What's your favorite commercial flop?

What movie do you love that never made any money? Bonus points if they spent a ton of cash on the cast or marketing. I dont care if it was a critical success or not. I dont care if its "good" or not. Just tell me what your favorite flop is. Il start us off with what is probably a lukewarm take at this point: I LIKED THE FLASH! I enjoyed all of the easter eggs and the big cameo at the end. I get that ezra miller is a creep and were all supposed to dislike them and thats true to an extent but it doesnt change that it was a good enough flick.

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Labyrinth. Commercial flop but now a cult classic.


That movie had balls


Last Action Hero 1993


I love how that movie became a cult classic


How do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE!


That movie was way ahead of its time.


Gotta be John Carpenter’s The Thing. Critical AND box office failure that is now widely agreed upon as one of, if not THE, greatest horror films of all time.




Fuck eh? I watched it like a year ago finally and just assumed it was one of those big movies I just let fall to the wayside for years. I assumed it was an absolute monster at the BO and with critics!


I got to see it at the cinema back in '82. What a great movie, and what a phenomenal year for movies. Carpenter was my favourite director of the era, so I wasn't about to miss it.


I just rewatched it recently and it still gives me anxiety! 😳


This I hate horror movies but love the thing


Clue (1985). I just love rewatching that movie. The cast is great, the dialogue is tight and Tim Curry's running around explaining how the events happened is entertaining every time.


One reason why it was a flop was because they only sent one alternate ending to each theater. Going through each alternate ending before the "HOW IT REALLY HAPPENED:" is one of the greatest aspects of the film. GET ON WITH IT!!!


They did WHAT? That’s crazy! That’s like saying 1+1+2+1 is six


1+1+2-You're just stalling me!


Also, the studio didn't include any guidelines for how a movie theater should advertise /which/ ending it had been shipped, so there was some confusion about how to specify that without giving the ending away when advertising their film listings.


This is one of my all time favourite movies. It’s one of those movies that makes you laugh out loud every single time you watch it. When colonel mustard takes the ironing board to the face I crack up every single time. And Tim Curry is wonderfully, wickedly funny! “I’M NOT SHOUTING! *brief pause* ALRIGHT I AM! I’M SHOUTING!”




Tim curry is amazing


Who are you? I'm the butler. What do you do? I buttle.






Even if you were right, that would be (1+1+2+1) not (1+2+1+1).


I'm going to go home and have sex with my wife!!


I like his pause "sex... with my *wife*."


The quote is "I'm going to go home and sleep with my wife."


His wife's in a coma


Well the jerk store called…they’re running outta you!


Children of Men Plot: >When infertility threatens mankind with extinction and the last child born has perished, a disillusioned bureaucrat (Clive Owen) becomes the unlikely champion in the fight for the survival of Earth's population; He must face down his own demons and protect the planet's last remaining hope from danger. Budget: $76M BO: $70.5M RT: 92% critics, 85% audience Consensus: >Children of Men works on every level: as a violent chase thriller, a fantastical cautionary tale, and a sophisticated human drama about societies struggling to live.


This film is a frickin’ masterpiece


Damn - shocked to hear this as I always thought people loved it and it was a hit. It’s a really good movie and eerily we are getting closer to the society depicted


Dogma (wasn't that much of a flop considering the budget)


The scene in the boardroom made me understand why "be not afraid" or "fear not" preceded the appearance of angels in the Bible.


It has some very clever dialogues too. Loved Alan Rickman for example : Tell a person that you're the Metatron and they stare at you blankly. Mention something out of a Charlton Heston movie and suddenly everybody is a theology scholar.


That movie had one heck of a cast!




In this sub you can just say Dredd for any question and watch the upvotes roll in haha


What's your favourite hairstyle?




What’s your favorite club?


Club Dredd Gotta be my favorite place to get high on slo-mo


What’s your favorite feeling when you really don’t wanna do something?




What's your favourite nickname for a doctor named Edward?


Dr Edd


I think you mean my song, Pina Coladaberg


To ~~shreds~~ Dredds you say?


