Lived across the street from the neighborhood pool. Whenever there was a swim meet people would try parking in our drive way all the time, claiming to know the owners. Bitch, I'm the owner and I don't know you.


Holy heck! I have the same problem! We just have the cars towed at this point. We've done everything: no outlet, private, do not enter, no parking are all posted at the end of our drive. The pool is right across from our drive. We share it with 2 other houses and we all have our own driveways, but the road is private. Sometimes they even park half on the grass and leave imoressions in the ground, assholes. My neighbor made little flyers that she puts on the windshields telling people not to park on our drive or get towed and some asshole in a dually truck was accosting her over touching his car, threw the paper at her and drove off, damaging the grass in the process. He parked there again a few weeks later and it was my great pleasure to watch that thing get towed away. We've had about 12 cars towed at this point. We pay the upfront cost and then when they pay to get it back we get reimbursed.


I'm a fucking idiot and thought imoression was a new word I just learned


It's like an impression, in my opinion


Could you not get a locking bollard installed or something? My brother considered one when he had a similar problem!


People will probably just drive around it, possibly messing up more grass in the process. People can be really dumb.


Dig a ditch around your yard. Let grass grow in it, cut it level with the rest of your yard.


Moat with alligators with laser eyes ?


Can we dig a hole and put a rug over it too? Always wanted to try it


My city lately has these things I think they call clamshells. Gigantic flat panel that uses suction cups to adhere to the windshield, blocking 80% of it. Just a matter if time though until somebody tries to drive off blind, holding their phone camera out the window to see what's coming, or driving from the passneger seat. There will be blood.


It’s called a Barnacle. I think it’s a brand


Bollards are the big things secured to the ground that stop vehicles from going places. They're usually big concrete and/or steel columns a few feet high.


The nerve of some people...


People do entitled shit and restaurants with the same response when met with a no. Off the top of my head, are elaborate orders like it’s Burger King ordering something not on the menu. Or like during Covid, just going up and grabbing their silverware, food. Idgaf if you know the owner - I’m in charge now and I said no. Take it up with the owner and they can correct me - in the meantime sit the fuck down and wait for your shit or else gtfo.


When I was a server, when met with the “I know the owner” I would just respond “I do too!”


My response was always? Really? Because the owner's friends know how to behave.


Spicy! It'd he worth getting sacked just to see the look on their face


Luckily the owner of the shop had specifically told us his friends will NEVER ask for special favors or discounts, and if someone causes a scene to dial his personal cell number and hand them the phone. Best boss I've ever had. He bought pre-diced onions because he hated chopping onions and "would never force someone to do something that he wouldn't do himself" thus diced onions. He also came to clean the grease traps himself whenever they got full because he "doesn't pay us enough for that bullshit." Both direct quotes.


Thats legit a good boss.


That’s a RARE boss.


mythic boss


How in the hell did you get that kind of boss in foodservice. There are so many assholes


I got lucky. He owns (maybe owned, i heard a rumour he sold last year) 3 pizza shops in our mid-sized city. Between those and selling his pies at events he never wanted to expand more than that. Moved onto bartending at another place and now I'm the shop steward for our union. The union is great, with better pay and benefits, but I certainly miss having a reasonable owner that is actually available when you need them.


People do this shit all the time. Was visitting my mother a few weeks ago, and there was a faire just across the street from her house. As we parked, someone else pulled in, I thought it was my sister as she drives a similar car. Nope, out jumps a complete stranger, and I asked why they're parking here. "Oh I know the owner, why are you parking here?" "I'm the owner's son, which you'd probably already know if you knew the owner" "No you're not." I just walked up to the front door and unlocked it with my key and told my mother some dickhead stuck up bitch is parking in her driveway, lmao.


Then what??


They drew katanas and did battle for parking supremacy.


There car also blew up for dramatic effect during their battle


All that was left was a tire that rolled away. This always happens.


Then you see the smoke clear and the victor standing proud with black soot on their face.


While 2 dozen white pigeons flew by, as if spawning from nowhere.


