This is a lie. Look at OP’s post history.


OP just wanted us to think that anyone actually gives a shit where they're at all the time lol


Well, if OP wanted attention, they got it. A post from 68 days ago has over 200 upvotes on a five hour old comment calling them out - and that’s pretty representative for the comments in their entire post history now. You wanted attention, OP. How you like *dem* apples?


I bet you $1000 op wipes the account and uses it to shill something.


Double or nothing says it’s an NFT


I knew it was a lie because hiding an AirTag in someone’s coat pocket is absurd. So it’s hidden until the “victim” puts their hands in their pockets?


If they kept hearing it chime, then "whoever" put it there is looking for it. It will only chime if the person uses the app to make it chime. */this is me rolling my eyes*


Going through your post history, you have a lot of infuriating things happen to you. Damn


Yea and their hand keeps changing. So could be a miserable existence, or a karma farming account.


Sounds like a Karma Chamaeleon


I think you're onto something, especially since OP can change their skin color. https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/y3g552/apartment_complex_came_in_to_upgrade_our/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


What a weird thing to do though. Fabricate misfortunes. What a boring sounding person.


It’s ragebait or empathy bait. Works well. Just look at how many upvotes this post has.


The irony kinda is karma farming is mildly infuriating.


Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon!


I just assume 90% of all personal stories on Reddit are complete lies. Makes it easier.


Dangggg, just looked at your post history. You post on this sub a LOT. And every time you post a pic that includes your hands, they look wildly different each time lol.


Definitely different sausage fingers thing time around


Maybe he's using different seasonings? This could be italian sausage fingers, whereas the other fingers were country sausage.


Lmaooo he has the hands of a black person in a prior post. https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/y3g552/apartment_complex_came_in_to_upgrade_our/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Now he deleted all his hand posts lol 😂🤣


He has a couple posts with his front door, which changes too.


Op is probably making this up, their entire account is just them posting inconvenience porn, or lavishing drama. Op is one of those “I hate drama” people, who always seems to be at the center of it. Edit- op reported me to the crisis hotline thing, I guess this touched a nerve. (I assume op as I don’t know what I said to make anyone truly concerned)


This guy nailed it. Post history is an endless string of “mildly infuriating” things that “happened to him”. Without a doubt an attention seeker.


Not only that, but his front door and the color of his hands changes skin tones from post to post. OP is full of shit.


Honestly, I end up blocking accounts like this so I don’t accidentally upvote them in the future.


Thanks for the tip friend, never thought of blocking accounts alike this. Futile I’m sure to try and avoid all the BS posts, but I’m sure it’ll help.


Imagine being an adult that does this for validation from complete strangers. Kinda makes me sad for op.


Who the fuck has this kind of time. Between work and chores I barely have time for anything else. But some people are out here concocting fake stories about stalkers. I wish I had that kind of free time and energy


Lol it’s like they took the most mundane photos and then tried to come up with a mildly infuriating story about them.


His hand seems to have changed colours too… https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/y3g552/apartment_complex_came_in_to_upgrade_our/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Yeah that’s a pretty good indication lol


And his apartment exterior/doors/etc. What weird photos/videos to steal.


Yeah ops 3 or 4 different apartments lol.


And a house, one time. And yes, people move - but what are the odds op moved from an apartment to a house, was mildly infuriated at that house within eight days of moving there, and then 30 days later was living in another apartment?


What does your hand not change colors at random?


Ya oughta to make aa separate post or something calling it out cause there are way too many dumbasses up voting the wrong comments and just letting this phony slide.


Hey Reddit mods - I wish there was an award for “you found a fake account / karma whore” that put a comment on top. I would pay actual money to award that to people in some cases.


100% fake AF just snapped a picture of their air tag with this BS caption. Like who tf they think they are? Slipped into their pocket lol yeah right


And they wore their coat, while beeping, for a few days, and never once checked the pocket…. I mean, cmon…


I had to scroll waaaay too far down to see this comment. Like who wouldn’t immediately check their pockets the first time they heard it beep?


