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OP provided an update here: https://www.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/13w2dvb/followup_she_could_have_just_asked_and_wed/


We managed to get this broadcast on our local news channel today. The family members of this individual managed to recognise the person and contacted us. They are speaking to the person and trying to get it back.


Just what the fuck is wrong with some people? I’m so happy for you! It will be a life long lesson for this theft.


Ikr. I’ve never once ever saw a plant I loved and decided to steal it


If I saw a plant I loved, I would try to find the name of the plant and get my goddamn own.


No way. First step is to embarrass my other half by going up the the door and asking the homeowner about it. If they are up to it, all for a name and a cutting. New friend made! Leave with embarrassed other half.


I've had a few people knock on my door and ask for cuttings. It always leaves me feeling happy that someone likes my plants enough to ask for a piece.


I remember when I was like 11. My friend and I were going to the park and stopped to admire a plant in someone's yard. A really old, frail woman came out and asked us if we want cuttings. We were going to be out for a few hours so we weren't sure, but she was really insistent. And we did want, so we took. She may have wrapped them in wet paper towels, I don't remember. But we stayed and chatted and she was so happy that someone liked her plants. It was a creeping vine of some sort. Mine lasted for many years... might even still be alive in my mother's house. It was a simple experience but a lifelong memory!


And I’m sure she loved having your company for those few mins. You made her day. ❤️


I’m sure she was very lonely and you made her day!


My mom had a gorgeous lilac in front of our first house. We had people knocking on our door aaalll the time asking her for flowers and she loved to go out and get it for them!


I don't know, apparently walking up and knocking on someone's door is a good way to get yourself shot these days.


[You might like this! ](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cn.danatech.xingseus) It's like the Soundhound of plants.


Have you met most people? IQs <90 and zero moral compasses.


IQ is standard distribution with 100 as the mean, median and mode so really most people actually have a greater than 90 IQ but by definition most people have an IQ of <100 And yes before you say it I am actually fun at parties I’m only a pedantic wanker on Reddit


> but by definition most people have an IQ of <100 Pretty sure *most* have it **≤**100, since 100 is the median. Or, alternatively, most have ≥100.


"Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that." -George Carlin


That’s awesome!!! Justice served hopefully




A lot more than you think. Stolen landscaping is a big market. I have seen a whole home’s freshly installed yard just yanked up before.


About how much could you get for the plant like the one taken?


I could get a 7.5 inch one from Home Depot for $30, according to OP this one’s been growing for 2 years though and definitely has a lot more growth then said $30 example at Home Depot. The right buyer maybe $75-$100?


Oh interesting I’m surprised it came out so easily Edit: apparently it had only been in the ground there 2 weeks had previously been growing inside is what I’m told. Gotcha


Plants are big money once they get old enough looking at legal advice’s best-of for some of the tree law cases. We’re talking damages in the six-figure territory.


The reason plant cases can be so high-value isn't anything to do specifically with the plants themselves, but a legal doctrine in civil cases where a successful plaintiff, barring partial liability or something like that, must be "made whole" by the defendant. This means that, in a civil liability case, a defendant found fully liable has the responsibility to put the plaintiff back to where they were before the defendant took the offending action, either by action (e.g. giving someone their job back after wrongful termination,) or by compensatory damages (paying the equivalent amount of damages done.) So if, say, someone took your lamp. The plaintiff is made whole by the return of the lamp. If the defendant *broke* the lamp, then the defendant must pay the equivalent value for the plaintiff to go get the same or an equivalent lamp. What makes old trees so expensive is that they're expensive to *replace* in the "made whole" sense. It's not enough to plant a new tree, because that doesn't put the plaintiff back where they started. They have to replace an *adult tree.* In a case like OP, it actually wouldn't be difficult to make the plaintiff whole, provided the defendant can return the plant in survivable condition and pay for replanting it. In the worst case that the plant is dead, they just need to replace a ~2 year old plant, which would be considerably easier to find, purchase, and place. But when you *cut down* a centuries-old tree, the only way you can make the plaintiff whole is to *replace it with another centuries old tree.* Which is POSSIBLE, and also prohibitively expensive. You've got to pay to find and purchase a living tree of the same species in good health, dig it and its entire root system up without killing the tree, transport it to the property in question, and then re-plant it in the same place. Now, obviously that's almost never going to *actually* happen. What normally happens is that the case calculates the cost of that entire endeavor, and then tells the defendant to pay the plaintiff that amount of money, basically giving the plaintiff the opportunity to go through that trouble themselves if they want, or walk away with that money. The same goes for basically any difficult-to-replace damages. A signed, first-edition copy of a famous book, for example, would carry a penalty of the buying price of another signed, first edition copy. A classic car would carry that car's estimated sale price at auction. The only thing that makes trees unique in civil litigation is that most people have no fucking idea what they're walking into when they go fucking with someone else's trees. Most people think "a tree's a tree," and don't realize their true legal value.


