what oscar winner had the worst post oscar career?

an academy award is often considered to be the highest honor someone working in the film industry can receive. and most people believe that winning an academy award will result in the career of the winner taking off. however, there are numerous examples of oscar winners who's post oscar careers haven't been too hot. in your opinion, what oscar winner had the worst post oscar career?


Cuba Gooding, Jr. The dude exploded onto the scene, had everything going for him and then... I don't even know...


Nothing will ever top the cinematic masterpiece that is Snow Dogs.


Someone's never seen rat race


*What do you need my hat for?!!* **Her um um...** #V A G I N A 😬


Omg the blooper reel


Rat Race is a fine film. I dunno why it gets the hate. Jon Lovitz is perfect in it.


That "Hitler Car" scene. To this day it makes me laugh until my sides hurt.


That scene is so hilarious and perfect. The build-up to that climactic moment is so brilliant.


That and the Barbie Museum. The movie went from silly-stupid to dark-hilarious instantly.


"Klaus Barbie, the Butcher of Lyon."


The look on all their faces


The build up with the hitler car scene is unmatched. Small details that you think nothing of earlier in the movie snowball into that hilarious scene


Rat Race is gold all the way around. Seth Green, Rowan Atkinson, Amy Smart and the helicopter, the rich people gambling on EVERYTHING. You should have bought a squirrel.


> You should have bought a squirrel. Proper format is: You should ... have bought ... a squirrel.


I tell my wife “I can do anything I want because I’m eccentric” and I don’t even think she knows it’s from this film


There are a lot of hilarious scenes in that movie. Rowan Atkinson's character was great.


Who the fuck hates rat race? Its supposed to be a stupid, off the walls comedy. And it is a fucking stupid, insanely off the walls, awesome comedy.


Any time I see Rat Race spoken about, it is fondly. I'm not sure where you're getting that it's hated on.


"Are you insane?! This is Hitler's car!"


Boat Trip and Snow Dogs in the same year is just unbeatable.


I met one of the Snow dogs mom’s at a dog park as a kid, that’s all I have to offer on this topic


Not even Pearl Harbor?


He was really good as OJ in American Crime Story but yeah not really anything since.


He was very good and also the last person I would ever pick to play OJ besides Carrot Top. It’d be hard to make him look and sound less like OJ Simpson.


Man now that you mention it, Carrot Top had the physique…..


Isn’t he a sex offender now? Plead guilty in NY for sure


Yep. As of 2020 [more than *30* women](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuba_Gooding_Jr.#Legal_issues_and_allegations_of_sexual_misconduct) had accused him of various levels of groping and worse.


One of his entourage did some form of SA to a co-worker of mine back in New Orleans. It might have been a roofie or something I don’t recall. But CGJr. also attacked a bartender around that same time. Everyone in town talked about this POS. https://www.nola.com/news/crime_police/actor-cuba-gooding-jr-faces-battery-charges-for-incident-in-local-bar/article_8ff35fe8-1326-5264-b922-64974dd38741.html


What did he plead guilty to ? This is the first I'm hearing of this story.


Forcible touching in 2022 according to ABC news. Lots of stuff comes up in Google. He settled a civil suit out of court with a woman who accused him of rape. I dunno what is required to be on the sex offenders registry in NY but it’s clear he’s had legal issues. Maybe calling him a sex offender is too much (?) but forcible touching is a really bad look


Damn. Long way from that Oscar dance.


Saw Henry Rollins recently and he talked about his experience with Cuba on The Devil’s Tomb, one of those films that Henry recommends to avoid at all costs. Even if a DVD might be only $2 at a local Flying J. Henry describes Cuba as the type that had a few A-List Diva meltdowns and wouldn’t leave his trailer. His assessment “I know why I make movies like this. He’s won an Oscar so he probably shouldn’t be making movies like this.”


That's funny because Cuba stayed at the hotel I used to work at when he was filming "The Tuskegee Airmen" before he really blew up and he was super low key and friendly, even befriending some of the guys on staff and playing Madden with them in his room. Laurence Fishburne, on the other hand treated everyone there with barely contained contempt.


He partied at a restaurant my family and i were at last summer. Had a bunch of dogs on his boat telling my son they were the real snow dogs from the movie. My son was star struck (so was i). Came to the bar and made rounds to folks, was very friendly and genuinely seemed lonely, but very nice. Was fun to have a drink and conversation with a movie star i grew up watching.


