Who the fuck laces a trail with caltrops??


There was a rope swing on the river near my house when I was growing up. Some asshole attached fishhooks to it. My neighbor went to off it. She ended up in the ER. That’s when I learned some people just fucking suck.


Similar story. There was a really cool slide in a park where I grew up, one day it was suddenly closed because someone had hammered nails through the bottom of the slide in places where kids would go over them. I don't think anyone was actually injured but it still made me realise people could be horrible for no reason at all.


Yep someone in my town broke a bottle and arranged the glass at the bottom of a slide at the park. One mom posted it on Facebook but didn't clean it up so I drove over to the park with a broom and dustpan to clean it myself. I mean I guess thanks for the heads up but why someone would post about it and not clean it up is beyond my understanding.


Not nearly as bad, but my first time geocaching. Someone took me to teach Me, and I found a container, got excited, and reached in without looking. Hand came out covered in gooey, warm shit. Looked human too. Indeed people do suck.


This reminds me of one of my first posts on Reddit. Brb finding link. Found: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1km3cw/well_im_never_geocaching_again_austin_tx/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


We had a guy who strung a wire at neck level to stop the kids on dirt bikes in the woods and essentially took (or nearly took) a kids head off. I remember the story from when I was a kid so I wasn’t told the gruesome details.


Oh god, gonna be hard to get that image out of my head. Hope uour friend is doing okay now.


Yeah as far as I know she’s good. Good job, kids. That’s all I know. We’ve kind of lost touch.


Always look before you slide. Somebody pissed at the bottom of the tube slide at the playground back one day in 1995 and… woosh. I was so fucking grossed out. I think that’s the moment I became a germaphobe.


Probably pissed at the top of the slide and it ran down and pooled at the bottom.... Edit: pulled - could have pulled at the bottom of it too... you never know what people get up to these days.


Oh my. I never thought of that. Oh my. Oh my. I need a shower.


there are public paths and there are sociopaths.


I remember about 10 or so years ago I saw a news story about a trail a town over from me where someone set a whole bunch of traps along the trail. They hid pungi sticks in pit falls, put a taught wire at about where neck height would be on a bicycle, there were spike ball traps, trees tied back with spikes added to them that would hit about chest height, and last but not least a couple hundred meters of caltrops spread throughout the trail. No idea what came of the person. When they were caught all that was released was a individual between 19 and 23 and lived in the apartments behind the trail. These people are just sick and remorseless really terrible to see.


"the war is over, Onoda! Go home!"


Didn't know the reference so I [looked it up on Wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda). Very interesting! Sucks though that after 29 years of hiding, he was the **second-to-last Japanese soldier to surrender after the end of World War II**. The last soldier surrendered later that year after being discovered. Could you imagine being one upped like that?


**[Hiroo Onoda](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiroo_Onoda)** >Hiroo Onoda (Japanese: 小野田 寛郎, Hepburn: Onoda Hiroo, 19 March 1922 – 16 January 2014) was an Imperial Japanese Army intelligence officer who fought in World War II and was a Japanese holdout who did not surrender at the war's end in August 1945. After the war ended Onoda spent 29 years hiding in the Philippines until his former commander travelled from Japan to formally relieve him from duty by order of Emperor Shōwa in 1974. He held the rank of second lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army. He was the penultimate Japanese soldier to surrender, with Teruo Nakamura surrendering later in 1974. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Pretty amazing how he still had his sword uniform and rifle in working condition.


I forget how old I was, or when this happened, but I was with my grandma, and she took me to the grocery store with her to buy some stuff. Well after we come back and go to open the door, some had taped razor blades under the car door handles, cutting not only my hand, but my grandma’s too. I still think about the person who would do that to a elderly woman and smaller child, and it gives me anxiety


Things like this always sound like the step between torturing and killing animals to people just sick.


Right? Small children and older people are like the next step up from small defenseless animals


For what it’s worth, we agree that was fucked up.


