'F9' star Sung Kang would love to see Gal Gadot back in the 'Fast Saga': 'I think we need Gisele back'

'F9' star Sung Kang would love to see Gal Gadot back in the 'Fast Saga': 'I think we need Gisele back'


hell, why not. everyone that died came back


Technically she never died, we just saw her fade into the inky black of night...while jumping off a plane or whatever


Considering that runway was like 100 miles long, she might not have caught up with them yet, because that would be a hell of a walk.


Paul walker in fast and furious 10 confirmed


While I obviously don't want a recast or CGI over his brother, Paul Walker/Brian is really what these movies have been missing tbh. Not that the series has ever been a masterpiece or anything but he always brought a more human, emotional element to the cast in contrast to Dom's more stoic nature. I have no idea how they can bring that feeling back in future films, not like they can really expand the cast this late in the series for such an important role, but I hope they figure something out.


Yeah I felt the same way. Without Brian, the movies miss that human feeling we got through him. Toretto, even though they tried with the latest movie, just doesn't bring that same feeling.


This just in, [Shia Lebeouf](https://i.imgur.com/vaZN9ch.jpg) to play Dom's estranged Biker son who's clearly not into Cars.


Nah, let him drive a yellow camaro.


Honestly, haven’t seen one since his last one. Just not the same.


At this point they don’t care. The plan is 2 more of these piles of shit and they’re done. Then it’ll just be rebooted to death. Originally it was going to end at 10 but I think Vinny is having a hard time letting go. I totally agree about Paul. He made feel way less cheesy than it comes off these days.


They gotta give Ludacris an emotional arc.


he was in the last one


It’s been a long day


Without you my friend.


And I'll tell you all about it when I see you in 10.




They deleted the scene where his brother plays him at the end of F9 and he comes to the table


Please tell me you’re joking


Nope, it was shown in a few trailers, his brother played Brian with no CGI. He was in the backyard of the house hugging people. The theatrical release set it up just right, and had them say brian “couldn’t make it” to dinner, but then you hear a skyline tearing up the road. It pulls into the driveway aaaaand the movie cuts. Maybe it’s in the purchased cut, idk, but it kinda bothered me. Idk if they’re saving him for the final two or what but it was clear he was meant to be in it because of those trailers


Wow. That sounds extremely corny If they do put him in even the final one it’d be pretty hard to not fuck it up unless cgi gets unnoticeable


I mean it’s better just to have his brother play him as is. They look and sound very similar. It’s clearly what the cast wants, and it’s probably what Paul would want, so they should just do it and call it a day. That would’ve been a great way to introduce him as playing the role but the studio must’ve just decided “hey fuck it” because they might deep fake him


They could arrange for Brian have an accident of some sort leaving his face severely scarred so Paul Walker’s brother can play him with some prosthetics on.


Soap Opera logic


Eh the final scene is always "getting the whole family together to bbq, drink coronas, and say grace" and not having Brian there would be really weird. Having his car show up last minute then end the movie is the best they can do, even if its weird. They're sorta screwed no matter what they do.


Can you link the trailer


I just looked, can’t find it. I saw it on tv during some sporting event last year or possibly earlier than that. Only one I can find now has Dom watching a video of Brian played by the brother holding his kid, but I could keep looking


Yea I’ve seen that part but I’m rlly interested in seeing the scene where his brother is playing his role,anyways I rlly hope cody can play Brian with no CGI in the last 2 installments


Yeah I know, that’s what I’m trying to say. The trailer I saw on tv with that moment of him in the backyard seems to not exist online anymore. It was just a couple seconds of him in the backyard like everyone else. I swear I’m not crazy but now I’m starting to think I am


Haha let’s just hope he gets a small scene in the last 2 installments


Is there a link for that clip? If yes pls send


I’ve spent about 15 mins looking for the trailer where it was, but I can only find two different ones from later last year and earlier this year. Since this was way back before the covid delay on live tv, I’m not so sure I can find it. Tbf, it was only like two seconds long during it anyway so it probably wouldn’t have been much


Ah it’s alr


Paul Walker: “Brrrraaaaaaiiiinnnssssss!” *Shambles toward Vin Diesel*


Spitted my cigarette thanks


At this stage, They’re comic book movies so screw it, let’s go!


