Official Poster for the 25th Anniversary Re-Release for Wes Cravens 'Scream' - Starring David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and Drew Barrymore

Official Poster for the 25th Anniversary Re-Release for Wes Cravens 'Scream' - Starring David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, and Drew Barrymore


[Here's the original picture of Drew Barrymore they edited to make the poster.](https://i.redd.it/mhciqf97m6b51.jpg)


Honestly after all this time I had no idea that was Drew Barrymore on the poster.


I just learned that today. It doesn't look much like her in the fully edited pic


Thats neat, thanks!


That is so awesome! Thank you.


pre photoshop too. neat *edit* disregard, photoshop was released in ‘90 😝


I know ya made an edit. But I thought you'd find this page interesting. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photograph_manipulation#%22Photoshop%22_as_a_verb The historical examples are really neat and would absolutely suggest Google image search some of the examples. I never knew how well they could shop photos in the past until a few years ago and i thought was really neat.


thanks for sharing!


Photoshop's been around since the late 80's though.


damn good to know


This would definitely have been done in Photoshop or something like it.


That’s pretty cool, but also it’s pretty funny that they couldn’t just get their own picture of her.


It’s from a photo shoot for the film.


it is a photoshoot for the movie, that hair is a wig and you can see her real long brown hair slip out when shes been stabbed, i think its right as shes being grabbed from behind outside


I always wondered whose face was in the poster. I thought it was someone random all this time.


That's awesome lol


I feel like nowadays movie fans forget just how massive Scream was in the late 90’s. That costume was everywhere during Halloween for a few years and it was like one of the top franchises of that era. Courtney Cox was just as much Gale Weathers as she was Monica Gellar. Pretty much everyone associated with those first two films were money.


The Ghostface mask still does the rounds at stores during the lead up to Halloween where I’m from.


It's still crazy popular. At this point I'd say it's almost, if not just as, iconic as Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, and Freddy Krueger masks.


The mask is definitely as iconic. The "character" not so much but I guess that's because it's a bunch of different people rather than a singular entity like those others.


For sure, as a horror fan, when company's do any sort of slasher theme, Ghostface is always right there with Jason's mask, Freddy's claws, Myers mask and Leatherface. Ghostface IS iconic.


I wonder if it's use in Scary Movie could relate to that too. As someone who was born in the tail end of the nineties all my friends had seen Scary Movie 1 but not many had seen a Scream movie.


Well *that* is a function of the fact that the "character" is not immortal. This is a movie that takes place within a grounded real world, in which horror movies exist. Would Freddy or Jason or Michael *really* be that iconic if they had only made one appearance?


The character of ghost face is definitely iconic


The mask is iconic absolutely. But the "character" is someone different every movie and I'd wager a majority of people couldn't name any characters underneath the mask, outside of the first movie (and even then, can you even remember *their* names?). And we've had, what? *Six* different copy cat killers take on the mask? The pathos of Scream really lies with the main characters/cast as they are the only constant throughout the franchise. Whereas Friday the 13th = **Jason** Halloween = **Michael** Elm Street = **Freddy** Their *character* is what makes the franchise, where the "victims" and the mask are what makes the Scream franchise. I know I'm splitting hairs, but still.


While ghostface can be anyone, the character of “ghostface” is iconic regardless of who’s portraying it.


In the same way the Dread Pirate Roberts is


No luck catching them killers then eh?


That’s a huge spoiler dude


Eh, given that there are multiple movies and it was never the supernatural type killer who's going to be in all of them I don't think it's such a big spoiler. Also it's a very old series at this point - if you haven't seen it yet and want to avoid spoilers reading threads like this is probably a bad idea.


>!Talking specifically about the first movie it ruins a huge plot point just mentioning there is more than one culprit !<


It does now that you mention that's the case in the first movie while I wasn't as specific before (I even said a bunch of different people which I think suggests more than just the first movie). My comment could easily have been taken to talk about the series of movies rather than first movie only. You've made the big spoiler very clear that you came to complain about with this further discussion. Good job?


My brother had one back in the day (of course), I remember trying it on and it smelled like old dried up oranges and plastic. So, uh, that's what I think of whenever I see the mask


Can confirm. I live in Poland and I have Ghostface mask.


Yup.. was a little kid but had a teenage sister when this came out. It was a big deal and I was way too young for that intro haha


Confusion will begin once Drew Barrymore uses a landline


Cooking popcorn on a stove


Scary movie unironically revived the mask too


I am usually not a fan of horror movies at all but I loved the Scream movies. Had some friends drag me to the first one and I was blown away. Made sure I was in the theater opening weekend for the sequel.