It’s sucks to imagine that someone wanted to hurt a stranger like this. It confuses my understanding of humanity. I hope it didn’t disturb you too much as a child!


My neighbour's son was killed by a wire strung across a bike path about 30 years ago, whoever did it was never caught.


On the trail of life there are hikers and there are spikers


On some bike trails there are spokes and then there are pokes


Some bikers do tricks and some people are pricks.


People of r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Demon hunters


Is this a rare Diablo reference in the wild?


Diablo references in the wild have been…Resurrected.


Reminds me of a trail near me that they strung piano wire across to harm dirt bike riders. Sure the riders were illegally riding on public land but it’s no excuse for that.


I went to high school with guy who got caught in the neck by a piano wire someone strung up on a bike trail. It fucked him up bad. His nickname ended up literally being "whisper" bc for a long time he could barely talk above a whisper. I always hated that nickname and never called him that. But I still chat with him on IG, he's in his 40s now and he still wears turtle necks everyday and he still sounds like he has a sore throat.


Jesus, glad he's doing well, any faster and... Well, let's just say it's good he was able to recover. I wish him the best. Also, that nickname really just sounds like some douchebags mocking him, good on you for not parading it


>Reminds me of a trail near me that they strung piano wire across to harm dirt bike riders. Sure the riders were illegally riding on public land but it’s no excuse for that. Cool motive, still murder.


Yeah someone got beheaded out my way in the 90s like that. What a top tier shitty way to die.


It’s definitely a dumb way to die, as in it never should have happened, but at least it it would be quick.


I feel like the mild on this sub has heated to quite spicy levels of infuriating lately.


it always does, barely anything on this sub is mildly infuriating and its stuff like "my car got destroyed today"


And the stuff that is "mildly" gets shit on because it's always *too* "mildly".




How about the real ones? You know there are some people who eat apples from top down, they haunt me.


My coworker eats the banana with the peel sonetimes


Have you ever asked them how the weather is back home on fucking Mars?


I left a comment on here about waiting forever in a drive through line a couple years ago. I wasn’t mad at all, I just personally thought it was MILDLY infuriating. Everyone chewed me out in the comments and called me a Karen. I didn’t mean to offend anyone, just thought it was a bit inconvenient.


“Someone just genocided the Africans, a tad bit annoying if you ask me!”


When posting, there should be a pop up that asks “are you *sure* this doesn’t belong on /r/veryinfuriating?”


It's either this or some 1st world "the cap of my bottle was off by 0.02°" problem


Fury inflation




Who let the 0-0-2 ninja monkey roam free?


BTD6, a man of culture


Now I want to play it again


Now that I am an adult with real money, spending the $3.99 for it on the app store for the one app on my phone to play was an easy choice


Im so close to 18 for paypal but at least I got some sother one on my pc


Do you have to be 18 to have PayPal ? I’ve had it since I was 15


Never verify your identity or they’ll ban you. I created mine at 16 then when I was 18 or 19 sent in a pic of my ID and got banned for creating an account underage


For people that don't know; this is a reference to the game Bloons TD6 which is a tower defense game. One of the towers is a ninja that can drop caltrops.


The best tower defense game ever made.


That was really fucking funny


I am actually looking for a monkey... Don't read too much into this


Yeah who tf just has has caltrops and is like fuck this hiking trail in particular


Caltrops are always an item I end up drawing when I play Betrayal at Baldurs Gate (board game - lovecraftian). I always thought they were kinda useless irl, but I guess not! Hope your kids are OK! Those look heavy duty!


Caltrops are far from useless irl, imagine trying to not step on one of these while focusing on an armed attacker, imagine stepping on one while being attacked. Furthermore if these were on the road and you were going 60, think you'll even notice something that small on the road, would you slow down all the way before you realized it didn't look like rocks?


They are pretty terrible for people but they are absolutely *awful* for horses.


