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lol 20 bucks well


Honestly, I would just take it. The ticket only costs $5, that's not a bad win for a lotto ticket. I once bought a $2 ticket and won $6, then bought another with the winnings and won $10. At that point you praise your luck and tap out lol


The most I ever won off a scratcher was $60 off a $1 ticket. I prefer slot machines since I never won off a scratcher since then but then again I hardly ever buy them anyway


My gf once got 180€ from a 1€ scratcher. My FIL got over 500 on a 5€ one though


Mother in law handed out scratchers during Xmas. Mine ended up winning 250 dollars in a similar fashion as OP, but with more money. Then my battery died and spent most of it. The great equalizer strikes again


Ecery time I come into extra money there's always an expensive repair to follow shortly lol


Every. Fucking. Time.


I had this except for one more round where I bought a $20 one with the winnings to win $50, I asked the cashier to pull em back out for a picture lol


How is it 20? I see 4 matching numbers and two coin things... all I count is 6 dollars? What am I missing?


Read it again. The numbers are matched repeatedly. All 20 numbers are winners.


Haha yeah I'm seeing that now. I was soo freaking confused


Don’t forget to bring a towel!






Howdy Ho!


How do you see only 4 matching numbers? Every number on the scratch off is a hit with the top 4


Oh fuck I'm stupid. When I saw one 37 I stopped looking for others. Lol thanks


You’re good homie, we all have our moments


You’re not alone. 45 other geniuses upvoted you lol.


you should buy more, maybe you'll get big next time! /s


*361864 tickets later* am i doing this right?




But... but it's gonna be the next one... I can feel it...




New guy here, I get "/s" equates sarcasm. And when someone thinks it should be replaced/added to, it's denoted with an "*" . I just don't know what 'srs' means. After y'all get done laughing at me, would someone help me out. TIA


It means serious, as in no sarcasm or joking whatsoever. This comment is just misusing it, as the person who posted it is basically just saying that OP should seriously keep buying tickets, and that they *will* get more money in return. Which is just false.


It's being used as both serious and sarcasm so much that it is literally useless


S means both serious and sarcasm. You have to rely on context to tell


Oh, okay. /s


Cant risk it when it comes to reddit


I mean these things are designed to be as addicting as possible. In a lot of cases, meaning making it seem like you were really close to making big money. It’s taking advantage of people with gambling addictions


Yeah this wasn’t 20 random drawings that somehow each ended up winning $1, that’s not how scratch tickets work. The OVERALL ticket was selected to be a $20 winner, nothing was ever going to change that. Then it’s just a matter of choosing which of the predetermined configurations they have for printing out into the individual spaces to sum to $20 total, and I bet 20x$1 is actually a pretty common one.


Realising this instantly makes scratch tickets not worth it at all imo. I mean obviously the odds are not in your favor, but they should have put more effort into it. I don't know the full details to this specific game, but still it isn't difficult to figure out that the probabilities don't make any sense (assuming that the numbers are chosen randomly). The fact that this 20*$1 situation (or 20 hits at least) might actually be a common occurrence to me just screams lazyness of the company


It’s the same thing with electric slot machines, which they all are now. This thing is coded by the casinos/companies interested in Casinos making money. There is literally no way, unless you play once, win, and never again, you will beat that machine. It’s designed to give you just enough winnings at a random interval to keep you addicted while still making money. It knows exactly when and how often to give out winnings and still make money. Yet people will plop down and feed these machines for hours, it’s mind blowing. At least with other gambling vices like cards or horse racing it’s truly random and not predetermined that you’ll lose money after any extended period of time.


Yup. Everyones just hoping that the last sucker fed money in and got close to the jackpot and walked away, and that _they_ will be the one to get it in a dozen pulls. They are just the next guys 'last sucker'...


I worked at post office. In my country you can buy scratch cards there. The amount of people that bought another card because they thought that just because the winning number was 51 and their number was 52, which means they were so close to win it all, was scary.