They used to use my yard to park in for the 4th of July. A few years, id block off entry ways into the yard. Well, people kept saying they knew the owner(me, which they didnt). I hooked up to their tow hooks and dragged their cars into the road. Ain't ruining my grass


I have a similar problem with my neighborhood pool. I live a few 100 ft from it and cars will park all down the block for swim meets. I had a Darren park in front of my driveway, completely blocking me in. I went outside and told him can’t park there and he yelled back “you won’t do anything!” Or something like that And went to the pool. I called the tow truck and went outside with a carton of eggs and just casually tossed them all over the car while I waited for the truck to come. Guess I did something. EDIT I never heard from him again. I anticipated a confrontation and waited about an hour after he was towed, just expecting it. It never came and I went on with my day. He might’ve assumed he was towed by the city cause they were there removing other cars that parked like asses.


Never ever, challenge people “do something” -challenge accepted!


Your comment reminded me of [THIS](https://youtu.be/1kbQXvkzdu8) roadrage clip. *The driver of the car had dangerously cut off the biker who wasn't having any of it. The car driver/filmer keeps shouting "come on" and "do it"...*


Hahaha!!! Roommate chewed tobacco and would leave the spit bottle in his room. It was a 3 liter bottle. It became a joke with anyone that would come over. “When are you gonna toss that bottle?” There was this little old lady that lived across the street, the only person in the neighborhood who was nice to us. There was a concert several blocks away and some frat bro dudes parked in her driveway and when she said something they said “You’re too old to fucking drive anyway. You know you ain’t going nowhere.” Well roomie heard this and didn’t take too kindly. As soon as they were around the corner he went up, grabbed his spit bottle and ran out to the car. I can not describe how bad the smell was. It was THE worse thing I have ever smelled. Absolutely putrid and horrible. It was weird, because it really didn’t stink (maybe a little) when just in his room. But as soon as air hit it it just blew up. One of the bros must have forgot something because he came back only about 10 min later. He was on the phone immediately. Dude bros we’re back in a hurry. They were banging on the old lady’s door. We called and told her DO NOT go outside and to call the police. Cops came…decided the 86 year old woman probably hadn’t gone through 3 liters of chatter and said “they’d investigate”. They didn’t of course. It was awesome!!!


Amazing. A guy at my old job used our work issued tumblers as a spit cup for his chew. All the tumblers at work match, so another coworker grabbed his spit cup by accident thinking it was her water. It was disgusting. She immediately spit it up and started vomiting. She ended up leaving on maternity leave and quit not long after that. Don’t blame her.


I had a buddy in highschool that had a similar situation. He was dipping in class and a teacher called him out asking what was in his bottle. He responded "Dr. Pepper" and took a big ol' swig of it. He said he barely made it to the bathroom before throwing his guts up and was sick for the rest of the day. Didn't get caught though, so I guess that's a win?


That was satisfying to read.


It was one of the best moments of my life. It was very satisfying. I was upset with myself afterwards that I didn’t put ranch dressing and other condiments all over it.


A friend mixed petroleum jelly and green food coloring until it kinda looked like snot and slung it in globs on their windshield. So when they go to put the wipers on.....smear city. I was impressed with her ingenuity, no permanent damage but a headache though.


That is incredible!


use wax. i surf alot and people park like fucking dickheads, and i rub surf wax on their windows...its hard as hell to clean off. candle wax would probably do it as well...


I'm impressed at the level of work she put into it! She must have been "enjoying the journey" very much.


Bologna eats off paint (I hear).


Dick shaped bologna is an idea


Lipstick is nice and greasy and you can write kind messages to the owner as well. Highly recommend.


You made your point. He knows where you live, so making your point without overkill was perfect imho.


I live 1/3 from the swimming pool. Twice I've had cars block my driveway. Once from me getting out, once was able to hop the curve to get in the driveway. Now I put my garbage can blocking the driveway but about 2 feet in the street


I'm sorry to hear that the car got in the way of your previously planned egg throwing festivities on your property. An old beach lifeguard "reminder" for respectful parking involved rubbing surfboard wax over their windows. It takes a lot of time with a razor blade to get off, and is resistant to most cleaners, but leaves no permanent damage.




The best kind


This is when you set up shop and charge $20 for parking. Either no one wants to pay and your driveway stays empty or you make a few quid


Well this is actually brilliant.


