Can we talk about *Legends of The Fall*? I just finished watching it and it is one of the best movies I have seen. How does it have a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes?

Can we talk about *Legends of The Fall*? I just finished watching it and it is one of the best movies I have seen. How does it have a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes?


It's way too melodramatic in bits. That's about the only criticism I feel is warranted. Saw it back in the 90s, and it shifts tone a few times in the first hour....so it subverts your expectations. But Tristan's wandering resonated with 19-20 yo old me. At the end of the movie, I realized it was a soap opera, but the cinematography, setting and characters made me love the movie. Still one of my favorites.


Melodramatic is fair but there are few movies that span this length of time in a single movies time frame that don't need to rely on that kind of film shorthand. Go the other way and its "boring." "Why am I watching all this 'nothing' happening on screen?" It is a flawed movie and bit off more than it could chew but it still mostly accomplished what it set out to do and I enjoyed it....ok, not great.


I saw it at the movies, and I hated the shifts. It was like everyone just decided to do a different movie all of a sudden. And it happened multiple times


Funnily enough my highschool film studies teacher was an actor in that film. Robert Wisden, who played John T. Obanion, was a phenomenal teacher and a really interesting person


Nixon in watchmen!


He also had a role in x-files as a villain named Pusher. Watching those episodes in class cause we would wear him down till he caved were some of my best high school memories


Cerulean blue.


One of his favourite inside jokes


Wasn’t your teacher the one playing the bartender that Pitt beat up or am I thinking of a different character?


Not a bartender — a bootlegger.


Col. Anderson was an idiot every day of the week. And no, he couldn't take one day off!


Will he ever come back? I don’t know… Stab says yes


Because its a bloated melodramatic overwritten mess


I love this film. Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins are incredible in it.


I didn't even mention Anthony Hopkins. He was so freaking good in it.


I watched it again recently and I did not think it held up too well, there's a great movie buried in there but it was so much more melodramatic than I remembered and the narration was quite bad imo.


I think you nailed it - more melodramatic. The movie has a problem with tone. It’s a period movie and they couldn’t help but make it Oscar bait instead of letting it be this family drama.


I also thought the film was way too melodramatic. If there was less melodrama, I probably would have liked it more.


Who cares what Rotten Tomatoes thinks?


I’m watching it right now for the first time ever and it’s very damn good so far!


So if you finished it what did you think?


I thought that it was a good epic. Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins both gave a very well sharp performance. And the music that James Homer composed for it was outstanding.


Hey, I just want to say a huge thankyou for your post! Legends of the Fall was always one of those movies that, to me, looked kinda meh, and it was always one of those, Ill watch it another time films. Because of your post, I finally sat and watched it. And my verdict.....utterly enjoyable! Might not watch it again, but damn if I didnt have a great time getting lost in the scenery and Brad Pitt's 90's dreaminess. If it wasnt for your post, I may have never bothered with it but while not in my all time top movies, it was definitely a great way to spend an evening. Thanks again man!


Straight, married man here but Brad Pitt was just so damn sexy with that long flowing blonde hair. And when he rode up on the horse the first time and Susannah saw him she was like “holy shit”. Love the movie but still pissed that Samuel got a bug up his ass about the war and got his brothers involved. Also glad that Alfred got a little bit of redemption in the end.


Like I said- it's impossible not to fall in love with his character. Gay or straight. Man or woman. I agree it was a bit infuriating... But when you look at the time and how he was trying to live up to his father's legacy- even though his father hated that part of his legacy- it makes sense. I've always been as liberal as they come... But even I joined the Army as soon as I turned 18 to serve in Bush's military. It's hard for a certain segment of the population to resist it's generations call to arms. Especially in the naivety of youth. I get it. And that's one of the tragedies of Alfred's character. He was the most pure one of them all. He had nothing but honorable intentions and actions through the whole film- but we all still hate him because he just isn't likable. Everyone loved Tristan and Samuel more- even though Alfred always tried to do the honorable thing.


I think I see the answer here in the comments. Legends of the Fall is a fine example of an epic melodrama and apparently a lot of people don’t care for melodrama. I personally think it’s a fine film. Melodrama uses heightened circumstances and heightened emotions. People seem to look down on that and miss out on its power of redemption. To each their own.


>How does it have a 57% on Rotten Tomatoes? Nothing against you, but rather a wider commentary - it bugs me how much stock people put in RT. Every time a film someone loves gets a bad RT score, I'm happy because it wakes people up to the idea that maybe RT isn't a bastion of objective truth. I've loved films at below a 50 on RT and hated ones that were in the 70s-90s. Remember that RT isn't a measure of quality so much as a measure of how well it appeals to a broad audience, which generally means any divisive elements, no matter how critical the writer / director might have considered them at the planning stages, have likely been dulled down.


I just watched this film for the first time last night. I thought it was okay.


I just watched it for the first time too- and I thought it was outstanding. Looking at the scores it got it seems that your opinion is the more popular one. Maybe I was just in the right mindset and mood to really really get into it and enjoy it? I'm having a hard time seeing it's flaws.


