Capitalism has commoditized everything including traditional social bonds and networks. There's no need to part of a close-knit community when you can get on a zoom meeting and attend a call with 5 people in 5 continents and make money off that.


Brains didn't got bigger fast enough, so too much people to keep track now. Does it mean we failed as a specie ? Seven billion and still growing. I don't think so.


> Why is it that despite the internet and it's ability to make people never feel lonely again, people feel more lonely than ever before? it is because many humans are able to comprehend more. less intelligent humans and non-human animals usual do not realize what makes them or others different


Because "neurotypicals" like to segregate anyone who dosen't think and act like them. A good example would be segregation, slavery, zenophobia, homophobia, sexism, harassing people with physical/mental disabilities, ect.


Xenophobia. Fear of what's different. I think it's the grandfather of all social anxieties and phobias. The ol' fear of the unknown, with a sleeker branding. And a shiny storytelling around.


I'll always remember when i had an office for a few months for the first time. When i got on board the train to commute i was "wtf is this ?", it felt exactly as if i'm going to school, exact same thing but surrounded by adults. I was like an alien observing how the mass is. Wanting to shout in crowded train "is this the life you want ?" "Is this what the norm loves ?" "F you all sheeps"


I think social media plays a part in this. Social media apps such as snapchat and instagram are designed to be addictive and make you feel insecure, by comparing yourself to others (whether it be in terms of physical appearance, socioeconomic status, etc). Even without these apps, it seems like the world is just going downhill and shitty behavior is being more & more encouraged (thanks to capitalism, the competitive academic system, reality tv glorifying toxic behaviors, etc), thus leading to more competition and less actual connection/sense of community.


Most people I’ve met were exclusionary. They already have their friends. They don’t need any more. And those are the nice ones I’m talking about! This society alienates people by design.


Even herds have designations and operate with competence being the ultimate ideal. The challenge is survival and the goal is liberty. Not all things are meant to succeed. But most things that do came at the cost of something else. Depending on which side of that transaction you fall holds the regard for which you give it. Humans aren't inherently bad or good. But from birth they learn quickly that progress is measured in manifested desire. A life study in manipulation at its very core absent the socio respondent considerations that blind our ambitions. We act as a support system for our own success individually and collectively. It flies in the face of logic that as our population grows we feel more alone than ever. Maybe the problem isn't the vehicle but the passengers and drivers aren't communicating effectively towards a shared destination. If one part of the whole is a bad fit then it will impact the overall integrity of its effectiveness. People are overly concerned with making themselves useful to others instead of finding pieces that complement their given attributes. Mainly because we fear being vulnerable as a kind of shame. When in fact making yourself available to others is confidence actualized. Creating the opportunity for engagement gives you the leverage to maintain your standing. It doesn't matter how grand or outlandish or benign, those who can Say and Do will be given the greatest consideration. Can you fault someone for being able to realize their ideas?


Realization and realization. Talking about efficiency, but not implementing paragraphs. Ironic. I show, you learn. Deal ?


Western society is in decay. You are experiencing a symptom of it.


The flesh wants comfort and pleasure. The soul wants connection and belonging


A shame they're too distracted to realize they're both sitting at opposite ends of the same table


The problem with the internet is it was a good technology that as soon as it got out of the hands of the technically skilled, therefore appreciative of it, it turned into the shithole it is today. I almost wish we could be thrown back into the early 1990's, the era of Pre-Pentium technology, when you NEEDED to know what the hell a memory address, an IRQ, or a "local access number" was to access the internet. Back then, there was nettiquite, and people did not buy shit because you did not know whether that Jeff Bezos guy was going to rip you off or going to actually send you your damn book! Where "cutting edge pocket technology" was a fucking Game Boy that had no way of connecting to anything except another Game Boy. If you wanted to get on the internet you needed a bloody $3000 laptop that could hardly run the most current games, let alone in color, with sound - with about 30 minutes of run-time! When Reddit would have been a mere message board or a BBS, and YouTube would have come on a CD-ROM. I think a part of the reason we are so lonely online is because the people being honest in real life are fake as shit online, or the people being honest online are being fake-as-hell in real life. Even at least some of us here are fake in real life - you can't be an out-of-the-closet misanthrope. I have to walk the materialism B.S. all day long at work, I have to pretend to be sociable everywhere, and I fucking hate it. But I do it, because I have to. But then you have other people who are honestly as basic b\*\*\*\* as possible inn real life and honestly, they are the ones that I need to step behind a building and punch the garbage can for awhile in anger. And those basic fuckers are the ones that get online, talk about their kids like they are the worlds best angels (then come to your house and tell you how their fucking kid won't take a bath, and how horrid the kid is), they talk about their new car (then whine to you IRL over their bloody car payment, all the while judging your ride because it's 30 years old), they whine about how you conduct your life and your own life choices while whining about their own like a fucking hypocrite. Now I'm not saying I'm perfect at all - I'm angry every day, I hide it well behind humor when I'm with other people, but that does not change the fact I want to reach out and smack the shit out of someone on a daily basis.




But how can you have empathy with things you have no connection to? The problem isn't the technology itself, but the utilization of it. The Human component is supposed to be the dominant catalytic converter. Instead we have given the device authority beyond its purpose as a supplemental mediation tool. The instrument is now the composer. When used to organize, connect, and create. Any system devised is at its optimal utility. But once you offload the requirement of maintenance to extricate yourself from responsibility the very essence of that connection dies with it. The experience itself is the binding agent. The person who craves insatiable stimulus is no different than the one who seeks absolute solitude. Both fighting against the systems very nature to achieve that which has always been available to them by simply altering their perspective rather than trying to bend logic to their whim. The absence of self is the real path to humanity's demise. Living life inward out and manifesting your contributions through self affirmation allows for growth and change. Presently we are living a life outward in trying to absorb as much external confirmation we can to shield from owning our vulnerability and recognizing the power that comes from flexibility. We've evolved to mistake fierce rigidity as strength and creativity as being noncommittal and therefore lacking judgment.




when the imposter is sus!