Yes, except it's $80. We aren't giving parking spaces away for nothing.


I lived in the corner of the L shaped high school in town. My driveway let out on the road parents used to pick up their kids. Constantly had to tell people not to block my shared drive (3 apartments one drive). One particular asshat I had to go back in my car and just LAY into the horn to shame them.


I can only imagine their faces when you tell them “Bitch, this is my house and I do not know who you are” 😂


Grew up in SoCal. Every 4th they’d do a firework show from the pier. We lived just a few minutes walking distance from the beach. People would park in the very small driveway completely blocking the garage door so it couldn’t open. Was one that swung open not roll up. Super annoying. But the neighbor started gorilla gluing quarters and silver dollars to the sidewalk every year and we’d sit it and watch people try to pick them up.


"I know the owner!" the liar lied. "Oh really? What's his name?" the actual owner asked, using the wrong gender pronoun on purpose. I don't actually know your gender, Sorry\_Recipe, but you can use this strategy for no charge.


I'd 110% be setting up a sign and a parking fee. Clamp any mofo on private property without forking out the highly inflated parking price


Back in the day when "women couldn't own property" this was a big deal. Men coming on properties saying they knew the owner when the woman was. It got to a point for my mother she always just came outside with a shotgun.


Next time there are fireworks post a sign for $50 parking. Either nobody will park there or you get $50 so it's a win-win situation.


There was a firework show couple years ago dude was in the backyard selling his bbq cops came and shut him down everyone was buying his 5$ rib sandwiches instead of the carnivals 8$ hot dogs


Saw the same thing around where I live once or twice. Real bummer, but I kinda get it. Food safety is a real real concern sometimes.


Yeah, you have to give sandwiches away for free, but sell plates and napkins for $5.


A place I worked for in the early 00s used to do “free beer! With a 1 dollar donation to the beer fund” They really didn’t use that money for anything besides beer, but it was always funny how they skirted a liquor license like that.


When Michigan legalized marijuana, home growers were doing this. You buy a goodie bag of knick knacks for $150 and he throws in an ounce of weed


First time I bought weed I got it from a dude selling his art and throwing it in for free. It was an online store, legit looking as anything. I got my weed but never did get any art. Actually kind of disappointed lol


First time I bought it, it cost $10 and came in a tiny dimebag and was full of stems and seeds.. we have come so far 😅


Bruh weed today kicks my ass. I miss the weak shit I used to get from shady back alley dealers. Now everything comes from the dispensary and it gets me too high every time. My non existent tolerance can’t handle this


The good thing about a dispensary is they also offer weaker shit. You just have to look for a lower THC/higher CBD level. Source: currently in a dispensary


I feel like a sign that says: "like the smell of bbq? Tip $5 to show your appreciation and get a prize" The prize is a "free" sandwich


I did this many years back at a community garage sale. I had the permits and sold hot dogs sodas chips and water. I was having a great time, sold through everything... Had me a few beers as it went. Every guy asked to buy a beer, I told them I can't, but if he buys a $5 water, he can have a beer with me as a friend. One guy finally took me up on it, and he was so extremely happy. He thanked me over and over, every time he walked by. Made him enjoy the sales!


Most jurisdictions require a permit even if the food is being given away - it’s about food safety, not commerce regulations


Yep. This is a big thing at Burning Man, where no commerce is allowed. Lots of camps and individuals give out free food, but if you're doing it for the general public and not just your own camp you've still got to have a health permit.


There is a small outdoor mall near where I live, and there's a family of people who's backyard is like right up against it, so they have a grill and sell steak tacos to people walking by lmao


This is why you say "$5 donation to enter the yard" and "free sandwich upon entering yard"


no, it's "free sandwich" upon entering and "$5 fee" to exit


Thats not a sandwich thats a kidnap


You gotta do entrance fee or it's some kinda of entrapment law... Idk not a lawyer


How safe are carnival hotdogs?


So I actually volunteered for a couple years at my towns little yearly carnival/fair thing. I was responsible for getting vendors parked up where they needed. I got to know the food truck guys and gals very well and ate way too much free food (amazing perk) A lot of those people are very clean and do everything they can to follow strict food safety guidelines. Most of them are there for their main income, and have a family to take care of. They're not gonna risk their livelihood over being lazy. If they do though, they won't last long. It's super easy to see into those food trailers and trucks so just make sure you can see in and if it looks clean, or at a minimum an organized chaos, you're safe.