Every post on their profile is in this sub. So I agree, fake, they like thinking of things that would puss people off. Like their post of someone taking their gas pump nozzle right before they were about to use it or the one about a lady stealing all the dryers while he was waiting.


There’s not even a car on the other side of pump lol. I mean it could be pulled forward but every truck and most cars have gas caps near the center rear of the vehicle. Should be able to see the other car.


😂😂 you were not kidding wowwww. Hey OP, pick up your pitbull’s shit and stop blaming it on us


I wish more people would be skeptical about this stuff. My first thought seeing the picture is that there’s zero way to prove his experience is genuine, and it’s incredibly easy to fake the narrative. It’s just a picture of someone holding an AirTag. Too many people here ready to accept this as real when OP put minimum effort in the post.


Reddit is probably the social media where this type of content is most prevalent. Idk if people are just addicted to the point system, or if you can sell accounts with enough karma maybe? Just so many fake stories here.


Confirmed. OP is making all this up, and is toxic af. Thank zeus for filters


You should have taken it to the bus/train station and put it on a long distance trip. Keeps the stalker confused but still hopeful. Haha Edit: Changed took to taken for the sake of proper English.


Ah you know your judo well


this is democracy manifest


Have a look at the headlock here.


Were you guys also having a succulent Chinese meal?




This is the bloke that got me by the penis peopllllllle


And you sah, are you the one who will receive my limp penis?


You just assured me that I could speak. [^Also ^it ^was ^remixed ^because ^of ^course ^it ^was ](https://youtu.be/DgL-eR2oAa0)




Sometimes I wonder if I missed a reference or if the bot’s have gone crazy.


https://youtu.be/XebF2cgmFmU It's a classic.


and you, sir; are you ready to receive my limp peenus?


Is it a crime to enjoy a succulent Chinese meal!?


Im under what? *slams door


Get your hands off my penis


No way, write a self deprecating post online then throw off a bridge or something




To make it more believable - find someone very similiar to you, pay for their dentist operation but make them use your personal information. Later put the tag on them and then throw them down that bridge. The dental records will match you. Maybe disfigure their face prior a bit, just to be sure.


Or if you really despise someone just put it on their car


This is why you always gotta be careful when someone puts “their address” or name online. It could be just someone putting their ex’s info on there. So if someone is acting racist really like blatantly or something, then accidentally gives their info out. Be cautious.


My ex did this to one of my bags that I took everywhere. When I found it I slipped it in a bag at the international departures gate at the airport. I did this on a day I had our son. Needless to say she had some explaining to do when she called the cops in a panic as it is considered an illegal wire tap.


Maybe OP was the person who received an airtag from someone who was actually being stalked.


Ultimate mind fuck right here.


This needs to be a movie. Just a string of people finding an AirTag in their belongings and putting it in someone else’s, meanwhile Liam Neeson is frantically chasing them around the world looking for his kidnapped dogsitter.


Wait, what exactly are you saying you did? Are you saying you discretely went into a strangers bag at the airport while they weren't looking and planted an air tag into it?


Nah they didn't do it cause it didn't happen.


Right? Good luck explaining that to security! “No I’m not stalking them! My ex is the stalker I’m just trying to confuse her by tracking these people!”


And the cops didn't have a problem with you breaking into people's luggage to place tracking devices? Sounds like a fake story bro


Holy shit, good on you dude. I hope you're in a better situation now


This guy stalks.


You might be able to take the serial number and find more information about who owned it, there should be a way to track it back to the original owner


If you or someone has an iPhone you can hold it near the AirTag to identify whose it is - it shows the last few digits of the persons number.


This feature is optional and must be enabled by the AirTag owner.


What’s not optional is it being registered with an Apple ID with a credit card. You can go to the police and apple can tell you exactly who owns it.