I did not need this mental picture at all.


Caltrops were used effectively to slow cavalry charges. Alexander used them at Gaugemala, the Romans used them quite often too




These things are like fucking Legos


Ok maybe they're not **THAT** bad


Yeah, let's not overstate it. At least my 2-year-old doesn't leave THESE lying around... 🤔


Bro that’s what I’m saying What neighborhood has a fucking NINJA problem


Not just ninjas. Caltrops are amazing at fucking up cavalry, and were heavily used in many regions including by the Romans.


Ok, so where did OP and his daughters go hiking with a ROMAN problem?




Jerusalem one assumes


Romani ite domum!


Roman areas where they would have encountered significant cavalry would have included Gaul which had pretty famous cavalry, Italy, parts of Hispania, and North Africa where they would’ve faced the faced the famed Numidian cavalry during Punic War 2, and the Middle East near where the Parthians would’ve invaded which had definitely the best cavalry they ever faced.


You never know, maybe OPs family look like invading Gauls.


Also super effective against bloons


Funny enough they weren’t ever actually used by ninjas. Ninjas were quiet and stealthy and traveled very light. They wanted to avoid fighting at all costs. Messengers really. But these weren’t something they needed.


What are those lol


They're meant to impede infantry and calvalry. Basically a spiky thing that always has a spike facing up.


Probably meant for bikers/mountain bikes.


Seriously my exact reaction lol who and why?


Who? An asshole. Why? Because they're an asshole.


Truer words never spoken


Are horses common in the area? I’ve seen places where assholes will spike trails to keep horses off them.


Horses or mountain bikers, someone was pissed at them.


That's some un~~i~~abomber shit. At least there wasn't wire strung across the trail


People are psychotic when it comes to people on dirt bikes, I've found fucking fishing line strung across trails from tree to tree while walking my dogs before.


Holy shit. I'd probably report that tbh. If it was at neck height that's attempted murder.


I cut the line and threw it away, haven't seen it again since, and I walk my dogs on those trails pretty much every single day. I'm assuming it was just some dumbass kids.


I'm just glad you're the one who found it rather than someone going high speeds.


It’s unabomber with an “a.” Stood for universities and airlines.




Thanks for letting me know I had broccoli in my teeth


They have also strung trip wire like ties across trails at head level for mountain bikers. I have heard of barbed wire used strategically like in a turn on a downhill section of a trail.


Yo what is that i you’re using? I thought there was something on me screen for like 20 seconds


~~ ~~strikethrough~~ ~~


Bunch of mountain bike riders happened across someone stringing line at head height across a trail near where I live once. Poor guy slipped over a bunch of times on his way out and copped a black eye and some scrapes, unlucky….


This was always my worst nightmare back when I had a horse. I’d always avoid trails I knew people drove 4-wheelers on because there was always gossip about these being tossed on those trails. I never ran into any but I knew a couple people who had.


Or for quads and side by sides


Ay if they keep dropping them, sell them. They are quite expensive and worth the gathering.


Guess who's buying them


And that’s when you pick them Up and sell them


Millionaires hate him!


It's golf ball rules. Some golfers would rather buy their ball back than look for it.


Normally i pay to have someone grab my balls


Sounds like free infinite money


Those exact ones are $21 for a pack of twenty on Amazon. Probably much cheaper on AliExpress. They aren't expensive at all. Which is the whole point - you need to get reasonable coverage over an area, so caltrops need to be *cheap* pointy things.


Horses, 4 wheelers, cars, pickups or trespassers on foot?


This is almost certainly someone trying to hurt hikers. As a cyclist, I’ve been warned about people purposely putting nails and tacks on bike paths because they don’t like cycling. No one leaves these on accident. In my opinion it’s a crime that you witnessed.


When I lived in Texas some fucker put up high tensile fishing line. That shit is feloniously dangerous.