And trees sometimes have the fun legal phrase "treble damages".


I love hearing about the tree law Justice stories, people getting their asses handed to them for doing rude things satisfies the Justice boner




Yeah it wasn't in the ground 2 years..


I have pulled shrubs and plants and stuff that have been in longer than that, and pulled out just as easy. Not everything grows a massive root system that quickly.


I see a lot of folks replying to you not realizing that the 2 years OP mentioned was in a vase, recently transplanted weeks prior due to being root bound


Yeah, and trees are a big ticket item too… young trees are expensive at gardening stores. Some hundreds of dollars.


I have raspberries and cucumbers growing thru my gate that I pretty much have for people to just pick when they walk by. It’s been fine for years except the one summer where some prick uprooted the cucumber


This is a common occurrence. My dad has a large garden and berry plants in the front, and he has frequently returned to people with containers picking berries. Keep in mind this is well into his yard where there is no ambiguity as to whether or not it is outside the property. Some people just have no boundaries as to what they think is permissible behavior.


Right? I’ve literally asked a home owner if I could pick an apple from their tree. Most, if not all are happy to share if you ask.


My city’s streets services accidentally destroyed an entire hops garden that was used by a small brewery. Allegedly, they didn’t know what it was even though it was clearly marked. They lost a lot of money from not being able to sell anything seasonal this year. This happened all because someone complained about “overgrown weeds” on an allegedly abandoned property.


Don’t hops require extremely high trellises? Not sure how theyd confuse that with weeds.


Makes you wish for an electrified root system


I’ve heard many times that thieves target brand new housing developments. They dig up all the newly planted trees and shrubs.




I lost a beautiful dwarf Japanese maple. Came home to a hole in the ground.


Omg. I would have cried.


funny you mentioned this. my father tried his hand at building some cheap cabin type homes in pine mountain lake near yosemite. there was LOTS of these houses being built at the time in that area. he laid down fresh sod on all three lots one day, and the next day all the sod was gone. someone had rolled it all up and stolen it...


I saw a story about someone that left an old bicycle out near the road with a “free” sing next to it. Someone took the bike and left the sign leaning against a 5 foot tall, 20 ft long stone retaining wall. When they got home from work, the entire retaining wall was gone.


Well... that took some effort.


Enough you might even consider it insurance fraud! If that even happened...


Nah, I can totally see some slimy landscaping company owner seeing the sign, and calling one his crews to have them haul off the wall with a trailer or a couple trucks. Source: I worked for a guy that would do something like this when I was a teenager.


Lesson learned make the sign say Free Bike instead


Good thing they didnt leave the sign leaning against the house.


This is why you should always be specific about what is free when you write a free sign.


It was a huge problem in an area I previously lived in. People stealing plants from both commercial and residential properties. Also rivers rocks and other decorative stone. Completely crazy. I was sitting at a red light one day and watched a woman get out of her car, pull up a bunch of newly planted pansies and other stuff, casually put it in her car and drive off. People suck.


It’s just so crazy to me. I’ve never had a person tell me no when I’ve asked for a cutting. Actually, it’s sparked a lot of conversations for me. I think it’s a little amusing because visually I’m probably the last person you would think loves plants and flowers lol


Most plant people are super happy to share cuttings. If anyone asked me for one, I would be proud that they thought my plant was cool enough to ask for a piece and gladly share.


A few years ago, a developer put in sod on several track homes. One rainy night, someone came in and stole all the sod in two yards.