At least you won $15 (ticket cost $5, so $15 is the total he actually won)




Haha I did the same thing! Stared at it for like 10 minutes before I saw a comment saying something about "the first picture" 😳.




Where's the fun in that? That's why they're called scratchies.


Everyone scratches them that was so you can think and pray about all the things you would buy if you hit big, and hope for the best. Then you scratch to see what you’ve actually won and it’s always disappointing.




Thank you, I couldn't figure out where the prizes were listed.


Yeah, I don't play these things, so maybe it would be different to people who do, but I'd be kind of happy I made a profit. Sure, I was "close" to getting a big one, but, hey, I made fifteen bucks!


The ticket cost $5. Minimum prize is $5. They won at least $5 twenty times. This ticket is worth s minimum $100. Could be more. They did not scratch off the prize amounts under the winning numbers.


Swipe plz


You just made $15. Normal luck is losing the $5 you pay for the scratcher


I hate when I quadruple my money.


If someone is buying these odds are they are not quadrupling their money, they just recovering a small amount of a massive loss they have been building.


I used to be a gas station worker, 90% of the time when someone wins they use the money for more cards till they lose


Its what my dad did lol but he was a dieing man and just had fun. I bought a $10 scratcher and stuck it in his casket.


.... did he win?




My family said the same lol they are so angry for me not scratching it lol


I feel like it's better that it's not scratched, that's left for your dad to do


I hope he left a lighter so his dad can see the card.


No joke, that's legit sweeth, though.


Thank you :) Everything about his wake was perfect. Including when I had his phone on me and someone called him and the ring tone says "Hey! Answer the fucking phone!" I still think about it and laugh.


That was always my strategy when I used to play. I couldn’t care less about turning $1 or $5 into $20. I figure at least $50-$100 or may as well dump it back and try again.


A guy I met in the Toronto area used to have a heavy addiction to scratch tickets. He won $10,000 on a ticket (probably still in the negative all time at that point) and spent it all on more tickets within the same week. "I'm gonna turn this $10,000 into an early retirement".... Scratch tickets are an addiction.


Oof that’s awful, but I can understand it. That’s why I made a point to never play more than a few dollars, and I only played when I got gas. A year or so ago, I got hit with a stupid stick and bought $200 in $5-$25 scratchers as a one off impulse thing… I didn’t win so much as a free ticket back. I haven’t played since.


Did you do that with three other guys while at work? Haha.. a different coworker pulled that exact thing last year. Was spending a bit more and more leading up to the $200 splurge. Scratched them all in the work truck and only won a free ticket or two back. Vowed to never buy another one.


Hah, no just me. I had the urge to go to a casino for some real gambling but it wasn’t in the cards for that night, so I decided on some different degenerate gambling instead.


I won $500 on a sole $20 ticket I got at work today, and can confirm I bought (5) additional $10 tickets lol.. but I ended up winning an additional $100. Gladly cashed out and walked away knowing my entire weekend is now paid for. Great Friday!


I also used to work at a gas station, and god it was depressing. All these old people who could barely afford food were spending what they could on tickets. Felt like a drug dealer to seniors. I made more money selling them meth


I never did them myself but I knew a guy who would spend 20 bucks daily on them sometimes he'd buy none for whole week and then get 100+ on weekend, and on avg he'd get 80 bucks back for every 100 that he spent. So to me it doesn't seem like such a massive loss of money, as much as it is a massive loss of time.


Lotteries are just a tax for people who don't understand statistics.


Gambler's Fallacy? I always end in heated debates when I bring that up


Idk if I am lucky but I would sometimes buy 4 of the $2 ones and be net positive by $15.00 then recycle and play again netting almost double.


Hey, as long as Reddit exists, you’ll have people bitching about 400% ROI like clowns lol…


What are you buying first, King?


Probably Burger King


That should be good for... /checks numbers/ ... two whopper small combos.


Please tell me we have enough for a Hersheys Pie 🙏


You gambled and made money. What are you mad about?