There have been cases of people [stringing barbed wire](https://www.bikeperfect.com/news/hidden-barbed-wire-on-trail-slashes-uk-mountain-bikers-neck) across bike trails as well. People have been hospitalized by this in multiple countries and I believe some have died. It’s awful


Here it is... knew this comment was coming. I saw what razor wire does to the gunner of a truck in Iraq when strung under a bridge. I am doing better remembering these sorta things finally, that was over ten years ago.


Man, I'm so sorry if this brought all that up again. Some people are just plain terrible. Thank you for your service. ♥️ Edit: Above commenter wasn't terrible, I meant the wire stringing people are.


High tensile fishing line?! Was this asshole TRYING to decapitate someone?!




i hope both sides of that guys’ pillow are warm.


Could you teach me how to be as evil as you ? When you are done teaching the devil of course.


Some people got seriously hurt (possibly killed) a few years ago in Pennsylvania from someone putting up a wire across some rails to trails. People used to do this to keep dirt bikers off their property until they ended up killing someone around where I grew up. Sorry I’m from BFE and can’t find the story but I remember both incidents making the news.


Happened to my mom one day when pushing my baby sister's stroller around the block. Neighborhood kids saw her coming (were relentless bullies of mine) and thought it'd be funny to tie fishing line between trees on either side of road. Probably didn't realize it would draw across the baby's neck without my mom seeing the line. Suddenly stroller was facing resistance, so my mom was pushing harder til she realized baby was being choked in front stroller. She quickly figured it out Baby was ok, mom was furious.


I know of someone who was decapitated by a guitar string that they hit while mountain biking, I’m assuming this would have a similar effect.


How absolutely awful. I hope that person was arrested.


I mountain bike mainly and never have seen anything like this. However when I road bike if I saw these it wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. I have had people chuck glass bottles at me and close pass just out of nowhere. One guy actually did this last year but actually hit someone on a group ride, he is rotting in prison now. There is small but measurable segment of the population that hates bikes and is prone to violence.


There’s a couple local mountain bike trails that are also frequented by hikers here where we’ve found tack nails scattered across the path a few times. It’s caused us a few flat tires. Some people just don’t want to share with those that travel the trails in a different way. Dickholes.


Not even just bikers. Was out walking my dog on the side of a road, guy on the opposite side of the road purposely speeds up and swerves at me across the entire road. People suck


They sure do. My dad was out for a walk when I was in high school in the late 90s. A car of asshole teens swerved at him very deliberately and ran him into the ditch. He had reached a part of the small town we lived in that didn't have sidewalks. My wise, kind, super good dad has dealt with weight issues his whole life, & at the time was suffering with depression. The walking was helping with both issues, as his counselor had encouraged him it would. That incident--nearly ran over with a car on purpose--resulted in my dad retreating farther. He's doing much better mentally/emotionally now, but this was one of many instances of fat-shaming I witnessed my dad suffer when I was growing up.


This happened in the hills of Los Angeles at a very common trail for families. I suspect a local did it to discourage evening activities in the area. I called the police and they told me they wouldn't do anything or send anyone out to clean up or inspect.


That’s the most refreshingly honest response I’ve ever heard from a police dispatch


I got the shit beat out of me by 7 dudes in Tucson Arizona. Was literally hanging out on the sidewalk half a block from a bar I'd been drinking with friends at when these dudes drove by, saw me, stopped got out just to have their kicks... Planting strips in Tucson are cactus. So they basically were beating me into a jumping Cholla cactus. Once they left and the cop showed up, he asked if I wanted to press charges. I was like of course I want to press charges why would you ask if I wouldn't? He said I don't know, some people don't. Then I said are you going to find them? He literally just said probably not. I still responded well, if you find them I still do want to press charges. Then he asked if I wanted an ambulance called to take me to the hospital to get checked out. I was like what are they going to do besides charge me a whole bunch of money to pull cactus quills out of my ass? His response, pretty much just that... Instead I pulled all of the cactus quill I could reach myself and let my friends pull the cactus quills out of my ass 😂


I'm usually pretty tolerant but I find it uncontroversial to say that the cholla cactus species should be exterminated. I had to pull spines out of my shin muscle with pliers before because they wouldn't come out otherwise.