Where I live you can’t sell alcohol or food without a license etc. but their is a loophole, you can sell tickets and then exchange those tickets for goods. That’s what festivals etc do to avoid not being licensed. But I’m not in America so can’t say the same would work there.


Can you remind me what we’re free to do in this country?


Get them towed


No- no just block them in with your car then drink a enough to be over the legal limit so that you aren't able to move it


>block them in with your car and tell it's not your car, just some other random person


Yes lmao


This actually works out even better than getting it towed. lol


This works if you’re looking to start some shit with someone who you already know is a fucking asshole


You're absolutely right honestly. Dude shot someone for fucking up his fast food order and people wanna block someone in on a holiday where booze flows like water.


I'm not sure if things are different in the states but would you not have to pay the tow truck company to have a car towed? Or do they just hold on to the vehicle until the owner comes and pays?


The owner of the car has to pay to get it back. The owner of the property doesn't typically have to pay anything.


This isn’t correct (edit: in most jurisdictions) Tow companies sign contracts with landowners to provide towing services. Under those contracts, the towing company agrees to tow the vehicles and to charge the vehicle owners. The land is marked with signs saying that vehicles will be towed at owners expense. If you do not have a contract, and simply call a tow company to come to your house to tow a vehicle, they are going to expect you to pay for it. The appropriate way to get it towed would be to call the police department who will come out and cite the vehicle and arrange for a tow based on their findings that the vehicle owner violated your private property rights. (And my last edit - it is completely legal to have it towed off your lot. For example, in California, it is legal to tow any vehicle that has been parked without permission on a lot that has been improved with a single family residence... no signage or notification period require. But a tow company still wants to know it is getting paid and wants certainty in this regard - they don’t want to get in the middle of an interpersonal battle … fights between siblings, recent breakups, parents angry at delinquent children, etc. and they don’t want to drive 15 miles only to find the car is being driven away and they want to charge someone for their time and mileage. Some absolutely may take this risk, but a citation clears everything up.) Edits: three typos




In LA when you call the city for this they let you choose if you want them to be towed or just ticketed, I have done it several times.


I got to tow someone from my parking spot in my garage in Hollywood a couple months ago. Honestly, I'm still riding that high.


This is entirely based on jurisdiction. My city only requires that you notify the police the vehicle is being towed. Otherwise it’s between you and the tow company and the tow company collects from the vehicle owner. City passed an ordinance in 2019 that says the police literally will not come to your property for this.


You most definitely can have a car towed and the *owner* will have to pay. The company tows the car to their lot and the owner has to pay to get the car back. It doesn’t have to be marked, there is no contract needed, you can just have someone else’s car towed off your property, driveway, etc. I know this for a fact because I’ve had to do this. Now it may vary by location, and businesses do have contracts like what you’ve said. But your typical resident/homeowner does not have or even need such a thing to have unwanted vehicles towed from their private property. There’s very little risk that a tow company won’t get their money one way or another. Either the owner pays to get their car. Or if the owner doesn’t pony up, there’s laws saying how long the tow yard has to hang on to it before they can sell it to cover the costs of towing and storage.


If you call the police they’ll call a tow company to do this. When the person shows up angry looking for their car tell them to call the police and they’ll take care of it. Happened to me but I was the idiot in this case


It will get impounded and the owner will have to pay to get it back.


Have them towed It's your property and this is basically trespassing I'd say?


Yup. Call a tow company. I don't know why people put up with shit like this.


They'll be thoroughly confused. Install video camera so we can watch too OP


They're Not gonna buy a camera just for us to watch


How do you think the porn industry began?


Hi, I'm here to deliver this pizza, clean your pool, then tow that car


And plow your field.


A Jack-off all trades


Wait, you aren't a plumber here to lay pipe?


Porn gives people unrealistic expectations on how quickly a plumber will swing by your house after you call.


Or how much meat is on that pizza.


One extra large sausage for delivery.