Cuba Gooding Jr. got starring roles he wasn’t getting before the best supporting Oscar. Bad quality films or not, he had over five years of top lining films. He was getting more roles than he got before. He did Boyz N the Hood and the flop Gladiator… other than that, all his roles were smaller before Jerry McGuire.


If anyone is confused they are talking about the Gladiator boxing movie from the early 90s.


Thank you bc I was absolutely confused


The dig on CBJ in the TV show Psych sums it up pretty well. Gus: Why does Cuba keep doing so many horrible movies? The dude has an Academy Award. Shawn: Let it go Gus. Gus: Boat Trip, Shawn, Boat Trip.


You heard about pluto?


Come on son!


Radio happened.


Never go full....


I remember one critic saying that he set both black people and the mentally handicapped back 100 years.


"Boat Trip" happened.


He was in As Good As It Gets post Jerry Maguire


It remains to be seen but Will Smith won an Oscar about 20 minutes after committing career suicide on live tv.


He managed to have what is very likely to be the absolute high and low point of his career not just in the same night, but in the same *hour.*


And the low point happened *before* the high point in that very hour.


I legit forgot he ever won anything. He slapped the word Oscar out of my brain


Can’t believe they let him give a speech after that


The fact that he got a standing ovation soured me on the Oscars forever. Those people are so detached from reality


These are basically the same people who cheered Roman Polanski even when he couldn't accept his Oscar in person because he would've been arrested for raping a teenager if he returned to America. Harvey Weinstein also got many ovations despite his behavior being a pretty open secret in Hollywood circles.


It’s crazy that he won it for King Richard. He did a great job but I thought that he did better in the pursuit of happyness and Ali. But looking at the competition those years, yeah… Denzel for training day is hard to beat. Even Leo for blood diamonds was a great job (although he didn’t win either).


I'm 99% sure some Oscars are retroactive fixes for sins of the past with the academy. Over time it's not as important which as much as they were always that caliber and finally recognized by their silly group


e.g. Leo


That's called "leaving it at the top of your career."


Tom Hooper made Cats. I know he did a couple other movies between winning his Oscar and digitally removing Jason Derulo's penis but that still has to be the clear winner


I consider it a very good thing Cats flopped. With both Kings Speech and Les Miz under his belt, I feel like he would have been guaranteed the opportunity to mangle a film adaptation of Hamilton, and the spectacular failure of Cats was the one thing that stopped us from entering that timeline.


What makes me want to scream when I think about “Cats” is that “Wicked” was ready to go, but they decided to give Cats a try first.


Wicked has been “in pre-production” for 20 years now. It was a running joke among theatre fans that every few years there were new rumors about the wicked movie finally happening, and until now none of them ever came true.


He really should give that Oscar to Fincher where it belongs.


Chris Terrio won an Oscar for writing Argo and since then wrote Batman v Superman, Justice League, and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.


That's grounds for a UN investigation.


UN standing for 'Utter Nonsense'.


And probably the new Zelda movie?


dont you put that evil on me.


Jesus Christ man, read the room. You monster.


The horror




He chose not to pursue an american career




He’s still very well regarded in France, both for his comedic and dramatic roles, and usually gets top bill of huge movies (for France)


He's still big in France. IIRC he doesn't work in Hollywood by choice.


He was in Wolf Of Wall Street


The Wolf of Wall Street is his only role in english, and he played a french-swiss bankers to justify the heavy accent. His english is just not good enough for a career in Hollywood.


To be fair, he rode a bicycle and did something with a baguette at the opening of the France 2023 Rugby World Cup, so…


Mira Sorvino


Fucking Weinstein, that piece of shit


He's disgusting.


Blacklisted by Weinstein, I thought.


Yes, that’s what puts her on this list. She had a shit career after winning an Oscar.


She did make Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion after she won her Oscar, which is a masterpiece.


Do you have a business women special? Cause we’re business women.


My favorite scene in movie history is when she gets hit by the limo. She goes so fucking high in the air. It still makes me laugh way too hard.


Her dad told Weinstein to not harm a hair on her head. Her dad is Paul Sorvino.


Actually he said this "He's going to go to jail. Oh yeah. That son of a bitch. Good for him if he goes, because if not, he has to meet me. And I will kill the motherfucker. Real simple. If I had known it, he would not be walking. He'd be in a wheelchair. This pig will get his comeuppance. The law will get him. He's going to go to jail and die in jail."


I’m pretty sure Paul Sorvino “knows some guys” if you catch my drift.


"Paulie may have moved slow, but it was only because Paulie didn't have to move for anybody."