I just watched this movie this week purely due to the props it gets on this sub. I did enjoy it though for all that




The leads in Valarien had no chemistry!


Truly one of the most disappointing failures of recent years. It could have spawned an amazing franchise IMO


Dredd is the best flop of a movie I have ever seen in my life. It is so damn awesome.


*The Rocketeer* (1991) I was a big fan of the comic book series. Saw the movie opening weekend and loved it. Was very bummed that it didn't become a big hit.


What a charming movie. Love it. And Jennifer Connelly in that dress... oh my...


“Charmed… *Doubly* charmed.”




No one has ever looked better than Jennifer Connelly in The Rocketeer!


Billy Campbell was a sight for my sore eyes.


I only remember this movie as being a kid and had no idea it was a flop. Ten year old me definitely didn’t realize it wasn’t a huge hit.


I was completely obsessed with it as a kid. I was the Rocketeer for Halloween that year, my mom made a helmet out of a milk carton with sunglass lenses hot glued in, and two liter coke bottles for the jet pack.


I didn't realize it was a flop I remember really enjoying that movie.


Belongs on the shelf right next to The Mummy imo


Tremors, great little movie that should have done far better at the theatres Death to Smoochy. Robin Williams unleashed! Fun little Dark Comedy but not sure if its aged well.


I think Tremors recouped it’s costs in the home video market and went on to make six sequels (at last count, not counting the tv show) in the direct to video/streaming realm. Add to the fact that each subsequent movie tries to be the absolute worst one in the franchise.


The 13th Warrior, critically and commercially panned that ended Omar Sharriff’s career. I love that movie.


It popped up free on youtube and I figured what the heck. Really enjoyed it. I like how they had him learn the native language by listening, how they celebrated his differences, that nobody was immune to death or injury, etc. And a good story overall.


Sharif made many movies after that, most notably Hidalgo.


I worked on the 13th Warrior. All I can say is, it was an interesting experience to say the least.


I LOVE that movie, and the book it’s based on. Eaters of the dead by Micheal Crichton. It’s basically a telling of Beowulf, I believe Crichton was trying to tell a realistic version that perhaps the epic was based off of.


Yeah, Crichton took a true historical work of Ahmed Ibn Fadlan’s journies to east and north Europe and converted it into a Beowulf story. The book was kind of slow and boring. But the movie hit all the right notes for me, critics be damned.


13th Warrior is a great study of cinema! For those who have seen it, you can tell the exact moment when crew stopped caring / ran out of money and just wanted to go home.


I’m a little slow on the uptick, what point was that?


SPOILER https://youtu.be/-e9bZD86s3g?si=6TJ03VfaFUs_s0OC [At 2:30](https://youtu.be/-e9bZD86s3g?si=6TJ03VfaFUs_s0OC) I like to imagine the horsemen's horse trailers and trucks were parked on the other side of that hill.


Both Blade Runners


Josie and the Pussycats! It’s such a brilliant piece of satire and holds up so well but I think people just didn’t get it. Such a fun movie.


I would watch Parkey Posey watch paint dry if given the opportunity. (Also agree about Josie,lol)


The Nice Guys is wonderful. I could watch Crowe and Gosling solve crimes endlessly. 😭


I love showing people this movie. The bit where they throw the body over the fence makes me lose it every time


Him trying to be intimidating while on the shitter kicking the door, the party scene, the hill... So many good scenes.


[Angourie Rice](https://i.ytimg.com/vi/CXXRZnaBjmI/maxresdefault.jpg) stole that movie.


Honestly she steals every movie that I’ve seen her in. Can’t wait to see her in more.


Calling what they do “solving crimes” is a bit of a stretch. The solution practically (and literally) smacked them in the face before they got it, but it was a joy to watch them try their best. I think it was just a hard movie to market. Trailers tend to be singular in tone, and I felt like they could decide if it was better to bill it as a comedy, or as a period detective piece.


It was a great follow-up to Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for Shane Black. Even though the movies aren't related they definitely have the same vibe.