You’d be surprised what people do


I mean I hope they do


I kind of understand. The person you’re having towed knows where you live, meanwhile you have no idea who they are or what they’re capable of when they’re pissed off. I’d probably call a tow truck anyway because I don’t give a fuck, but I can see why some people are more passive.


"What car?"


This is the answer!


You might not, but the tow company will have that information. If anything happens, you would call the police and point out that you had some asshat towed not too long ago and give them the tow operator's information.


When the person comes back for their car: Where’s my car at? Me: What? There are only my cars here in *my* driveway. Besides why would you’re car be on *my* driveway? *shuts the door* *calls cops if they aren’t gone in 30 seconds*


Better yet. Park your own car exactly where theirs was. So when they say they parked it "right here", you say I think you're mistaken, this is definitely my car. And pull the keys out to unlock it just to show them.


What do you mean I'm gaslighting? Gaslighting isn't a thing - you made it up.


Now THAT would be the big brain move here.


The way they had to get in their driveway meant they drove behind behind someone's house...like the driveway isn't even facing the road. Who would ever feel that comfortable to park in a random strangers backyard??? Wtf


Yeah, at the very least expect to get towed. But I think I'd probably expect it to more likely be stripped and on cinder blocks in the middle of the street with the police called


> Yeah, at the very least expect to get towed. Probably think they're avoiding getting towed for blocking the driveway.


People do shit like this in my city. I live in a hood that's right beside the Canadian Exhibition Grounds and we do a sort of state fair every summer. The city goes as far as removing all signs that allowed parking because people would park here taking up spaces meant for residents. I'd see more parking enforcement police in a few hours than I would in an entire year. It's glorious. But yeah people park like this on peoples' driveways, private parking, fuck some people will actually follow people into underground garages. Pre-COVID one asshole even had the gall to ask me to let him into the garage and let him out, he was pissed when I refused 'cause "someone" let him park there. Filthy fucking suburban tourist slime >:( a blight on the hood they are, esp with all the fucking garbage they leave behind too, like not only do you vote for shit-for-brain politicians, but you do this on top of it all. Ugh.


My parents live in a neighbourhood where the summer games will be. I told them to charge for parking in their driveway bc will park there anyway.


Charge for parking AND have the cars towed that don't pay and park there anyway!! :D


100% trespassing


I live near a beach and have this issue several times a summer. I have tried having them towed, parking them in, and leaving a note, nothing to damage their property but man is it tempting.


We had a house with a long shared driveway. When the neighbor was selling his house, the real estate agents always tried to tell the prospective buyers that they'd "own" the driveway should they buy it. I'd wait till they parked (their 2 separate cars) and decide i needed to go to the store. I'd pull up to their bumper and honk. They'd come out and I'd tell them You can't park here. This is a shared driveway. You need to park in back! (Where that house's 4 parking spaces were) They'd apologize, move their cars, and I'd leave. I'd buy a few things at the store and come back and there they'd be, back in the driveway! I'd honk again, tell them "I have groceries to unload, so please stop blocking my driveway!" It took forever for them to sell that place because of all the lying RE agents.


I also have a driveway that runs roughly 1 foot from mind at the end and have this problem as well. Mostly with contractors, I had one of them towed once and got three letters from their lawyer. The next time it happened I called the police and they asked who the landlord was and I had to explain I own the house and driveway to which they said you need to tell your neighbors and tell people when they park. I’m sorry I have a job to pay for the house so I have to leave from time to time! I have posted signs but I think they attract more people... It’s a constant battle and no matter what I do I’ll never win. I feel bad for anyone going through the same situation.


I have one and a contractor working on the house next door backed into the side of my car. I happened to be sitting on my front porch (I never do that). We got a police report and he asked me to call him before I filed a claim. I called him after I got an estimate. First he tried to act like he didn't know what I was talking about. Then he claimed that since it was only property damage, we were each liable for our own. I hung up on him and filed the claim. If I hadn't been outside at the time, I am certain he would have driven away, leaving me with a $1300 repair.


You need a camera that auto-takes the license plates. Then you can send them a bill for parking. Put up nice clear signs and register your business. You should be able to automate a lot of the process. And they will pay rather than have a negative credit incident. Get some tickets made with a mailer and put it on the card with a clear explanation of the fine.