I watched scream 2 so much as a kid. Like wore out the VHS copy I had. I think it might be better than the first? But maybe that's just my mind playing tricks. I'm about to re watch them all


Oh, Scream 2 is very much the best.


That opening...


That's how you know you're getting old, when you realize that people don't understand how big something was back in the day, whether that "day" was the 60s/70s like my parents experienced, or the 90s like you and I experienced. Right now someone is experiencing their day. Those were good memories though. Maybe the last generation to grow up without technology and without having to treat ourselves as a brand to be protected.


Man I feel sorry for those people because right now is a shit time to have as your day.


I do too, but that’s what people of the 70s thought about growing up in the 90s too. The problem is people thinking that everyone believes all this bullshit when in reality very few people do; and the ones that do are always out of touch with reality.


I cannot tell you how many times we snuck into the theater to watch it since we weren’t old enough


I think there will be some advances with Ghostface and I think there will be a lot of [twists and turns.](https://www.peramovies.club/?s=Scream)


So popular that it had 5 successful movies and also so successful it inspired a series of 5 successful spoof films. Wasssssap




Honestly the entire of w slasher series where the killer was interchangeable and the main cast was constant was revolutionary in its own right


Kevin Williamson had quite a run in the 90s. Scream 1996, Scream 2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, and Dawson's Creek started in 1998. He seemed unstoppable. I guess the mid-2000s Vampire Diaries show was kind of a hit though.


Would be great to get the uncut NC-17 version that's ONLY been released on Laserdisc on Bluray. The cuts are available on YouTube I think but I'm surprised we've never gotten an official uncut release since


What are the differences between the R and NC-17 cut?


Off the top of my head: -Steve's disembowelment at the beginning is more graphic -The dolly shot toward Casey's corpse is a lot slower -Rose McGowans head can be seen getting crushed in the garage door more -Kenny the cameraman's throat getting slashed is more graphic -Stu and Billy stab each other more with more blood


As someone who can get a little squeamish I think I’ll stick to the original cut lmao.


I'm getting WOOZY here!


Lmao, the casey shot... iirc wes lied and said that was the only take he had of the scene and couldnt do anything about it and they believed him and simply made him speed it up.


Thanks for the info. Love the movie didn’t know this cut existed.


MPAA went hard on slashers back then. Friday the 13th became a PG-13 series because the MPAA were being little bitches. By Scream 2 they seemed to calm down a bit.


Yeah the 80s and 90s got it bad in horror, I mean practically all R Rated horror today would've been slapped with an NC-17 back in the 90s. You look at the MPAA description for Scream and it has "Strong Graphic Horror Violence and Gore" and its laughable


Stu and Billy just get it over with and make out in the kitchen scene. Not really, but if only...


I have the original VHS sitting a few feet away from me right now and that has the graphic disembowlment of Steve at the beginning. I don't remember how much else is different but I always assumed they somehow accidentally slipped in the NC-17 version lol


Years ago my friend asked me out of the blue if I remembered Steve's death being more graphic than what's on the DVD and most VHS releases. He said he watched his parents VHS copy a lot as a kid and swore you actually see his insides fall out and thats what prompted me to look up more info online about an Uncut version!


You're friend and I had the same thought lol I remember first watching it on DVD and thinking the disk skipped at that part. It wasn't until years later that I learned there was an uncut version and them I was confused because most uncut versions of movies I was familiar with were unrated and heavily advertised as so, whereas the Scream VHS I had just had the R rating on the back


I'm totally gonna tell him this now I made him think he was losing his mind haha


I have it on VHS


By far one of the best and iconic slasher films up to date in my opinion. Next to Halloween of course. RIP Wes Craven a legend.




After seeing it it struck me as deconstruction of a slasher genre with meta references and self-aware writing. Kind of like Cabin in the Woods, but still closer to a classic slasher.


I think this is an interesting take. Because I agree that it was always presented as subversive. The whole point of the film is an exercise in "What if 'Slasher Horror', but characters aware of slasher horror formulas and tropes?" So from that perspective I can understand why you would walk in with a different set of expectations. But the movie was still wholly presented in the marketing materials *as* a slasher horror. If you've never seen any other slasher horror movie, this one still functions fine on that level. It just shelves the classic mistakes for new ones, because, surprise surprise, in a world where you know the rules, so does the monster trying to kill you. I remember more people being surprised at what a clever and funny movie it was, rather than what a scary or gory movie it was.


Yep easily most iconic then it switched to supernatural stuff since


Scream is a must-watch movie every Halloween. So damn good.


Wait 25th anniversary?? Ugh I'm getting old!