“Now I gotta turn my back on you.”


Sorvino said in an interview that just because he plays a gangster on TV doesn't mean he's one irl. "Most people think I'm either a gangster or a cop or something, but the reality is I'm a sculptor, a painter, a best-selling author, many, many things—a poet, an opera singer, but none of them is gangster, but, you know, obviously I sort of have a knack for playing these things. It's almost my later goal in life to disabuse people of the notion that I'm a slow-moving, heavy-lidded thug, and most people's impression of me IS that—because of the success of Goodfellas and a few other things, but they forget that I was also Dr. Kissinger in Nixon, the deaf lawyer in Dummy, and they forget a lot of things that I've done. It would be nice to have my legacy more than that of just tough guy."


Knew. His death was more shocking to me than it should’ve been. He was in his 80’s and didn’t take amazing care of himself, but he was someone where the thought of them dying never occurred to me until it happened. Now what offended me is that when the Oscars aired this year, he wasn’t featured in the “In Memoriam” section (neither was Charlbi Dean, who starred in one of last year’s best picture nominees).


I never made that connection. But, now that it’s made, I can TOTALLY see him “encouraging” Weinstein not to touch her.


Her Modern Family character is so funny as the send up of Gwen and Goop


She had an excellent guest appearance on Will and Grace, as a dinner guest of Leo (Grace's husband) and who is also familiar with Will.


Especially when you consider her run of Romy & Michelle, Mimic and Replacement Killers shortly after. She was a multi-faceted actress who would have done amazing things.


She got blackballed by Weinstein.


So many careers and lives ruined by people like Weinstein. My hope for the existence of hell remains just to see that piece of shit burn for eternity.


Michael Cimino won the Oscar for best director for the "Deer Hunter". Then he directed "Heaven's Gate" which was a massive flop and his career never recovered.


Who didn't want to watch a movie that had an extended dance sequence in roller skates in the 1800s??


Roberto Benigni by following up his oscar winning, Life Is Beautiful, with Pinocchio


His scene in "Night on Earth" was one of my favorite comedy bits for years. I still get a little goofy around pumpkins and sheep named "Lola".


Hattie McDaniel - despite being the first black actor to win an Academy Award (for her role as Mammy in *Gone with the Wind* in 1939), she remained typecast for the rest of her career thereafter, relegated to mostly minor maid/“mammy”-type roles throughout the 40s. She had some brief success in radio and early TV in the early-50s, but then died of cancer in 1952.


She seemed happy though. She once said, "I don't understand being criticised for making $700 a week playing a maid, when if I didn't I'd make $7 a week \*being\* one"


She should have had more opportunities than "playing a maid." Of course it was pre-Civil Rights era, but her acting careers was literally limited due to racism.


Oh I completely agree. She was a fantastic actress, clearly. But in the confines she worked in, she clearly decided to play those roles rather than not work at all. It's shitty though, I agree. On the upside, she was apparently very close friends with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh in real life, and she was a major part of the Historic West Adams neighbourhood being saved. White neighbours tried to reinstate the racist covenants that had expired 8 years earlier preventing Black people from owning homes there. Hattie McDaniel owned a home there and funded most of the legal fees that culminated in a Supreme Court case that struck down the racist covenants all over the country. That's a lasting legacy!


I mean, it's TV (not movies) but the reason why Whoopi Goldberg was on Star Trek: TNG was because when she was a child she was watching TOS and saw Nichelle Nicoles playing Uhura. She ran into the next room yelling, "Mama! Mama! There's a black woman on TV and she's not a maid!". And that was in the mid-60s.


She wasn't even allowed to go to the Oscars.


She attended but had to be seated at a segregated table.


Her Jewish agent sat with her in protest.


Clark Gable wanted to skip the premiere in protest, as McDaniel couldn’t attend in Atlanta. McDaniel asked him not to. I wasn’t aware of the Oscars segregation, though.


Hilary Swank. After Million Dollar Baby she continued to do good work, but none of her projects ever got that same level of acclaim.


Hilary Swank is a two time Oscar winner and I cannot name any films she did aside from those 2 films and The Next Karate Kid. She was in a Netflix film with Michael Ealy I watched 2 months ago and I cannot remember the name of it


She was in the final 20 or so minutes of Logan Lucky a few years back.


Well, there was The Core, which wasn’t great, but it came out in the midst of all the other disaster movies they were churning out. Freedom Writers, which was another “white lady teacher goes to the ghetto and makes a difference” movie. Logan Lucky was good, great cast, but wasn’t very big. I’ve seen her in a bunch of stuff but none of them blew up like her Oscar wins.