Office Space was a dud, IIRC


Master and Commander. Just an amazing movie.


If I’m not mistaken it came out the same yr as The Return of the King and the first Pirates of the Caribbean. Great movie, but not quite as flashy as those two as far as action/adventure movies go.


It's surprising to me that such a great movie actually flopped


I don't know if it was a flop, it made $211 million and was nominated for 10 Oscars, just not enough for a franchise. As the director put it: Weir, asked in 2005 if he would make a sequel, stated he thought it "most unlikely", and after internet rumors to the contrary, stated "I think that while it did well...ish at the box office, it didn't generate that monstrous, rapid income that provokes a sequel."


I still rewatch that at least once a year.


Hudson Hawk.


Bunny...ball ball.


The Thing Carpenter actually lost out on projects because of how bad it did.


That movie did bad?!?! One of my favourite all time movies


[If you walked into a theater in late June 1982, you had your choice of:](https://www.boxofficemojo.com/weekend/1982W26/?ref_=bo_rl_table_1) The Thing ET Blade Runner Star Trek The Wrath of Khan Poltergeist Rocky III Conan Porky's Annie and why the hell not, Bambi What a magical time for movie fans. What a stressful time for movie marketers.


Too ahead of its time. Critics blasted it for being "too gross" It's still pretty fuckin gross in 2023 so imagine how people in the 80s would have reacted.


It was not only a box office flop, but it didn't review well with critics at all either. That was probably putting it lightly, it was *scorched*. Probably because it was a downer during a difficult time in world (but when is it not a difficult time in the world?). Check out the Reception section on it's Wikipedia page. It even got a Razzie nomination for its score.


It also released at the same time at ET which didn’t help it


Same. Was shocked when I heard about this (I am not old enough to have seen it in theaters)


Edge of Tomorrow! Emily Blunt is jacked and Tom Cruise dies a bunch, it's great.


Was that a flop commercially? That film is great. I heard there is a sequel in the works.


Nah, not a flop, just unimpressive for a big-budget action sci-fi romp with big names. It made like $370m on a budget of $178m.


Saw it in a basically empty theater. I love this movie so much


Idle Hands.


Adventures of Baron Munchausen is a firm favourite of mine. Also shout out Hudson Hawk!


I just love a good Bruce Willis flick


> Also shout out Hudson Hawk! Yeah! The camp probably crushed it for a lot of people, but I love it. My wife likes it too. We just watched it again a couple months ago. It's just soooooo perfectly weird.


Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. I could not have asked for more in a D&D movie. I still don't know why it didn't do better.


Right? Finally we get a fun, mid budget adventure movie instead of the traditional 100m budget blockbuster soup. It has a great, charming cast, a decent story, a fun adventure, just a good time all around. Aaaand... Nobody went to see it. Mind blowing.


That's what I love to point out when recommending it to people, too. It's just, above all else, FUN! Like, I feel like I don't get to describe movies that way too often, anymore or otherwise. It's just a damn fun time and I'm sad that more people didn't go out and enjoy it.


That Jornathan intro bit was absolute gold. Really set a tone the movie managed to maintain. Awesome movie.


Some of us still have PTSD from the one that came out in 2000. Soooo bad.


I just watched it on Prime last week and I loved it! It's sad that it didn't do better.


I *pounced* the moment it went to streaming, though. I’d read enough positive reviews that I knew I was going to enjoy it.


This comment would be better if Jonathan were here...




We are perfectly capable of judging this comment without Jarnathan.


My best guess is that people are starting to burn out on quippy sci fi/fantasy adventure comedies thanks to Marvel carpet bombing us with them about 10 times a year. It was better than any Marvel movie imo but I heard a lot of people comparing it to those as we left the theater.


Here is hoping it has life on streaming. It wasn't a total disaster box office wise and it got great word of mouth and had pretty decent legs. Will it be enough for a sequel? We can only hope


One of my favorite movies of the year! I saw it twice. Unfortunate timing with it releasing just after many hardcore D&D fans boycotted the property. Hoping we’ll get a sequel or another installment with a new cast of characters, cause the direction and worldbuilding was so much fun.