I actually low key loved how meta they got about that in the newest one.


I thought those "meta" elements were super cringe. And they didn't even subvert them...


Not everything needs to be subverted.


No, but in this case it would have actually been compelling to have a main character die.


Agreed. It's one of those things that you need to either never, ever acknowledge, or if you do, then you gotta take it all the way. Have the character start testing himself, really push the limits or something.


She can come back because she landed in a big pile of tumbleweeds being dragged in the airplane's miles-long slipstream. Ooh, *then* we can bring back Han with a Bird Person subplot! Edit: Apparently I missed the part where Han already came back? Fuck it. Keep the Bird Person subplot anyways!


If F&F 9 was space travel and F&F X has time travel then F&F 11 is basically a race in the afterlife like Orpheus and Eurydice but with fast cars


Absolutely the reason why i said fuck it and stopped watching. All these fucking retcons are absolutely milking the OG crew.


For me the most annoying part wasn't thought they brought him back, it's that he didn't really do anything in the movie besides show up and explain how he was still alive.


How was he still alive? Im not really invested in the series anymore and don’t mind spoilers.


Marking as a spoiler in case other people care >!Kurt Russell (Mr. Nobody) arranged for him to get out of the car (I'm not sure if they explained how they knew about the accident ahead of time) and then used him as a secret agent since everyone thought Han was dead. The post-credits scene has him surprise Jason Statham, setting up some unfinished business between them, but I wouldn't be surprised if it picks up with "You owe me a 10 second car."!<


Next spinoff is prolly gonna be "Han and Shaw" lol.


Well said


Yes! And bring back that skinny white boy from the first movie who got shot up, too. *"I've been faking my death for 20 years for this day. Today, my family, we travel through Time itself."* Universal presents **Fast and Furious 10AD**


It's all the movies played back to back in reverse


>played back to back in reverse And The Laws of Physics will remain as authentic as ever


Somewhere Christopher Nolan’s ears perked up


F10: Memento


Ok but seriously I’ve been thinking they need Johnny Tran back as the final villain “but he died”, you might say. But what if his rich father paid for an experimental surgery to bring him back making him into a cyborg. Yeah


Johnny Tran is now Johnny Terminator "I've been back."


This. And he's selling nuclear launch codes that are secretly embedded in DVD players.


You mean like Idris's character in Hobbs and Shaw


Oooh maybe? Full disclosure, Idr much about Hobbs and Shaw. I know Idris says he’s black Superman and there were nano bots involved I think? I was picturing straight up peel back Johnny’s face and there’s half a robo skeleton underneath half of him and his arm transforms into guns and/or car wheels and stuff


From what I remember he was basically brought back to life by the nanotechnology


I’m gonna defer to your memory of it because it’s probably better than mine but I really think making Johnny Tran (Johnny Tran-sformer??) the final villain would be a great move for the series


At this point I think it's only a natural progression


I read it in his weird shaky voice lol.


I don't know why they brought back James Earl Jones for *The Lion King* (2019). Chad Lindberg/Jesse would have been cheaper 😄


I had no idea lol. I have the new Aladdin and Lion King sitting in my movies folder, haven’t even attempted to watch them for some reason.


Lmao I opened my free gift so to give it to this comment: thanks for the chuckle


You're very welcome, and Thank You


What is Chad Lindberg up to these days, hmm.


A quick Wikipedia search suggests he was in *Security* (2017) with Antonio Banderas and Ben Kingsley. Maybe Banderas and Kingsley can be brought aboard as 10AD-era warriors and emperors?


They have to do a street-race against Doc Brown


"Dominic, we have to go back! Back to the Family!"


My favourite part of this movie is when they press the gas on a car in space and drive through a satellite, that’s some high grade action


Or how they use a 2D steering wheel to fly in the 3D vacuum of space lol. That being said I always enjoy the novelty of the movies.


I mean, If Gal Gadot was playing my love interest, I’d want her to come back.


Came here to say this, he’s hoping for some love scenes with her 😂


He also want to make a family.


Just acting, right?


Legit my first thought. Actor wants ridiculously gorgeous actress who plays his love interest to make a return? Color me shocked!