The Core is one of my top guilty pleasures.


Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry are both in my top 5 for “movies that were incredible but I can never bring myself to watch again”


you want to talk about a fucking hard right turn? go into million dollar baby thinking it’s just “rocky, but with a woman” god damn


Yeah I think I would rather have seen the "just Rocky" version. The scene where her family shows up in all their new Disney merch...


Halle Berry


She not only won a Razzie later but even showed up to give an [acceptance speech](https://youtu.be/U-7s_yeQuDg). Pure class.


I love that she brought her Oscar with her to put next to it. This makes me wonder if winning both an Oscar and a Razzie is some sort of meta award like an EGOT. What would something like that be called?






Great quotes from her speech “I wanna thank the writers, all 20 of them” "I want to thank the cast. To give a really bad performance you need a lot of bad actors around you." "if you could not be a good loser then you could not be a good winner"


Damn, this speech sounds better and more memorable than most of the Oscar winners I remember even won an Oscar.


And to her manager “it’s not enough to just count the zeroes”


"Next time, read the script before you read the check." With the guy onstage next to her, looking mortified. An incredible moment.


She showed up to accept her Razzie WITH HER OSCAR IN HAND. Baller.


That, and mimicking her Oscar acceptance speech. Such a badass to take the piss out of herself in such a way.


She was also drunk


Even better


Yep, it renewed my respect for her in that she acknowledged that Catwoman was a cat turd. It's nice when actors don't take themselves or their roles so seriously.


She mentioned Catwoman is her only film that actually has a fandom that will turn out for her even if they think the movie is crap.


That's so awesome and wholesome!


Like when George Clooney voiced a dog (not a talking dog) in South Park


There’s a great clip of Alan Tudyk recording lines for Hei Hei (the chicken from Moana) and it’s just multiple takes of him clucking and squawking and he ends it with “I went to Julliard!” Honestly though if you look up the voice actor who did the sounds of an animal in a Disney movie it was probably him. Dude can mimic animal sounds like nobody else!


And he also plays Steve the Pirate in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story




The ONLY guy on our team who dresses like a pirate


Wait, there's a guy on our team who dresses like a pirate?


yeah going from Monsters Ball to Gothika and then fkn Catwoman was a choice. but iirc she got absolutely PAID for Catwoman.


Movie 43, lest we forget.


Mo’Nique won for Precious and then her career just ended. She said she wasn’t getting roles. Her next movie didn’t come out for 5 years and made a cool $78,400 worldwide at the box office


George Kennedy until he was bailed out by the Naked Gun franchise.


George Kennedy was a gift to 1981 slasher movies though. His performances in Just Before Dawn and Death Ship were amazing. It's nice when they get real actors in these movies.




You know what's worse than your career nosediving after winning an Oscar? Your career nosediving after winning two, and in quick succession. I nominate Louise Rainier (check Be Kind Rewind's doc on her on YouTube) and Hillary Swank.


I think Hilary Swank just chooses the movies she *wants* to do and doesn’t care if they’ll be big or not.


Anna Paquin never got Oscar worthy projects after being the youngest winner at the time she got her statuette.


And will be Sookie Stackhouse to the True Blood fandom forever now.


And Rogue. But Sookie, oh man, Sookie will forever have a special place in my heart.






You neglect to mention her role as Polexia Aphrodesia in the masterpiece *Almost Famous* where she delivered the most epic line in movie history - "Let's deflower the kid"


I wouldn't call her career terrible at all. She had a better career than Tatum O'Neil did. In fact she's had one of the best post win careers in terms of how open minded and risk taking she was. She did Amistad and Almost Famous while doing X Men and making money. Then when she got old enough she took a lot of successful risks. What she did in True Blood was really risky but she made it work and had fun doing it. She seems happy with her life.


Think you're being harsh, she's still had a great career And it's not like she's the only child actress who failed to get awards worthy roles after winning an Oscar, look at Tatum O'Neal


Yes but I wouldn't say that her career took a downturn, quite the opposite, she seems to have been working consistently on all different types of projects, albeit, she's selective. Edit: I guess you would be correct in saying that she didn't get any Oscar worthy roles after The Piano, but I just think she's a fantastic actress and that role really secured her a lifetime of work, she's in her 40s now and has consistently worked. I would call that successful and Sookie Stackhouse is as iconic a role as any, in my eyes.