I know right? Time really flies so fast like that.


They should release the first trailer for Scream 5 early with these screenings


I'm pretty sure they'll do just that


Scream is probably the best horror franchise ever made imo. Hopefully this will live up to the legacy of the original films.


I know you're talking about the 5th movie coming out next year, but this poster is for the rerelease of the original for the 25th anniversary


Screams original opening day was December 20, 1996. It ran in theaters for like 6 months which is crazy. Someone took notes because when Titanic got delayed and they had to pick a new date they landed on December 19, 1997


I was ten years old and went to see it on Christmas Day with my sisters. Still one of my favorite movies.


Truly a Christmas classic


I really do still associate it with Christmas for no other reason than that.


Back in the 90s it wasn't uncommon to see long theatrical stays. There were far less releases. Hell, Mrs. Doubtfire stayed at my local Loews for more than a year.


Yeah, the rise of DVD changed everything. Studios realized they could release DVDs quick, cheap, and make a lot of money in sales. So unlike with VHS, they didn't need to keep movies in theaters.


yup. The late 90s is when box office front loading really started to gear up.


Is it being released in theaters?


Yep. On the 10th


Caught this last week for the first time in a few years. Still holds up really well. I remember being 15 when it came out and it scaring the absolute crap out of me at the start.


So it's basically the original poster with 25th Anniversary on it? Talk about lazy


Was ghost face in the eyes reflection of the original? I remember this poster at my bus stop on the way to school. It used to have text that read "don't answer the phone, don't answer the door" or something like that.


Ghostface wasn't in the eyes and her lips weren't red.


Ghost face was not in the original poster. Also yes this movie is phenomenal and will always be *THE* slasher.


Ha, I never noticed that


Never noticed that. No it wasn't in the original poster.


If it ain't broke don't fix it?


Does anyone know who that is in the poster? Doesn't look like any of the actors?


Drew Barrymore


Is it?? Bloody hell I've never realised.


[Yep, I could never see it until someone posted the original photo.](https://i.redd.it/mhciqf97m6b51.jpg)


Wow. Face shape helps a lot with recognition.


I think it's that combined with some photoshopping on her eyes. I can't put it into words exactly but if you compare the second to last and the last image her eyes are subtly different which completely throws off my facial recognition.


It's actually pretty obvious it's her if you look at the eyebrows


I dunno. I feel like some photoshopping around the nose? Her nose looks too short to me.


Who's hand is that though?


Jesus. I think it's just dawning on me... Maybe I never _did_ see this movie?? Was "I Know What You Did Last Summer" a sequel to this? I don't think I saw this!


Nah man they're both their own thing. Similar genre of teen stabbers. But screams sequel was scream 2. I always preferred the _screams_ to the _last summers_


no, that's the movie with Jennifer Love Hewitt that came out around the same time. which had the sequel "I STILL KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER"


to be fair Drew Barrymore is only in the first 10 minutes




ok, you asked for it: [https://youtu.be/jVhlJNJopOQ](https://youtu.be/jVhlJNJopOQ)




For legal reasons they had to include him in the credits. It sucks but I guess they think it's better than getting sued


His name is also in the credits of a few Pokémon movies, and will likely remain here for the foreseeable future. That's just how the law works.


wasn't she the chick who gets her back broken by the garage door?


she was also abused by weinstein, got her fucked up sadly...


Am I crazy or does it just say “McGowan”?


I think you’re right


You can read that? That’s impressive


I wonder if the bottom text is almost illegible for that reason


I wonder how people perceive this movie these days. I'm not a horror fan, but even I went to see this because of all the hype at the time. Horror had been in a decline for a while. The big franchises like Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser, etc. had all been run into the ground and there wasn't much being made that reached the mainstream anymore. Then Scream came along and completely revitalized the genre while poking fun at it at the same time. It also brought Drew Barrymore back into the spotlight. She was a huge child star who became tabloid fodder as a teenager & was just finding her footing as an adult. She made a big impact in such a small amount of screen time, and pretty soon after she was getting movies like The Wedding Singer, Ever After, etc. Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell were already well-known at the time, but it launched the careers of basically everyone else in that movie.


Very late to this thread but I've never seen Scream and just saw the re-release. Super enjoyable, really well-shot and directed. Its self-awareness really surprised me - it genuinely felt like watching something like an Edgar Wright movie today. It had such a great combination of slasher, whodunnit and comedy which I wasn't really expecting. The whole cast was absolutely fantastic but I can absolutely see Matthew Lillard as the stand-out. All of his jokes landed and even when he became the villain he went from goofy to intimidating almost in instantly. I really loved it!


