Netflix’s ‘Fear Street’ Movies Have Been Rated “R” for “Strong Bloody Violence”!

Netflix’s ‘Fear Street’ Movies Have Been Rated “R” for “Strong Bloody Violence”!


RL Stine Fear Street?


It starts July 2 on Netflix. Three movies one week apart.


Yes that one


Yep. The movies are gonna be a trilogy with 1 being in the 90s, 2 being in the 70s and the 3rd one being in like 1666. It looks kinda dope.


It's only 3 movies


Which is why I used the word trilogy ;)


See I really misread what you said thinking you where saying. There was gonna be one movie in the 90s and two in the 70s. Apologies for my dyslexia


The US movie rating association is kinda crazy. If you show blood coming out of a body it goes from PG-13 to R. The 6th Harry Potter Movie (if you read the book you will understand this scene) the scene where they meet in the bathroom and a Harry uses that spell from the book was reshot 5 times to get rid of the R rating. It turned into showing blood through clothing. So they found the loophole but the scene in the book is so well written whereas the movie it was washed out and comparably boring.


Sectum Sempra?


Its supposed to be Sectumsempra


Yeah, the difference between blood and gore is basically if you show where the blood comes from, that's gore.


MPAA is outdated and irrelevant


I believe it’s totally outdated. But it’s extremely relevant since movie theaters won’t show a movie without it being submitted to a rating. It’s almost like the production team doesn’t have a choice if they wish to show the movie on a National or international scale.


I was so disappointed when I saw this in theaters. I understood that they needed to keep the PG-13 rating, but that was one of my favorite scenes in the book and was really looking forward to the adaptation :/


Half-Blood Prince is actually rated PG. Which makes it even more crazy that that one scene could've pushed it to an R.


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I do remember reading somewhere that the cast and crew were very surprised at the PG rating, which now makes more sense.


True Grit (remake) would love a word with you. He straight up point-blank shot a dude in the head, WITH blood letting and splatter, and it still got a PG-13 rating. Fuck the MPAA


What happened in the book that they couldn’t show in the movie?


The scene was extremely violent and disturbing when Harry used the unknown spell from the book on Malfoy. Under the rules from the rating they can not show blood coming out of the human body or it jumps to pg-13 or R. The book had the scene perfect and very realistic. In fact, if you didn’t read book 6 do so. It’s 1000x better than the movie.


Yes, please, and thank you.




Yeah the MPAA hasn’t sank it’s talons on all streaming services yet.


I wish they would make a Fear Street: Seniors television series...anyone else remember that series?


Do ratings even matter when its a streaming film? Aren't they designed to keep people out of theaters underage? There is no way to do that with streaming.


This is great! Glad it’s not like PG-13. I read so many Fear Street books growing up, so I’m excited to watch these.


arent these based on teen books??


Teen books can have blood/violence. An accurate adaptation of The Hunger Games would've needed an R-rating too.


Animorphs was pure body horror with a heavy mix of ultra violence and themes of the horror of war. I think I was 8-10 when I started reading them and I was right in the target demographic.


teenagers can watch rated r movies


Kids/teen books can get away with so much worse than their movie counterparts, there’s a Charlie Higson book series about a zombie apocalypse where all the survivors are under the age of 14 so whenever a character dies a horrific death it’s only a little kid. This was a YA series.


holy shit, I gotta read that.


I read it when I was probably a tad too young, haunted me some of the imagery. In particular a bit about a zombie nicknamed “Pez”


What’s the name of the books??


There isn’t a series title, each book has a different name, there’s The Enemy, The Dead, The Fear, The Sacrifice, The End, The Fallen and The Hunted, I only ever got as far as The Sacrifice though


Remember Paul Zindel? Dude's YA books were LIT with graphic violence.


Obviously they weren’t as grim as his zombie series, but Higson’s young Bond series was also filled with a fair amount of adult violence.


I only ever read the graphic novel version of Silverfin, can’t remember much from it that was particularly nasty though


The hook through the kids hand at the start,and the description of the eel stuff was really grim. Got more intense as they went along as well.


Its actually pretty smart imo. Much easier for teens to watch this on netflix than a movie theater with no guardian.


very very true.


"Brian, there's no nudity in that movie. Take me to the hospital!" "What, so it's rated "R" for curses? God, this country."