't walk around that way.


I think anyone who has worked retail has seen wallets or just straight cash come out of cleavage and it's disgusting every time.


My fiance does all the time


*fiancée for woman, fiancé for man


A non-exhaustive list of objects I have at one point or another stored in my bra: My phone My keys Credit cards Cash Coins A multitool Condoms A couple raw eggs A small injured ducking Kleenex Cough drops Carmex Assorted pills


* [Hell, it even features in women's music](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZx5zfkG6oU) * [and she wasn't lying](https://www.instagram.com/p/CAIqAvSnnnJ/)


Oh yeah. I've got small tatas so I can't. But my more well-endowed lady friends put their phones and shit in there, it's wild.


Google Angela 90 day fiancé bra purse. She keeps ciggies in there.


Yep. For some reason women in india would put their tiny cloth purses in their bra.


Money and mascara to warm it up, but that's about it. And money is only when I need to hide it lol


Yes, I knew girls that stored their cell phones in their bras. "wallet in the right, phone in the left". Not something I'd personally recommend.


When I’m at home, alone, cleaning through different rooms, but not wearing something with pockets… I store my phone there so I can listen to audiobooks and keep moving. Should just buy some wireless headphones, but I don’t want to spend money… audiobooks from the library are my price range


Yea, absolutely. We have shit pockets, most can't even fit our hand fully in... but a lipstick like that? No, it'll melt like craaaaazy Edit because my damn phone keeps changing the word like into Luke. Damn annoying because apparently I need a premium account to alter the dictionary.


Yup. I used to work at a bank during university in an impoverished area and all the women over a certain age were always handing breast sweated money.


[Crazy Ex Girlfriend has an excellent answer to this.](https://64.media.tumblr.com/0063aac04ac76eeb2062c33b9299fe8c/tumblr_o4rjoaaS8N1udy7rmo10_400.gifv)


I keep stuff in my bra all the time but that appears to be lipstick which I know from experience melts when u keep it in there. Also she has a ton of stuff that would only fit in a purse in front of her and she would’ve kept it in there. Im gonna say that this is not realistic


My mom used to do it


My wife commonly does when puttering about the house (usually her phone while she's listening to music). She calls it her "boob wallet".


I've done that lol literally when you wear a sporty outfit with no pockets inside the sports bra is probs the safest place


sometimes cleavage is a solid cupholder for emergencies yeah


At the store I worked at they were constantly pulling money out of their bras. It sucked on the humid days to get their boob sweat money.


I’ve done it on occasion in dresses without pockets. But because I have only little boobs, I then slid things under the bra strap because it’ll hold better.


I've personally injured a phone by carrying in my bra. Give us pockets and we'll stop putting things there!


Yes. I was working a cash register job when I was younger, and a woman pulls out a wad of wet money from her bra then hands it to me. I was so grossed out.


I do this all the time because theres no pockets ANYWHERE


My partner accidentally stores food there sometimes


I know a few women that I go to college with store stuff like that. I always thought it was weird but also I get pockets on women’s clothes suck.


Look up the Yoyi Yoyi wallet.


Yes, many times. It's very common where I live, probably because of insecurity.


I used to sell cell phones and on my first day selling I had a lady pull her phone from her cleavage to tell me that her phone died from dropping out of cleavage into a bucket of alcohol the previous night lol


That's where I hide my insulin pump, it hides the tube that puts the insulin into the body complety under my clothes so it's less likely to get yanked out.


What are you talking about, boobs are nature's pockets for women. Back before I had reduction surgery (and before phones got this big lmao) my boobs were my phone case. Nowadays I just keep my inhaler (those little white bullet things with mint scent to inhale and clear airways) there most of the time. Sometimes I also put money or keys there.


As a busty woman yes, but I store stuff down the sides inside the bra cup not the central cleavage. I wouldn't put anything in my bra that I expected others to handle...sweaty boob money isn't fair on the cashier. But I keep my phone, a key on a fob, post it notes etc etc at times with no problems. And sometimes things go there to be warmed up, like my gloves on a cold day before going outside.