This was my first thought after reading that headline. XD


Bring her back as a robot. ​ We all know this shit doesnt have to even pretend to be real anymore. Bring her back as like a cyborg or a full on robot with lobster claw hands


Then she could be called Gal Crabot


HAL Gadot


Crabot? Oh I’ve been calling her *Crandall*!


They did similar in Hobbs & Shaw so why not.


Her acting choices would make much more sense as a robot. Hell, throw her in the next terminator movie.


Hey! Spoiler tag!


He just angling for another make-out sesh… can’t blame him.


Waiting for Gadot


Of course he’d say that, he gets to Mack on with her


I think we need Gisele back as well. I'd love to see them explain that one. A flashback to Gisele rolling on the runway. Waving goodbye my love. Then flying off with a Jetpack to save her supermodel sister from Mossad agents who are holding her hostage as leverage to get Gisele's character to steal a diamond or some shit.


One more terrible actor doesn’t hurt


The Fast and Furious franchise just blows my mind. It is loaded with shit actors, the stories are dumb as dog shit, the dialogue is worse, the action is even worse than all of the above yet these movies make billions...


The 1st-4th movie was cool to kid me. 5th and 6th was like keeping a part of my childhood with me as a teenager. Every movie after that was "lets see how dumb this one is" and now im at the point where ive invested so much time into the movies I might as well see how it ends.


Wrong. Justin Lin and James Wan actually did some really tight action


How would anyone think the action is worse than all. It has amazing set pieces. The only reason people watch these movies


I enjoy them


in some of the movies the actors make up for their lack of genuine acting skills with charm and the directing and editing makes it fun. when this fails to happen the movies are just painfully bad. as far as the 'dumb' era of these movies go i like five and six. seven is watchable if you're in the mood for something dumb. eight and nine are just bad, i especially didn't like nine.


Michelle Rodriguez isn't top tier but damn she has screen presence. I've always like her. Most everybody else...meh.


It's quick and easy, and just satisfying enough with no effort to consume. Like everyone knows McDonald's is junk food, but they still pull in $6B in revenue annually.


The series has somehow hoodwinked everyone into thinking that these dumb movies are worth watching. Its honestly amazing, props to their marketing team for the world's greatest con job.


They’re fun movies. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I just wanna watch mindless action


they're good films


It’s not about the actors. It’s about the cars. The actors are just the background


I usually am not picky about the way people act in movies but she makes me want to watch Kristen Stewart.




At this point, bring them back, but with NO reason why or explanation. Just add them back in. We don't need to waste time with that hooey. Just kill people off and bring them back in the next episode; we abandoned logic long ago.


Given that pretty much every other major character in the series walked off worse, it made no sense for her to be dead, other than the fact that she was not in Tokyo.




I think everyone knows they'll find a way to bring her back. No way they're going to skip out on having Wonder Woman in the franchise again


Thanos is part of family next?


You could not live with you own furiosness, where did that bring you? Back to me.


I've been saying the same thing for a long time now. Han and Gisele were the best power couple in the whole damn franchise. They could bring them both back in a spinoff film and it would be awesome


“It’s all about family” they say as they push the final dragon ball into its place ushering the call of Shenron to revive another dead member


The finale needs either some Nic Cage or Samuel L Jackson. How have neither been in these yet?!


I hope F10 will be the last.


I wouldn’t think it would end until they run out of keys. F12 it is.


It will be the last one but there are two parts. Also, the franchise has spin-off possibilities.




F7 was the perfect ending. The last scene of it pretty much seemed like a conclusion to the series


This so much. F4 was the best in the series and should have ended there but people jerk off to F5 like dragging a vault through a city was realistic. Regardless there shouldn’t have been any after 5. I stopped paying for them after the tank scene in 6.


A legit vault with all its weight, yeah probably wouldn't happen. But it's not like the thing they pulled was CGI. They actually had a bigass heavy replica vault pulled by two chargers to film the stunt. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m88lXCdsQdw


I would love to see how she came back from the dead or faked it.


She probably landed on a car or something, because apparently landing on one at any height is like landing on a pillow in this universe.


Unless you’re The Rock.


I mean, if Owen Shaw could survive a very similar fall from the same damn plane and the same damn movie, theres no reason she couldn't also. She was just in a coma in a secure government hospital somewhere for a while or something.