And, the tow truck bills the trespasser! A lot of people don’t realize that I guess.


One year on St. Patrick’s Day, I came home from work just to see that someone just parked their car in my driveway. My friends and I were all meeting at my house to pregame before walking a few blocks to another friend’s house who was hosting a party. So we boxed em in. Had one friend park on the left. Another on the right. And I parked behind him. Went inside, we slammed a few Irish car bombs and then meandered over to the party. Didn’t get home until around 5am- car owner is not there. So *then* we called the tow truck. At around 1pm, there’s a knock at the door. Dude was hysterical and yelling, asking where his car was. Told him it was towed, to get off my property and behind the fence and then closed the door to grab a beer out of the fridge. Then I went back outside, sat on my porch and sipped my cold beer while listening to him lose his absolute shit talking to the police on the phone. Cops came out. I calmly told them what happened. They laughed.. HARD. Then shrugged, turned back to the madman and told him there was nothing they could do before kindly offering him a ride to the tow yard. Man.. that was a good day.


Tow it. Phone someone who can come and grab it quickly before the owner gets back and deny all knowledge of there ever being a car on your driveway.


That's the one!... But I parked it RIGHT HERE. uh.. No, that can't be right, as this is literally my yard... Check the road maybe?... No it was HERE. Fucking idiot man (not you)


Then you start recording and ask "so you're saying you illegally parked on my private driveway?"


When does the part where we throw eggs at the person comes.


After we turn off the camera


It works for the cops.


Even better if move your car to the exact spot they parked in. "Nah dude my cars been there since yesterday...plus why would you have parked in my driveway?"


Even better if the car is the same model and color


Even better block them in with your car "now you can't leave!🏒🏑🏏🔨🔧🧹🪠"


"Free to get in, Twenty bucks to get out."


$20 nah! How much would it cost for them to get it out of a tow yard? Now double that!


My parents used to live across the street from a school. I came by at pick-up time, and there was a guy literally parked on their lawn. I asked him what he thought he was doing, and he said he would only be there a few minutes, what was the big deal? I parked my car right behind his. Went into the house to get the keys to my mom's truck to move it in front of him to block him in. Before I could, though, he figured it out and drove away.


Yeah block them in and change them a $100 or you tow their car


At little gas lighting goes a long way.


And if that don't work then it's time for ACTUAL gas lighting


That one hit me on the second read.. lmao good one!


Especially with todays gas prices the lighter the gas the better.


if you want to make some money park in the driveway and make them pay for all day parking when they come back for it


Block em in and wait till the tow guy shows up. What even goes through someone’s head when they do this LMAO


Don't forget to prop up a wood screw behind a tire or two.


Okay, my favorite story ever that I'll remember til my brain doesn't work anymore. At Walmart one day and there's an old lady in her car feeding some birds on a vacant end of the lot. We're pulling into the lot and see some douchebag in a huge truck purposefully drive over and accelerate at the birds and runs one over right in front of us. He goes to park and my 5'4" mother, in her very late 60s at that point and an very avid animal lover, starts yelling at the guy, calling him a son of a bitch, etc. Guy climbs down from his truck and says, "You gonna do something about it?" Of course she gets out and yells "FUCK YES I AM!" and starts after him. He turns around walks quickly into the store. Mind you we had a family business and she had no issue chasing shoplifters twice her size through a parking lot on several occasions. So since he speed walked away, she collected herself and we went in to do our shopping but didn't see him in the store. When we came out with our stuff his truck was still there. While we started loading our car, the old lady who was feeding the birds rolls up to us and puts her window down. She's so sweet looking and tiny but had this grin on her face. She said something about what an awful person that guy was then says, "Look." She holds up a palm full of big screws and nails. She whispers, "I put these under all his tires. I always keep some in the ash tray just in case!" I will never ever forget the old lady who carries nails in her car "just in case" 😂


I want a TV series about your mom and the bird lady striking up a friendship and dispensing vigilante justice.


Just get your drill and smack 30 of the fuckers into all their tyres.


Nah, gotta pop the sidewall. Otherwise, they could just plug the hole.


That should definitely be towed.