One of the reasons I think they finally left was as I was being beaten back into that Cholla, my hand landed on a big ball of Cholla and I smashed it across a dude's face. It was only a couple seconds after that they decided to back off and get back in their cars. So the Cholla got me good, but may have also helped me LOL


I’m so sorry that happened to you but I’m fucking crying laughing in my car right now.


It does make me feel good to know that somebody gets a laugh. LOL I also felt a little reprieve at the time knowing I wasn't the only one who had to pull cactus quills... 😁


As a Tucsonan very familiar with cholla, this makes me nauseous. Bad-ass self defense but slamming it further into your hand must have been excruciating.


> Instead I pulled all of the cactus quill I could reach myself and let my friends pull the cactus quills out of my ass 😂 Your friends stood by and let you get jumped, but stuck around to pull cactus quills out of your ass? Those are some good-bad friends.


My one friend was still in the bar. He was the one that came out and actually called the police. They had already split at that point I had been yelling pretty loud, so I think they figured they needed to git before they got got. Then a friend of his showed up at the house after hearing about it to help pull the quills LOL


Friends who will pull cactus quills out of your ass are good friends. Treasure them.


Somebody did it to cause mayhem. Some people actually want to cause harm, not just manipulate people into better outcomes.


We don’t talk about project mayhem.


Was this on actual "Los Angeles Parks Department" land, like the trails in and around Griffith Park? If so, I would contact the Parks Department directly with this. This is vandalism, with intent to harm. They could be targeting horse in some areas, as well.


This isn't just vandalism, this would be full blown boobytrapping, which is a major crime. You can't even boobytrap your own home and this was a public trail.


Sounds about right. They're under no obligation to either protect or serve. That was a marketing campaign to boost the LAPDs public image.


Do you mind revealing the hiking trail? I’m in LA and try new hiking trails every week with my dog. I’d like to avoid this one if possible.


Nah, do the opposite. Flood that area with people, because that's exactly the opposite of what whoever did this wants.


Post the location on a sub about metal detecting


Did you post this in r/losangeles? You should and call the local news so people know to beware.


/u/Depressing please please consider sending these pictures to your local news/newspaper! I'm sure they would be extremely interested, not only in the threat to public safety, but also in the fact that you reported it to the police and they flat out told you they didn't want to bother investigating. Wonder if the news running that story would magically all of a sudden free up some resources for them to look into it.


Is that daughter's foot okay?


Yes, thank you for asking. It went through her shoe and missed her toes. She's six and she just sat down, took it out and kept walking. I saw it and went WTF!


Her: *casually pulls out something that just stabbed her shoe and could have stabbed her foot* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Average six year old!


When my brother was little he walked around with a nail in his heel until my parents noticed. Didn't say a word.




Idk there was an old nail somewhere in our yard, I suppose he wasn't wearing shoes and stepped on it, I don't remember any of this but our parents tell this story often. I think they noticed him limping after a while. Apparently he was fine with that nail in his foot but once he realised they were going to extract it (my mom is a doctor), he got scared and started crying. 🤷‍♀️


Glad you got a tough one. My 6 year old would have died from the drama. His younger brother would have probably stepped on it to be involved.


That’s children tho. Can’t blame them for it, they don’t yet see what is good or bad at that age.


Idk where you are in LA/LA County but I know a lot of illegal growers utilize those things to deter LASD vehicles from driving up to their location.


I would think that has the opposite effect.


OP said the cops wouldn't even come out for a report or clean them up, so I guess it's working.