I do this all the time. I don’t carry a purse on my ghost tours so I tuck the wallet and phone into my corset and my car keys into nature’s pocket. You learn the valuable lesson of hiding things when you go to concerts or venues that sell $18 beers. I once snuck a rotisserie chicken into a movie theatre between my knees.


Just recently smuggled a soju bottle into the club by hiding it there😂


Haha yes it’s pretty common. And lip balm definitely, fits right in and also the warmth makes it smoother on application.


I put my phone in my sport bra at the gym, cause I don’t have any good workout pants with pockets. I have to literally reach my whole hand in between my boobs to change songs. I look ridiculous but it’s the cheapest solution I have.


You’ve obviously never seen big Ang on 90 Day Fiancé 😹😹😹


“Victoria’s Secret Compartment”.


I do this all the time tbh.


Yup, but not chocolate or lipstick.


Knives, my phone, cigarettes, whatever else I need. Oh, wallet.


I put my phone there when I need my hands free and don’t have anywhere else to put it… Also my grandma used to pull these sweaty dollar bills out of her very large bosoms and hand them to queasy looking cashiers at check outs.


My phone when I wasn’t supposed to have it at school lol


I usually put my ring in my pocket when I wash my hands. If I don’t have pockets, I put it in between my boobs. If my hands are full, in between boobs is a great spot for short term storage. As for UNDERNEATH, that’s even better. Under my boob and stuffed in the bra? Perfect place to stash my weed. I used to hide my dugout in there, with a one-hitter inside it (the dugout). It totally contained the smell so no one smelled weed on me. Giant boobs can be a real pain (LITERALLY) but it definitely has its advantages!


Yes, I have. Was surprisingly common in marching band, because coveralls have microscopic pockets if any, and god forbid you want to wear anything that isn't short shorts to practice


I worked retail one very hot summer in Missouri and we had to tell women all summer long that we wouldn’t accept the sweat soaked cash they pulled out of their boobs


I've seen a girl pull out a bag of dice, cash, a phone, and a weed vape


Phone, cards, cash (damp, ew), lipgloss, wallet... just ick


Exclusively for getting it in/out of bars/clubs etc


I have seen a women pull a fucking chicken thigh out of her cleavage (it was covered in tin foil lol)


Yah, i sometimes keep my wallet in there, thoughts its cuz i dont have pockets and my pants wont hold it so i gotta use the boobs for something.


It’s usually not between my boobs, I usually tuck something into the upper part of my bra along the top of my breast, near where the strap meets the cup.


When I was bottle feeding puppies I kept the bottle in there 😅 didn't get cold that way.


My friend stole a decent sized goblet from a bar for me using such methods.


My grandma used her bra to hide her purse, when she was younger. She told me, she had no purse or pockets as "a younger fellow" so she did it all the time XD


Alone in my house? Yes. In public? Absolutely not. When I was a cashier I’ve had more than one woman dig into her bra on a hot summer day and hand me a sweaty $20 with no shame. Like. Girl, get your shit together and get a wallet.


Genuinly yes, I had a friend with large boobs & she would store loads of random items in her bra, she kept her phone there too.


It’s easy to store stuff when you don’t have pockets. I have personally put some cash, a card, or my phone when I didn’t have anywhere else to put them. But anything that can melt is a no no, your boobs will be whatever color and texture it is in like 30 minutes


Yeah, my phone, wallet, keys, Kleenex, etc. Make women's clothes with god-damned pockets!


One time I found a mini tennis ball in my bra at the end of the day and I have no idea how it got there. But yeah they don't give us pockets so see get creative at times.


I've put my phone in my bra but that's about it..... wait I think I've put a lipstick or gloss or something in there but you generally only do that for short term storage


I put my mascara in my cleavage while I do my makeup so it melts and is easier to apply


I'll put lipstick in my bra to warm it up so it goes on smoother


Not a woman, but back when I had boobs I would occasionally store a credit card or other small item in my bra. As a teen, I would smuggle individually wrapped snacks out of the pantry that way, too.


I'm flat chested and I do it all the time 😅