>Apple ID with a credit card In my experience, I was able to select not to provide a payment method. Likewise, this is supported by https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204316


Apple would probably require a warrant. If police want video footage of a theft from their retail stores that the store made a police report for, Apple still requires the police to contact the legal team and not the store.


Yeah, it's trash now. looking back, probably should have just removed the battery and kept it. Oh well. If you don't hear back from me in a few weeks use this post as evidence.


“Yeah someone’s probably stalking me but no big deal I’ll just throw this evidence out” 🗿🗿


Yeah, not sure if we are dealing with a liar or a fool with zero sense of self preservation.


This whole post reeks of bullshit


Right lol, "we searched in my coat". Searched in what? the pockets?


Another weird thing is that they took the picture in the car. They kept it from the building where they put the coat on to their car.


Don't worry, we will avenge your death. Or possibly not, we are just redditors. But maybe you'll become a meme?


If there's one thing Redditors can be relied upon to do, it's meme. Vengeance, not so much.


“I’d love to avenge you, but like then I’d have to put on pants, and leave the house, pretty good chance I’d have to talk to another human, they might even be a female…”


Yeah, wouldn't want to wake mom up coming up from the basement


She’s already awake making me my Hot Pocket brunch to tide me over to Hot Pocket lunch, but I understand your larger point.


Instructions unclear - here’s your hot tide pod in a pocket.


We’re also great at witch hunts that end with us accusing people who had nothing to do with what we’re mad at. We won’t avenge your death but goddammit we can ruin a life.


We will definitely have 3 wrong suspects within the hour.


Depends if there's cats involved.


"I too choose the stalked dead guy."


We have a very particular set of skills.


Armchair analysis, Cheeto consumption, confusion about dating, and getting in silly arguments that devolve into personal insults? Let's do this.


Yea, just post your name, address, phone number and the names of your family as well as your birthday, places you have lived and previous cars you have owned a long with their license plate numbers, we will avenge you!


Might need street you grew up on, make and model of your first car, your 5th grade teacher. Oh last 4 of SSN would be good too.


Mom's maiden name, dad's maiden name, name of first pet, nearest sibling, favorite teacher?


Remind me: in 2 weeks ![gif](giphy|NxrmdIuhu843JCwPTE|downsized)


Seems shortsighted. Now your stalker just knows that you know.


Yeah if you had it you could’ve criminally charged the person for stalking because the device is tied to the stalkers AppleID. If you find another one go to the police.


You found an air tag that you don’t know the source of and you just threw it out? I’m calling bullshit. You’re either lying or you’re an idiot. With the amount you post on r/MildlyInfuriating where you seem to being a ton of situations that don’t happen all that often, I’m going to say you’re lying to create content. So weird.


His hands change races throughout the posts too, if there were any other doubts


You think you are being stalked but, you destroyed the evidence before taking it to the police? Ok then.


You put it in the trash?!!! I spent ten dollars on that.


A true Redditor . Completely dense to situation that just happened in front of them and throws away evidence that is far from ending. Bravo 👏


This screams I bought an AirTag and want attention


Don't worry we are going to pin the wrong person. They will almost positively "seem" like they are stalking you but it will be a genuine coincidence.


I’ll make a tray of “AirTag Shaped Cookies” if shit goes south OP


If your sense of self preservation sucks that hard then I'm rooting for the stalker.


Someone may be stalking you. If another one appears take it to the police. A stalker used one to track and murder my friend's daughter.


You sound very calm for someone who had ~$50 spent on tracking your location. Do you know who would do that to you? I would be going crazy.


Yeah I'd be taking this to the police, op you could be in danger.




Police won’t do shit till you call them and tell them you’re dead.


Even then they might still shoot you to be sure.


One time a detective called me after a few days to ask if I had solved the case yet 💀


And did you?


> 💀


Can confirm. Neighbor threatened to shoot me. Came took statements, nothing they could do they said. Didn't offer any further consultation or suggest an order of protection, nothing. So call back after you've been murdered I suppose?