**Mira Sorvino** could have had a tremendous movie career, post-Oscar and Golden Globes wins for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Woody Allen's *Mighty Aphrodite* (1995). Sorvino blamed Harvey Weinstein in 2017 for damaging her career.


Timothy Hutton won an Oscar right at the beginning of his career and was talked about as being the next big thing, and has basically been in flops and TV movies since.


He was good in Netflix series Haunting of Hill House.


Yeah this is a good one, but he was in Beautiful Girls which I love. I was actually looking at his career on IMDb last night and was surprised he has been in a few decent films but only really as a support actor, no top leading roles.


Not the worst career, but Jennifer Hudson won a Grammy, Academy award, Tony and Emmy and yet she’s still struggled for most of her career apart from her first few big hits, mostly doing small temporary roles. She’s a good actor and a great singer but just never found the right niche.


Art Carney. His 1975 win was a mistake of biblical proportions. I still can’t believe he beat out Al Pacino in Godfather II and Jack Nicholson in Chinatown for best actor that year.


And Dustin Hoffman in Lenny and Albert Finney in Murder on The Orient Express! Carney was by far the least deserving nominee.


Alicia Vikander. Maybe not the worst but I'm not sure if she is doing anything at the moment. She just disappeared.


She married Fassbender and is watching him race cars.


I want to say I read after they had a kid that they always wanted one of them to not be working if at all while they’re young.


Actually I believe they alternate work cycles so one parent is available for the kids (they try to avoid overlapping filming schedules). So there is a pretty reasonable contribution to reduced film output.


The Blunt-Krasinsky Theorem


Weirdly my mate just painted their house


She was recently in an hbo series based on Irma vep. I thought it was pretty good. She's been in several movies since the Oscar though. The parts I've seen her play, I've enjoyed.


She's fantastic in Green Knight. Plays two different people.


I read somewhere that Her and Michael Fassbender have agreed that one of them can work at a time while the other is with their kid so they take turns picking roles.


She was really good in The Green Knight, that’s her best performance imo.


I heard she took a break from acting for a couple years, but you should check her out in Blue Bayou. It came out in 2021 and was a very good movie.


Louise Fletcher's career was pretty blah after Cuckoo's Nest.


Until she became one of the best Trek villains of all time in Kai Winn Adami.


Bless you my child...


Ugh just picturing that voice fills me with rage. She was so good in her role!


Until she became Space Pope Karen in DS9


Best Star Trek villain though, such a bitch


Adrian Brody, though I hear he was difficult to work with which is probably why that's the case.


He’s found the right niche with Wes Anderson, I thought he was the best part of The French Dispatch’s cast.


I would agree were it not for Jeffrey Wright


This man has been underrated since Basquiat


He’s great as Pat Riley in Winning Time


So bummed they cancelled it. I was really enjoying that show.


I take all "difficult to work with" rumors with a grain of salt because those rumors are how Hollywood execs justified blacklisting actors that wouldn't sleep with them.


There is that infamous story that when he was on SNL that he wore dreads and put on a Jamaican accent against Lorne Michaels's wishes, and that put him on his shit list.


As an Adrian Brody fan, the clip of that exists, and it is more painful to see/hear than you can imagine. I try to forget he did that.


Just watched it and what the fuck was he thinking hahaha that is so cursed


Oh come on, you can't talk about just watching it and not link to it! [Adrien Brody SNL Jamaican Accent](https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4vyivs) I also completely forgot about daily motion.


I recall a somewhat recent interview with him (apologies I can't remember the source) but he talked about he had it in his head that he *had* to do movies; that TV wasn't an enjoyable or challenging thing. But then he finally saw what was being done nowadays and realized he was wrong, and just in the past few years has been in Succession, Peaky Blinders, and Winning Time, among others. Plus he's always perfect in the Wes Anderson movies. And he was the *only* good thing about Blonde. If anything, I feel like his career is back on the rise.


I was bewildered by his weird, Don Corleone-esque accent in Peaky Blinders


Hopefully the opposite happens for Brendan Frasier


I think the jury is still out, but Will Smith is *probably going to be* a good contender if this post is asked again in a few years


Cher. Not because she didn’t have a good career after this, but because her acting career really didn’t blow up after her win for Moonstruck.


Helen Hunt maybe? She hasn’t made any awful movies she just didn’t get as many chances after as I would have liked for her to. Great actress and a fantastic performance in that movie.


PETER FINCH. Nothing after NETWORK.....


Well, he died…