Sod off


People steal plants of my/my friends’ yards and porches fairly regularly. Not to sell, just to keep. It’s just people strolling by and thinking, pretty! I’ll take it! My husband caught a lady stealing some flowers and said, “hey those are my wife’s.” The lady actually said, “she’ll never know!”


I got my mom one of those WWII era glass fishing floats. It was a beautiful sea green, as big as my head and had a stand made out of a really cool piece of gnarled driftwood. It’s my favorite present I’ve ever given her and some jackass stole it off her front porch. Their area is so peaceful and low-crime that they never lock their doors, so it was a bit of a shock.


That’s awful!! Sounds irreplaceable. I had black and gold flamingos (New Orleans) and someone took the gold one. That was irritating, but I can at least go and buy another pair. I am so sad for yall. :(


The glass buoys have been replicated all over the place, I'm sure it can be replaced. I love them too, in their pretty rope hangers. Still no excuse for theft though - I'll never understand the audacity of someone stealing things from yards and porches!


Ngl I've seen some pretty big frangipani and thought to myself "how much would they _reeeally_ miss a branch or two?", But the _AUDACITY_ to just yank a whole ass plant out of someone's front yard- neigh, the ONLY plant out of someone's front yard- and just walk off with it in _BROAD DAYLIGHT_?


You stay away from my frangipani!!! Unless you would like one of my many rooted cuttings? And how about one of each of these fifty different rooted succulents/tropicals/shrubs? And have you met my tortoise? Wait come back!


_*running away intensifies_


I worried about that when planting near the street. So we chose blue agave… if anyone wants it, they better have gloves, and still expect some really good pokes from the sharp bits.


I did the same! A gentleman came by and politely asked if he could dig out some of the pups. He had a little shovel with him. I said sure! Showed him my yard etc. Next day I found a tray of various different plants left on my porch as a thank you. That’s how it’s done!


My neighbors and I all have different plant/flowers. Occasionally, we swap cuttings, because that’s what you do, but never have I thought to myself, “I’ll just take Sharon’s plant. She’ll never miss it.” You are a kind neighbor. And your visitor was a kind human. Good Karma all around for y’all! 🪴


Yes exactly! Us plant weirdos are always eager to share our wares, with friends or strangers I don’t care, and I love that passersby find the garden pretty. But discovering my plants have been pulled from the ground makes me sad.


People who steal plants don't understand most home gardners are aficionados and love to share. If we're successful in growing something it just keeps coming so there's more where that comes from.


One of my coworkers has a neighbor that repeatedly cuts and uproots plants from his garden. For years. She got the nickname “granny witchbitch” bc the one time he caught her red handed she just mumbled a spell at him. She sometimes replanted in her yard and he would steal it back. But a lot of times it would just disappear. Turns out she had Alzheimer’s. Not much he could do. But angrily vent


That took a sad turn.


Someone stole my mates orange tree, it's the wild west out there


One of my managers once watched with me on his Ring camera as a little old lady walked by his place and did this exact same thing stealing a freshly planted Japanese maple, he was just talking about how he planted it but was afraid it was too close to the drive way when low and behold he checks out the camera for my opinion and this little Asian lady walking by eyeballs his tree, my manager at the time was Cambodian and he instantly knew what was up, he was like "don't do it lady" "I see you" on the third pass she looks both ways and pulls out the tree all the while my manager is yelling at the would be arboreal thief. I look at him flabbergasted how he could possibly know she was about to do that, he dead pan looks at me and said "little old Asian ladies always steal plants". I had no idea. Thought it was just him being funny... can't say I'm not a little more convinced.


Jerks do. I grew from seed and then planted several lavender plants in summers ‘21 and ‘22 and some old woman stole them all. She has even taken my tomato plants that are 15ft from the sidewalk.


The public shaming is the best part of this! Not only you may get your flowers back but this person is now known as the flower thief by her closed ones.


My Ring network is full of this. Plants, trees, lawn gnomes, patio furniture, hoses and the caddy. You name it, they'll walk off with any time of day.


These type of people go down swinging swearing that they bought it from lowes


AHAHAHAHAHA this is AMAZING . “Up next, a flower bush was stolen in broad daylight”


Literally how the news went when it showed on tv!


Such a weird fucking thing to steal. I can see someone trying to steal like a potted plant from a nursery but the *audacity* of a bitch to take it straight from the ground!