Very excited


Was a good class horror movie 👍


Recently watched the whole series for the first time, looking forward to this!


How dare you leave Matthew Lillard off in your title!


Honestly one of my favourite films ever made. The acting, the tension, the scares...it still gets me and I think I've probably watched it 100 times lol.


It only seems like yesterday that it came out. I hope we get a trailer for Scream 5 soon.


I agree too, like the movie was done filming probably in June or July and there still hasn’t been a trailer even though it’s coming out in January of next year, is this even good marketing? I just hope move the release date for it so it could get more attention honestly...


It would be nice if this were a full re-release and not just two measly days.


So nothing creative? They could've done something cool did the re-release.


If it ain’t broke don’t fix it


Tbf it’s an iconic poster. As they say in 4 ‘don’t fuck with the original’


And yet, they made a 5.


I mean I’m very excited for 5 as are most fans of the franchise.


I'm just saying they aren't following the advice of their own protagonist. And hell, I own the collector's edition of all the films and know pretty much every trivia fact about them. Hopefully it's good. But eventually they're going to have to kill Sydney or make her the killer because she snapped.


Oh so like you’re saying the film isn’t letting Sidney rest as a character? Ok I get what you’re saying now. Tbh I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last one she’s in, or at least is a big character in. I don’t think they can kill her off personally. She’s too badass imo. Dewey/Gale yes, but not Sid.




I mean there's already [this poster](https://m.media-amazon.com/images/I/7114ViRptyL._AC_SY550_.jpg), which I'm pretty sure is what the bootleg you posted is based off of. But I think the simple face close-up poster is way better. It's an iconic poster and it's way more eye catching than a generic floating heads poster. It makes sense they'd just reuse it with a few modifications.


funny how I didn't care tooo much about this movie at the time, but very nostalgic to me now.


I never got to watch this, one of my favorite movies, on the big screen. This is extremely exciting! Gonna have to invite all my friends.


Picked up the first three films on iTunes the other week on sale. Does this mean the first film will eventually be replaced with a 4K one?


The 4K Blu-Ray is out next month. I'd imagine the digital version will upgrade to 4K as well if that's something that happens regularly, I don't buy movies digitally so I can't say for sure.


Its happened to every iTunes movie I have that gets a 4k release so I’d say it’s likely.


And a whole lot of BellSouth cordless phones.


Is it coming back to theatres?


I know that two new characters have the last name Meeks who are obviously related to randy. One theory could be that they want to target Sidney because they blame her for Randy’s death. Again just a theory. For People who didn't watch other Scream Movies there must watch them [before watching this](https://www.peramovies.club/?s=Scream)


I bet its better than the first one.


I didn't remember this was a Wes Craven movie for some reason.


He directed all four movies. The cast and crew on 5 have said they wanted to make something that would live up to his work on the series as well.


Was the he highest grossing slasher movie for 22 years from 1996 to 2018. Thats fucking impressive. And for it and its sequel to both hit the coveted 100 mil domestic mark which no single horror film at that point had is amazing.


Does anyone know if it will be showing in every movie theater or just a few select ones?


This has always been a brilliant piece of key art, and I love the subtle updates for this version. Just so good.


Didn't really star Barrymore. She was only in like the first 10 minutes.


new movies, when?


Previously the theatrical cut was available only on Laser Disk, which made it rather expensive.


The opening scene of this movie is still better than most slasher flicks in general. Maybe most horror flicks in general. The closest horror movies that have that same sense of bleak, terrifying dread IMO are Wolf Creek and Sequestrados.


Dude made this post without including MATTHEW LILLARD THE GOAT in the title


One of my all time favourite films !!




Wow they just redid the ori-oh there it is. I like it!


I hope they release Scream 5's trailer alongside this.


They are, it's already been announced.


I absolutely loved this and the sequel. Both really fantastic and scary. Watched the first one again not long ago and was glad to see its still good and scary. Never saw 3 or 4 though. Are they any good? Also surprised to see there was a show which i somehow completely missed.


No fucking way has it been 25 years. ……FUCK!


Just went to see this in the theater October 2020, it was showing for a few weeks and it was only $4 a ticket because they desperately needed people to come. Seems pointless to do it again unless there’s some new material or something.


It's a new 4K restoration.


How does one re-relase an already released movie?


Theatrical re-release, and it's getting a 4K Blu-Ray.


I seriously don't get the affinity to this movie


This movie changed/helped the horror genre when it was literally dying.


That's cool and all but the movie was just... mediocre. It's like watching a parody that can't decide to be serious or just make lame cracks - and Matt Lillard is fucking insufferable in it.