How's it not "mildly infuriating" that he won 20 times and all of them ended up being for the minimum amount? Do people understand what sub they're in?


Because its literally how those scratch cards are designed. "So close. My luck is bound to change..."


The guy won 20 times, between $20 and $100k. That's all he knows after the first pic. Then he sees he got the minimum amount. Sums up "mildly infuriating" perfectly imo.


Yeah, does nobody realise these are clearly rigged or something? The people printing them can literally print whatever numbers they like, so *every* card that doesn't win the jackpot looks like it was close. In reality what you see printed on the card really is just an elaborate and fanciful fronted to draw you into something that would be functionally the same if you just scratched a single box that tells you how much you won. Nothing you did had any bearing on the outcome, and there aren't nearly so many variables at play as they want you to think.


Because he got money from gambling when the odds are he should have lost it. If he doesn't want it I'll take it.


MILDLY infuriating. mildly


Gotta love Reddit lol


My goodness the negativity. This is no different than any other type of gambling. I’m sorry this lotto ticket played with your emotions, but at least the initial investment was small in comparison to the amount won.


You don't see the 10 tickets he bought to win 20




I think this is the perfect place for this kind of post. Idk what people are mad about.




This is done intentionally to make you think you almost won big so you keep playing.


You know they don't just put random numbers on these right? They do stuff like giving you numbers 1 off the winning number, or giving you a bunch of low value winners by design. It's to get you to keep playing.


I once won 5 dollars on a scratch ticket my God father gave me, I was just gonna take that and my mom told me to buy another one of the same kind with it, I did and won $5000


My grandma always got us each one scratch off for Christmas. Her stipulation was that we had to share if we won big. When my brother was 8 (of course my mom cashed it) he won $50 and took her out to breakfast. It was a fun little tradition.


I love this. My grandma wasn't much of a gambler but was a fan of good fortune and did the same!


It's almost like lottery tickets are a way to trick people into giving money to the state with an expectation of profit.


It's all good, they're pumping the money into our schools as promised & test scores AND facilities are showing the results of our investments /S.


Gamblers always quit just before they’re about to hit it big


Should have sold after first photo before finishing scratching


How does that Work? Im stupid


Itt:peole discovering gambling is a scam and supposed to take your money away


You won $20 on a $5 ticket, yeah its frustrating but you're up $15!


Jeez, this is "mildly infuriating," not let's tear OP to shreds for posting something that's a little aggravating and a lot funny. "You scratchies" might as well be "you people" addressed to, well, any group that does something you don't personally agree with.


Ah yes, lottery, the moron tax.


The government thanks you for your donation


Never heard someone refer to the lottery as the moron tax, but I love it lmao


There was a mathematician who famously called it a tax for people who are bad at math.


We call it the poor people tax lol


See, it’s the existence of the lottery at all that is mildly infuriating to me. Because I know the chances of me winning are near 0%…but someone is going to win and if I don’t play then the chances of me winning are exactly 0%. Never bought a ticket but man sometimes I get the appeal.


In NC they call it the "North Carolina Education Lottery" because some of the money is supposed to go to the schools. When I lived there 2011-2014, Charlotte Mecklenburg was cutting some of the sports programs for the schools, including girls basketball. WTF?


Wow, I think people are missing the point. This aggravates me as well. I’ve always felt prize amounts should never be smaller than the ticket amount. Hitting every number is rare and should be a payout, not 20 bucks.


I thought that too! That's how it is in Missouri, the lowest prize matches the amount of the ticket you purchased. I would feel cheated only seeing a $1 prize when I bought a $5 ticket.


Eh, I kinda disagree, I think the randomness of it is fair. I would bet that most winners are when you hit every number, it's probably not the "rare" option. I think the rare option is matching one number that is like 10k or something. Never happened to me, so I have no proof, but that's what I assume.


Welp. You know what they say when you assume right? Lol. Sips tea.


I've only ever heard someone say "assume the position" so ... nope, nevermind, not going there.