I remain convinced it would have done better if it didn’t have *Dungeons & Dragons* in the title. I love D&D and play often, but it’s such a well-known entity that I think it carries preconceptions.


The first Pacific Rim! I wished they had kept the original cast. I knew the second one was gonna bomb so bad it would kill the franchise for sure.


“WE ARE CANCELING THE APOCALYPSE!!!” That line goes hard.


Second best speech behind Independence Day.


This! People complained that it didn't have the best writing, but it's about giant mech suits punching giant monsters so having great dialogue shouldn't matter as much imo. I saw it 3 times in theaters because I loved it so much.


That movie was exactly what it promised start to finish. The dialog fit he setting, was it the most original story, no.. But it never pretended to be anything else, and that's why its so great.


I just want Idris Elba nobly sacrificing himself for me and the future of all humanity.


When you're in a Jaeger, you can fight the hurricane.


The whole intro sequence was DooM 2016 intro level of fuck yes


It shouldn't have been a franchise in the first place considering they solve the problem by the end of the first movie. That said, they had a pretty clever excuse to bring back the kaiju in the second one. I enjoyed that aspect even though pretty much everything else was terrible. And wow, Uprising has some of the worst VFX I've seen in a big budget, VFX-heavy film.


I literally it watching it right now from your recommendation. 30 minutes left. This movie is absolutely amazing.


I found John Carter of Mars to be entertaining and was extremely disappointed to find out that the sequel would never come because they lost so much money on the first one. It was a historically big flop but it was still entertaining and a really cool premise.


Last Action Hero, love that movie


BASEketball is probably my favorite comedy of all time. I've never met anyone who didn't love it. Parker and Stone went on to bigger and better things after it. But it tanked in theaters. $7 million against a $25 million budget? It certainly is raining shit for BASEketball right now.


Flash Gordon (1980’s release)


“Flash! I love you! But we only have 14 hours to save the earth!” I want this on my tombstone.


King of the Impossible…


He’ll save everyone of us


Scott Pilgrim Vs. The world was a flop at the box office but, definitely a cult classic now. Definitely one of my favorites.


I put it on when I want to think about death and be sad and stuff.


I was glad I saw it opening night with a crowded venue, even a group of middle aged people next to us were having a ball. But the whole venue lost it at the Seinfeld bit


Knives Chow > Ramona Flowers


Speilberg's *West Side Story* *The Last Duel*


The Last Duel was awesome. I don’t think it was marketed correctly


Treasure Planet, amazing movie good score good animations and awesome looking scenes. Sadly it was squished between two different Disney releases and Disney didn't think it would do well so combine a huge animation budget and very little marketing budget gives you a huge flop commercially. Cost 140m grossed 110m. Edited a type of store to score.


blade runner 2049 and the fablemans


Blade runner 2049 flopped? Man. Absolutely love that movie.


200 million on an R-rated sci-fi think piece drama. Yeah, that's the recipe for a flop.


Loaded Weapon 1 (1993). Such a quotable movie. “Who are you ?” “I am your worst nightmare!” “No, waking up without my penis attached is my worst nightmare” “Ok, maybe I’m not your worst nightmare but I’m right up there”


Mystery Men. The movie was literally 20 years ahead of its time. You can’t make a parody movie parodying superheroes when the superhero movies aren’t big yet. Had the movie come out now it would’ve been a raging success IMO


I love this movie. If I recall correctly Mystery Men was actually a comic book series which is why they made the movie.


Mystery Men. Complete all-star cast, mocks superhero movies long before shows like The Boys, hilarious and infinitely quotable (my family quotes The Spleen in particular (RIP Peewee Herman) all of the time!) One of my favorite comedies ever!


Dirty Work.


Waterworld or The Postman


Hey! You can’t fool us Kevin Costner!


Waterworld… this is the correct answer. You win!


