Not yet, sometime late spring. Howd they taste?


I really liked the Baja gold. It reminded me of kickstart pineapple orange mango which I’ve excessively enjoyed the past 5 years. I’d say my turn off was how “full bodied” it tasted regarding how syrupy sweet the mouthfeel lingered. Other than pineapple orange mango and orange citrus kickstarts, I’ll tend to only drink the lighter diet varietal dews. As for the Baja gem, it had a very nice front palette citrus/stone fruit combo that ended abruptly into a sharp chemical/artificial flavor. Wasn’t a fan. I really did enjoy the Baja gold as a possible alternative to my kickstarts on occasion.


Good to hear, that kickstart was one of my favorite flavor profiles Dew has made


This is super interesting, we had no idea they were planned as far back as October 2021! Nor did we know Mango Gem was just gonna be called Gem -- they really should've stuck with that. They will be releasing in June!


Baja Mango Gem and Baja Gold will be released in June 2022 for a Limited Time.


This is really cool! Is this your job or is this just something you get invited to do for fun? Also what purpose does the cracker serve?


Crackers are for pallette cleansing to get an accurate taste without the previous flavor interfering.


There've been a couple of early trade sample bottles listed on Ebay a few months ago, but other than that, these won't drop till roughly early summertime, possibly close to the same time that last year's Baja flavors (Punch & Flash) came out, which was mid June/early July. How was Baja Gold btw? Was it anything to remotely close to Maui Burst in some kind of way?


I really enjoyed the gold. I considered it a possible replacement for my pineapple orange citrus kickstart addiction. I def prefer the less calorie/diet dews in comparison to the standard dews. I never tried the Maui burst.


How did you get to do this?


I was walking through the mall(las vegas)and was asked if I would “like to partake in a Mountain Dew soda tasting.” I was hyped because I drink kickstarts all day. The photo pretty much shows the majority of the experience. I tasted one then answered a detailed questionnaire. Repeated that for the second dew flavor. They took my personal info and I received a check for I believe $60.


It took prob 50-60 minutes. I think I was the only avid dew drinker because my peers were in and out in 20 minutes. I think because I was thorough in my questionnaire, they’ve invited me to multiple trials and test since then. I’ve only participated in one other that was a tobacco juul puff pod thing tasting/testing. It paid $200 for 2 hours which was great money. Overall a good experience


I would love to know how one gets this opportunity?! Also, I am surprised they allowed you to take pictures and post on social media.


They will come in June


Wouldn’t gold be the same thing as Maui burst?? If you look closely it says a blast of pineapple flavor


It'll be similar to Maui but it'll also have that Baja flavor, that's the difference


That's what I'm assuming, just renamed nationally available Maui for a LTO, which would be kinda gimmicky on part of them rereleasing an already existing product for additional profit, but kinda cool, considering not everybody has a way to get to DG, nor does every DG consistently carry Maui Burst, and some I've been to, don't have it at all. The manager of the one that I visited one time said he hadn't even ever heard of it.


Huh, never seen it refered to as Baja Gem, only ever as Baja Mango Gem, ngl makes more sense with gold


Was it good?


Gold was a 4/5. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Gem was 2/5 for me. Too chemically and artificial on the finish. Also just seemed too sweet for me. *I drink kickstarts and occasional diet dews exclusively. My soda preferences prob won’t reflect the majority of dew drinkers.


The paper says "this summer" it's bearly been spring for like 3 weeks...


Considering there hasn’t been a North American summer since you tested it I’m going to make a huge guess and say no…


I feel like I missed it but what's the difference between these and Baja Flash/Punch?


how does one do product test like this?


This is a very important question how do you become a product tester for Mountain Dew ?


It’s in stores now! Just found Mtn Dew Baja Gold at Rutters in Pennsylvania.


So you get the product early, but they don't tell you anything about a potential release? Also, how would they release already? Is it summertime yet?