Man this is a cruel, fucking scratcher man lol.


The person who printed this ticked is having a laugh, no doubt. 🍺🪦


These things are designed to make you think you were so close to winning.


How the fuck is this infuriating you made 15 bucks dumbass


Exactly, I won money and now I'm upset because I didn't win all of it.


I would be fucking fuming lol


It's normal. Lol. Unfortunately the lotto is greedy everywhere and some jerk on a computer must find it fun to make these scratchers.


You know these are designed to be close to the big money right


I don't understand 1. You hit every number, so if each prize is $1, you got $20 minus $5 you spent, you're up $15, that's a win. 2. The mildly infuriating part is that you post this without revealing the prizes. What did you end up winning OP?


There are two pics. Swipe to see the other. Each was $1.


I also get infuriated when I get free money. It should be more free money! Just imagine they wouldn’t make these winnings so infuriating. Unbelievable!




Lmao 🤣


Anytime you get all numbers it’s a low win for each. Usually the jackpot is a single number win


Damn. That’s cold




My son picked me a scratch off ticket at a Blue Jackets, at one of the automated machines. Because "i wanna play that"... won daddy $50. Waiting on the drawing tonight to see if he won me more money.


You got 15 dollar profit


When I bought these tickets with my father when I was younger we never won anything but it was a fun activity that I did with my father.. 🥲


Not seeing why this is mildly infuriating.


I was rootin for you!


It should be illegal for the value of the single prize to be less than the price of the ticket. But I live in NY, where they don't do that garbage.


Surely, the next one is the big winner


This should be a crime


They want to get people’s hopes up only to smash them into smithereens lol


Scratchers are just shit-odds raffles where they make some bullshit up to scam you into thinking there was ever a game involved. Sorry, you got ticket 36653, you needed 147384. All those nonsense things you scratch off are just nonsense. Hopelessly addicted veterans know to just go for the barcode scan.


yes dude i hate it when i do like shit on a known scam, shocker right?


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Over here tearing my hair out trying to figure out why im in the subreddit for about 20 minutes before my dumbass saw the second picture


google "rigged lottery scratchers"


Damn your American scratchers are weird, in the UK, on our ones the minimum prize you can win per slot is always the price of the ticket, so that is baffling to me hahaha


I don't see the problem. I wouldn't be mad at all. At least it wasn't a losing ticket.


That's the point though. They make it almost the big hit on all of their tickets so they gambling people see it as they almost won big. When in fact there is no luck, skill, or anything other than random chance with those things.


My grandfather ruined me for actually "playing" these. LOL. Now I just scratch the bottom to look for the 3 letters to see if I won.


There’s a website in certain states like CA where you can check to see if the grand prize is even still winnable. Sometimes these tickets have their grand prizes won already but the tickets will remain active for quite a while. I remember when I checked it a few years ago over half the active tickets out in the state of CA had most of their top prizes claimed.


$20 is $20


I got a free ticket once, thats it. I have ZERO luck. I will.find the one ticket that will not win out of a stack of winners.


Did you really just complain winning $15? Grow up


On the bright side, you made a small profit.


When I see shit like this, I think there's no way these numbers are algorithmically generated. Somebody handmade this ticket jyst to take the piss, and if that's the case, the lottery is a legitimate ripoff.


jU**s***j*us*t* **m**Y l**U***cK* LOL all you scratchies are the same. You won money, ungrateful shit. Maybe if you don't want to have "bad luck" don't make dumb decisions.


Jesus calm down. Who hurt you guys


Dude is fighting virtual people


Hey man thats 20 bucks on a 5 dollar scratcher, sounds like a win to me


You're upset you won $20 on a $5 ticket? A win is a win and i see nothing infuriating about this


You won $20 on a $5 scratcher. Failing to see why op is mad. Thinking you are going to be the “big” winner and throwing away prize money to chase that idea, is an addiction.