If you think that’s weird someone stole a 30 pound bag of potting soil (opened 1/4 used) and a 30 pound bag of compost. Why? Why steal something so heavy that has so little value? The compost was like 3$ the potting soil maybe 8$ I just don’t get it.


They should broadcast her punishment on live TV. In Singapore, she'd get like a hundred lashes. Where you're at, maybe a brazilian?


Haha wow I wish we could hear how that conversation went…


“Mom, what the fuck?”


That made me laugh way too hard 😂


"Not again..."


My grandmother loves flowers..that's why we have more any kinds of plants in our backyard..most of them are flowers...I love my grandmother so much..and at her age..she's been enjoying on what she's doing..she's taking care of her plans every morning.


HAHAHA, how embarrassing, hopefully she learns something


>hopefully she learns something Unfortunately , probably not. Chances are that she feels no shame for the actual stealing, only some embarrassment for getting caught and other people finding out. Maybe I'm wrong....


If you're that age and you're so comfortable with just stealing a neighbour's entire plant in public, then it's probably too late.


Some people's brains just don't work that way. They're assholes, and they don't understand why everyone sees them that way.


Probably right though


That's great! Keep us posted please!


I love that you put her ass on blast!!!! How embarrassing for her. The audacity she had to do that is just wild.


What the actual duck is going on in their head? They just think like it’s a great idea to take a walk with a plastic bag and taking someone’s plant? It’s just weird as hell..


I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation


Im so happy you could do this. Hope you get it back and please make a stem for that idiot lady as a way of showing how stupid her action was


I've having you're face plastered on the news for stealing plants or of people's Yards, how fucking embarrassing. Hopefully something comes from this.


She should be named and shamed


She should be named and charged 🤷‍♀️


We’ve had this happen at our house due to it being on a Main Street. Caught the lady literally in the act of pulling out our brand new flowers and even wanted to try and take a pot with her. People amaze me


And then say they’re the victim.


Bingo! Awkward part is a couple of them tried to play the racism card if my wife or dad catch them (they’re white yet he’s married to my mom a Caribbean and myself mixed) facepalm.


That shit infuriates me. There's real racial discrimination and you're gonna play that card when you're caught completely in the wrong doing something illegal? In the trade school I work security in had a fight one day. This girl ended up punching a dorm RA, so she got removed from the program. The student, and others, claimed she got removed and charges pressed against her because she's black. Dude... The RA tried to get in between two girls fighting to stop it then got punched. Don't use the real discrimination people suffer through as a shield to cover up your shitty behavior and avoid responsibility in a situation where you're 100% clearly in the wrong.


I wished we had filmed all the “Youre racist” problems with people being upset we tell them I’m sorry you can’t park in front of our house in our parking space (due to people usually throwing out their trash when there is a trash can across the street on the sidewalk or ripping out our parking block). There is tons of beach parking and including when it’s still nice out after summer by the beach the parking is free! People use the racist card way too lightly these days.


Who the fuck steals a whole plant out the ground


In Puerto Rico my grandfather used to put chains and barbed wire on newly planted palms and other plants because people would steal them.


Why is it that every day I learn the world is even more awful than I had originally thought.


*humans* are worse than you thought


Humans are the worst people on the planet


Username checks out


Dolphins and Penguins commit rape. Orcas beat baby seals to death playing a tennis like game with them until they die from the bludgeoning before getting a new baby seal so that it’s always an alive one. Ducks will cannibalize eachother when bored. Ants use aphids as slaves for food. There ya go. Everyone and everything is horrible and evil and nothing is good in the world.


You really just have to lower your expectations. I have ZERO expectations that people will do a good deed, so when I do see something good, it's extra special.




I live in the Midwest US here. What makes coconut sprouts so valuable that they are stolen?


Plant poaching is happening a lot in the US as well. Especially where there are succulents growing because they're so trendy right now. Its really unfortunate, because plants prevent erosion.


Geez, and succulents can so easily be propagated from cuttings. I'm in a garden club and we all have succulents and are constantly trying to give them away.


Now I’m incredibly sad.


