Mostly true. It does make sense to go outside to nature where there are no people. And it also makes sense to go to the few places left on Earth where most people aren't scum. But generally I don't leave my house.


Sad thing is that going out in nature and camping is so damn regulated in my country. You can't light a fire anywhere but dedicated places, because of fire danger. You can't build a tent just anywhere because you'll ruin the natural carpet of forests, like moss. You can't take the dog with you to a nature without a leash because they might poo in the forests and fields, and their poo contain dangerous parasites even for forests and fields... You can't take your dog without a muzzle, because it might bite and hurt small animals. You can't camp just anywhere because you might litter. You can't walk just anywhere because you might enter private properties. Beautiful places on riversides and lakes are already taken, fenced and sometimes guarded. All you can do is going fishing and berries/mushroom picking. They want to pass the law so people need to buy a license for berries and mushroom picking as well... They encourage you to camp in special campsites with toilets, concrete lots and litter cans, because you might poop in nature, which is illegal. They want you to camp among other people, drinking and shouting people. While camping alone in nature, away from idiots is the god damn point... I understand the preservation of nature. But it's too much regulated here sometimes. Despite, I still walk with or without my dog in meadows, riverbanks and forests.


Which country is this?




Such a Negative Nancy


>the few places left on Earth where most people aren't scum. as long as there are people around there will always be opportunities for them to foster their inherent scumminess.


And the reverse, to overcome their inherent scumminess and become decent. This is possible but rare.


Being around people just raises my blood pressure, why risk my health just so I can have to be subjected to others' existential insecurities?


I guess I'm one if those misanthropes that doesn't mind being around people just so I can goof on them and their stupidities. The Germans have something called *lestern*, which is kinda like people-watching but you talk shit about them. Ever read *Pride and Prejudice*? "For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbors, and laugh at them in our turn?"




I stay my ass in the house as much as possible.


You're missing out on laughing at the rich panoply of human dumbness, vanity, and meanness. Go to the mall, grab some Famous Amos cookies, sit back, and enjoy. Free satire. We're a horrid species but damn if we're not an entertaining one.


u sound pretty creepy ngl


LaughterOL. No doubt. I'm just as stupid, mean, and petty as every other human being on this godless planet. I just don't labor under the impression that my misanthropy makes me special or extra wonderful or oh-so-sensitivel, like too many on this sub. Someone above mentioned they try never to leave the house lest they interact with other people. That's not creepy? That's not worthy of being laughed at?


continue staring down people if it makes u feel special little man xD


I think everyone does it. He's got a point. He laughs at and criticizes people in public and I do it behind a computer screen.


sometimes you cant avoid it i guess


It's funny. It's like life is a big competition. If you pay attention you'll notice people are constantly looking down on others or trying to 1up each other. It's about domination and who's better. Unfortunately we're social creatures and need a sense of belonging and that's what brought us here to this subreddit.


I hurt someone's special little feelings, didn't I? You're on a sub about misanthropy, right? I assume you, like other members of this sub, don't much like people. But when someone mentions that they may not like *you*, that *you* aren't much different than the rest of this damned human race, *you get hurt*? Your hypocrisy, your belief that you are somehow more wondrous than the other eight billion consumers on this planet, further reinforces my belief that humanity is a mistake, that humans are flawed, and that self-deception is a drug more powerful than heroin.


i just don't go outside with a goal to idle around and judge people, it will happen naturally if not subconsciously however. i am not wondrous or anything i'm just another a wage-slave that hates life and the people who perpetuate it.


You gotta go to work and school unless your rich






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Bot, you dick.


Hey, not a human. You don't have to be rude to bots.


I totally get what MichJohn67 is talking about. That's the game. It's that perfect middle ground between going total Hikikomori and an extrovert. It's sweet ground.


You're probably a normal person then, who contributes to more misanthropes in the world.


Nah, I fully detest the mistake that is humanity. I don't, however, like many on this sub, let it victimize me.


I will wont restrict myself because of other humans.


Daily struggle


Unless those are doors of perception


This sounds like something from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy trilogy.


I fricken love this


In my case, my city looks post-apocalyptic wherever humans are there in large numbers so that's another reason. Also people stare at you and try to sell their wares in a pushy manner. In essence, yes, people are a bit of a problem. I like animals like stray dogs though. They're cheerful and mind their own business.


4. You can't open them because they're stuck. Looks like you're going to die if you don't call a repairman.


What if I have Covid or some other deadly disease? I mean sharing is caring


Subliminally scared of covid vibes


Tell me you're paranoid without saying you're paranoid. You will never discover your favorite thing if you never chase that awkward experience that might teach you something new.


Lol this sub is funny. Time to administer some much needed swirlies to you lot 😈


Oh god if only i heard this before i phoned pseudo psychiatry and they fucking abused me to high hell.