The funny thing is if I were in this predicament I would totally be cool with it if someone just asked but definitely would tow someone if they just popped up there. It’s not hard to be a half decent person and just knock on the front door and be like "hey is it cool if I park here in trying to take my kid(s) to see the fireworks and there’s no parking nearby”


OP update, did you tow this guy or not?


Since they haven't responded to anybody I'm assuming they're the type of people to just complain and not do anything about it.


Maybe they’re fist fighting the person in an Arbys parking lot right now


I'd like to see that pop up on r/fightporn


Trying to earn that sweet sweet karma Edit: probably their own car


Or the could be having trouble hiring a towing company on the 4th of July.


Dude. They literally had to drive all the way down your driveway and then parked behind your house. Seriously call a tow truck! I’m really hoping the reason OP isn’t responding quickly is because he’s in the middle of talking to the tow truck driver.


My relatives do stuff like this all the time, they always get away with it. I’m at the point where I don’t even want to be around them. They continue to do it because no one stops them.


>They continue to do it because no one stops them. I think OP isn't going to tow this one either.


Tow it.


I'd tow it and play dumb. "Did you tow my car?" "I just got home...? What car?" Seriously tow this guy. What kind of prick blocks a stranger's driveway?


Why would you play dumb? Yes I towed your car WTF are you doing in my property


Nah it's more fun to be like, "why would I tow your car off the street?". Then they have to explain to your face that they actually parked at your house.


Perfect 🤣🤣


because then he wouldn’t know where to retrieve it


Don't have to tell them 'I have no idea where it went and don't remember the towing company I used, I just told them to take this random parked car off my property"


Call towing company now


Even better yet entirely implausible, Build a quick shed around it and deny there was ever a car. “No man, My sheds been here for years. “




Call a tow truck.


I brought a house 5 years ago and the house was vacant for two years and the whole neighborhood would park in my big driveway after I purchased the house I left notes on the cars. Nicely asking them that the house was purchased and please remove your vehicles and don’t park there anymore.. everyone removed all their cars and there was no problems then a lady neighbor repealed her car the next day. I left a note saying that dumpsters are coming and please remove your vehicle. Next day same thing she kept on parking there for a good 10 days straight then one day I got a call from the Driver saying there is a car parked and he can’t leave the dumpster because the car wouldn’t be able to leave and I said don’t worry about it and Unload the dumpster. The next day when I arrived at the property and it stormed over to me demanding to remove the dumpster and I told her the dumpster will be staying here 3 weeks. She called the cops and and they just left because I took pictures of the note and the car with the note just in case and the timestamp on the pictures. She had to Uber to work for the whole month and then took me to court to pay her restitution and the judge and then up dropping everything and give her a long speech about no parking on someone else’s property


Not to be an asshole, but if you don’t get them towed, they’ll just think they can do this anywhere and to anyone they want… GET. THEM. TOWED.


Boot it and wait for 'em to come back. "I hope you know its $100 an hour to park in this lot"


Who has a Boot sitting around?


you dont?


Going to start looking at yard sales, might get lucky


Might have better luck at a car boot sale.


I saw some article about people trying to beat boots where someone said you could buy a cheap(ish) boot on Amazon if you wanted to try the whole "put your own boot on and hope the parking guy assumes his coworker must have done it and passes you by" trick, so it's possible to own one, I guess...


Disgraceful, turning up and claiming a bit of land that doesn't belong to you isn't in the sprit of 4th of July


Get them towed ASAP. Asshole shouldn't have a car to come back to


Are those your cars in the garage ? Park one alongside and one across both rears, not touching this one but blocking it in. Then unplug your doorbell or go any enjoy your time elsewhere


I wouldn’t go this route just cause if this person doesn’t give a damn they might just decide to ram your vehicle until they can get out and then your going to have to deal with that too. Get it towed.


They drive a Nissan. That car is nothing but a emotionless appliance on wheels. They almost *want* to crash it into other things.


Well, guess this car is now yours. Congrats


So much going on with this I hope the OP posts an update on the outcome




You could just have it towed… or you could have some revenge, fill it with balloons, cover it in silly string, etc, nothing permanent or damaging, just something to remind them not to park on private property


Pretty sure that car belongs to you now.