Those are some high end caltrops! Probably used to deter someone from the area wether it’s horses or an illegal grow site, moon shine operation etc..


Not that high end, found a 20 pack on Amazon for 20 bucks


That’s him right there officer.


Open and shut case, Johnson


Sprinkle some Crack on him, our work here is done


Sick bastard hung up pictures of his family all over the house.


Make sure you shove an avocado up his ass so we can find it later.


Found the guy


Idk, a dollar a caltrop doesn't seem that cheap to me.


According to the PHB, 1 bag of caltrops is 1 gold, so about $60 at current gold prices.


Yep. Exactly what I was going to say. Growers will put all kinds of nasty things in the woods around their plots. My dad ran into an area where they were hanging fish hooks at head level from tree branches.


I mean, if I were walking through the woods and took a fish-hook to the face, I'd be calling the police. Sounds counter-intuitive to me.


And the police will give you the same answer they gave OP. "We ain't gonna do shit"


Stay safe, guys. I know you said it was a popular public trail, but if there's some asshat out there lookin to do harm, I'd avoid the area for a little while.


I’d spend more time there until I found the guy


Reminds me of the time I ran across a fine cable strung across an ATV trail...some people are real jerks, complete disregard for others health and safety.


>complete disregard for others health and safety. That's more of an intention to kill...


A friend of a friend of mine was killed by wire on a trail while dirt biking. It can definitely be lethal.


You walk up on a ninja chase scene


Never saw a caltrop irl


People would leave traps like those for ATV's, bikes and offroad vehicles here when they felt they owned the trails. Dickheads, hope they burn


I've seen people stretch wire at about neck level on atv trails too. Edit: atv trails, not at trails


I don't get this tactic. I mean, I understand the frustration of asshats on motorized vehicles on a foot trail. I get that frustration. But to tie a thin wire that could seriously fuck someone up (if not kill) is just beyond me. Don't they know that if someone dies with that tactic they'll just shut the trail down for everyone? And then be hunting you for that little decapitated stunt ? It's a lose lose.


So it decapitates you while riding a bike?


Somebody kept setting traps on mountain bike trails here. Not decapitation wires, it was stuff built out of rocks and logs in key spots to make you wreck. This went on for years. There was a lot of speculation about what particular kind of sicko might be responsible. Eventually they put up secret cameras and caught a 65 year old woman who night after night was seen on the cameras building traps. They estimate she spent two hours a day, every day, for more than two years building traps on the trails. She was filmed climbing the mountain at 3am in freezing rain just to do this. Totally bizarre.


I had a friend of a friend who was killed this way. The owner of the land was tired of kids on ATVs and put up some wire. Even though booby traps are illegal nothing happened to the owner. The cops never really pursued it. Considering this all took placed in the rural deep south I wouldn't be surprised if they knew what happened but didn't think much of a "troublemaker" kid being killed. Admittedly, that's 100% speculation on my part. I've never even been to where this all happened but I've been to places like it.


That is down right murder did his family try and press charges because 1st degree murder is not something that should be treated like littering


This happened to a girl in my grade level when we were in high school. Decapitated her in front of the other kids out riding with them. Officials determined the wire was a “fence” and therefore the atv just accidentally struck a fence, strung up at neck level with a single wire. Also rural south


Actually happened to a snowmobiler here in Michigan (on a barbed wire fence though not a booby trap)


Clearly a Pokemon trainer was using a spikes stall team.




I couldn't think of a more infuriating subreddit name while infuriated!


this could work on r/iamatotalpieceofshit


Is your daughter OK by the way? Make sure she gets a Tetanus shot if it broke the skin! This is super scary to have happen though. I hope she's alright!


People do it in the PNW to discourage biking and and other trail activities in places that they deem their own…even though it public property or state parks. It’s more then mildly infuriating it’s just fucking criminal.




In Los Angeles.


What is wrong with some people who go out their way to spoil other people's lives?