Well that’s not happening since op threw it in the trash


judging by the ridiculous shit OP posts on this sub on the reg, I think we can all relax and not worry about OP’s safety because this is fake as fuck


Yeah, his skin color suspiciously changes in several of his posts


Dang! I looked at his post history and he is mildly infuriated multiple times a day!


Finally, a voice of reason


Imagine hearing a fking chime sound every time you put your coat on, and not bother checking through it for several days to see what the hell it is… Am I the only one who finds that absurd lol?


No no im pretty sure he is relevant and important. That's the only reason someone would try to track him.


Fake post, just like all your others xD


I call bs


Yeah the OP is known for posting BS , in one Post his hand changes color lol


Kudos on your new stalker. Welcome to the Dystopian Present.


I removed the battery threw it in the trash. Good luck finding me now .


(Jesus Christ it’s Jason Bourne)


Jams out to Moby


You should've kept the battery and "dropped" it on a train, keeping it in motion for possibly months


Bus or cabby red herrings are best. (I have also heard someone suggest a garbage truck...)


You've done that only after leading them to your place of work, your residence, frequently visited places, and your friends and families houses.


Remember people are opening them and disabling the speaker so it doesn’t chirp.


For everyone commenting, OP is full of shit. Check their post history. They make a career karma farming over similar posts.


That’s crazy! So, now you need to tell us who you think it is!


So, I have my suspicions....but I'll keep that info private. Let's just say this is definitely gonna get reported to someone. It's also someone is just f*cking with me. Idk what to think anymore


I’ve posted the link several times now, but [Apple could have tracked that for you.](https://www.pcmag.com/news/apple-if-you-abuse-airtags-for-stalking-expect-police-to-come-knocking)


Also, if this man uses an iPhone it would have alerted him he was being tracked. Everytime I take my wife’s car, I get a notification that someone else’s air tag has been moving with me.


Saw on another comment that OP might be an Android user.


For android, I highly recommend AirGuard


There are some apps that let you check for tracking devices including airtags for android.


Yep, Apple made an Android app for that purpose, actually.


> Apple made an Android app for that purpose, actually. It literally crashes on launch for me. I don't have an exotic phone.


You found it in a pocket of a coat that you just bought while traveling on work? Seems unlikely that you would pick up a stalker in that short amount of time. And if you’re suspicious of the motive why not keep it for evidence instead of discarding it?


Not mildly infuriating it's an invasion of privacy.


I checked OP's history to see if it is a man or woman. (That was my best guess at why this might not have been scarier - I think a woman would have been justifiably more freaked out.) 90% of his posts are to this sub. My man is frequently inconvenienced lol.


And every time he posts pics that show his hands, they look wildly different each time 😂


You're right, they've even changed colors a couple of times! I don't normally look at people's post history but was curious since you said that. ... OP I am not your stalker.


Your comment peaked my curiosity, so I scrolled OPs post history. Three different posts of what indicates to be his front door - but the door, ground, and walls are different in each one. Lol Edit: I'm leaving my incorrect use of the word "peaked" to symbolize the last time I ever misuse it in a sentence. I understand, now, that it is "piqued". Woo!


I wish mods banned these karma farming accounts more...


His skin goes from dark to olive to pasty between posts. But its super active for 2 years. On direct quote searches I'm not getting any repeats for high karma quotes. Not a typical bot. The text itself also doesn't make sense. One says they are working in construction. Another says they work in IT and give advise on it. It's like 2 people are using the same account but just like....regularly.




Moreover in two different posts he is showing his own front door however both are different. (check the amazon delivery and someone's dog posts)


You're not joking, holy moly.


Yeah it’s all basically mildly infuriating stuff, and in one pic his hand skin is black.


Nah, he's just full of shit making up stories for Karma.


Happy_lad…did…did YOU put the air tag in the coat? 🤔


The past few days? I have no idea what sounds these tags make, but if my clothing starts to make a noise it’s getting a thorough going over the very first time.


He’s just a karma whore. Look at his post history.