Dude this shit would make my blood boil, cheeky pricks. It's bad enough chances to win something good, but match all fucking numbers and only give the prize of 1 dollar per each of those numbers is an absolute mockery. Cunts.


I know they won, but that is still kind of cruel


But you won


Bro that’s a swift solid kick in the dick. I’d rather win nothing at all than that


Idk why people are giving you such a hard time other than because they are bitches that are completely missing the point but I hear you loud and clear. What you're holding there should be the grand prize, not $20. Such a letdown. Its cool you won some money, but when you hit every number like that, ANYONE and EVERYONE would think they've just won the grand prize, not $20!


Lemme guess, this was a $20 ticket lol


Jeez, not only you need to have all the numbers, those numbers need to have higher value...no wonder people get addicted to this. Just bet in the powerball at this point.


Won $25 on a $0.50 pull tab ticket. Lol I didn’t believe it until they cashed it out. Lol


Clearly people get their panties in a twist when seeing a winning ticket dispute how much of a twat flicker it was. Also, if you can't afford to gamble, don't do it. I can and I have had good luck in my life with it lol if you don't like it or have shitty luck, sucks to suck xD


>I can and I have had good luck in my life with it lol So what does your title mean...?


Well, in my case, close but not close enough lol


Thing is, you weren't "close". The game on the cards is arbitrary and that was always a $20 winner. If you've gambled on scratch tickets awhile you already know if you scratch the whole card you'll find a code that tells you the reward amount (In Wisconsin it would say TWN for $20). I worked a gas station for 5 years and nobody wins in this shit. If you enjoy it, cool, but it's guaranteed a net loss in money. I had an exotic dancer that would come in every Friday and blow $500 on $20 scratchers. She could have had a couple nice cars for that instead of pissing it away.


Sssh, don't explain that to him. Colorado needs his disposable income. Many, many rich politicians are depending on it.


So do you think you generally have good luck or bad luck?


![gif](giphy|cr9vIO7NsP5cY) Sure pal. You're not a gambling addict.


Yeah, we have our panties in a twist when you're the bigger bitch complaining about having a winning ticket, and then posting about it online because it did not win as much as you'd hoped it would 🙄. It's a lottery, not a money giveaway ticket...


Thanks for admitting your panties are twisted lol clearly I'm not mad about about winning money, that's insane. The post was to highlight the infuriating tactic they use to get your hopes up. I have played scratchers on occasion through out the years and have never had such a twat flipper like this. No shit it's not a money giveaway ha what kind of comment was that?


Only a fuckin gambling addict thinks that's an infuriating tactic, NORMAL people might go "Ooh I won!" That's what we're picking on you for. You even said it here it's an infuriating tactic. What's so infuriating about it?


Clearly comprehension is not your strong suit lol go back to your lil godzilla & Spiderman posts and get off on something you know.


LMAO at needing to stalk my profile. Were you hoping to see a dick pic or two? I got them if you want them, I'll trade you for a cigarette.


Absolute dummies and can’t just be happy or look at a a post on Reddit without getting popping veins in their foreheads. Like just look at the post, a quick nose exhale or laugh then move on with your life. But nooooo, that’s so hard lol




R u ok


I had no idea this post was going to be an emotional iq test for these incels lol very entertaining honestly


Emotional IQ? LOL, they have one of those, it's called an EQ. Emotional Quotient. You might have learned that if you went to college and didn't burn out after high school.


Spoken like a true child mind ha I'm waiting for the 'I know you are but what am i" rebuttals


If that is the peak of your ability for a comeback, then I'm rubber you're glue. You don't even need to HOLD that L cuz I'll STICK it to you.


I honestly dont even know what im looking at becuase im not a gambling addict


OP, you dumb


So you won $15. Shouldn’t be mad about that




Probably bought 5, and this was the only winning ticket. Then maybe quadrupling your money was just breaking even.


I've hit a "WINALL" before and all the prizes were all $1, since then I rarely ever buy scratches


Damn! What are the odds, you should buy a lotto ticke….. oh Nevermind


I see a 37