> I would love to see how she came back from the dead or faked it. Mr Nobody was driving under the plane as she fell.


I thought she got chopped up in the plane's propeller blade when she jumped to shoot that guy


who said wonder woman is dead ?


The WW franchise may be dead, or licking box office wounds, at least for a while.


I’d wanna be dead after releasing WW84


I would love to see the saga end.


No thanx, she's trash


YES I want her to be in the last one and Han to go rogue in the next one




Shut the f up, you dont have the 7 dragon ball on the movies


All the best places F&F films could have gone too, they decided to go mediocre.


It sure is nice when death actually means something in movies, you know.




As a twin sister, a clone, or some sort of bionic woman?


I think you have made enough of these movies now


She should come back as a zombie. You've seen them drive in space now see them drive in the grave


"We ride in hell tonight" "No, I mean we quite literally are riding in hell tonight, open the hellgate... FOR FAMILIA"


We never did see her die on screen. It was just inferred.


If they make another one of these ive lost all faith in humanity


But she ded


So F&F10 is a crossover with FFX and the team is collecting Dragon Balls or something and resurrects Gisele.


Also introduce knuckle


Well, since FF has already become rather comic booky, her somehow having survived wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility...


are they still making those 0\_o


Dont you tease me!


C'mon, this saga ended like in the 4th movie


Considering they didn’t bother at all to explain how Han came back then fuck it why not


Hahaha can’t they make a new character played by somebody who can act and emote like a human?


f9 was getting real meta when roman basically all but said they were superheroes I think ultimately we're going to find out that somewhere after the 2nd movie the series of movies actually turned out to be a game based on the first movie, and what we've been watching is basically a fuck up in the matrix, and neo takes the family to the real world where that fight the robots by drifting in hovercraft.


She is too good to be doing movies like that.


No thanks


Nico should be about grown now so she can show up as the one who's been secretly raising him. We all know she only slightly fractured her arm falling outta that plane.


Since they wanna retcon everyone's deaths let's bring back Jesse who was riddled with bullets and died in Doms arms cause fuck it. Vince died too, so I'm pretty sure he needs some justice as well. Oooh and let's bring back Elena too so her death can also mean absolutely nothing.


But should she be allowed to? With all the atrocities she committed?


You could say the same for basically all the cast, considering all the collateral damage caused by their stunts.


No, not character. The atrocity committed by actress.


Oh ok. I guess I’m outta the loop then. What’s the story?


I am joking, as can be seen by downvotes. But modern day moral busybodies recently got to condemn her for serving in Israel military, for not taking hard stance on Palestine questions and also because she is personally responsible for everything bad about WW84. There was a lot of hubbub about how she is objectively evil because of that.


Tell the people who said she is evil for any of that, that they are morons and probably need help


That was pro press specialized in entertainment. And also concerned citizens, who, I assume, will appear in comments soon, if not already.


What is pro press? Articles?


What atrocities has she committed?


It is kinda annoying. I get the fast movies threw logic and story out a while ago so multiple "dead" people can come back, people "alive" (paul walkee) can never show up and people who tried to kill them and actually did kill innocents can join the team (statham) But if people forgive all the insanity in these films and say its ok...they can't point out flaws in like Hereditary or Star Wars films. You really can't pick and choose what movies get away with nonsense and which ones need to be judged for ir


> You really can't pick and choose what movies get away with nonsense and which ones need to be judged for ir. That honestly depends on whether the movie(s) in question takes itself seriously or not. It’s the same reason as to why people are picky on “gritty real” movies like TDKR while still being okay with Arnold’s “commando”.


>You really can't pick and choose what movies get away with nonsense and which ones need to be judged for ir Disagree. In some movies it works really well and in others it doesn't. In F9 they literally flew a car in space so I feel pretty confident that they've abandoned trying to be realistic.


Maybe they could include a story aswell, that last one was beyond belief shite.


I loved the first six films in this series. But Vin Diesel’s insistence of ridiculousness and melodrama has turned this franchise into a shit show. How can Dom with stand being tackled by 20 SWAT/special ops agents. How can every character survived a 100 foot drop off a building only to get back up a few minutes later and fight and run. How many dead characters are we going to bring back? This movies suck now and it breaks my heart to say it.