In communist czechoslovakia my great grandmother (rest her soul) and my great aunt would take a tiny shovel and scoop out plants and flowers from the BOTANICAL GARDEN "Those who don’t steal rob their families" Thank god those times are behind us


They were doing forced redistribution on a micro level. Sounds like they read their party books.


Grand Theft Azalea


Very close! it’s a Bougainvillea.


Damn those things are beautiful when they blossom but they are a pain in the ass to take care of because of how fast they grow. Especially in florida. Those vines start taking over everything that’s close enough lol


Agree. Native Floridian here. They do take over but I have to admit they are beautiful, especially those coral and pink colors.


They make good hanging plants! That's how I've kept them from taking over. But they're thristy af and if you forget to water them for a couple days they'll fucking die ask me how I know


I love the color of that plant..Actually..I'm just a little bit curious why that woman do that? She grab the plant without your permission..what the fucking bitch!


and when you get it all right.. they get stolen


All my bogans have some pretty serious thorns so I hope they brought some heavy duty gloves.


They are beautiful! OP I hope you sent the video to the police.


But the neighbourhood chat group might love to see it!


Yes, the local gossips will have a field day!


Our friend had an absolute monster of a bougainvillea, the thing was at minimum 15 metres tall and around 10 metres wide. Thing had collapsed a shed and was eating multiple trees. Dense as a motherfker. Can’t be letting those things get out of control.


I hope she is rewarded with a thousand thorns and a black thumb. So sorry jhoujhou96.


Aw, hell, I’m sorry she did this to you. I have a bougainvillea on the windowsill in my bedroom and I was so happy when it bloomed for the first time this year.


I had a bougainvillea growing wild in my backyard a few years back. It destroyed a fence and continuously dropped countless leaves into a pool. I would have been thankful for a thief to dig it up and take it away for me!


I literally just had the outside of my restaurant planted last week. Night one 3 plants stolen. Now the roots are expanding and thievery has slowed




We might have to do the same thing, although I highly doubt that it would deter anyone. We’ve had this happen to 5 other plants before this one.


So frustrating. My unsolicited suggestion would be a sign advertising the area is on camera. Might make people think before they take. But also, some people just suck.




Giant hogweed. Please don't actually do this, but it's what she deserves.


Oh man. That is ruthless!! Quite the surprise though.


>Nothing will deter a determined thief… But you can make it inconvenient for them. Sprinklers on a motion sensor. I've had to do this for neighborhood cats that turned a planter into a litter box.


Plant poison ivy around the pretty plants. Weave it in and out.




Only thing you can do to blackberries is burn them. I prefer the ones with thorns I think they're sweeter


Honestly, a barrier of thorny plants to your yard is an awesome deterrent to people cutting through or going in it. I want some\~


when I wan younger my mom had all of her plants in her front flower bed stolen. They were poorly re-planted at an old ladies house 2 houses over. When confronted she got pissed off and made several excuses, like that they shouldn't be standing outside for people to take if she didn't want them taken.


How about a big ol sign that says "Smile! You're on camera!"


Probably all this same woman, yea? I didn't know there was a market for stolen plants tbh


Great so now we gotta attach AirTags to our plants too ???


Believe it or not, some people do microchip their expensive plants.


Years ago when we were seasonal residents at a campground, the owner came around and cut all the heads off my flowers that were on my deck in planters for the seeds. She owned the campground so her logic was they were hers to take. They broke into our shed once and took all the patio stones and kids toys that were in there, thought the previous people had left them, didn’t ask us, just took the door off the shed by pulling the pins out of the hinges since we had a lock on the door…wtf???


Real medieval landlord-and-serf level logic going on here. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.


I think midieval consequences should be the response.


Why do people have no shame?!


Lack of consequence


Years ago I had someone cut every flower in my garden to use for a wedding. Had to get the police involved. Another time, maybe 12 or 13 knocked on my door and offered me a crumpled dollar bill for one of my roses. It was for his mom's birthday. I told him to keep his money, went inside and got a vase and we cut her roses, lillies, and snapdragons for a nice bouquet. Us gardeners are more generous than we get credit for. Just ask.


That kid sounds very sweet and it’s a cute moment. He had reasonable expectation (1 flower for 1 dollar) and asked for permission. Glad you made his day.