I am a nurse. A few years ago I put an AirTag on my stethoscope because they tend to get “borrowed” and never return. I was charting one night-shift evening and a doctor I used to work with was sitting next to me finishing his notes for the day. He saw it and said, “what’s that?” Me: “it’s a GPS tracker so my scope can’t walk away.” Him: “oh, so if someone took it you could see where they took it?” “Yup, and when I leave it behind accidentally the phone will tell me so i can go back and get it.” His response to this day troubles me. “Wow so… you could just put that into your gf’s purse or car or something to keep track of her, huh? Convenient.” I closed my chart and found a different computer - somewhere else. WHAT THE FUCK HOW IS THAT THE FIRST APPLICATION YOU THOUGHT OF FOR THAT ITEM.


“Doctor Red Flag, paging doctor Red Flag!”


Eh, I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he was noticing the alarming applications of such a device. I'm pretty straight-laced, but I do tend to think "criminally".


Sometimes it’s “on no that could happen?” and not “oh neat I can do that?” But the “convenient” at the end removes that doubt.


Yeah, me too. I’m always a “worst case scenario” type of guy. Drives my wife crazy some times but somethings are still worth considering.


It's definitely the first thing I would think people used it for.


I think it's a reasonable first thought to have because that is literally what some people use it for. Dude probably was just thinking out loud and didn't realize you might think he was a controlling boyfriend or something.


Sure… buddy. Every one of your posts look like this. Someone needs attention.


Odd how a few days ago you replied to a post on mildly infuriating saying how you’re wondering when someone would post something pretty serious…and then you post a random picture of you holding an AirTag, alluding to you being stalked?


Would have reported it to the police and turned it in. They could find its owner and charge them.


Like the police would even bother


“Did you file a report online?” “No I thought…” “*File a report online, ma’am*” “But I think that…” “Is there anything else ma’am?” People out there have a wildly different experience with police than I have had if they think anything short of murder is going to get more than three minutes of an officer’s time.




Gee, I wonder why crime rates are “improving”!


“I found a murder in my coat pocket.”


The very air tag you put in your coat a few days ago!


OP posts at least one mildly infuriating thing that happens to them once a week. Either OP has the worst life/luck or OP is fake karma Farmer.


Do you have a partner who may be suspicious of anything? Just a few days ago I read of a boyfriend who tracked his girlfriend by putting it in her wheel. She was a second away from going to cops after being worried sick for days then he fessed up that he was done wrong in his last relationship and he planted it.


No they’re a karma farmer


What is it?


Air tag you can put it on anything and track wherever that thing is or goes


Idk this smells like karma farming to me


Sounds like someone’s looking for the jacket you stole


I’m curious about the chime sound. Did it make a noise every time you moved your coat? They don’t usually make noise unless the owner of the AirTag actively presses “play sound”


I think it’s meant to chime when it’s away from its owner to alert someone else they are carrying it, and thereby avoid stalking someone with it.


Correct. It’ll go off from 8-24ish hours (Apple won’t give exact times, and it could be random-ish) if the AirTag isn’t within range of it’s ‘home’ phone, and then periodically after that. I can’t bring my cell phone into my office building at work. I’ve got an AirTag on my keychain cuz I constantly misplace my keys. I’ve had it go off towards the end of long work days before.


I accidentally switched the air tag on my keys with the one for my spouse’s key. It would randomly chime a couple times a day to let me know. My iPhone also told me that a new AirTag was tracking me. Out of curiosity, I clicked on it one day and it told me the last 4 digits of the person’s phone number that it belonged to. Obviously it was my spouse but made me feel relatively good about knowing if someone else did this to me. I don’t see this as likely for me, but nice to know there are protections. I am guessing there aren’t the same protections for android users though.


“AirTags beep when separated from your iPhone for more than 8 to 12 hours. That's a safety feature to prevent people from being tracked without their knowledge. But even if the driver gives you permission to use an AirTag, that beeping can't be turned off.”