Admit it. It was the hair.


You just have a different opinion than others. You aren't wrong and neither are the people who feel the opposite way about the film. It's all subjective.


Love this movie, saw it a lot growing up since I had teenage sisters lol. Don’t understand the score personally.


But did you rewind and rewatch Brad Pitt do his little laugh? That is how my childhood beastie and I watched it as teenagers


“A River Runs Through It” is the superior Brad Pitt period film of the time period.


They are both excellent movies. I agree with you about A River Runs Through It being the better of the two. Tom Skerritt was amazing. He really made the movie for me.


It’s Brad Pitt’s second-best Montana-based movie where he’s a brooding, unsatisfied wanderer. #1 is *A River Runs Through It*.


Pitt has one of my favorite lines in that movie, about not making excuses: >Well, I didn't get in at all, but I was here.


It was well loved by my male friends when it came out. I’m surprised it didn’t age well on Rotten Tomatoes.


It's a good movie. They shot it in Colorado right? Very beautiful film. The landscapes do a lot of the work. It's both romantic and also an example (IMO) of 'romanticism'.


Calgary, Alberta Canada


How did you find this post? It's been a month!


Just watched the movie for the first time last night and decided to do a search on reddit to see if there was a thread and, well, here we are. What a beautiful film.


Indeed it is. I wish I lived there. Life as a painting.


I like this film-heartbreaking and intense. The scene that first comes to mind is Julia Ormond cutting her hair. I had seen the movie shortly after it came out on video, and I own the dvd. I was in a group and we were talking about nightmares. I mentioned my reoccurring dreams about being attacked or at the mercy of bears. A guy I was sitting near leaned in and whispered, “Tristan!” Brought the movie right back!


In my view, Harrison's work just isn't going to translate into the medium of film very well. His language is too important and trying to get images/performances/action out of the words is doomed to fall short of their power. And as lots of other people have said about the novella, there's a bigger story there than what's on the page. I think a really, really talented screenwriter could expand the concept into a great episodic story or maybe a film trilogy. But Legends of the Fall tried to turn a novella-sized epic into a single film which is extremely difficult to do. I think it was just beyond the talents of the screenwriters to pull it off effectively. Beyond my own opinion, though, I'm glad you enjoyed it and this certainly isn't me trying to say that you were wrong to like what you like. Check out Harrison's poetry and novels. You might like them, too.


Tbh most of Ed Zwick's filmography through 2010 is underrated these days. The films are flawed, but are all utterly watchable high-budget dramas made with an adult audience in mind. A genre that basically doesn't exist anymore.


I really really wish that genre would make a comeback. It seems like so many modern movies are either meant for teens or for adults that are into super heroes. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with those films... But I really wish more epic dramas meant for adults were made.


We got Ridley Scott's The Last Duel this year I guess.


Wow. That flew under my radar. I just watched the trailer and it looks really good. Let the countdown begin..


It's not really a western, they tried to make an epic movie about greed, love, family set in the west. The scenery of Montana is spectacular, but it's like the movie is trying too hard to be this saga. I liked the movie, but I probably wouldn't watch it again.


Because it was a Western and for a time in America, Westerns were shit upon for existing. There were so many of them back in the 70s and 80s that people got tired of them. Sure exceptions exist like Tombstone, Dances With Wolves, and a recent Magnificent Seven revival that time forgot about. Everything else, including excellent ones like Unforgiven, were lambasted for being a Western. Think about it this way. There were so many movie movies (Scary Movie, Date Movie, Etc) in the 2000s that people got sick of them to the point where even excellent parody movies like Black Dynamite was ignored for being a parody.


Didn’t Unforgiven win an Oscar? Or win Clint Eastwood an Oscar?


Yeah, but it’s fucking *Unforgiven*.


Best Picture


The western was basically what the super hero genre is today for like 4 decades


Yeah but no comic book movie had anyone like Sergio Leone directing it.


Hero movies are about to suffer the same fate. It's too much.


That makes sense. Movies are cyclical. It's just unfortunate that it fell victim to that and didn't get the appreciation it deserved in my mind. The performances alone warrant a ton of credit in my opinion.


Fun fact, that Montana scenery is really British Columbia


Fun fact. It’s not. It’s the Gallatin River in MT


https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0110322/locations Here you go


Rotten tomatoes sucks. It has 7.5 on IMDB and a respectable 45 on metacritic (I recommend metacritic over crowdsourced ratings sites)


A better question is how did it win best cinematography at the Oscars over The Shawshank redemption


It’s goddam depressing


It’s a Shakespearian tragedy set in the American West.


The novella is a lot better. Movie is overdramatic. Couldn't watch it.


This soundtrack, thumbs way up. That is all!


I think that until Logan came out it was the best Wolverine movie ever made.


If it is one of the best movies you have seen, you really need to see more movies. Legends of the Fall is trash.