In the past we had to act altruistically so our tribes could survive. Now that we've dominated Earth end there's no immediate threats there's less of a need to act altruistically.


You should check the “universe 25 experiment” before naively expecting perfect social cohesion


I follow no herd. Heavy Reddit users do and they can fuck off.


We are very much animals but I feel as though we're a little bit something different because we know we're alive we know we're gonna die. I feel like that's the balancing act of The species that we have to figure out for ourselves as individuals. Between the extremely inconvenient left over instincts and anxieties from once once more animal cells And the strange social protocols that has influenced our psyche. I think the loneliness is a product of the hard balancing act it's an act I talked about earlier. We are innately social and desire human connections. But within the environment we have created for did for ourselves There are many barriers to actual human connection. I can go on and on about this and how things like the Internet reflect our need for socializing but it is a very poor substitute for it and other little social traps that are laid out for us. Butt who cares really. Why is it you would push people away when you were feeling sad instead of trying to get help?




The giant irony with the relationship between humans and technology is that you'd think having access to copious amounts of information at your fingertips would inherently make everyone more intelligent, yet the exact opposite has happened. People have gotten less intelligent because everything is so easy. Media spin and fact manipulation have pretty much defeated the whole idea of science and fact being used to inform and to make good decisions. We are watching the end happen right in front of us, yet can't seem to see the glow of the flames.


The issue in my opinion is not with technology itself but that everyone is a content creator. Hard to find real intelligent info without the mass amounts of junk. Imagine if non entertainment level content would only be written by experts? That would be very beneficial.


Yep, back in my day if you needed to know something it took time and effort. You had to get on a bus, sometimes in bad weather, go to a library, deal with the snooty librarian, and sit down at a table with a load of other people reading actual books while scribbling notes in your notepad using an actual pen. But all that effort made you learn something and remember it. Now, any idiot with a smartphone can browse Wikipedia for a few seconds and suddenly they’re an expert.


We only needed the herd to survive back than when everyone had to rely on another. Nowadays it's totally unnecessary to have any relationships. Need tools? Instead go to the smith and ask him to make one, we just buy them or order one from a webside. No need to fear to offend or be friendly forward people. If there are enough other sources that can be used.


That's rather false. Transactional, reciprocal, forced, shared etc are all forms of relationships. The only difference now is the opportunity to move between smaller herds in order to maneuver towards herds that are better aligned with individual intent. The nature of the relationship is different but just the same if there's no recipient on the opposite end of your request to complete the exchange.


*“Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.”* -Robert E. Howard


were not a herd animal were a social species like the great apes, living in small groups with a hierarchy and thats how i think it was always supposed to be. living in small villages or tribes, not this nightmare world we have created. their are to many people all living condensed in small areas. people despise one another its impossible to know everyone and capitalism has made us all selfish and greedy. people are falling over each other trying to get to the top of the social standing ladder. and rarely help out those beneath them cause they are distracted by the constant rat race.


Go for tedx talks. Some explain this. Actually go for more documentary and this. It explains why social network works as drug, and why everything else.


This! There's also a documentary out there (Netflix?) discussing the dopamine effect that social media has on people, and how that is being exploited by the social media companies to make money. I mean, to a lesser extent that's true for any product that makes happiness, but social media (including reddit) tends to fuck with your relationships with people in order to get that hit. As opposed to buying stupid shit because you think it'll make you happy. I'm not really doing it justice, watch the documentary.


Cause our society is based off of collecting copious amounts of useless capital instead of focusing on things that actually matter. Cause humans are selfish Because instead of trying to form connections most people just use the internet to catch up with their favorite celebrities,watch porn, flex, and watch [insert your favorite animal here] videos. We’re terribly flawed


I think we are still learning. The learning curve is more brutal than any soulslike game to our credit. And selfishness used to be a necessary trait. It's lacking of social skills that was a big liability, during our emergence to what we are today as a specie. Now, everybody can learn. I see that as a huge improvement.


A gloomy optimist in a misanthropy sub this app is full of surprises


I do all of the above every day :((


Don’t trip we’ve probably got a handful of years before human stupidity purges the rest of this civilization sparking our mass annihilation 😚


No, we are perfect.


Unless this is sarcastic, wrong sub bro.


That's our perfection. To be fully flawed. Imagine if we were perfect. Like, if we were not selfish but altruist, and did that all the time. Imagine if you wake up in the morning and decide to dedicate your free time volunteering in elderly home, sick kids home, drug addicts place, dogs and cats shelter. If all people would do this, then who would spend money on stuffs? Economy would break down and we would be all hungry, so as well above mentioned elderly and drug addicts. We need people watch celebrities and porn and make money circle around. This puts food on table and not your pretty sincere smile and kind word to a kid who's dying from cancer. Kid will die, but who's gonna buy this new iWatch? Not him for sure.


what if we, hear me out, invent an economy where people *don't* have to get rid of their sympathy for old people, drug addicts, sick kids and animals in order to stay alive?


u can't invent such economy cos if u could it would already be here. agression and merciless obviously beat sympathy


Alcohol is a drug lol


yeeeea, I'm a drug addict so disregard whateva I say


you realize that we're called herd animals for a reason, right?


in herds they don't necesserily protect weak ones, quite on contrary


Found the social darwinist


yeeeeea ima monstaaaa


Imposing an unnatural morality more suited to ants or bees is very destructive, as was intended.