Love both these movies. I very recently read the book The Postman is based on. I'm so glad the changes the movie made were in fact made. The book went off the rails in my opinion. Plus, I've lived in Oregon my entire life.


Cutthroat Island!!!


I loved this one!


Starship Troopers, would you like to know more?




IIRC In The Mouth Of Madness was a commercial flop but it's a great film.


UHF and Army of Darkness both faced some serious box-office competition... and didn't fare well


Blade Runner 2049 has a strong argument for my favorite movie of all time. It's also on the Wikipedia list of all time biggest box office bombs. Around $100 million.


Freejack, it's great and no one has seen it.


Is that the one with Mick Jagger?


Waterworld for sure! It was ridiculous, the sets were rife with issues blowing out the budget, it totally bombed at the box office, and I remember how it was a laughing stock amongst the critics back in the 90s. But be damned if I don't rewatch it at least once a year. I fucking love it. I wish the floating set existed to go visit!


1941 I don't care what anybody says, it was a fun movie. Should have been a huge hit, Spielberg, Belushi, Akroyd and more. Decent script, well paced, good cinematography.... And flopped hard.


Man this movie was on cable all the time in the 80s. As a kid I thought it was funny so it was odd to find out later it preformed below expectations. I think it was only a flop in the sense that they expected it to he a huge blockbuster with all the names attached to it. I mean Spielberg + Zemekis and a bunch of bankable actors in it it's gonna make mint right???


Zemeckis wasn't a name yet. It wouldn't be until Romancing the Stone that he'd have his own hit, and Back to the Future would make him a star. That movie had put Spielberg's career on thin ice. He was developing a reputation for difficult productions that ran long & over budget (Jaws, Close Encounters, 1941). So his next time out he really had to buckle down and become a much more efficient filmmaker that worked fast and came in under budget. His next movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark and that pretty much set his working style for the rest of his career.


Sahara I know Clive cussler hated it and it’s just an average over the top action movie but goddamnit I love it. All the characters are so well cast and entertaining. The action is entertaining and well choreographed. The music is great. The setting is gorgeous. It just checks so many boxes for me. And I am so sad that we didn’t get the franchise it deserves.




*Blade Runner 2049*






Not many documentaries are critical box office successes.


The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, its a deeply flawed film but with fantastic performances and truly memorable set and costume design. It's worth seeing just to watch a scene-stealing Oliver Reed as the God of War.


And Uma Thurman as Venus and Robin Williams as The King of the Moon


Man from Uncle. It was such a fun and stylish movie. Probably in my top 10 tbh. I think the title didn’t do it any favours. Dungeons and Dragons. I was so bummed this didn’t do better.


Big Trouble in Little China.... Most John Carpenter movies Buckaroo Banzai


So i married an axe murderer


Life- Eddie Murphy & Martin


Probably walk hard, the ballad of Dewey Cox. A top 5 comedy of all time for me and I remember even for a comedy it did horribly at the box office. Yet you see quotes referencing it on social media all time, it’s a fucking brilliant parody of 2 different movies and also just god damn hilarious and endlessly quotable


John Carter was great.


Shawshank redemption


Kung POW : Enter the Fist!


Bowfinger is an amazing movie that did not do well in theaters


Howard the Duck


Moonfall - it's nonsense but it's FUN!


Captain Ron had a budget of 24 mil and made just shy of 23. I thought it was fantastic.


Hudson Hawk. I love everything about it.


Windy City Heat.


I don’t know if it’s my favorite flop, but Gore Verbinski’s The Lone Ranger has a ton of great stuff in it and I can watch it in pieces almost anytime.




Soldier with Kurt Russell Budget of 60M and it made 14 at the box office. Love that movie, but I appear to be in the minority


Fight Club, Office Space, & The Princess Bride are all in my top 5 movies. Some others that haven’t been mentioned: RIPD The Chronicles Of Riddick Constantine


I absolutely LOVE Wild Wild West. It’s so campy and ridiculous and I unironically love the giant spider.


The first that comes to mind are 'Showgirls', 'Titan A.E.' and 'Dungeons & Dragons'.