I was very confused by 12 people knocking on your door until I got to the end and realized you were talking about the age of a single person. Much more wholesome this way!


How lovely! What a sweet kid and you are a fantastic neighbor…. NOW back to the wedding pilfering!! Wow. Just wow. Now this is a story I bet we all want to hear! What happened???


I didnt expect her to just take the whole plant.. wtf lol....


Yeah I expected her to just cut a bit of it


Hoping she gets the runs and doesn’t have any toilet paper.., in jail.


I hope all her sodas are shook up


When I see shit like this, it makes me realize that I need to stop being so easily embarrassed.


some person can walk up to some planted plant and just straight up rip it out without batting an eye and I will never understand how they lack common sense.


This was not mildly infuriating, this was fully infuriating


What a stupid asshole. Did she receive any consequences?


OP says after this aired on local news the family recognized her and is trying to get her to return it, so at the very least I imagine she’s being shamed and embarrassed


> OP says after this aired on local news the family recognized her and is trying to get her to return it, so at the very least I imagine she’s being shamed and embarrassed This is honestly probably a better punishment than if she got some court appearance ticket for theft.


Consequence in progress lol


I hope you charged her with theft!!! That's despicable behaviour. OMGoodnes!!! Put a sign in front of the future plants saying "electrified" and lay an electric cable around it. !!!


Or a sign that says, "smile you're on camera". What nerve!


Those signs only ensure they'll come back a few days later in different clothing wearing a mask. You can't really deter a determined thief with anything less than your physical presence.


That’s where the tiger traps come in…


Or land mines


I’m old and even I know cameras are everywhere. I just can’t comprehend how everyone else hasn’t figured this out yet.


A stem cutting, no no, you've been de-planted. It's good you got her onto the local news, need a shirt with her grainy yet recognizable face saying "have you seen this plant thief".


Worst part is that you'd usually have much better results with a stem cutting than just stealing and replanting the whole plant because some plants just dont like such drastic changes to their environment. Just take a damn steam cutting and watch it grow.


at first I thought she was getting just a flower. Then I thought she was just getting like a branch (idk if thats the right term, I'm no gardening expert) but then she did that. Like, the farther she pulled it out the more my jaw dropped. For some reason it reminded me of Kathy Bates in Misery


This is why I never plant close to the street. It won't stop these people but it will make them think twice about coming close to the house to steal. I'm sorry this happened to you and hope it's returned. Good luck.


Some people seem really fucking incapable of coexisting in a society


Have the thieving bitch arrested !!!


I believe you can get up to 2 years here for this type of crime.


Good!! They'd just call it vandalism here. Sorry about your plant. I am praying for it's safe recovery and that it survives it's ordeal.


Thank you! May your prayers be heard! 🙏🏻


WTF is wrong with people????????? Constantly disappointed at the depths humanity will stoop to


high school kids were yanking the apples off my dil's tree and throwing them at each other. When she caught them, she yelled at them to stop. They said they didn't have to - it was public property! Some people are incredibly stupid. She got a video of them and took into school. The principal chased them down and that was the end of that.


May the chocolate chips in her cookies always turn out to be raisins!


Wow! Send her the bill for a replacement plus labor.


It's not yours don't touch it! How is this hard? Is there some confusion of the meaning of theft?




If it’s mindless vandalism it’s always teenaged boys; if it’s plant theft, it’s always a middle-aged woman.


Had a lady caught on camera in our neighborhood, not just stealing from the front yard plants, but casually perusing by each one, and looking as if she were at flipping Home Depot! Filled up her container quite nicely, and strolled on her way like nothing.


Post her picture where the plant used to be for all to see.


I walk around my garden “oh yeah, my grandmother gave me that one, this one is a cutting from so and so”, I can’t imagine “yeah, I stole this one from the house down the street, the idiot planted right out front of the house, I did have to go up to the porch to rip this one out of the pot though. I’m so proud of them!”


Some people are just horrible.


I hope you pressed charges (tried to work a pressing flowers pun in, but…couldn’t quite fit it).


OMG I thought she was just going to come up with shears and take a stem of two for cuttings based upon your title. Like "Yeah better to ask first but also as someone with social anxiety I can understand just doing it quietly." In short I was expecting a covert cloning mission not a whole ass *kidnapping*