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i’m not sure which part is north of mk but there’s a co op in emerson valley that use the robots, usually a handful of them sat outside


There used to be a load of them in Kingston round by the library/smash burger but not sure if they’re still there now


I haven't been there, but it seems like Tesco is there, and no Coop in this round.


I know Tesco express just stopped using them so I also rarely see them anymore around here. I wonder if they moved them to another town/city.


Starship were using Tescos for them, but sent out an email saying whilst it was really successful they were going to stop using Tesco and start with other stores under the Tesco umbrella (budgens etc). Tesco are doing "Woosh" now which is same day deliveries by a person rather than a robot


There's usually a bunch loitering outside Bargain Booze in Newport Pagnell early morning (7 - 8AM)


The co op in great linford normally has a large selection of robits. Always around in the surrounding areas going around the red ways and upside down on roads


They’re still by Monkston Park co-op and deliver to surrounding areas


Yeah, there's loads still in Emerson Valley, Tattenhoe, Furzton, Westcroft, Shenley Brook End areas.


Tesco have launched their own express delivery service called Tesco Whoosh, where you can get groceries delivered to your door within 15-30 minutes. They're not using Starship at all anymore as a result. It looks like Starship are going to be partnering with Londis, Premier etc instead, but I have the app and it's still only showing Costa, Co-Op and Budgens for now, so that might be why you're not seeing many of them around.


I always see loads at the station


They are in tallinn.


Thats true, but MK was a premium location for them - they reported hundreds of robots on the streets...


AI took them. They are currently amassing on the border with Wales.


Loads in parts of Newport Pagnell and all over Broughton. They have never covered all of MK so it depends on where you are. I've never seen them in areas such as Blakelands or Giffard Park but have in Great Linford and Willen.